4 nights in a row

Thursday the weather was massively rubbish. It rained ALL day. So we gave swimming a miss. I stayed indoors. We didn’t even go to my nan’s at all.

I phoned up my doctors for the blood test results and the receptionist said my file says I need to speak to a doctor so she’s arranged a phone call appointment for Monday morning.  I guess my iron IS low…

Friday the weather was much better so in the afternoon I took Scarlett swimming. She really enjoyed it but hated the “getting cold” part lol she managed 15 minutes in the water before fussing for a bottle.

I went to my nan’s after we got off the bus and we ended up staying there for dinner and then till 9pm. We had both walked round there so we had to walk home. I had 3/4 length jeans so my Nan lent me some socks that I pulled right up because it was cold outside lol Scarlett was fine. She was wrapped up and to keep the cold out we out the rain cover on the stroller lol

Today I took Scarlett to nan’s as the weather was nice again so the fresh air was good for the soul. We stayed there till dinner time so we ended up eating. I had steak pie. Mom had joined us by then.

For the last 4 nights in a row Scarlett had slept through. I’ve been giving her a bottle between 11pm and midnight then she’s been sleeping through till 7-7:30am. I thought it was a fluke initially but now it’s become routine. She eats every 2-2.5 hours in the day, and is awake more than she’s asleep, then by midnight she is ready to sleep and wakes up 7 hours later. It’s brilliant but a little weird lol I keep expecting her to wake at 3-4am so I’ve ended up waking up myself lol

I made a little collage of her first month. Using her milestone sticker pics lol she’s changed so much already and she’s only going to be 7 weeks on Monday!

She smiles so much more now and has finally started to coo!! Her nicknames so far are: Bubba, Bobblehead, Princess.

I see her dad in her a little. Primarily she is like me but there’s a bit of him in her. No one else sees it because they don’t know what he looks like. My mom met him but it was so long ago she can’t remember lol

I am going to the cinema tomorrow to watch Allegiant whilst mom babysits. I might push the boat out and get a slushy.


Swimming maybe

Well I managed to have a shower that night. My brother WAS awake so he said he’d listen out for her but she didn’t even stir. I managed a whole 20 minutes in the shower, including 15 minutes of it with a face mask on. It was bliss.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I went to visit my great-Nan at the old folks home as its Mother’s Day. My grandad drove us. We stayed for about an hour and had a cup of tea. She had a hold of Scarlett.  

Monday Scarlett turned 6 weeks old!!! It’s going by so quick. She’s awake a lot more in the day now but hopefully it means she’ll sleep better at night…

My Nan was due back home from her weekend away. That’s the reason we visited my great-Nan, because she was away and it was Mother’s Day. Monday was my cousins 3rd birthday. I had given her birthday card to her dad in the week.

Scarlett and I had our 6 week checkup at the doctors Monday morning. It went great and she only started to cry when he did the hip check at the end. She didn’t enjoy it and tbh neither did I. It always seems so forceful.

Tuesday we had our second health visit appointment. The lady was nice and she weighed Scarlett again. She’s now 8lb 9oz so she’s gained 2lb since birth 6 weeks ago. She also measured her length and she’s grown a bit since birth. Not sure how much because her birth length isn’t documented for some reason!!

Tuesday afternoon I had a blood test. When we had our 6 week checkup I mentioned my iron levels and whether to get them rechecked and he said to have a blood test. So it was scheduled for Tuesday. So I had that done.

Today I woke up at 7ish. Scarlett went to sleep after her feed at 11pm. She woke at 3am, shuffled closer to me then went back to sleep and woke up at 7ish. So she basically slept through the night. All day all she’s done is eat. This morning she slept but from lunch she’s been pretty much wide awake. So hopefully if she’s not slept as much this afternoon and evening then she’ll sleep most the night. Otherwise she’ll be majorly overtired tomorrow and grumpy.

We went to a party tonight. My moms friends at work arranged a party for their manager but it was a surprise. It was good fun and everyone had a hold of Scarlett whilst I was eating. We left at 9ish. I fed her at 9:30 then I had a bath at 10ish whilst mom watched her. She finally stopped fussing and fell asleep. I expect she’ll wake at about 2-3ish but I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept till 5-6ish. We’ll see.

We tried on one of the swimsuits I was given. It’s 3-6 months so it’s a bit big but it’s not too big so if the weather is nice tomorrow I may take her for her first swim. I’m quite excited to see how she’ll react as she does like a bath but swimming is different lol for starters, you aren’t naked lol

She’s laid in the Moses Basket at the moment. Makes a change as she’s usually in the bed. I’m going to try get some sleep as I’ve got a bit of a headache.


Sunday’s are boring

Saturday I went into town then to my Nan’s as Frankie was dropped there because I was looking after him Saturday and today. We spent most the day at my Nan’s then at dinner time we went to the Harvester with my mom and her boyfriend as it was his birthday on Friday and my mom wanted to treat him. He invited us along. Frank ate SO much the little piggy. He was asleep by 8-8:30 and I went to sleep at midnight. I was shattered but I had had pepsi with my dinner so the caffeine kept me up.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast then we walked to the bus stop so we could go swimming in town. We went swimming and Frank is much more confident with jumping and splashing around. After swimming we went back into town to grab a new bottle. The silly monkey dropped his between the railings of the bridge near my house and it plunged into the water below. No way in hell was I jumping down into the manky water to retrieve his bottle. I would rather just buy a new one. So I did.

We got the bus to my Nan’s as we were having Sunday dinner there. After we ate dinner and I spilled most of my gravy down my WHITE JEANS I walked Frank back home to grab his things for when he was being picked up and I got changed. When we got back we all got in the car and went to visit my Gran at the old folks home. We took her on a walk around the home’s garden and then we settled in the patio area near the pond for tea, and some yum yums. After we visited my Gran we came back to my Nan’s. We had pudding as we didn’t have it straight after dinner earlier and not long after we got back Frankie was picked up. I walked myself home and soon as I got in I put a load of washing on then jumped in the bath.

I am in bed now and I am shattered so I am going to get some sleep as I have work again tomorrow.


Sick again

Well on Wednesday my grandad drop me over to pick up one of the twins. Originally I was going to have Fred for 2 days but when I was there he didn’t want to come whereas Frankie did lol when I got home I sorted him for bed with a bath first. I had my dinner and got him into bed. We picked him up because my aunts car is broke. Properly broke. They need a new one lol

On Thursday I took Frankie to town. We didn’t have the stroller as it is in moms car so we walked to the bus stop. He did really well. He walked from mine to the stop, sat still and behaved very well on the bus and again walked from the stop in town to the swimming pool. I was really pleased with his good behaviour.

We swam for 45 minutes. After we finished we got dried and dressed then headed back to the bus stop. We stopped off at Nan’s for lunch. We had a good day.

Friday he was suppose to be going home but my aunt called me to say Fred had caught a bug from daycare so he wasn’t very well and she didn’t want Frank to catch it so could I hold on to him for another night? Of course. It’s unfair to send Frank home knowing full well that his bro is sick. We went to B&Q with grandad before meeting my nan at Morrison’s to do some food shopping. Frank sat in the trolley and was quite behaved for the most part. He’s usually good.

After shopping we went to nans for lunch then my mom picked us up so we could go visit my great-nan at her residential home. She’s only been there 5 days so it’s too soon to visit if you ask me, it may overwhelm her. Even so, we went and she was a little overwhelmed but Frankie kept her distracted lol

Today I walked Frank (again, stroller-less) round our Nan’s. We had some lunch and then in the afternoon we drove over to his moms because nan and grandad were going to babysit whilst my aunt picked up her new car. She hates it. She says it looks like a hearse lol
My nan and grandad had dinner with my aunt and after dinner I put the twins up to bed. Frank was shattered from getting up so early and Fred was tired from recovering from his sick bug. We left my aunts at 8ish and we popped in McDonald’s on the way as I hadn’t eaten then they dropped me home. I’d grabbed mom some dinner too as she’d just finished work lol
Just chilling now. Suppose to be meeting a friend tomorrow for a drink but I’ve got a feeling it won’t happen. I’ve had a lot of “feelings” about things lately and they almost always turn out to be right. I must be psychic lol


2 days to go

Well finally my hotel spa day has arrived. I was still dubious about whether to spend the money for the overnight stay or not. But I’ve decided I want to have some time to myself. I’m sure I sound like a loner lol

I went round my Nan’s at 1ish and discussed where to go for a meal for my birthday. We settled on the Harvester that is down the road from the Hotel. My aunt turned up to pick up her daughter who’d stayed the night at my Nan’s. We did my birthday cake (which is a giant cupcake) and they sang to me.

It was really cute, Frankie missed all the singing and came running in when we’d finished so he started clapping haha

At 4:30 my Grandad drove me to the hotel and I checked into my room, got my swimming stuff ready and went down for a swim. The spa and swim area is so lush. The showers are great so I had a nice hot one after swimming. At half 5 I went back to my room and started to get ready for the meal. I dried my hair. I never usually blow dry it. But I didn’t want to go out with it wet so I dried it. I was watching tv and just chilling really. I slapped some makeup on and got dressed. I was ready to go.

At 7 my phone rang to tell they were downstairs so I got in the car and we went to the Harvester. My grandparents really do spoil me. We had a lovely meal, and dessert, then they dropped me back to the hotel.

I cracked open a cider, curled up with my kindle and watched some tv on it.

I’ve had a fairly good day. And I have my spa treatments tomorrow so that’ll be fun. I can’t wait!

Sleeping in this hotel room by myself is a little weird. I’m a bit dubious as I barely sleep anywhere besides home any more and I find it hard to relax at night in new places lol hopefully I’ll drop off soon.

Going to try anyway lol


P.s yes I was stitched up by Mr. Doctor guy just like I said I would. Men, at least they’re predictable and don’t disappoint haha

One week to go ;)

Well the countdown has finally started. Not that I haven’t been irritating the crap out of everyone for the last month or so haha
I got a train down to Southampton on Saturday morning to meet a skin consultant to discuss possible removal of my tattoo. Those that know me know which I’m referring to. Yes, I did the dumb classic, I had an ex tattooed on me somewhere. Luckily it’s only 3 letters, they’re in black and quite small so apparently I may need as few as 6 sessions. It all depends on how well my skin heals after each, how faded it gets each time and whether I want it “off” or “faded” so I can cover. My first session is booked for September. I’m excited but apprehensive as I know it is suppose to be painful :|

After the clinic I got a train to Eastleigh to visit my step-momma and siblings. We went swimming in Romney at The Rapids. It was great fun. My dad has the daughter of a Hungarian friend staying. She’s 14. I think she’s become good friends with my sister, who is 9 and a half. My sis made me a loom band bracelet. She doesn’t know that “Kayleigh can’t have bracelets” lol I’m wearing it regardless of the fact I am destined to lose it.
We grabbed some dinner when we finished and I got the train home after we are. I had plans to meet someone later that night but I got stitched up. Usual story. So I ended up in bed watching tv.

Yesterday I woke up with awful stomach cramps. These antibiotics do not agree with me it seems. Spent most the day laid in bed, occasionally rushing to the loo and getting up to grab a drink. I did start to feel better by bedtime which was great because I didn’t want to miss work today.

I was up late messaging a guy I’ve spoken to for ages. He’s local but is very busy because he’s a doctor so we’ve never met. We’ve discussed it many times and last night he said he is definitely coming to the hotel I’m staying at for my birthday, to see me and spend some time together. I’m really excited because he’s a really nice guy, he’s not a knob like most of them. I just realised that writing this, I have now jinxed myself. He’ll stand me up now and I’ll look like the knob haha I hope not. I’d quite like to meet him because we’ve spoken for approximately 2 months now so I’ve waited long enough.

Problem with being up late messaging is that I really struggled to get up for work today. I went to sleep at about half 1 in the morning and mom woke me up at 7 lol still, that’s Monday over with. I am on the bus being a “bus wanker” now and I can’t wait to get home because I am starving.

Oh I forgot to say I’ve booked my 4 spa treatments. I booked them for Sunday as Saturday was full. So I need to decide what I want to do on Saturday before I go to the spa. Or even, do I want to go for dinner? I just don’t know. I guess I have the week to think about it all :)

Right signal is going.


Day 3 of hols

Well yesterday we went to an adventure farm called Rare Breeds Centre. There was lots to look at and the kids all loved it, including the twins. You could pet some of the animals. A horse tried to eat my sunglasses, silly thing.

I bought a few bits from the gift store, I got my siblings them typical holiday “name” things, my sister’s name was difficult to find though. I also bought myself a little birdie necklace and a “rare breeds farm” badge. Sad I know but it is a holiday. I also grabbed these foam pig masks for the twins as they love “Pep Pig” (Peppa Pig, they just say Pep Pig). Fred wouldn’t keep his on, silly boy lol

After the farm we went to the beach for an hour. I was sunburnt from the farm but I didn’t realise till then. I got pooped on by a bloody seagull because my grandad was feeding the bastards and they flocked! Apparently it is lucky if you get shit on, can’t say I felt that way LOL yuck!

IMG_8514We had dinner at our caravan which was clearly a bad idea, as it is so small and there was a huge argument. We spent today with just myself, mom, my bro and his girlfriend. We drove into Hasting’s town centre. I picked up a “I love Hastings” t-shirt lol and a new purse and bag. After shopping, and sitting on the pebble beach for a bit, we went swimming at our site. It was very good to be in the water as the weather was soooo hot and I was still sunburnt!

We had dinner later on with everyone, at nan’s caravan. Much more space. Apologises were given so everything is cool now. Tomorrow we are spending most the day down the beach, after the kids come swimming at our site. Shush ;) They’re not meant to as they’re not staying here but we don’t think it’ll be an issue, they didn’t ask us to see our passes when we all went today.

So, middle of the holiday over. Just one full day left then we are home.