Rome: the final destination

So it’s a good job that I did put cushions down. I woke up about 6ish and Scarlett was laid fast asleep on the floor, on the cushions. I’m not sure IF she did fall out of bed. Or whether she tried to get out but was sleepy and just laid down lol but either way, I didn’t want to leave her there so I put her back in her bed and she then didn’t wake up until 8ish. I gave her a bottle then got her dressed so we could go down and get some breakfast. I asked Brett if he wanted to go but he said No. we went down and had some toast and OJ. We headed back up to pack the few bits we’d unpacked and then check out.

We checked out at 10:30 and started our long journey back to the train station. We asked at the station what the best way to get to the airport would be and they said bus. So we paid for a bus, at the bus station next to the station and at 11:25am we set off. We arrived at the airport just before 12. Our flight wasn’t until 4:20pm and the info for it wasn’t displayed so we decided to grab some lunch. So we found a restaurant and had some food. Scarlett fell asleep so we sat there for ages just chatting and shit. At 2:15 the display boards showed what check-in desk we needed to go to so we set off. We waited in the queue for what seemed an eternity. We finally got to the front and got our luggage checked-in. Then our boarding passes and off we headed to passport control and our gate. We went through. Brett took Scarlett to change her nappy whilst I grabbed some water for us. We got in the queue for the flight. We had to go on a shuttle bus to the plane. We finally got on the aeroplane at 4:10pm and then we took off.

Scarlett is such a brilliant traveller. I could not be more proud of her. She’s done so brilliantly. She’s been on 2 aeroplanes, 2 trains and 1 bus. Plus a few taxis. She’s just awesome.

We touched down in Rome at 5:25pm and then we picked up our luggage. We arrived at Fiuicimo terminal 1 and had to walk across from there to the train station. We booked a ticket, had a quick wee and at 6:23pm we embarked towards Roma termini. Scarlett had a bottle as she was whinging for one. We walked from the station to our hotel. We got there at 7:25pm. Finally got checked in and settled by 8pm. Brett had a shower then we headed out for dinner.

Brett had pizza and he shared with Scarlett. I had tomato and basil spaghetti. It was delish but so filling. We left and stopped at a supermarket for some bath stuff as we had run out. We got back to our apartment quite late. Scarlett and I had a shower together again and then Brett dressed her whilst I washed my hair off then I put her to bed. She took ages to go to sleep. Was almost midnight before she could be counted as “being asleep”.

Brett and I were going to watch a film in bed on the iPad but it’s too late. We need to get some kip lol

Heading into Rome tomorrow for the day. We aim to see the Trevi fountain, colosseum and a few other sights!


One night in Venice

So this morning we woke up for the last time in Verona. We really enjoyed our stay at the Caraverona apartment. Scarlett got up and had a bottle then some breakfast. We packed everything up and headed out at check-out. We grabbed some breakfast at the cafe next door before heading to the train station. We got a taxi as it was easier than lugging two cases for 7 miles lol

We got to Verona Porta Nuova. I got our tickets and we headed to our platform. We decided to sit in the upstairs part of the train. Scarlett fell asleep. Brett had a nap and I watched Salem on my iPad. That's how I travel. I can't sleep like them two lol

We arrived at Venezia St Lucia at about 2:45pm. We had a row outside the station because I shouted at Brett. We were hungry and hot lol we walked the entire way to our hotel apartment for check-in. I was sweating like a pig and the guy made us wait ages (another customer was asking about city tax) before he got round to asking me the necessary questions for check-in. Then he proceeded to tell me the apartment I was due to stay in was not available and I'd have to have one of the hotel rooms there, instead. Same price and no more walking to find it so we said yes ok. I paid and then we dumped our stuff upstairs before heading out.

We wandered. We saw shops and the sights. We stopped in a cafe for ice cream. Scarlett shared with us. We carried on walking around. The biggest issue (annoyance) for us was the constant steps up and down the bridges. With a stroller it was hard work. Even more so when we first had lugged our suitcases from the train station to the hotel. We ended up walking really far from our hotel. I was searching for the "Lock" bridge. The bridge that had all the locks on it thag people had wrote on and padlocked to it. But we didn't find it. Maybe next time.

I can't say I'm overly keen on Venice. The water, with a toddler. Yikes. Dangerous. And the thin, narrow streets between bullrings, claustrophobic! And just how busy it is. I do regret a little not riding a gondola but for €80, I'll pass. We didn't budget for that much to be spent in one transaction. And as Brett has rode one before and I was wary due to Scarlett being only 18 months, we decided it was a big firm NO. Next time, if we visit Venice just the two of us, we'll do it then.

We decided to head back before we went for dinner. So we did. Took a long walk lol we dropped off what we had purchased (Brett more than me). We headed out for dinner at about 9ish which is really late for Scarlett. Nonetheless she did well. The restaurant we ate at, we ate outside on the street and the waiting staff were brilliant. They were so interactive with Scarlett. One even picked her up to talk to her. I won't lie, I felt so on edge because you just don't know this person. But I forced a grin and she was loving the attention. We ate. I had grilled chicken and tomato garlic bread. Brett had a pizza (that he shared with Scarlett). We ate and paid. We tipped because they deserved it then we headed to a shop for some drinks then we went back to the hotel. There was no bath so I had to shower with Scarlett in my arms then Brett took her from me to dry and dress her whilst I washed myself. She slept on a bed. A proper bed. With no "cot side" like on our holiday to Hastings. I was worried she'd roll out. So I put some cushions on the floor so if she did, she'd just roll onto them.

When she was asleep we stuck on a film on the iPad. But it kept cutting out then it disappeared off Netflix. So we tried another. And it played but then it cut off half way through. The hotel wifi was SHIT! So we turned it off and went to sleep.

Headed to Rome tomorrow. Got to get to the airport somehow, from Venice train station. We'll figure it out. We always do.



Celebratory BBQ


Scarlett was fine and didn’t seem to hold a grudge. She went to bed like usual.


My manager let us leave early Friday so I was at my nan’s just after 4:30. It was a nice thing for a Friday. I got a last minute text from TurtleTots saying there was no swimming lesson Saturday due to a problem with the pool chlorination pump having an issue. So I agreed with Brett’s mom that we’d get an earlier train so we could have more time there.


We got up quite early and were on the train by 9am. His mom picked us up at 10:45 the other end and we went to Sainsbury’s for some groceries then after we’d dropped them back, and I made Scarlett some lunch, we set off to visit some of Brett’s family. We got a few engagement cards. So sweet. I wasn’t expecting that.

When we got back from visiting people Brett had finished work and was home. We decided not to go out (cinema). Scarlett went to bed quite late and then we watched tele with his family then we went into his room and watched a film. We watched The Mechanic. We had accidentally watched the sequel recently so we had both wanted to see the first one. So we did. I was shattered by the time it finished so we climbed into bed and I was flat out within half hour.


Scarlett woke me at 6am. She had only been asleep since 9:30pm (usually she’s down by 7pm) so I changed her nappy, made her a bottle and put her back down. She didn’t nod back off until 7:30 and I was behind her by about an hour. Then at 9:30 Brett woke me up trying to get frisky. Idiot! Then 10 minutes later told me to stop snoring haha I weren’t even asleep again. What a twat! She woke back up at 10:30 so I gave her breakfast then I got her dressed for the day. She played with her uncle Scott and followed him around like a lost puppy lol I put her down for a nap at 1:30 and fell asleep myself. We had a BBQ at 3ish to celebrate our engagement. It was nice. Scarlett wasn’t overly hungry so she just had a yoghurt and an ice lolly. She’s so funny. She was playing “basketball”. Meaning Scott was lifting her up to the basket and she was putting the ball in lol

Brett dropped his phone down the loo. It turns on and for the most part it does “work” but he’s got no sound and the microphone doesn’t appear to work if he calls you!!!

We got on the train home at 7ish and got off at 8:30. She didn’t go to bed until almost 10pm because it was 9 when we got home then we bathed together (well I showered whilst she was sat in the bath). She’s getting brave now. She usually hates the shower and cries. But this time she used a flannel to “wash” my feet and ankles whilst I was stood up washing my hair. Bless her.

I’m in bed now. Got work tomorrow. I’m quite tired. Travelling really does take it out of you!!!


4 wake ups

Tuesday 2nd:

Today was Princess Charlotte’s 2nd birthday. It came up on my Facebook memories because I shared the announcement when she was born. I love the royals!

Wednesday 3rd:

I had the dentist today. I haven’t been since a follow up in July after my wisdom teeth extract surgery. For the first time in 2 years the dentist actually said my teeth were “fine” and didn’t require a cleaning, filling or whatever else. Pretty pleased with that because my maternity exemption ran out in January and I haven’t got money to pay for extras lol

I caught up with Pretty Little Liars. I can’t believe this season is the final one. Sad times!

Thursday 4th:

Blindspot catch up. As well as other shows. My focus is back a little. I can watch a whole episode and not feel fidgety. Progress! Brett got here at midnight. His face really annoyed me. I don’t know why. We had a row and went to bed.

Friday 5th:

We got up, Scarlett had breakfast then we headed off to the Harry Potter Tour in London. She fell asleep on the bus to the studio and we were early so Brett and I grabbed a sandwich in the studio cafe. The tour was brill but busy. They have added A LOT since I went with Reggie in 2014.

Scarlett did really well considering she wasn’t in the stroller much. We did take it with us rather than giving it to the information desk [they lock it away]. But she walked around the tour, mostly. We tried Butterbeer [Scarlett loved it] and I took home the souvenir mini tankard. We left at 4ish and headed for the bus back to the station. We got off the train at home just before 7 so my nan dropped us home. We had a good day. We got a lot of pics including the obligatory ones they do where you “ride a broom” lol we had dinner once she was in bed then we watched the Equaliser. Love a bit of Denzel.

Saturday 6th:

Today we went out at lunch to my Nan’s house. We had lunch then we got in the car to visit my aunt. It was a flying visit. My nan and Debbie had a cuppa. Scarlett played with the twins. I had a banging headache when we left so we stopped off at a shop so I could get some paracetamol and a drink. It took over an hour for it to fade away let alone go away. Eurgh! Hate those heads. We stayed at my nan’s for dinner and ended up going up the chippy. My grandparents, Brett and Scarlett had fish and chips. I had chicken curry [my version]. After dinner we went to Asda as Scarlett needed milk and then we went home. We got her in bed by 9 then we climbed into bed to watch Fantastic Beasts. Scarlett woke up really upset, coughing, tears and just overall unhappy. Brett saw to her. Took ages to settle her, she was not very happy. Managed to lay her back in bed eventually and we continued watching the film then we went to bed.

Sunday 7th:

Scarlett woke up at 8am but as she had been up in the night I gave her a bottle and put her back down. She slept until about 10ish. I just did some washing up and caught up with Riverdale. I woke Brett and asked if he was coming with us to visit my gran. He said no but he would get up and shower etc whilst we were out then meet us at my Nan’s when we were back as we were having dinner there. So I left with Scarlett at 10:30. We visited my gran and bumped into my nan’s sister who was visiting too. We left at 12ish and headed home. We detoured via my house and Brett was still asleep, as I predicted he would be. So I woke him, he jumped in the shower and I left. He came round my nan’s when he was ready. We had dinner. Scarlett played and then she had her supper then we went home. I bathed her, he dressed her so I could shower then she went to bed. We watched Harry Potter 6 then my mom got home so we chatted for a bit then we got into bed.

Monday 8th:

Scarlett had woken up once before we had gone to bed. In the night she woke a total of 4 times. Twice she was just crying, and twice she was coughing so much she woke up. Bless her. We had already agreed he would stay home with her today so he did. She didn’t wake up until 9:30, bless her. They had a good morning then they jumped in the car with my mom who picked me up from work so we could go food shopping. They picked me back up from work at 5. Brett went home at 7. Mom and I had dinner after I had bathed Scarlett. I put her to bed before we ate but it took her a while to drop off. She’s very fussy. But she’s asleep now so we are just watching Little Boy Blue.


7 months

My girl is 7 months. That’s come around so quickly!!!!!

She learned to crawl a few weeks ago. She stands up at the furniture and is getting much more stronger 

Today we travelled to Brett’s. However I really wished I hadn’t bothered. Our journey is usually a 25 minute train to Clapham Junction then a 20 minute train to Hackbridge (nearest train to Brett’s house). We get a train at 6pm to Clapham. Go to get on the next train and it’s been cancelled. So I search online for the next best route and see there is a 3 changes route going to Hackbridge which will get us there 35 minutes later than planned but that’s perfectly do-able. So we hop on a train to Wimbledon. We change and get to Streatham. No lifts. Takes me ages to bump the pram up the stairs and back down again. We miss the train. So I figure I can wait for another. The next one is cancelled. Can’t wait all night, not with a 7 month old baby so I search online and discover if I take a train to Streatham common I can change and get on a train to Waddon. Which is another station near Brett’s house, maybe half a mile further away. I eventually get off the train gone 9pm. Scarlett is usually in bed asleep by now. She’s proper tired. We have to walk from the station to Brett’s house. It’s dark and we are both tired, thirsty (she’s hungry) and just hot (weather is humid). Brett met us at the station but he got on my nerves because I was highly stressed and tired and he’s cracking jokes like its hiliarous. It’s not. He didn’t have to endure that pain the ass journey nor did he with a baby in tow. Asshole.

So we got to his and I bathed Scarlett then fed her and finally she went to sleep. I had a shower and got in to bed. Brett followed behind me. I hope the journey isn’t an omen of things to come!

Brett is working tomorrow and his family go away in the morning so it’ll be just me and Scarlett. And his dog. The noisy thing. Barks all the time. At nothing!!


28 weeks

Today I woke up at 7:15am with my alarm. Scarlett woke up at 7:45am. I fed her at 8am although she only drank 2 out of 5 ounces. I had breakfast then we got dressed and walked to the bus stop. We got the bus to the train station. Whilst waiting for the train I fed her the rest of her bottle then she fell asleep. She slept for an hour. 

2 train changes later and we were finally at our destination. Unfortunately out of the girls who were due to attend, only me and one other were actually able to make it. 2 cried off very last minute as their babies are unwell. 1 said the day before she probably won’t make it as she had an emergency dental appointment as her wisdom tooth is fucked. Another just didn’t fancy the long trip. So that left just me and my pregnancy buddy Jane. Who I have never met before. She was already staying in Watford with her parents so she said she’s game if I am. I was already on my way when everyone said they weren’t coming, and my hotel and train to Birmingham later on was paid for so I carried on.

Scarlett and I arrived at Watford junction at 11:25am. We were meeting Jane at 12. She was running late. We walked for 10 minutes down the road to jump on the bus. I fed her lunch bottle then we got off the bus opposite Cassiobury park. Jane found a parking space and we met in the middle. We walked for ages. We walked all along the canal then back again. Finally we settled down on part of the grassy field. Scarlett sat on the grass for the first time ever. I was surprised that she did not once put grass in her mouth. Usually everything goes in her mouth lol

At 3:15pm we said our goodbyes and I set off for the bus stop so we could bus it back to the station for our 4:12pm train to Birmingham. She was due another bottle so I made it but she didn’t want it. I tried again at 5 when we’d been on the train 45 minutes. She drank it all then slept for 45 minutes. We arrived in Birmingham at 6:15pm. I knew the hotel was far so I figured as we are next to a shopping centre, may as well eat first. So we found BurgerKing. I ate my meal whilst feeding Scarlett her dinner in a high chair. When we had finished I cleaned her up, put our stuff in the bin and walked back towards the station. I saw the hotel was below so we got in the lift and there we were.

It was 7:30pm by the time we checked in and got up to our second story room. Scarlett needed a bath so I ran her one whilst she crawled around the floor. Once she was clean, oiled up (eczema) and in her pyjamas I put her back on the floor and had a quick wash in her bath water so I could get in to my pyjamas. I made her bottle up. She downed it at about 8ish when Emmerdale was starting on ITV+1. She was asleep so I laid her in the travel cot but she woke up. So we cuddled for a while. Managed to settle her at 9ish. She’s been asleep ever since.

She is 28 weeks old today. She is such a good contented baby I am bursting with pride. We’ve been on 5 different trains today and 4 buses. She’s been in her pram a lot of the day except at the park and when we were on the train for 2 hours, after she woke up from her long nap, I got her out for a bit. I’m just so proud of her. The crawling is getting more legit by the day. I may do her milestone sticker this week.

We have to check out by 11am tomorrow but aren’t meeting the girls till 11:30ish. So I’ll just wander to the shopping centre. We are meeting at John Lewis as they have a massive café. I’m looking forward to it. There is suppose to be at least 7 of us. They’re mostly coming from up north. There is 2 who live in Birmingham. So it’s easy for them lol

I just watched a part of the TV show naked attraction. It’s weird. It got too cringey so I turned it off lol


Friday at the fellas

We had a pretty boring week to be honest.

Tuesday Scarlett moved on from bananas to different flavour. I tried her with Apple and Blueberry. It wasn’t as much of a hit because I think it was a bit sharp for her. She enjoyed it nonetheless.

We did the First Food milestone sticker even though technically she’s been having a bit of food for a week or more now.

Wednesday I was suppose to be meeting some of my pregnancy buddies in London but only 3 of us actually intended to go so I said to just leave it. Even though the 2 I was meeting are two of my faves. Just seemed a long trek plus turned out there was a rail strike so we would’ve had trouble meeting anyway. So we stayed in most the day but made a mad dash to my nan’s house so we could get some fresh air.

Thursday (yesterday) we popped into town in the afternoon because I promised Brett I would get him a spare charging lead. And I wanted to get Scarlett 1 more tin of milk so I had 1 unopened one at home and could take the 3/4 tin with me to Brett’s house. After town we stopped off at my nan’s house for a cuppa. I didn’t end up leaving until almost 7pm. Scarlett had a bottle, a bath and then was in bed asleep by 8:30pm.

When I was still pregnant I received a weaning wall chart and some stickers from Ella’s Kitchen. I decided to put them on Scarlett’s wall above her changing table now that she’s started eating baby food. I then decided to stick some photos on the walls too. So there’s a handful of scan pictures (photo print versions) and then some selfies of me and Scarlett etc.

Today we were suppose to be on the train to Brett’s by 11am. I was suppose to have set my alarm for 9:30am, as Scarlett woke up 7 and I wanted her to nap a bit before we went so I put her back down after her feed and I joined her like normal. Unfortunately I didn’t set the alarm for 9:30 I accidentally set it for 10:30 so we didn’t wake till then and I simply could not make the 11am train. So I fed her at 11am, got ourselves sorted but by the time I got to the bus stop to get a bus to the train station it was too late, I was going to miss the 12pm train so I stopped at my nan’s quick for some lunch whilst I wait for the 1pm train. I made the 1:15pm slower train and off we set.

Scarlett didn’t want to lay in the pram on train. She wanted to sit up and be nosey so I let her.

We got to Hackbridge and then walked through the massive park. Brett meet us at the other side (though I could have easily made it the whole way. I have google maps lol). We chilled for a bit then he left with his family to visit a sick family member. Scarlett was due her usual 5pm nap so we laid on Brett’s bed for half hour or so. When they got back we had something to eat. In the meantime I fed, changed and bathed Scarlett. We watched a bit of Sofia the First – huge hit. Then I turned the tele over to Emmerdale.

I got Scarlett to sleep at 9ish. Brett and I laid on his bed catching up. Then she woke up again so he sorted her out and got her back to sleep without having to hand her to me because she’d worked herself up so much. She did scream but he managed to calm her down. That’s a big deal. I’m really proud of him but at the same time I’m also a bit jealous because I’m so used to doing it that I miss her when I don’t have her.

He’s just sorting himself some dinner because he had a bad headache earlier so he didn’t eat when we did.

I’m quite tired because I haven’t slept that great this week. I keep either not being able to drop off till 3am or I sleep but have weird dreams which wake me up.

We’ve not got much planned tomorrow and Sunday. He’s visiting his sick relative again tomorrow so Scarlett and I will be at his on our own again for a little while. I don’t mind. I’ll just stick the TV on or get her musical book out. She really likes that.