11 days to go

Friday I had originally said to mom that I fancied going cinema as she was home so it was no hardship for her to babysit. But I changed my mind. I stayed in. We waited for her boyfriend to come over then we ordered a sneaky Chinese. I then went up to bed to carry on watching Salem. I have just started watching it and I am engrossed. It is a Netflix show so been streaming it downstairs on TiVo. But also on my iPad.

Saturday Scarlett woke up at 6ish. Put her back down. She wasn’t having any of it so we got up. Went downstairs. Let her play in the lounge whilst I attempted to doze. Every time I tried she kept coming over to show me her “baby” lol we had breakfast then she went for a nap. I woke her up at 11 as she had a swimming lesson finally. They had been cancelled for 2 weeks in a row due to a fault with the swimming pool so we’d not been in ages. She loves her lessons. She is getting more confident every time. When we were finished Mom dropped us in town. By then it was lunch so we had a cheeky McDonald’s. I just had a chicken burger. Scarlett had a cheese burger.

After lunch we took a stroll to the hairdressers as I needed my hair cut. She was really good behaved considering she had to sit in the stroller whilst they washed, cut and blow dried my hair. She whinged towards the end but that was due to her being tired and needing a nap. We hit the shops before we headed to my Nan’s. My mom, me and her boyfriend decided we wanted to go cinema so we asked my Nan if she minded babysitting. She said she would. So mom headed home to grab some bits. We had dinner at my nan’s then I bathed Scarlett in my Nan’s kitchen sink then I got her ready for bed. Nan said she’d give her a bottle and then put her to sleep in the stroller. Which she did.

We went off to the cinema at 8ish. We popped into Morrison’s first then headed to the movies. It was really busy. We all got a slushie then sat down in our seats. The movie was really good. Having studied History for 5 years at school I am really disappointed that we were never taught about Dunkirk. I know that if we had been I would’ve at least remembered the name of it. There is so much we aren’t taught in class and I feel like I barely know any of our history.

We Drove to my Nan’s and picked Scarlett up. Couldn’t transfer her from stroller to car seat without waking her so I didn’t other trying too much. She had a few extra ounces of milk in her cot at home then she was back to sleep. She is such a good little human, bless her.

Sunday she woke me up at 6am. Again! We were going out at 11ish so I gave her a bottle when she first woke then some breakfast at half 8. She went down for a nap at 9 and then I woke her at 10:45 so she could get dressed. We got picked up at 11 and off we went. We went to my aunt’s house. Her new house. Was hectic as with us there there was 5 adults and 6 kids. But we managed. Scarlett finally noticed there were 2 of the same kid. She was sat next to Frankie and then Freddie came in. She looked from Fred to Frank and back again. Then at me. Her face was a picture. She couldn’t figure out why there was 2. So I told her one was Frankie, the other was Freddie. She still wasn’t convinced, I could see it in her face lolIMG_3295

I don’t think anyone understands what that pic (^) means to me. Seeing my child with them. They were in-utero when I was told I couldn’t have my own babies. And I felt jealous that my aunt could just pop babies out. And I vowed I wouldn’t babysit for anyone ever again because it hurt too much to be near kids at the time. But time moved on and they were born. They spent as much time at mine their first 2 years than they did at home. They were terrors but I loved them anyway. And then Scarlett came along. My little dream. My miracle. MY terror. And to see her with them today. Her following them. Copying them. Yabbering away to them. Well, it made my heart swell… This is exactly what I had always dreamed of. My child with my aunt’s children, growing up as besties. Sometimes dream DO come true!

We got home at 5:30pm. We finished watched Hotel Transylvania. She had some supper [crisps, a gingerbread man and a yoghurt] then she had a bath. She was trying out her new skills from swimming. I got her ready for bed. We had a nice long cuddle on the sofa before I got up and made her bottle. She was in bed fast asleep by 7:30pm. When I put her down I got in the shower myself. Then I went downstairs just as mom got home. I hoovered whilst she made me some supper then we watched Poldark. When it was done I climbed into bed. I am in bed now. Work tomorrow.

11 days to go tomorrow until we go to Italy. It is getting very exciting!!!!!!!!!



Happy Birthday Babies

Sunday we were suppose to go to my Dad’s for a visit but Scarlett had such a rubbish nights sleep so when she fell asleep at 9am after her porridge I had NO intentions of waking her up. So we missed the train 10am train. We aimed for the 11am. I woke her up at 10:30 and we just got to the station with a minute to spare, and still missed the train lol so we agreed we’d give it a miss as we had to wait another hour for the next, and wouldn’t arrive for another hour after that, would’ve been 1pm by time we arrived. So mom picked us back up from the station, drove us to Morrison’s so I could grab some chicken breasts for dinner as mom had only got out enough meat for her and her boyfriend. Which was fine as originally me and Scarlett weren’t meant to be here for dinner.
We had a pretty good day in the end. We watched a Christmas film and Scarlett played with her toys. She plays so nicely for a 10.5 month old. We had dinner and she had hers then bath, bottle and bed.

Monday she was 46 weeks. She had a full day ar nursery, as per her new routine since November 28th. She is clearly settling into the full days now as they were able to get 2oz down her. Normally she completely refuses!!!

Tuesday I was due to go out for dinner with my work team. It was to welcome Millie to our team and to say a Merry Christmas. Obviously I take over Scarlett’s care ASAP after work so I said to my mom to drop her to the restaurant and we’d meet her there and she’d eat with us. We had starters and mains. Scarlett shared my starter, cheesy garlic flat bread. She also had a bit of my grilled chicken from my burger. She was a good sport and she took a shine to Millie, as did Millie with her lol

We got home at 7. I got Scarlett bathed and ready for bed. Apparently she wasn’t actually ready for bed though, and didn’t go to sleep until 9ish lol

Wednesday, my office had sent out an email in the week before about drinks, so my mom dropped Scarlett to me after work. Me and Millie walked her round the corner to the pub. I had a coke and we stayed with the others chatting for 2 hours. Scarlett was entertaining them all. She took a shine to our Scottish manager and she let him pick her up lol mom picked us up at 7ish. I got back, mom bathed her whilst I cooked my dinner then I sat and shared my mini pizza with her. Surprise, surprise! She went to bed at 9ish again.

Today is the twins 4th birthday. Can’t believe they are 4. Feels like only yesterday my aunt had them. We went to my aunts house for a birthday party after I finished work. We got there at 5:30. We gave the boys their cards and presents. My grandad came with us as my nan couldn’t because she was working. My aunt did nibbles and the kids ran riot. We did the cake then we left at gone 7pm. We got home at 7:50. I took Scarlett straight in for a bath, bottle and then bed. She was down by 8:30pm. I watched Blindspot at 9 then cooked myself some dinner. I was so tired so I was in bed by 11pm.

I am off to sleep now. Scarlett has got her Christmas party at nursery tomorrow. I am working. Same old, same old.


Happy 3rd Birthday babies

They’re not babies. I know this. The twins are 3 years old today. 3!!! I don’t know where the last 3 years have gone but there you go.

My mom and I had breakfast together then we drove to my aunts house. We had pre-planned with her that we’d spend some of the day with her and the birthday boys. So we did. They were very excited to come back from their walk with their granny to see us at their house. Frank immediately came straight to me for a hug. They got a paw patrol floor map and some paw patrol figurines in their cars so the idea is you drive the around the map lol I bought them a shirt that says “is it Christmas yet?” And a DVD each. They loved their birthday cards from both me, and my mom. She got them a Thomas the tank one and mine was just an ordinary one with the number 3 on it. Although mine had a rocket on it and they love rockets so that went down well.

We left in the afternoon and stopped off at my nan’s for a cuppa.

I’m in bed watching TV. As I don’t get up in the mornings so early now I tend to be awake a lot later than usual. I don’t mind. It’s hardly going to mess up mysleep pattern because in 7 weeks I’m going to have a newborn baby messing it up anyway lol

Just thought I’d share the Flipagram I made.

Happy 3rd Birthday babies…


28 weeks

Friday I left work at noon. Mom picked me up. We had lunch at Morrison’s cafe then did some shopping. I got some more Christmas bits for baby’s first Christmas next year. I really must stop but I just can’t help it. Plus a lot was on sale!!

I was babysitting Frankie for the weekend so I went to my Nan’s to wait for him to be dropped off. He didn’t end up being dropped till gone 5pm. We had dinner at mine and then I bathed him, got him ready for bed and we watched some TV in bed. He talks so much more every time I see him. He’s obsessed with Paw Patrol.

Saturday we had planned to go swimming but it had been raining really heavy, and was very windy. I decided we’d probably catch our deaths so we braved the rain, to get some fresh air, to our Nan’s house. We stayed there most the day then came home to chill before deciding what to have for dinner. We decided to have takeaway. Frankie ate 6 chicken nuggets and all his chips from the Chinese and fish place. I had a bowl of egg fried rice, crispy chicken pieces and curry sauce (I made my own little curry). Mom had a chicken burger and chips. I was surprised Frank ate that much as all he did all day was eat lol

We ate our dinner in my bed then I cleared our stuff away then grabbed myself a quick shower whilst he watched Paw Patrol. Mom was upstairs so she kept an eye but tbh he’s a really good boy. If I tell him I’ll be back in 10 minutes, he’ll just stay where he is watching TV. So I got him in the bath once I was out the shower then we curled up with some TV and he had a bottle of “nana shake” which is chocolate and banana milk.

Sunday we were having dinner at Nan’s so after some breakfast in bed, a bath and then getting dressed we ventured outside. It wasn’t raining so that was a bonus. It was just really windy.

Frank and I did some colouring. He made me draw a monkey. And a house. And a boat. And a shark. My drawing skills are limited at best.

At 1ish dinner was ready and mom finished work just in time to eat. Frank was picked up at 6ish and I got dropped home.

I was 28 weeks yesterday. I have 9 weeks till I’m full term and 12 weeks till my due date. Baby is roughly 14-15 inches long and weighs between 2-3lbs. Baby kicks a lot but when Frank tried to feel he/she stopped. He kept trying to talk to baby. But I think all of his shouting scared baby because he/she kept making jerky movements whenever he was being noisy. He/she will know his voice when he/she born.

Omg I’m so fed up of saying he/she. I have my 4D scan on Saturday. I can’t wait. It’s just going to be me and mom.

I have finished a Monday at work, and from now on I only have 3 more to get through. I go on maternity in 25 days but it’s only 19 working days. I can’t wait. It’s so exciting!!!!

I’m in bed. I’m really tired today. I don’t know if going to sleep at 8:30 is a tad ridiculous but it’s a huge possibility tonight as A) there is NOTHING decent on TV and B) 10 hours sleep (broken by ridiculous getting-up-to-pee) sounds delightful.


25 weeks

The week was alright except I was shattered. Thursday I had my 25 week check up with my midwife. She did my BP, checked my urine and checked my tummy. She says baby is head down at the moment. That will explain why I’ve felt kicks high up, rather than in my groin like before. She has booked me in for my Glucose Tolerance Test on October 27th. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that.  

I will have bloods drawn afterwards then see my midwife 2 days later to see how whether I have gestational diabetes or not. Hopefully not.

I went to my Nan’s on Friday after work. I ate dinner with her, my grandad and my aunt as she was there with 3 of her kids. Frank wanted to come home with me, as usual. I didn’t think mom would agree he could stay as we’d just had them here for 5 days, so I didn’t ask her. But she said Saturday that he could so my aunt brought him over and he stayed with me until this evening. We had Sunday roast with my grandparents and just chilled for the day really.

I am so glad to be in bed as I am off to Tamworth tomorrow for work. That’ll be a long trip. 3 hour train journey on 3 separate trains. I can see me falling asleep on the way home lol

I am 25 weeks today. I have 15 left to go. I am thinking of bringing my maternity leave start date forward by a fortnight. I currently leave on December 18th but I’m thinking of changing it to December 4th.


Stupid dentist

Well I had my dental consultation yesterday. It rained hard all day and my grandad and I got soaked walking from the car park to the hospital. I got to my appointment just on time which is great considering it took us an hour to complete a 25 minute journey. I saw the consultant and he was surprised to learn I am pregnant. Turns out my dentist didn’t inform him off this and it changes things for him as he’s not happy operating during pregnancy. Yeah, duh! I figured that it would as I had been surprised to have had the appointment in the first place. He’s recommended I have the surgery next year, after baby is born.

Today was my last day at work for the next 5 days. I am on annual leave tomorrow, Friday and Monday as my aunt is going to Spain with her partner and I am looking after the twins. Mom has taken the same days off so she can give me a hand. When I agreed to do this I wasn’t pregnant, that’s how long ago I was asked lol but obviously being almost 24 weeks means I’m going to be more tired and a lot less tolerate. We are off to Peppa Pig World again this year. We are going Friday. I believe the weather is due to get better than all this rain we’ve had the last 3 days straight. I’m glad about that as we got soaked last year when we went.

I went to the cinema tonight to see Macbeth. It wasn’t bad and it opened my eyes to fact that I did indeed learn stuff in class at school. I wouldn’t say it was a great movie as it isn’t my sort of thing but it was worth seeing Michael Fassbender looking ruggedly handsome attempting a sexy Scottish accent lol

I am off to bed now. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and my flu jab before the terrible twosome are dropped off for the weekend.


3 days to go

Well I ended up babysitting this weekend just gone. Frank was coming to stay. He wasn’t dropped off till 9pm so we didn’t get into bed till 10:30pm. He woke up the next day at 7:30am. We spent the day at our grandparents. He played in the garden as the weather was so hot. He had pants on once we got there and to his credit he did 3 wees in the toilet. He had one “miss” because he got carried away playing in the garden. At 3:30pm he fell asleep watching TV so I laid him on the sofa. When I woke him up a little while later he wet his pants. Hardly his fault as he is still mastering daytime wees, let alone nighttime wees lol he had a nappy on after that because we were going to have dinner, walk home, then it was to be bath and bed. So we ate dinner with Nan and Grandad then we walked home. He talks a lot more now. Like half sentences such as “No my oo oo” (oo oo is monkey, he found my stuffed animals). We got in the bath. I don’t bath with him or Fred often as they’re at that age but it saved time. I washed his hair then put a face mask on me and he said “and me” so I put a little on his face. After I got out and was getting dressed, he climbed out and stood in the bathroom yelling for me lol he was cold. Not surprised. If he had waited a moment I’d have gotten him out, with a towel. Once he was dressed we got into bed and I said “do you want to listen to baby before sleep?” And he said yes so I got the Doppler out and we listened. I said to him to say night baby, so he did and we turned it off and went to sleep. It was about 8ish. 

**Our washing machine is broke. The guy came out Saturday but he didn’t have the part as we reported the door seal was broken but he says it’s the bearings and drum that need replacing** So nan did some loads of our washing over the weekend.

We woke up Sunday at 7:30. That was a good nights sleep. We had breakfast then I bathed him and got his dressed for the walk to Nana’s house. Soon after we got there we bundled in the car so we could visit my Gran. We left the old folks home after an hour. It was hammering down with rain and Nan was trying to get Frankie in the car but he was proper dawdling so my Grandad turned the car on and Frank panicked and yelled “Dee-dor (grandad) wait a me” – meaning grandad wait for me. Then when he got in the car he went “dee-dor start car no me” – meaning grandad started the car without me! So funny.

We went back and his mom soon arrived as she was having dinner. They stayed for hours and when she left she dropped me home. I had a bath which was relaxing. I was starving as we hadn’t had supper so I ordered some chicken shish for me and my brother. We ate that whilst watching a movie. My mom was away till today so it was just us 2, and Frankie in the house all weekend lol

Today at work seemed quickly. I bet tomorrow will drag. The weather was shite. It hammered down all day. I got soaked going to work so I scrounged a lift home from my Grandad as he wasn’t busy.

My nan has a hospital appointment tomorrow as she has some dodgy symptoms in her right breast that need attention. She’s got a lump, her breast is twice the size of the other AND she has an inverted nipple that has a black dot in the middle. I’m concerned it’s something sinister, so is my mom as its her mom after all. Hopefully they’ll tell her more tomorrow!

I was 17 weeks on Sunday. I have my gender rescan on Friday. I can’t wait. I hope baby cooperates!!!

I’m in bed playing harvest swap. I’m stuck on level 73!