Sand storm

Friday I did manage to get a doctors appointment. They gave me a triage call back. And I was called within half hour. They booked me in to see the doctor at 11:45 so at 11:25 my mom picked me up. The doctor was useless. I told her my ear hurt and I have a cold (for background info). She proceeded to do my temp, my BP, listen to my chest, check my throat and then finally checked my ear. My ear is fine. She says it might be my jaw as I said I had noticed a lump on the joint of my jaw. She suggested I see my dentist. And that was it. I had originally planned to ask about my foot but she took so long to look in my ear I just couldn’t be assed.

Saturday morning I was shattered. My nose had reached a new level of blocked and I spent most my night waking up. I also felt feverish on and off. When Scarlett woke up just before 8 I was not ready for that. She did go back down later for a nap but I then had been awake too long and couldn’t sleep so I gave up lol

I had planned to do lots of things but I didn’t in the end. I felt so crappy. We stayed home before heading to my Nan’s for lunch. We ate. Had cups of tea. Then at 5:15 me and Scarlett got on the bus to Aldershot. I had reserved a table for us at Frankie and Benny’s. We had a nice meal just the two of us. We headed into Morrison’s and I got her a few bits. My Grandad picked us up at 7:30. We got home, I bathed Scarlett and got her in to bed for 9ish. I climbed into bed at midnight myself.

Sunday Scarlett laid in until 9am. What a babe! We barely had time to have breakfast before heading out the visit my gran at the old folks home. Her and Scarlett were playing catch with the ball. And swapping dolls. After we visited we went back to my Nan’s. We headed for dinner when my mom turned up at 1:15. We went to the harvester as my Nan had received a gift card as an anniversary present. 45 years my grandparents have been married. That’s a feat!! We ate then I went home so Scarlett could nap. She slept from 4 till 5:30. So did I by mistake. I knew I’d pay for it later and I did. I was still up wide awake at 2am.

Monday I woke up at 7am and surprisingly I didn’t feel tired. Scarlett got up fine, got dressed and then we went downstairs. I did her bottle, made my lunch and packed my breakfast. We were actually ready to go when my Nan turned up. That is rare. I am often still “doing” something when she shows up. So I felt quite accomplished. Work was fine. Busy. It will only get busier when my only other team member leaves in 3 weeks. I will legit be the only member of my team. Fun times lol

There is a sand storm coming from the Sahara. It’s not overly scary. It’s just turned the sky a weird yellow colour and made the world seem very dark and overcast. There is a hurricane due to hit Ireland at the moment. Hurricane Ophelia. I hope my Irish friends stay safe – you’s know who you are!

Scarlett was grumpy when I got in from work. She didn’t perk up much, I think her full days tire her out. She had a banana and a cup of tea. We ate dinner then I took her up for a bath. She was in bed by 7. Mom and I watched Emmerdale then she got herself ready for work. I watched Private Eyes followed by the series finale of Liar. It’s been left wide open for a season 2. Can’t wait.

I am in bed now. I am catching up with season 1 of The Exorcist before I start on season 2 [which I’ve recorded].


Ps. Christmas is 69 days!!


First my foot, now my ear

Monday Scarlett came home from Nursery and showed us she’s learned a new skill. She had learned to jump if she held on to the arm of the chair. It was so funny to watch.

Tuesday my mom had to drop my nan’s friend home but she knew she wouldn’t get back to pick me up on time so she picked me up first and we dropped her after. We swung by KFC before heading home. Scarlett had a bath and when I pulled the plug out she refused to get out. I tried to entice her but she wasn’t having any of it. She squatted down and proceeded to do a massive turd in the bath. The water had already drained. I yelled for her to stay still whilst I grabbed a doggy bag (well, two, because Yano, ew) and then I scooped it up. I then used the shower to rinse off the bath. At this point she was howling because she doesn’t particularly like the shower. It’s taken months to build up her shower confidence and in 2 seconds I’ve undone all of that hard work. Never mind.

Wednesday I felt like shit. Utter shit. I had woken up with a blocked nose and sore throat the day before. But now I also had really bad earache. And to top it off, I’m really busy at work. As we are now a team member down, my workload has increased a lot. Which is fine as it makes the days go by quicker. But when you feel like crap, it’s not ideal lol I just felt like napping under my desk.

Thursday I had a meeting at Work about something I’m involved in. I felt really awkward because my team is basically waiting on these other people do shit. So we cannot proceed until they do. So.

I’ve managed to catch up with 2 episodes of season 13 criminal minds (shush it’s not released here yet). And I watched Riverdale tonight on Netflix. Season 2 premier, bitches!

Not got much planned for the weekend. Working tomorrow. Going to try and get an urgent Doctors appointment regarding my foot AND my throat.

Weekend: need to tidy my room. Sort through Scarlett’s clothes and bag up what doesn’t fit her. Put away her clean washing. Hoover my room. Bin all my tat and junk. I’m a bit of a hoarder to some extent and it’s ridiculous. I may take Scarlett to the library for a new book seeing as we’ve finally paid off her debt from last year lol

On Sunday we’re going out for dinner with my mom and grandparents. That should be good.

I’m in bed. With earache. With a headache coming. And my eyes are itchy because apparently only taking the recommended daily dosage of allergy tablets isn’t enough lol


Ps. Sorry for whinging. Actually no I’m not sorry. But I am aware I’ve whinged a lot today lol #Feelinglikeshit #Allowit

Well Croup sucks balls

Monday signalled the start of Emmerdale’s exciting storyline. I love it. Scarlett went to bed and we caught up on tele. Mom was home as she wasn’t working.

Tuesday morning Scarlett was really grumpy and she was coughing, her nose was running. I suspected she was coming down with her first cold of the year. She went off to nursery and I went to work. The finale of Doctor Foster was on. I watched it alone as mom was at work. It ended really weirdly. Scarlett woke up coughing and crying at 11pm. She didn’t settle until almost 1am.

Wednesday when I woke her up for nursery/work at 7:15 she was feverish, coughing and crying. I made the decision to keep her off nursery due to the fever [the nursery wouldn’t have taken her anyway]. I phoned work and then the nursery. I gave her some calpol, a bottle and some breakfast. She didn’t eat much. I managed to get her a doctor’s appointment. We set off at 9:15 for our 9:30am appointment. The doctor said it was viral, her throat looked sore and she still had a fever of 38.3 even after having calpol. She said if symptoms worsen or breathing changes, bring her back or ring 111. We went to my nan’s house as she lives near the doctor’s. We had a cup of tea then I put her down for a nap. When she woke up I gave her lunch but she wasn’t overly keen on eating. We had dinner then mom dropped me at Gravity Force for my team’s pre-arranged bounce date for Amelia’s birthday/leaving do. We jumped, it was tiring but a laugh. I got stuck in the foam pit. I jumped in and it took me 5 minutes to climb back out. I think I expelled more energy trying to get out than I did jumping lol I got home at 7:15. My mom said Scarlett had cried all the way home in the car, whinged from when they got home, to bath time to bed time. She was still feverish so she had given her some calpol and nurofen before bed. Scarlett woke up crying and coughing about 3 times before the final time at 11ish. She woke up and she could not breathe. She was really distressed. I phoned 111 for advice and they told me to take her to the hospital. So at 11:45 we got in a taxi to the hospital. We arrived at the ED and were told to go to the children’s ED waiting room. She was seen by triage within’ half hour. They said it seemed like a bad case of croup. She was given some medication to ease her symptoms then we were sent back to the waiting room, to await a doctor. We were called to a bed on the ED ward. They want to observe her and make sure the medication has worked. So we sat for 2 hours on a hospital bed. They said I could take some toys/books from the waiting room for her to play/read with. So I grabbed 2 books. We read, we watched teletubbies on my iPhone and I just kept giving her water to get fluids down her. At 3am they said she was much better and they were happy with her progress so they released us. My mom came from work to pick us up and drop us home then she went back to work. She said she would call nursery and work tomorrow if I send her the numbers. So I did that, I got Scarlett a bottle, some calpol and nurofen then I put her to bed. I climbed into bed at 4am. We slept until 9:30am.

Thursday we got up at 9:30am. She had a nappy change, a bottle and some meds. We played for a bit but she was still really tired so I took her back to bed at 10:30. We slept until half 12. I made us lunch. She ate more than the day before. We decided to get some fresh air so at 3ish we went to my Nan’s for a cup of tea. We left and headed home. Scarlett had dinner, bath, meds, bottle and bed. She was asleep by 7. She was still tired from our impromptu hospital visit. I caught up with Bitten on Netflix. Mom went to her boyfriend’s. She came back later. Scarlett woke up at 11 again, just as I was going to bed. She asked to sleep with me in my bed so I let her. She’s sick, I’m not going to say No lol

Friday she woke up at 5am. I put her in her own bed and she went to straight back to sleep. I laid for ages. I must’ve dozed off because my alarm went off at 7. I got myself sorted, finished packing for Brett’s house and then I got her up. She did not want to get up. But she did. I made her a bottle and gave her some meds then Mom dropped me at work.

I am on lunch watching Lucifer atm. Got an interview upstairs in HR at 2:30. They will either like me or they won’t. We’ll see.


Amelia’s last day

Monday wasn’t too bad and work this week has been alright. We’ve been busy on and off. I had lots of emails when I came in but surprisingly they weren’t things I had to follow up. They were emails I got included in but weren’t destined for me.

Tuesday I watched Doctor Foster. I can’t wait for the finale next week. Scarlett wore another new pair of pyjamas. She wore Batman one Monday. Today they were Superman [Superbaby).

Wednesday Scarlett’s Childs Farm bath stuff and hair stuff arrived in the mail. It’s so good for her eczema skin.

Thursday was long. I was so tired as I didn’t sleep very well Wednesday night. I’ve been catching a new show this week called Private Eyes. It’s quite good. I am just starting season 2 now. Our new virgin box was delivered this week. My mom set it up and it’s so good. It’s so quick and you can record and watch more shows than ever. Also the playback is much quicker than before. Our old box was 5 years old and it died when we were on holiday. Scarlett woke different batman pyjamas tonight as her ones from yesterday were wet in the morning, leaky nappy.

FriYAY!!! Today is Amelia’s last day in our team. The traitor is leaving to work in a different department, HR. Fair play to her for getting out, doing something new [and getting a better salary]. I am pleased for her and a little bit jealous lol we are going for a team lunch now. As it’s our last time.

Brett is coming down tonight. We were going on a date night tomorrow. Dinner and a movie. I can’t wait. We are watching Kingsmen 2.



Terrorised by a spider

Monday was alright. I was tired though. I always am. It’s a struggle going back to work after a weekend.

Tuesday we had people coming into our office to measure up. I mean how disrespectful. We are being moved (though this is unofficial and I’ve not had any type of forewarning) so these builder type guys have been in to check sizes as someone somewhere in my company want to knock down some walls and change shit around. At the moment my team sit in a little office, separate from the main office as we are in a different room (inside the main office) and we love it. I cannot work in the main office. I use to before maternity. And I struggled. It’s too noisy and distracting. My brain doesn’t work as quick as it use to and I won’t survive out there so as soon as we do get a confirmed date if movement, I shall hand my notice in. Simple as that.

Today I was shattered because Scarlett woke up really upset at 2am and again at 6am (though 6 isn’t as bad usually as my alarm is set for 6:30). I was falling asleep at my desk by 12. I should’ve utilised my lunch hour at 1pm and napped lol

We have another motherfucking spider trying to seek residence. They always do it when I’m alone. It’s like they can sense it. It just strolled across my living room floor like it owns the place. I tried to throw a heavy book at it but it darted out of sigh (worst thing ever). Then it came back and hid underneath one of Scarlett’s toys. I kept my eye on the toy whilst I watched tele, deciding to deal with it after. I went to move the toy so I could stamp on the spider (trying to be brace and shit) and the bastard had somehow snuck off when I wasn’t eyeing. So I scooped my crap up and legged it to bed. So here I am now, in bed, pretending I’m not a wuss. Nah jokes, I’m legit a wuss when it comes to spiders.

Only 2 more work days to go then we are on holiday lol can’t wait. I’ve never been Glamping.


New tattoo

We went out for dinner last night with my mom’s friends to the Tobey Carvery. We were meeting them at 7:30 but as usual they were late lol Scarlett was very well behaved and she had on one of her many dresses that she hasn’t worn yet.

We had a nice dinner followed by desert. Obviously Scarlett couldn’t have any as it’s all got dairy in it. So she just had the wafer from someone’s ice cream and a small mouthful of my cream. Hopefully that doesn’t upset her stomach too much.

We got home about 10ish. I put her straight to bed then mom and I caught up with Emmerdale then we decided we weren’t tired so we watched something else and before we realised it, it was 1:30am lol we headed to bed.

I was fine when I woke up for work but I started to flag a bit from tiredness at 10:30am so I cracked open a can of fizz to help me through the day. I had an interesting day at work. And I almost hurt myself. I tripped over a heater that was by my friend’s desk and I almost went headfirst into the wall. I almost did. I made an almighty crashing noise and my pal came running in to check I was ok. I genuinely thought I’d end up on the floor!!

I’m just watching Bitten on Netflix waiting for Brett to get here. He got on the train at 9ish so should get off at 10:15 then he’s got to walk here.

I want another tattoo. I want a dream catcher. I had a bit of a google and saw a few designs I loved so I’m going to go and talk to a tattooist and see what we can come up with. I saw one that was black but with elements of a deep purple. I really favoured that one.

Back to swimming lessons for Scarlett tomorrow. Hopefully she remembers what she learned before the summer holidays.


Bad neck

Well I finished watching season 1 of The Returned on Netflix. It’s really good. It’s kept me interested to the point of wanting another season lol

I’ve hurt my back. Well my shoulders. And neck. My neck was killing me for 2 days. I must’ve slept funny. Today was much better. But still got a bit of a dull ache so hasn’t fully gone yet.

I follow a lot of “random” people on instagram. Some of them are just other bloggers or “parent friends” and some are “celebrities”. I seem to follow quite a lot of pregnant women. And one I’ve been following has been making me cringe slightly. She’s pregnant with her first. She’s only about 20 weeks. She has been letting the baby “listen” to this “baby genius” app thing. Now I know there’s research into this sort of thing and people do believe it helps their intelligence and do actively let them listen. But personally I find it very weird and also babies will be either be intelligent or not, regardless of doing that. It’s just one of them things. And watching her videos of her with her iPad next to her bump (which btw isn’t a bump coz she is so skinny and I actually look 7 months pregnant myself and I’m not) and it just made me cringe with embarrassment. I’m not judging her btw. Each to their own. And there’s legit nout wrong with doing it. I just can’t even lol

But also a lot of the pregnant first timers on my feed just sound so naive. We were all like that. I know. I look back at myself and there was certain things I purchased I didn’t need and things I said etc. And I cringe at that now. Because I know better now I’m on this side of it. I am a parent. I’ve lived some of the parenting life. I bought some mad shit coz people told me to and I never used it. It got sold on lol so if I’m lucky enough (and actually want) to have more children, I think I know what I will and won’t do/say/buy.

A “seasoned” mom friend of my mine helped me when I was pregnant. She told me a lot of things to avoid etc and it’s down to her that I didn’t waste even more money etc. But I tried to impart the same wisdom on a pregnant girl at work and she got very defensive and told me to mind my business. Which is fair enough I guess. But did make me chuckle because I was trying to do her a favour and she will realise this in 6 months time. But oh well. Good luck to her.

Finally read another book. I finished reading In The Wind (Out of the Box #2). I love that series. I think I already purchased a few of them on Amazon kindle.

Going out for dinner tomorrow with my mom and some of her old work pals. They haven’t met Scarlett yet so should be a good catch up.