32 degrees!

Monday 19th:

So Scarlett woke me up at 5:30am with a poo explosion. I knew that ice-cream would come back to haunt me lol Just what I needed to deal with half-asleep and sweating my ass off. I cleaned her up, removed all offensive bedding and made her a bottle. Once she was re-settled I laid back down but couldn’t sleep. Eventually we got up and got ready for the day. As it is so hot I dressed her in one of her new cotton dresses, with no vest. Just her dress and a nappy. Oh, and socks and shoes. Mom didn’t work the night so we chilled with a drink and some tele then climbed in our respective, hot beds.

Tuesday 20th:

Scarlett had me up at 6am. Managed to get her to go back to sleep. I changed her nappy and gave her some water as she was thirsty. Mom worked the night and had already had dinner before she picked me up so I waited until Scarlett went to bed to sort my dinner. I had a shower when I first put her down at 7pm. Then ate at 8pm whilst watching NCIS catch-up. I have been watching this TV show on Prime Video called American Gods. Now I shit-you-not, this woman swallowed a man whole with her vagina. Yes, her lady parts ate him. She is a goddess, I think. And I think it was the equivalent of “soul eating”. Nicer way she could’ve done it though. The show is mad weird! I am not sure I like it or not. I am only 4 episodes in so I feel like I need to keep watching and give it a proper try before declaring it “not for me”.

Wednesday 21st:

My cousin has gone in for her scheduled c-section today. No word yet. I am excited as this is her second baby and she tried so hard to get to this point of having him. So fingers crossed for safe delivery!!

Scarlett woke up at 6am. I gave her a bottle and put her back down. Doing this allows me to get up and do what I need to without her getting under my legs. She slept for another hour or so. I woke her up at 7:15ish and dressed her. Again in a new dress. It is just too warm for anything else.

I watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix on my lunch hour today and spent a good half hour pissed that the series appeared done but the bad guy hadn’t been revealed. Then someone informed me there was 1 more episode, next week, a 2 hour episode. Hopefully everything will be revealed then. I was so confused lol

I had a call from a woman regarding a job I had applied for. Hopefully this will lead somewhere good as the location is nearby home and the money is starting at £2K more than I get now upwards to £7K more. So definitely worth considering.

Just finished worked. Not sure what to have for dinner. Need a shower because I feel so hot and sweaty. More NCIS later, plus new episode of iZombie – must be Wednesday ;)


Heatwave motherfuckers

So. We are literally melting it seems.

It’s currently 1:15am Wednesday. I have not been to sleep yet because I am literally sweating out of every orafice and I cannot cope. You wouldn’t believe that I was born in the height of summer, would ya?

We got the paddling pool out today. I went to my nan’s house for lunch. I ate then fed Scarlett and after she had a nice nap we got into our swim stuff then sat in the pool for an hour. It was nice as the water was cool and there was a lovely breeze.

I walked her home and after another bottle we got sorted and walked to the Hungry Horse pub for dinner, with my mom. Girls evening out. I couldn’t drink because of the antibiotics but mom could so she had one and I had a coke. We ate dinner then we walked home.

It’s tooooooooo hot. Scarlett had a bottle then I put her down. She’s so good really. I count my blessing every day that she’s not a needy child. She transitioned into a cot bed from a Moses basket superbly. I couldn’t ask for anything else. She’s just so fab.

I can’t believe I have my operation in just over 2 days. It’s mad!! I’m not looking forward to it. It sounds horrendous. Plus I have to be away from Scarlett for half a day, maybe longer. I hate that!

I’m currently laid on my bed, on my duvet with a cold flannel on me. I’m rolling it all over me so when the fan blows it’ll feel nice and cool. For like 5 minutes. Then I’ll melt again!


End of June


We went out for dinner. My brother, my grandparents, Scarlett and myself. We went to the harvester. We had a nice meal. I went back to my nan’s after for a few hours then I went home.


Scarlett was 22 weeks. It’s mad to think that I had a scan when I was 22 weeks pregnant and now she’s 22 weeks old. She has officially started laughing now so we did the usual milestone sticker. She’s so cheeky sometimes. We went in to town with my mom then we had dinner at my nan’s. She did a cheeky roast haha


I had to wait in for a parcel. It was nice being lazy with Scarlett. We stayed “in bed” until 2pm but obviously we was up early-ish. The parcel didn’t arrive until 2:30pm. I don’t think we went anywhere afterwards because it was raining. Hard.


We desperately needed some food so mom and I went to Morrison’s for some groceries. We stopped for lunch first as we were both starving. Scarlett sat in the high chair (that they provide) with us. She looked so grown up. I had to exchanged 2 packs of size 2 nappies for size 3. Girl is growing lol

I got her a few toys from Amazon. She got a 4 piece music set. It’s got things to shake etc. And I got her a toy “phone”. It plays music. She chews it lol stops her from trying to chew my iPhone.

Thursday (today):

We were going to go to rhyme time at 2:15pm but it was rubbish outside and I got half way to my nan’s (bus is near there) and decided to give it a miss. I didn’t face jumping on the bus and that. I’ve had a on/off headache for 4 days so figured we’d chill. So went to nan’s. I ate lunch. Scarlett was fine but she started getting really fussy and she screamed a lot whilst I was on the phone to a friend. Which I never do as I have hardly any friends so chatting on the phone was a big deal and I love the friend I spoke to. We get on great. Her daughter is gorgeous. She’s just over 2 weeks younger than Scarlett. I can’t wait to meet up with them again. Will be more fun now they’re older. We met when they were so young. Scarlett was 8 weeks old, so my friends baby must’ve been 6 weeks old. Mad!

It’s July tomorrow. What the actual fuck? Where has this year gone. They weren’t lying when they said the first year of a babies life goes so quickly. It really does!

It’s my birthday in 48 days (so just under 7 weeks).

I’m having an operation to remove one of my wisdom teeth on July 22nd. I’m not looking forward to it. Not many things worry or scary me. Having an emergency caesarian after 2 days of induced labour was traumatic at the time but not scary. I’d rather go through that again than go under and have this tooth out but the pain I’ve had with it over the years – it has to go!

We are off to Brett’s tomorrow evening. I can’t wait. I miss him. I’ve been feeling a bit down over the fact that I’ve got to go back to work in 9 weeks and I just have no idea how I’m meant to work full time and pay out for full time childcare. It’s just not possible. I need a cuddle from my man. Which is rare. Because I don’t cuddle. But I need one!

Scarlett is in bed asleep. Has been since 9ish. I had a bath and then caught up with today’s episode of The Magicians.

I’m off to sleep. If I can. Can’t seem to nod off early lately.


19 weeks

Thursday: Scarlett’s doctors appointment was fine. The lump in her leg *should* go but I’m to keep an eye on it. The doctor examined her skin. She reckons she has a little bit of eczema so she prescribed her something to put in her bath water and some cream for afterwards. If it works she’ll put it on repeat prescription for her.

Brett went home Thursday evening. Early. As he was working Friday.

Friday: We got the train to my dads house as we were spending the day with him, my stepmom and the kids. We jumped in the car at lunch and drove to Portsmouth. It’s only 20-25 minutes from where he lives. We decided we’d eat but everywhere was full so we booked a table for 2 and decided to use our waiting time to go up the Spinnaker Tower. I went up there last year on holiday when I was 14 weeks pregnant. It was strange going up again but with an 18 week old baby.


I laid her on the glass floor and we walked across it. Heights don’t bother me.

After the tower we settled in for lunch. I had had a cold for a few days so my nose was blocked and I couldn’t taste anything. I ordered a Rodeo Chicken burger with cheese. It was delicious. The chicken was grilled and the bun was sesame and poppy seeds. It came with chips and I had ordered a side of garlic flat bread.

The boys wanted to go up the Spinnaker again so I had a wander around the shops. I went into GAP but I didn’t see anything I liked. My stepmom went in and she found a lovely pink romper so she bought Scarlett that. It is going in the suitcase for holiday.

My dad dropped us back at the train station at 7ish and we were off the train at 8. Mom hadn’t eaten and I had only had lunch so we grabbed a bite then went to my nan’s for a cuppa.

Saturday: We went to my nan’s and tried out some bubbles. She wasn’t quite sure about them as they kept popping before she had chance to study them. It wasn’t that warm so we tried out her new coat. I bought it ages ago and it had been in her wardrobe. It is waterproof and slightly lined so it will keep the wind and rain out. I think I will put it in her suitcase for holiday in case the weather is shitty.

Sunday: We had dinner at my nan’s house. It was a lot warmer so I took our new paddling pool round and set it up. I had bought a soft jigsaw mat so we put that underneath so it was soft for her to sit and lay in the pool. I filled up the pool and stripped to my undies. We sat in there together (well she laid in it) for ages. Afterwards we got out, I dried and dressed her then we went home.

Yesterday (Monday): I needed to pop to town and mom wanted to get her haircut so we drove in. She went off to the hairdressers and I walked round to get some Baby Sun Lotion for our holiday. Then I stopped by the nail bar and had my eyebrows done because they were bushy as fuck. I walked to meet mom and we ate lunch together. After lunch we stopped off at my nan’s. At 3ish we went in the paddling pool again. It was lovely sitting in there just relaxing. She was kicking away and giggling.

She was 19 weeks yesterday. She’s such a joy. She giggles and shouts. I sing to her a lot. She watches me intently. She also watches me eat which is very off putting. Weaning is a success. She has 1 jar a day at the moment. Usually split in to two. She has them at lunch and dinner time. Her favourite food so far is carrot. It’s a shame they’re orange and again EVERYTHING!!!

Tomorrow I have my dental referral with the consultant regarding my impacted wisdom tooth. I hope the surgery is soon. I want it out the way. Thursday we are popping in to work to say Hi. My friend’s birthday is that day so I’ve got a card for him. He’s 50!

We are up early tomorrow so I’m off to sleep. If I can. It’s so humid!


4 months

My bub was 4 months yesterday. Wow time flies when you’re having fun.

She is consistently having a jar of food a day. I give her half at lunch and half at dinner. So far she likes carrot and potato, mixed vegetables and anything with banana in it. She isn’t keen on apple and blueberry.

Yesterday was also the day that I first found out I was pregnant. A year ago I peed on a stick and my life changed. Them two faint lines. I just couldn’t believe it. I had to go out the next day and buy a better test. Which was positive, again.

Monday we didn’t get up to a lot. I watched a film called “Trainwreck” and tbh it was like watching my life on-screen lol I will have to make Brett watch it!

Tuesday we went to my nan’s house and had dinner. She did a roast chicken.

Wednesday afternoon we popped over to my aunt’s house. Her car is broke so she hasn’t been over to visit for ages and she really wanted to see Scarlett again. The twins came home from school whilst we were there and Frank wanted to hold Scarlett. After we left we went home and chilled. I watched a film called “Two Night Stand”. It was pretty good. Very funny.

Today we had a lazy morning. Then after lunch mom picked us up and we went to Next to pick up something I had ordered for Scarlett. Jelly shoes!!!!!! They are for our holiday but I wanted to try them on her now.

IMG_8782After we finished at Next (and I had wandered around the kids section) we stopped by a lady’s house to pick up a second-hand bumbo for £5. I bought it from a buy and sell app I have. I have bought a few things off there now. I got her cot mobile from there a few weeks ago.

We got on holiday in 18 days. Basically 2 weeks on Monday. I can’t wait. It is Scarlett’s first holiday. We are going to Weymouth. So it isn’t an abroad holiday. I will take her abroad either October/November or I will take her February, after her birthday.

I am just trying to fix an issue with my online account with Vodafone. Wish me luck!


16 weeks!!

Friday the boiler man came to fix it. I stayed home in the morning in case he came but he didn’t. At lunch my brother took over and I went to my nan’s so I could go food shopping with my grandparents. Scarlett quite likes sitting in the trolley now.

The weather was warm Friday and in the afternoon I sat in the garden for a little bit with Scarlett.

Saturday we went out for a meal for my mom’s birthday. My brother paid. After our meal we dropped the car home and walked round my nan’s house for a few hours.

Sunday we drove over to the photo place to pick up the prints from Scarlett’s Photoshoot 4 weeks ago. We had some lunch then we drove home. We swung past Morrison’s so I could get her some flowers and some bubbly as well as a birthday cake. We let my nan’s dog out earlier and mom put some wet washing on the line so she went back round to sort it out. We had some dinner then I put Scarlett to bed and we watched a film.

Today was my mom’s birthday. Her choice for the day was going down to Hayling Island and walking along the beach. So that’s what we did. We got up, grabbed breakfast and then left. We stopped by a house to pick up a cot mobile I had bought online. It was £10. Practically brand new because the lady said she’d hardly ever used it.
Scarlett wore her nice yellow summer dress for the trip. We had an ice cream and I fed Scarlett when we first arrived. Then we walked along the beach and looked in some seaside shops then we walked back towards the car. We carried on past and stopped in a seaside cafe for a cup of tea then we got chips. I fed Scarlett again then we looked in a few more seaside shops then we put our stuff in the car. We walked down to the sea and I let Scarlett dip her feet in the water. It was very cold and as you can see, she whipped her feet out sharpish.

We sat her in the stroller seat part of the pram today. We left the pram top at home. She quite enjoyed being able to see lol

We finished in the sea and drove back home. We picked my brother up then went to a pub on a lake and enjoyed a drink in the sunshine. It was windy though so we didn’t stay too long.

We got home and after Scarlett had a nap I fed her some more baby food. She had some whilst we was out today so I just gave her some of the same jar. It’s banana yoghurt and she seems to like it. Banana for the win!

I had my dinner then put Scarlett to bed. After my mom and brother ate their dinner, courtesy of my brothers friend who’s staying here for a while, I got her cake out the fridge so we could sing happy birthday!

I think overall my mom had a brilliant birthday. Makes up for the shit boring ones she’s had over the years.

Scarlett is 16 weeks today | I cannot believe she’s been here that long already but I simultaneously cannot believe she has only been here for 16 weeks. Feels like she’s been here forever. I love her so much.

She can/is:

  • Roll both front-to-back and back-to-front
  • Talk much more. And shout!
  • Eating small amounts of baby food jars. Banana seems to be a fave!
  • Teething like a mofo! Dribble, everywhere.

We are meeting our lovely friends in London again on Wednesday and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Friday we are hoping to visit Brett’s house again. I hate not seeing him more than just once a fortnight but one day we’ll live together and then I’ll moan I see him too much lol

I’m off to bed. (I.e. Text the BF)


He still loves me

Well we didn’t break up. He says I am so childish to assume that because we’d had an argument that meant “the end”. But in my defence, he told me to fuck off and not speak to him, right. And in past convos he’s told me that if we ever had an argument he’s never going to be the one to talk first. So knowing that info, I thought if he was telling me to fuck me then he didn’t want to be with me. Yes I made an assumption, but only off the back of stuff he’s said before.

Anyways. I’m still his girlfriend. Which I’m glad about because as new as this all is, I am in love with that irritating motherfucker lol

Scarlett’s teething is getting worse. She spent most of Tuesday crying on and off. We visited family so they could finally meet her and she cried when they held her. Which she never would normally do. She’s normally a very happy baby who likes meeting new people and new faces. She screamed for an hour before bed and finally settled with me so I let her sleep in my bed for the first time in a while.

Mom and I took Scarlett out today (Wednesday). The weather was warm so we went to Alice Holt country park. We walked and then had some lunch. I took Scarlett around the play area (see below) and then we stopped at nan’s house for a cuppa on our way home.

She’s been in bed asleep since 9pm. No crying tonight which was good.

We are going to Brett’s for the weekend. For the first time. I won’t lie, I’m super nervous. I haven’t really done the “meet the parents” thing in a very long time. And now it’s different because they’ve not just got to like me, they’ve got to like Scarlett. We come as a package. And I’m so nervous that they won’t like me. I dunno where that comes from because I’ve never felt like that before. I’m usually much more blasé about that sort of shit. Brett keeps saying not to worry that it’ll be fine. I hope he’s right.

It’s 2am here and I’m knackered finally so I’m going to get some sleep.