Night terrors

Saturday I woke up at 5am. My head was killing me! I haven’t had a migraine in such a long time so this properly threw me. I laid there for like an hour before I conceded defeat and went into the kitchen to scramble for painkillers. I took some, had some water and then laid back down. When Scarlett woke up at 7:45 I still had a bad head and I felt so sick. Brett woke up and said he’d take her so she had a nappy change and a bottle then she waved me goodbye and they left the bedroom. I finally managed to sleep. I woke up just before noon. The house was eerily silent. No dog barking. No people. No TV! I messaged Brett and he said they were visiting his cousins. So I had a shower and washed my hair – it desperately needed washing. Then I watched some TV. They got home at 1ish. We had some lunch. Scarlett hadn’t napped since she woke, apart from 15 minutes in the car. So at 2 I put her down for a nap. My head had started again so I took some more meds and then climbed into Brett’s bed. I didn’t sleep. I just laid there in the dark, dozing. Eventually the pain went. Scarlett woke up at 4ish so we went into the front room to play. She wasn’t very happy when she woke. She was feverish and miserable so she had some calpol, and cuddles. Eventually she perked up. We built some blocks up together and she had a blast knocking them down.

At 5ish Brett’s mom put some dinner on for us. Scarlett ate hers then had a yoghurt for pudding. At 7 Bret took her up for a bath. I did her bottle and she was in bed just after 8ish. We were going to watch a film but by the time Brett finished watching the darts it was almost 11. Instead we curled up in bed chatting then we went to sleep.

Sunday I woke up at 3am because Scarlett was crying. She must’ve had a bad dream or something. She didn’t wake again until 7:45. Brett got up to get her. I did her bottle and he did her nappy. I stayed in bed till 9 then I did us all some breakfast. I put her down for a nap at 10. We watched Suicide Squad. We had planned to watch it the night before but never got round to it. She woke up just after it finished, at 12ish. I gave her a yoghurt and a drink as we weren’t having dinner just yet.

Brett asked me if I had seen the Polar Express. I hadn’t. So he put it on. Scarlett weren’t fussed so she was playing blocks and drawing etc.

We had dinner at 3ish then I packed and at 4:30 we left for the train. The first train was ok but we didn’t have a proper seat. The second train was a pain because a family of 6 kids got on and they were proper noisy. Their mom didn’t even tell them to shush. She let them shout and screech for 20 minutes. I had a headache within 10 minutes. I was so glad when they got off at a station long before mine. Gave me some peace!

We were home by 6:15. Scarlett and I had a bath then she had a bottle and was in bed by 7:15. Mom did some supper at 8. I went up to bed at 9. My head was still banging. I must’ve fell asleep.

Today I woke up at 6am for a wee. My head was much better. I had slept from about 10pm (according to my Fitbit). I did feel good for it. Scarlett was sick in the car when we dropped her to my nan’s house. It was just phlegm. So she’s not sick I don’t think. Just a bit snuffly today.

We hosted training for some engineers on their PDA’s in the afternoon. It went okay. I’ve never done that training by myself so far. But I’ve also never been included in it because we had a team leader before. But as the team is just me, and my manager, I was invited to the training and I did prep for it such as a printing off the handouts and sending dummy jobs to their PDA’s for training purposes.

Scarlett was very grumpy in the car ride home after work. She cheered up a bit for FaceTime with Brett but she still wasn’t her usual self. She got really upset because she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t go to teletubbies land on the TV. Heartbroken she was, bless her!

I got her in bed for 7:15. Heard her chatting and playing till 8pm.

At 10ish the monitor lit up, she was crying. I went upstairs to check her. She was thrashing about and crying. I picked her up. She didn’t want me to hold her. She kept pushing me away and crying. It took 10 minutes for me to calm her and tell her it was mama and I won’t hurt her. I would say she experienced her first night terror. Hopefully she won’t remember anything tomorrow. But jeez it was horrible. I’m now in bed myself.



We are home


So we stayed on the site today. Scarlett figured out she could open her bedroom door in the caravan. This made nap time a lot harder. In the end I laid in our double bed with her and she eventually gave in. I think I nodded off lol Once she was up we had some lunch and then I took Scarlett for a little play in the park behind our caravan. She quite enjoyed walking down there and walking back. She thinks she is a big girl lol

We went to the entertainment centre for dinner and then had a play in the arcade. We played Air Hockey. Brett won, twice. Then we played the basketball game. Brett, twice. We also played a game where you have to lob balls at targets. Again, Brett won, twice. But between us we got enough tickets to get Scarlett some bubbles and stickers. We headed back to the caravan. Brett bathed Scarlett then I had a shower. We put her to bed at 9ish. She actually did stay in bed. We packed then watched NCIS and then Ultimate Force again.


We got up and had breakfast. I dressed Scarlett and myself. Brett had a shower then we did last minute sweeps of the caravan to make sure we hadn’t left anything. We threw our little bin into the main refuse bins on the way to reception to hand the keys back. We booked a taxi to take us to the station. Our train was due at 10:57am. So we just hung about on the platform, together, waiting. Scarlett fell asleep and slept pretty much the whole journey. Our train got stuck on the tracks just before Sevenoaks due to a queue for the tunnel. We ended up pulling into Waterloo East 25 minutes later than we should have which meant our connection between trains went from 40 minutes to 13. So we ran. But we made it. We sat in the wider area of the train as we had the luggage and a stroller. We got off the train at 1:45pm. My mom picked us up and dropped us home. It was great to be home.


We got up and had breakfast. Brett had a shower then we left at 10am for Finkley Down Farm. We had booked tickets for it the night before. They were having a “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. So Scarlett brought along her new Monkey from holiday. We walked around, looked at all the different animals. Brett took her to the outdoor play area and they went down the massive slide together. We watched the Falconry show then we headed indoors. Brett took Scarlett to play on all the indoor play areas that she was old/young enough for.


We left in the afternoon and stopped by my nan’s for a cup of a tea. We ended up having an early dinner, KFC. I can’t eat KFC more than a few times a year because the spices in the coating aggravate my bowels lol I did enjoy it though. I had a boneless banquet box for 1 and some spicy wings. Brett had the same. We headed home. Put Scarlett in the bath then bed. Then my mom dropped Brett at the station as he was heading home. We had a chilled Saturday.


Scarlett and I had Sunday lunch at my nan’s. She played in the garden a little then after dinner I put her down for a nap and my Nan run me up the shop so I could grab some bits for work. We went home in the early evening for supper, bath, bottle and then bed. For Scarlett lol

Back to work tomorrow. I hate going back after having time off. I like being at home. I have my Coil Review on Thursday to make sure it’s working properly etc. No more babies for us!!!


The day after Boxing Day

Boxing Day Scarlett was much happier and back to herself. We went to the cemetery to lay a wreath on my uncles grave. 14 years we’ve done that. In March he’ll have been gone 15 years. Where does the time go? After we visited his, we visited my nan’s sister. She’s been gone 6 years already. Madness!

We left the cemetery and went to my nan’s brother’s house. He puts on a Boxing Day buffet. Every year. Last year I was 35 weeks pregnant and struggled to eat much because my stomach was squished by a certain little lady. This year she was terrorising everyone when they had food and attempting to play with her cousin who is 3 months older and walking. She ate lots of skips and I gorged on mozzarella sticks lol

She went to bed at 8:30 and I packed our stuff as we were off to Brett’s house today. It was hard knowing what to take as she had so many new outfits. I watched some tele then went to bed.

She woke up at 7ish. I gave her a bottle then we played then watched some tele together. She was tired but hungry by half 8 so I gave her some porridge and dressed her then strapped her in her stroller for a nap. I got myself washed and dressed then put the final bits in our bags, grabbed our gifts for everyone and then at 12ish we went to the station. I fed her a bottle at 12:30. We got the train at 1 and Brett met us off the train at 2:30.

Scarlett and I opened our gifts from Brett and his family. They opened ours. Brett got her the yellow fisher price activity chair and a stroller and babydoll. His mom got her some clothes and got me some pyjamas. His brothers got her a bath toy with extra bath bits. She’ll love that. She’s an extra spoiled bub!!

She had meatballs, mash and gravy for dinner followed by trifle. Then after some playtime she had a bath and at 7 she had a bottle. She was flat out straight after so I laid her in the travel cot then Brett and I went to the pub for a drink whilst his mom listened out for her. We came back and Brett cooked some dinner and now we are in bed watching Monsters Inc.

Overall, a good two days.


Bye Liverpool

Well we have had a brilliant trip to Liverpool. I am so glad to be home though. That train journey home is mad.

Tuesday we decided to go for a walk around the shops. We hit the water front first and I dragged Tasha and Kira up the Freij wheel on the docks. I didn’t realise Tash has a thing about heights, same as our pal Nicola so it must be love if she allowed me to drag her up the wheel lol

So after the wheel we went for a wander around the shops. I went a tad mad in Primark. In my defence, I had to get Scarlett a whole wardrobe for nursery. When I registered her they said that whilst they do their best to ensure their clothes remain relatively mess-free, they cannot guarantee it and one nursery worker told me to go in to Primark for its cheapness. Because as she point out, I’m less likely to worry if she’s wearing something from Primark and crawls through paint or gets her dinner down herself than I would if it was “nicer” clothes. She had a point. So I spent about £80 in there. I got 9-12 months as their sizes always come up smaller so it won’t be long before she’s wearing them even though she’s small and not even 8 months yet lol

We went for dinner again that night at the same place. The whetherspoons. We didn’t see our “mate” again lol

Wednesday we were due to meet the Liverpool girlies (hence the point of travelling all that way). Scarlett was napping after her feed so I left her to sleep then when she woke we grabbed our stuff and left. Tasha had said Kira was being a little madam so she wanted her to kip and she’d meet me there as soon as she was awake. I was only 20 minutes late and Tasha was 20 minutes behind me. I had a nice chat to all the ladies and cooed over their babies. Scarlett went to a few ladies for a cuddle. We went our separate ways after everyone had finished eating. I barely ate because the food wasn’t the kind I eat (fussy eater, right here). We wandered and then took the girls up Radio City Tower. It’s basically a radio hub that’s very high up and you can see for miles. So we did that.

We ended up having dinner in pizza expresss in Liverpool One shopping centre. We decided that another meal at Whetherspoons was a bit much lol I had dough balls and garlic bread. I didn’t fancy pizza although Tasha’s pizza did look lush.

Tasha left that night. Her other half picked her and Kira up.

I booked our train ticket home. It was £49 and we had to be on the designated train at that specific time. We missed the train by 10 freaking minutes. All because we got a bit lost trying to get the merseryrail from Moorfield to Lime Street. So I had to fork it £93 and then wait an hour. So I fed Scarlett then she had a nap.

When the virgin fast train got to Euston I desperately needed a wee so I paid 30p (travesty, why should I pay for a bodily function that I cannot control) and had to take Scarlett with me. There was no signs for baby change (would’ve been easier as bigger room/stall) so took her in normal ladies toilets. In her stroller. Couldn’t close toilet door with her in the way but couldn’t risk (obvs) leaving her outside it so I peed with the door open. Then when I came back out a guard had a go because I’d abandoned the suitcase. Even though I tried to explain that 1) I had to because I couldn’t wheel EVERYTHING into the ladies toilets, 2) I had had to take my baby with me in to the ladies as there was no baby change and therefore everything was made harder and 3) I didn’t see him there 10 minutes previous when I was struggling. I was so annoyed at him.

We finally got home and I was so pleased. Scarlett had missed her nanny and I missed home comforts.

Scarlett is in bed and so am I now.

Can’t believe it’s September already. Where has the time gone?


Finally home

Omg worst weekend. Literally had no sleep due to Brett’s dog constantly barking which kept waking Scarlett up. Then in the day she struggled to get a nap for the same reasons so I had to take her out in the pram for some damn peace.

Brett worked Friday so we went to the park. He got home just after 5. We had gone to the park for the afternoon. We found a big tree so we could sit in the shade on a blanket. It was a nice afternoon just us two. Scarlett was very happy to see him. He sorted some dinner. I got Scarlett ready for bed and then we ate. I put her to bed. Brett fell asleep on the sofa in the lounge after we naughtily took advantage of having a free house. He was on the sofa naked and I tried to wake him but he wouldn’t so I just got into bed. It was late. He came in the bedroom a few hours later and woke me up. Soon after Scarlett was woke up. Again. So I had to sort her out. Didn’t end up going back to sleep for ages. Then I was up with her early again. I was getting so ratty from lack of sleep at this point.

He had pre-arranged plans to go paint balling with his friends so he got picked up just after 8. Scarlett was on the flor crawling towards to me, his dog was about 2 foot away and for no reason he suddenly went for her so I snatched her up and the bastard tried to go for me. I fucking hate that dog. I was so angry and the lack of sleep was driving me insane that I just flung Scarlett on my hip and stormed out of the living room slamming the door behind me. The dog started barking because god forbid you shut him in. I sat on the step in the garden with her whilst I calmed down. I knew I could no longer let her crawl if he was in the room so I decided to take her out again to get some peace, and hopefully nap. So we got in the pram and off we went. We were no more than a minute from his house and she was flat out asleep. So when we passed a bench I sat down, parked her next to me and let her sleep to hearts content whilst I played a game on my iPad. When she woke we walked to the park and sat under the tree (same as the day before).

We stayed in the park until 5 then we walked back so I could feed her. Brett was back at 4pm so he had had an hour to himself before we came back. Again he fell asleep really early. He was flat out on the bed by 10:30pm. Second night in a row he’d missed his shower/bath. He woke up at 3:30am and woke me up. Thanks! I got up with Scarlett and left him to sleep in. I woke him and he wasn’t amused. It took all my energy (I barely had any at that point) not to scream at him “are you for real motherfucker?” I didn’t and I’m very proud lol

I settled on getting a rail replacement bus from Hackbridge to Streatham Common. Then I’d get a train to Clapham junction then home. So that’s what I did. On the bus at 15:05 and we arrived home at 16:30.  I was so glad to be home. Scarlett was glad too. She had missed her nanny.

Scarlett is in bed asleep and I’m in bed myself. We have a busy day tomorrow. We are due on the train at 11:30am for Liverpool. I can’t wait to get there.

I did lots of washing when I got home so I could pack. But it’s all done now. Just need to put in any last minute bits.


7 months

My girl is 7 months. That’s come around so quickly!!!!!

She learned to crawl a few weeks ago. She stands up at the furniture and is getting much more stronger 

Today we travelled to Brett’s. However I really wished I hadn’t bothered. Our journey is usually a 25 minute train to Clapham Junction then a 20 minute train to Hackbridge (nearest train to Brett’s house). We get a train at 6pm to Clapham. Go to get on the next train and it’s been cancelled. So I search online for the next best route and see there is a 3 changes route going to Hackbridge which will get us there 35 minutes later than planned but that’s perfectly do-able. So we hop on a train to Wimbledon. We change and get to Streatham. No lifts. Takes me ages to bump the pram up the stairs and back down again. We miss the train. So I figure I can wait for another. The next one is cancelled. Can’t wait all night, not with a 7 month old baby so I search online and discover if I take a train to Streatham common I can change and get on a train to Waddon. Which is another station near Brett’s house, maybe half a mile further away. I eventually get off the train gone 9pm. Scarlett is usually in bed asleep by now. She’s proper tired. We have to walk from the station to Brett’s house. It’s dark and we are both tired, thirsty (she’s hungry) and just hot (weather is humid). Brett met us at the station but he got on my nerves because I was highly stressed and tired and he’s cracking jokes like its hiliarous. It’s not. He didn’t have to endure that pain the ass journey nor did he with a baby in tow. Asshole.

So we got to his and I bathed Scarlett then fed her and finally she went to sleep. I had a shower and got in to bed. Brett followed behind me. I hope the journey isn’t an omen of things to come!

Brett is working tomorrow and his family go away in the morning so it’ll be just me and Scarlett. And his dog. The noisy thing. Barks all the time. At nothing!!


1 week to go

Tuesday morning Scarlett woke up at 7ish. She had her bottle then she went back to sleep. I hadn’t paid for breakfast nor brought anything prepared so I just ate a few cookies I’d bought and had a cup of tea. I gave her down breakfast when she woke and she got it everywhere so I bathed her quickly then dressed her. Dressed myself then packed up and we checked out. We walked back up to the station so we could walk in to the shopping centre. It’s massive.

We met Stephanie and Sophie at the station then we waited for Gina and Sarah. Tasha wasn’t due to arrive till 1pm so once Sarah arrived we walked back to the shopping centre to find a café. Originally we’d said John Lewis but none of us knew where it was so we ended up sitting in the open plan part of a place called Muffin Break.

Gina is Laila’s mom and Laila really took to me, and Scarlett. We sat both the babies on the table together and Laila kept grabbing Scarlett’s top and Scarlett kept looking at her like “wtf are you doing?” Haha

Stephanie is Erin’s mom. Erin and Scarlett are birthday buddies but you wouldn’t believe it. Erin is huge. Scarlett was actually born first lol

Sophie is Henry’s mom. He was the only boy until Rachel arrived with Theo. He was born the day after Valentine’s Day. So he’s younger than Scarlett, Erin, Kira, Isla and Aislinn-Rose

Sarah is Isla’s mom. Isla is 2 days older than Erin and Scarlett. I got a smile off her which is an achievement because her nickname by her mom is angry little elf lol love her though.

Tasha is Kira’s mom and they arrived when I was in muffin break getting something to eat and drink. Kira was originally scheduled to arrive January 25th by planned c-section but had to come 3 days early on January 22nd. She’s a proper cheeky girl. I was talking to her and she was grinning at me.

Roisin is Aislinn-Rose’s mom. She is younger than Erin, Scarlett, Kira and Isla. But is older than Henry and Theo.

Eventually Rachel turned up with Theo. They had had baby sensory so that’s why they were later than everyone else. Theo was born late February so he was the youngest baby but he is a big boy. Very smiley too.

We stayed where we were until about 3pm then we wandered downstairs to the Disney store. I spent £90 on stuff for Scarlett for Christmas. Probably unnecessary but fuck it, it’s her first Christmas. Stephanie and Sophie left to catch their train. I thought they said all of the girls were going so I was a bit annoyed so I paid and stomped out the shop. Tasha called me and I whipped round realising Sarah, Rachel and Tasha were still there. I must’ve looked like a mad woman marching out swinging my pink princess bag. We walked to the station to catch our trains. Tasha and I were on the same platform but going in opposite directions. She missed her train by seconds so she left for another one on a different platform.

Our journey home wasn’t bad but national rail lied about there being a lift down at Euston to the tube. There was an escalator. A TFL lady helped me. Then at Waterloo there is about 15 steps to get from the underground to the next level where the lift is. Two very friendly London commuters helped me with the pram. Very grateful for nice people.

The last leg of our journey was a direct train from Waterloo. About 20 minutes from home our train stopped due to some fault on the track. The carriage we were in had just 2 people in and lots of floor space so I let Scarlett crawl around the floor for a bit. We got off the train finally. And then we were home!!!

We had a brilliant trip even if it was long as assholes and I had a banging headache when we got back. Nothing a little paracemtol and a good nights sleep couldn’t fix.

Wednesday I put Scarlett in her cot sat up playing whilst I did some stuff and caught her stood up. Even though we moved the mattress down 1 setting after we caught her stood up last time. She’s a nightmare.

Thursday (today) we sorted out the downstairs. We cleared out the fireplace (we don’t use it so it was filled with junk) and mom screwed the fire guard on to the wall incase Scarlett uses it to stand up and it topples on top of her. Now it’s secure it won’t move if she does try. And she probably will because she’s a monkey!

She got caught going in Nana’s fireplace. All of her grandchildren have touched it at one point, just out of curiosity. My child decided to grab the metal bar at the front and lick it. Yum lol

My birthday is in a week. I’m going to do my annoying daily countdown on here like I normally do. So today is “1 week to go”. Brett isn’t coming down until next Friday so he technically misses my birthday but he’s still here for the weekend, and be party. Which is fine. I want to spend my birthday going up the London eye with Scarlett so I’ll just take her on my own now. I don’t mind.

We are visiting a nursery tomorrow and going in to my work for our monthly visit.