Friday feeling

Monday 3rd:

We did Scarlett’s official “I can walk” sticker. She has done so well with it recently and her walking outside settled it for me. Mom and I had a girl night and we watched Broadchurch together as it was her only night off all week.

Tuesday 4th:

Scarlett was constipated. I hadn’t noticed as her nappies had been fine but the nursery said the day before that she was so my nan was sent out to get some pure OJ for her. Apparently she didn’t like it lol she kept pulling a funny face!


Look at her cheeky face. She knows she isn’t meant to be climbing!

Wednesday 5th:

We had our monthly 1-to-1 meetings at work today. I decided to take Scarlett to Italy. I had always planned to go in 2015 but I decided to leave it as I found out I was pregnant and needed to be sensible with my money. But now Scarlett is a toddler and I am working, I can afford [just about] to take her away. So I have booked our flights there and back. I have reserved rooms in the hotels. The plan is to fly to Verona and stay there for 2 days then get a train to Venice. Stay in Venice for a night then fly down to Rome and stay in Rome for 3 days. We can get a train to Naples from Rome, for the day. I am really excited. I will get Scarlett a passport at the end of this month. I have already renewed mine, in 2015. How exciting! I have a list for each city of thing to do/see. Hopefully we will manage 3 thing at least but ideally I wanna do/see 5 things in each place.

Thursday 6th:

I got up earlier and cooked sausages for breakfast for me and mom. I accidentally defrosted too many sausages so we kept them for dinner. We ate our breakfast then she dropped me

Mom worked Tuesday, Wednesday night and tonight. So we had dinner then she left for work. I have been Netflixing this show called 13 reasons why. It is very impressive. It is about a young girl who kills herself during high school but leaves behind a series of tapes that each side is dedicated to one person who did or said something to her that led up to her committing suicide. Only the people on the tapes can listen, they have to follow a series of rules and there is this guy who is around watching them all. He keeps them in time. Each person who is on one of the tapes listens to all 13 tapes by themselves then they get passed on to another person. The series is narrated partially by the dead girl but also the person who currently has the tapes, Clay [he had a crush on her]. He doesn’t understand why he would be a candidate on the tapes and doesn’t really want to find out because he didn’t think he had ever hurt her in any way. It is really easy to relate to in regards to the BS of school days. Everyone had their clicks, even in our British schools we still have the same kind of set up as American High Schools. I cannot wait to find out more.

Friday 7th [today]:

Today is Friday. Yay! Brett and me have had a falling out. It is over something stupid but now it has escalated. I never know what it is he expects from me. He knows I don’t show my feelings the same way as he does, yet he still expects me to. Which is unfair. That isn’t me, and he is meant to love me for who I am, yet expects me to change myself? He is meant to be coming down tonight but I just don’t know how it is going to go. He seems so defeated about us. I guess I just don’t measure up to his expectations of a girlfriend?

Going on lunch soon. Think my little team is off down the pub so I will join as we don’t go out much as a team.



Hump day

Yes I mean Wednesday. I don’t mean I have the hump. I am fine, surprisingly.

I’ve accepted my new desk. Grudgingly. I’m not very good with unexpected change. If I had been forewarned then I’d have been fine. It’s the whole springing it on me part that wound me up.

Harry came over again tonight. Twice a week seems to be how we are rolling lol she’s getting more use to seeing him as she leaned in to kiss him. Which she’s not done to him before. It was really rather cute!

I think that’s all for this week from him. I am meeting his mom on Sunday (I think). Her youngest two want to meet Scarlett and I think her daughter Ella (who I met before) wants to bring her daughter this time. She’s 18 months old. She was born in May, last year. It was around the same time I found out I was pregnant. Weird! So there is only 9 months between her daughter and mine lol

We have stuff planned this weekend. I don’t mind busy weekends but Monday mornings always drag if I’m tired lol

Saturday I need to pick up my new iPad as I got a text to say it’s been delivered to store. I also need to get some food stuff in for work next week. And some baby milk.

Sunday I have to go to church at 9:30am for service and then meet and greet with the people who are holding her blessing and thanksgiving service next year then after I am meeting Scarlett’s Nanna and aunties plus her cousin.

I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow!



We went into my work place yesterday to say Hi to everyone. Firstly we sat upstairs with Rachel and Graham for lunch. Graham actually held Scarlett which is pretty special as he “doesn’t do babies” haha after Rachel’s lunch hour was up I took Scarlett into the office. There was hardly anyone in the office. They are all off sick. Part timers lol

Scarlett was held by an ex-colleague called Lee. His missus still works for my company so he’s often in the building lol she kept smiling at him. She was also held by his girlfriend then she was held by Jack, my team leader. She was also held by a few other people. She seemed fairly happy with everyone except Jack’s brother who works at our company too. She cried as soon as he had her lol no idea why.

After my mom finished work she picked us up and we went with her to Morrison’s to do some shopping. We desperately needed some food in the house lol I got Scarlett a few outfits in 3-6m for our holiday as she’ll be 5 months (and hopefully will fit them). I also got her a coat in 6-9m. It’s huge so even thou she’ll be hitting 6m in July and it’ll still be warm-ish, she’s quite little, so it’ll fit her for a while. Probably till she’s like a year old lol They’re lovely bits and I only spent £30.

She wasn’t working Thursday night as her boyfriend was over so she babysat for me whilst I went to bingo for the first time since I’ve had Scarlett. I use to go a lot in the last month before I had her. I won £25 in the first few rounds then didn’t win again all night. It was nice being out and I had a cheeky cider lol

Scarlett was 2 months old on Thursday so we did the usual sticker thing.

Friday we stayed home in the morning. Mom made breakfast then I got up. I decided to take Scarlett swimming because the weather was nice. So mom dropped us in town. I went to the post office and finally posted my child benefit form as well as a returning item to eBay. Then I did a little shopping. I printed a photo of Scarlett to put in a frame for my dad to have at his house. I bought a new bra. Just basically had a wander around. We went swimming and she managed 20 minutes before she got cold. She was starving when we got out so I sat down in the cafe downstairs and got them to warm her bottle up. She hates it at room temperature and I don’t blame her. She had her bottle then we got on the bus. We stopped off at nan’s for a bit before mom picked us up. We had a cheeky Chinese which we picked up on our way home. It’s Easter weekend so why not.

Omg. Scarlett had a feed then she was really upset with wind. She did a massive poo so I changed her and she was still upset so I figured she needed to burp. She burped eventually. All was good. I gave her a bath then she started crying for food so I made her a 4oz up, knowing that she’d probably only need a top up of 1-2oz. I was feeding her and I thought “uh oh I need a poo again” (earlier I had to dash to the loo coz I needed to go and it was like diarrhoea). I was sat feeding her contemplating whether to stop, put her down and go loo. I’m so glad I didn’t. Literally a second later she puked up the oz she drank. If I had left her she’d have choked no doubt. I should’ve just sat on the loo with her lol she then fell asleep so I’m did a mad dash before I crapped myself lol

Today I got up after Scarlett had her first feed of the day then went back to sleep. Whilst she was napping I did some washing, washed and sterilised her bottles and then I had a sneaky bath. She woke up soon after so I dressed her for the day then we went downstairs. It was hammering down outside so I had no intentions of going out till I needed to. So we watched TV. By we I mean me. She spent the day napping and feeding lol she had 20 minutes underneath he play mat as that’s all she tolerates before she whinges lol we had dinner then mom drove us to my nan’s as I was dog sitting for them tonight. We swung by the garage to fuel up her car and I got myself a bottle of WKD to pretend I have a social life lol

I watched Friends all evening in between Scarlett eating. She did a lovely explosive poop in her nappy. Luckily she didn’t explode on her clothes. I was sorting her out, and whilst I had no nappy on her after I’d wiped her she did a huge fart and a load of poop came out all over the changing mat. Dirty moo. She’s clean now and we are in bed. My Nan and grandad got back from the wedding just now.

My eye is swollen again. I must be allergic to something. I still have the pain in my head from my wisdom teeth. It’s starting to get right on my nerves because it feels like I have a soft spot on my head and someone is poking it. It’s awful.

I’m off to sleep as Scarlett is drifting off and I think I should join her.


P.S. I have a “date” on Monday. I’m meeting a guy for a coffee/tea. By myself. Mom will have Scarlett. I need to vet him but he seems pretty sound. And he’s local. Praise the lord lol no one is ever local. He’s not too much older either.

Braxton Hicks

I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction yesterday. It was so strange. It wasn’t necessarily my first but it was certainly the first one I had noticed. I took a picture whilst it was happening and I look huge.  

I’m sure I wasn’t THAT big the other day lol

If I go by my growth scan from 32 weeks my EDD is 29th, not the 31st which means I am actually officially 34 weeks TODAY. However I still go by 31st so I’m 34 weeks on Sunday. Tbh it’s all sort of immaterial as my little lady will make her appearance when SHE damn well wants to lol I still believe she’ll be earlier than either of the due dates I have. I hope so. It gets the whole thing out of the way and we can just start our journey together.

I’ve been binge watching One Born Every Minute because I’m fascinated by all the different people, couples, births and hospitals. One episode I watched actually included a severely premature baby which sadly passed away after a few days. I’m so glad the show doesn’t just show you all the good bits. It’s good to honour those that don’t make it. And the little boys parents said the same thing. They said “he existed, for us, and even thou he wasn’t on earth very long he will always be their son no matter what”. I do believe a lot of subjects like that are taboo. And they shouldn’t be. These little lives should be celebrated. They matter. However short they were here, they matter.

Anyways, it was my sisters birthday on Thursday. She was 11. I hope she got the present and card I mailed her. I’m hoping to get down to my dads next week but I need to speak to him first. He only got back from Australia on Monday so I thought I’d give him time to settle in.

I’m currently in bed deciding whether to go to sleep or watch some TV. My eyes have been itchy today. No idea why as there is no pollen around nor any cats (allergies). Itchy itchy itchy lol


My final Thursday

Wow my eye has been itchy as anything today. Also, where I had my whooping cough injection my arm is boiling hot and has a huge red lump on it. Also got a pain in the top of my hand, the same hand as my injection arm. I asked my midwife about it at my 31 week check up today and she didn’t think it was anything to worry about. I’ve had a slight fever all day and my cheeks are bright red as if I’m teething. I hope I feel better soon.

It’s finally my last day tomorrow. I got in bed when I came in from work and almost fell asleep. I just felt so drained. Mom cooked us dinner then after Emmerdale we popped to my nan’s to pick up something. We stopped for a cup of tea then we went home. I have been in bed since we got in. I feel so tired. I think I’ll get an early night.


50 Shades of Sarcasm

Well I finally saw the 50 Shades movie tonight. Mom and I decided to go watch it so I booked our tickets and we went. It wasn’t bad, I suppose. It was pretty much a normal film except every now and then they showed Dakota’s naked body writhing around in “pleasure”. There was a lot of shots of Jamie’s butt and naked torso but it was primarily Dakota naked from head-to-toe. Don’t panic, you couldn’t see her actual privates. They played the camera shots well. Overall it was okay. I found it amusing. There seemed to be humour, and underlying sarcasm that probably wasn’t intentional but I found it, and I liked it. I had wanted to watch Kingsman: Secret Service but mom has seen it so we settled for 50 Shades. I might go watch Kingsman in the week after work one day. The bus from work goes towards the cinema so I could easily just book my ticket and go. There’s lots of films coming out this month, some we saw the trailer for tonight, so I’m hoping to go see them. One is a film that is the second in a trilogy. I saw the first, “Divergent” which was great and the second, “Insurgent” looks pretty good too.

I have been watching back-to-back Scandal episodes. I am now almost on the season 3 finale and it looks explosive. I can’t wait for all my other shows to come back from their mid-season breaks. I miss Vampire Diaries!!!

I’m off to watch more Scandal and tomorrow I’ll start season 4. I can’t wait.


Post sick bug

Well I went to work today. I got up at 6:15am as usual. I was still having to rush to the loo but I figured it would calm down once I ate something. It didn’t. My manager told me to go home at half 9. I had only been in work 90 minutes. To be honest I was secretly glad that she had suggested it. I couldn’t have spent all day worrying I may have an “accident” but I didn’t want to be the one who suggested going home. I left work at half 9 and was home by half 10ish. I got in the bath. I felt like I needed a good hot relaxing bath. It did feel good and I felt nice and clean when I got out. I also felt fresh. I spent most the day watching Scandal episodes back-to-back. Season 3 is intense.

I finally picked up a book. You know it’s only the 3rd month of the year or whatever. I feel so bad. I read one book over Christmas and finished it in January but since then I haven’t picked anything up. My book challenge for 2015 is set to 25 books and I’ve only read 1 so far and we are in the third month of the year. That is bad, very bad and I hate that I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to sit and read. My mind gets like that when I am stressed or severely preoccupied. I can safely say that I’ve been both lately. Well not anymore. I read 44 pages so that’s a start.

I’m off to sleep soon because I have work tomorrow.