December 2017 is here

Thursday was the last day of November for 2017. Work was quite relaxed for a change. A slower pace. Did a bit more Christmas shopping online during lunch. And watched some more Glitch – pretty sure I’ve seen the finale now.

I watched Riverdale when Scarlett had gone to bed. My brother’s girlfriend comes on a Thursday so she got to ours about 7:30. She’s so cute. She made my brother an advent calendar and filled the drawers will presents for him. How adorable!

Today I got up like normal and went to work. I did some bits when I first got in. Spoke to my friend in the main office as he was in. Was stood next to him and I came over all funny. I felt dizzy and sick. I went back to my desk but I just felt so weird and off. I sat there for an hour. Every time I so much as blinked I felt like I was on a boat on choppy waters. By almost 11 I’d had enough. I messaged who I needed to, packed up my crap and went home. I was laid down in bed by 11:30. I must’ve fell asleep because next thing I know, it’s 3:15pm.

I sat up and I felt “okay”. I put some slippers on and went downstairs. I’d slept through lunch. Usually by 1pm at Work I’m eating so I was starving. So I went into the cupboards and grabbed some porridge. I really fancied it. So I ate that and then at 4 my mom came home. Then her friend turned up at 4ish too. Mom picks Scarlett up at 4:30 so I said I’d go with her as I never usually get to go as I’m at work. So we all went to get her. She was surprised to see me but she was happy sitting next to me in the car. She held my hand!!!

When we got in she played and had her usual cup of tea. Then at 6 I took her up for a bath. At 7ish mom drove us and my brother’s girlfriend to drop my brother at work then we grabbed dinner before going to my nans for a cup of tea. She had a laugh running about, singing, shouting and playing with Marley. My mom left for work just before 9 and then my nan dropped us Home at 9:30. Scarlett went straight to bed. No fuss. She’s so good!!!

I ordered some stuff from Amazon Prime NOW as I need more Soya milk for Scarlett as well as various other things. Saves me doing a big shop on a weekend. I hate shopping on a weekend, too hectic! So I’m in bed waiting for it to come. It’s due between 10pm-12midnighy. It’s 11:25 lol

Brett is on his way to ours. He got on the train at 11 so he’ll get off about 12:15.

We are taking her to see Santa tomorrow at the grotto in the Mall in Camberley. She didn’t like it last year but I’m hoping she’ll be a bit more excited this time. Doubtful but we’ll see.


Ps. Christmas countdown has begun.

24 sleeps till Christmas!!!!!


Long week back


So Scarlett had me up really early. Think it was 5:30 when she woke up. I went back to sleep and then overslept. We ended up having to grab a McDonald’s Breakfast. Which is fine because that is our Monday tradition anyway. When I got to work my team had put some “congratulations” banners on my desk as well as lots of confetti. I was finding the damn stuff hours later lol


Scarlett was super grumpy when we got home at 5:30pm. I think being away for a week from nursery has her feeling exhausted on her first day back. Plus she does a full day on Mondays so she was there 8am till 4:30pm. That is very long. Hopefully she is less grumpy tomorrow.


I woke up with a banging headache. I took some paracetamol and went to work. It dulled but it reared back twice as hard in the afternoon. I took some Ibuprofen in a last ditch attempt to get it to fuck the hell off. It did the trick, temporarily. I went to bed really early. According to my Fitbit I was asleep by 10:30pm.


I woke up 7am and I felt sick as a dog. I kept heaving and retching. The last time I had felt like that was when I was pregnant. It was awful. I know I am not pregnant, btw. I have the coil remember lol I just meant to explain that I do not feel “off” very often. Although Friday I did feel “off”. However I do believe that was from all the travelling we’d done whilst away. I get travel sickness [well motion sickness] but it doesn’t always happen until I stand still, so to speak. Like a delayed reaction. Anyways, I felt like shit so I called in sick, sent Scarlett off to nursery and then climbed into bed. Now I didn’t want to sleep all day because I knew I wouldn’t sleep the night, so I laid and “rested” whilst watching back-to-back NCIS, obvs! I did nod off, around 1:30pm and then woke up at 2:30pm [according to Sir Fitbit lol]. At 3ish we went to my Nan’s for dinner and to pick up Scarlett. I got her into the bath and in bed before 7pm. This week she has whinged to go to bed before 7 so I let her. She is obviously tired so why force her to stay up. We have to be up at 6:30 in the morning so her sleeping earlier means she’ll be up in time in the AM. I had a shower and then watched some tele before heading to bed myself. I couldn’t sleep and didn’t drop off till about 1:30am!!!!!!!!

Thursday [today]:

My alarm was set for 7am. Should’ve known that Scarlett wouldn’t allow me to lay in on a rare day that I actually can. She woke at 6am. I brought her into my bed for a cuddle then we went downstairs to watch some cartoons whilst she drank her bottle. Then we got dressed. I cooked mine and mom’s breakfast and she came in from work just as I dished up. My nan picked Scarlett up at 7:50. Scarlett didn’t want to go. She cried and held her arms out for me to take her. Broke my heart. She’s never done that before. In the 10 months she has been at nursery. I wanted to just grab her and stay at home. But I can’t. So I let her go. We finished eating then my mother took me to the doctors. Today I had the luxury of being frisked in my Hoo-Hah by a doctor for the sole purpose of checking my coil has stayed where it should and is doing what it should do. Apparently it IS fine and all is well. I got to work for 9am.

A friend announced her pregnancy today. She is due in January 2018. Her daughter was due Feb and came 5 weeks early. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a full term baby especially as she says she will work until the first week of January, which is fair play but given her daughter’s speedy entrance, I would’ve opted to finish at Christmas, just in case lol

I am hoping Scarlett is in a better mood today and doesn’t hold a grudge about this morning. I have just got in the car so I will find out when we get home.


Mom is home!

Tuesday 16th:

Today is my mom’s birthday. She is in Cyprus so we haven’t celebrated it with her. I sent her a “Happy Birthday” message and posted pics of Scarlett holding her birthday card that said “to nanny”, so that will have to do for now.

I had a half day today as I had a job interview scheduled for 3pm and Scarlett had the dentist at 5pm. So I left work at 12. Had lunch at my nan’s house. Chilled for a bit. Scarlett woke up before I left for my interview so I kissed her goodbye and off I went. It seemed to go okay. I got back to my nan’s for dinner and then we went to the dentist. She was really good.

Wednesday 17th:

I had lunch with my friend Rachel. She used to work with me at Mitie but she left on Monday. As I was off sick Monday I missed her farewell. Her and 2 other friends went for lunch, without me! So we agreed us 2 would meet. So we did. But the place nearby that we picked was unexpectedly closed so we ended up in McDonald’s. It was nice seeing her and chatting. We only ever use to have lunch together every other week as her lunch times alternated. One week she was on 12-1 and the other she was 1-2. I was always 1-2. She dropped me back to the office when we were done.

Thursday 18th:

I had my coil fitting appointment scheduled in for 08:50. I felt so dizzy and sick because my head was bad again so I called in sick. My manager said to mention it to my doc so I did. She did my BP and said it was low, so not a cause for concern. She reckoned it was most likely down to my hayfever stuffing my head up. So I had my coil fitted. People lie. Every female I spoke to about the subject said it was a “mild discomfort”, similar to a smear. I have had a smear. This was NOTHING like that, I tell ya! Honestly, the pain from a c-section hurt less than having this tiny device fitted! Also, they had to try twice as the first one they tried, popped back out due to “a narrow passage” [don’t even ask] so after two attempts, it is in! Success! We really do not want a baby in the foreseeable. I think this thing will most likely remain where it is for at least 3 years, but we shall see, I could change my mind in 18 months [not likely though]. I went back home after it was fitted because blood, and pain. I laid on the sofa for a while. At 3ish I walked to my nan’s and ended up staying for my dinner then me and Scarlett walked home.

She was so unhappy and she had so many nasty poos. She did 2 before Nursery, 2 at Nursery and my Nan had changed 1 before I arrived at 3. She then did 1 more not long after I got there, and then before bath time she had done 1 more. And then she got in the bath and did 1 in the bath. She was traumatised because I had to use the shower to hose her, and the bath, down. She screamed like I was murdering her. I fully expected my neighbours to pop by and check she was ok lol she had her bottle and went straight to bed. No fuss. I was really concerned about her, 8 poos is excessive. I am hoping it is just teething, not a bellyache/bug. I will check her a few times before I go to bed just in case she has pooed and not woke up. I don’t want her to get a sore butt.

Friday 19th:

Today I woke up late so didn’t have chance to eat breakfast. My mom got back from Cyprus in the night. She flew in at midnight but didn’t get home until gone 2 I think. She heard us get up so she came down to say Hi. Scarlett was more interested in watching Teletubbies. The usual lol my grandad picked us up, we swung by McDonald’s so I could grab breakfast then he dropped me at work. I had my first subway experience today. Note to myself for the future: make sure the steak doesn’t have peppers and onions in it. Spent 10 minutes digging through to pick them all out. So gross lol

We are due to go to Brett’s later. Aiming to get the 6pm train. I hope Scarlett isn’t as grumpy tonight as she was yesterday because it makes the journey much more stressful than it already is.


Back at work

I feel like utter shit. I forgot how draining a cold can be. Especially with a touch of flu. I spent all Monday feeling like shit. I kept going hot/cold/hot/cold which was super fun! Plus I had this jarring headache ALL DAMN DAY. Brett looked after S for a few hours so I could take some painkillers and nap, in an effort to shake the headache. No such luck.

He went home at 7ish. I sorted Scarlett for bed and after a bottle I put her down but she wouldn’t settle. Turned out she was still hungry. She drained another 5oz bottle then went to bed. She never drinks that’s much. She had 30 oz that day. Plus 3 meals and snacks. Fatty!

I went to bed at 11 as I had a bath then watched Silent Witness. I forgot it was on and got in the bath at 9pm so had to watch it on playback at 10pm.

I got up for work yesterday at 7am. I was meant to be up at 6:15am. I ignored my alarm apparently. But oh well. I still made it to work with time to spare and that was including taking a detour past McDonald’s for a breakfast wrap lol the day went really quickly which was a bonus. I got in from work and Scarlett was all over me like a rash. I think it was because she had spent 10-11 days straight with me and suddenly was back at nursery so she missed me. She kept rubbing my shoulder and looking at my face then kissing me. Sadly it means all our cold/flu germs are merged. She has an awful cough now. She was in bed by 7pm. She had a 7oz bottle which she drank in one go. I heard her cough a fair few times before I went to bed at midnight. I watched Silent Witness at 9pm then from 10 I was reading my book. I am 70% completed. It is a kindle book so it doesn’t count by pages. Just percentages. It is a good book. I am aiming to read 15 at least this year, however I have set my challenge to 20.

Today I am struggling. I was awake on and off all night with a fever. I was either hot or cold. I couldn’t get comfy and my head was hurting again. Oh, and the coughing was keeping me up. Mine and Scarlett’s. She kept coughing in the night. The monitor lit up a lot lol

I am on lunch so I am going to just read my book. I don’t fancy socialising. My throat is sore and my head hurts.


Ps. Her birthday is 3 weeks today. And her blessing is this Sunday!

Throwback Thursday

Well Monday I was SHATTERED. Scarlett had me up on and off ALL NIGHT due to her awful cough and just general feelling unwellness. I went to work and felt like a zombie.

Tuesday was the same. She really isn’t well. I hate it when she is unwell. I can always tell because usually she wrecks my lounge and she hasn’t really bothered recently. Harry came to see her. He observed bath time again. That seems to be our ritual now. He interacts with her in the bath and does the washing parts whilst I get her pyjamas out in her room and get her creams ready etc. Then I dress her and the takes her back downstairs.

Wednesday (yesterday) I tried to get Scarlett a doctors appointment but after the line being busy every time I rang I gave up. Harry came around again. He gave her some milky bar chocolate. She’s never had chocolate before (like, duh, of course she hasn’t) but I didn’t say anything. It was only a little bit. He watched bath time again. When I was undressing her before the bath I pulled her shirt over her head and Harry pulled her trousers off. She looked at him like “what the fuck you doing?” It was hilarious. She had proper eyebrows going as well. He left at 7pm. I fed her her bottle and she was soon flat out so I laid her in the cot at 8pm. She has been so good considering she isn’t very well.

Today I managed to get her an appointment but it was for 11:40. I was leaving at 12 as I booked a half day so I left the office at 11:15 as I had to pick her up before going to the doctors and I needed plenty of time. I owe 45 minutes to work so I’ll just have a shorter lunch for 2 days. The doctor saw her and said she has got Bronchiolitis and to keep an eye on her breathing. If it becomes raspy or rapid to ring 111. I asked about her eczema (because of her dad and his skin, plus mine) as it has gotten really bad. I accept that the weather changing could effect her skin but she just looks so red and sore. So they’ve given her a steroid cream to try on her legs and the patch on her face plus they’ve changed her normal cream to see if that one is better. We will see.


I picked her cream up. The steroid one was available but the other one needs picking up tomorrow. She had some dinner earlier then she had a bath, like normal. I creamed her up and put some snufflebabe on her feet and chest to help her breathe. She went to bed at half 8.

I watched some tele and then did some washing up. It is Friday tomorrow. Finally the weekend. I love Friday’s at work. We can dress casual and I always seem to work harder because I know it is the weekend soon. Weird!

So ummmm the Presidential Elections for 2016 came to ahead yesterday and ummmmm Donald Trump won. There are NO words. He is in. End of. Finito. Finished. Awesome, right?

The answer to that is NO. I am so glad I am not American but I do think him being POTUS will have an effect on us here in Britain, what kind of effect is unknown. Only time will tell.

On more important news: Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our dear old friend Patricia passing. She died suddenly a year ago and after her husband’s blessing, Scarlett dedicated her middle name to her. This was decided 4 days from now (last year) when I finally learned that she WAS a she lol kept us all waiting for 29 weeks!!!! #ScarlettRosePatricia

I am in bed. I am tired. I have work tomorrow and a kind of busy weekend. We have a party Saturday and church on Sunday.


Halloween Eve

Harry didn’t come round on Tuesday in the end. He said his asthma was bad so could we rearrange. I said that’s fine. So we arranged for Thursday instead.

Scarlett progressively got worse all week. She had me up EVERY night with her sore bum but also with a fever.

Wednesday night she had me up on and off all night. Her voice sounded hoarse. She had a fever and she just would not settle.

Thursday morning we noticed a slight rash. I phoned work and explained she was sick then I told her nursery. I managed to book her a doctors appointment. Waited 90 minutes to be seen. The rash got worse between leaving home, the 90 minute wait and being seen. The doctor said it was just viral but the fever needs to come down so to continue on Nurofen and Calpol.

That evening Harry came round to cheer her up. He stayed for an hour.

Friday I stayed off with her again. She still wasn’t 100% and it’s not fair on her or the nursery to send her in if she’s grotty. She just wanted her mom. I had errands to run so to get some fresh air we did them in the afternoon. My new phone arrived. So I set that up in the evening. It’s so much better than my old one!!

Brett came down in the evening. And we had some dinner together. We stayed up (stupidly) till 4am talking and stuff. We watched a DVD too. The Lincoln Lawyer. I’ve seen it but he hadn’t. He said it was a good film. It was nice hanging out. Not so nice getting up with Scarlett a few hours later though lol I did manage to get her to go back to sleep I think. I can’t remember. I’m very tired lol

Saturday we chilled out in the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to Mothercare for Scarlett’s 9 month (Halloween incorporated) photoshoot at Pixifoto. They did her 12 week ones before. They did a few of her in her Halloween outfit (its a vest that says “my first Halloween” on it, with a multicoloured ra-ra skirt and headband) then we changed her for some pictures of us with her, me with her and Brett with her. They’ve come out lovely. I picked and paid for 10 pictures plus 1 complimentary one and 1 storyboard of 4 pictures. So excited!

We went out for an all you can eat (but it is cooked to order) buffet Chinese restaurant. 6 months I have been with Brett and I never knew he was such a fussy eater. He doesn’t eat Chinese. Awesome. I felt bad. I SHOULD know this stuff. I said to him, as it was a dinner to celebrate my grandparents wedding anniversary and it was MY idea I was obligated to go but he wasn’t. If he wanted to stay at home with Scarlett, he could. He thought about it but he decided he would give it a go. Scarlett sat in a highchair at the table with us and she tried duck, satay chicken, seaweed and egg fried rice with curry sauce. She liked everything I gave her. She ate so much, it was unreal. She must be having a growth spurt.

We watched another film in bed after she had gone down. I was knackered so I tried to sleep as it was a film, again, I had seen and he hadn’t. Magic Mike. But I only really dozed a little.

Sunday I got up with Scarlett. She drank her bottle then went back to bed for a little bit. Then she woke up for her porridge. So we shared then I dressed her so my mom could take her to visit my great-nan at the old folks home. I jumped back in bed when they left. I desperately needed some more sleep. I felt weird using my baby-free to sleep. When Brett and I first met we use to use our rare baby-free time to have sex, sex, sex. We still have A LOT of sex but sleep is so important now we are BOTH working lol

We got up and walked to my nan’s for dinner. Bub was asleep so we ate in peace, for a change lol

I washed up then we left for home. Brett got the train home at 7ish.

The photos from our photoshoot finally came through on email. They are better than I expected. Check them out.



32, 33, 34 …

Okay so I had all these half finished posts done from week 32 up to today (week 36) but my WordPress crashed and I lost them all. And I’ll be honest, sat here typing this I’m struggling to remember EVERYTHING that has happened in the last month.

So using Facebook and Instagram posts, I can gauge roughly what we’ve done.

Week 32 (September 5th onward):

Brett came down on the Sunday night. We went to soft play on the Monday. Scarlett was 32 weeks. She still has no teeth but hair is slowly coming in. Weaning has been halted due to her lack of interest but hopefully she’ll start eating again as I’m trying to get her back on it, a little at a time.

Brett went home on the Tuesday I think (honestly I can not remember).

Scarlett had her two nursery taster sessions on the Thursday and Friday. She did quite well. We packed over the weekend for our holiday to Burnham-on-sea.

Sunday night was AWFUL. Scarlett was so unwell. She was hot, bunged up and then sicked twice because she fed and couldn’t breathe so she brought her milk up with the mucus. Lovely. She kept screaming for an hour, she was twitching her head and she had a fever so I called 111 at 1am and they referred me to out of hours. They advise I get an emergency doctors appointment with my GP in the morning.

Week 33 (September 12th onward):

So Monday I got her an emergency appointment and the doctor said her chest was clear so it was most likely viral. He prescribed saline nasal drops and suggested I try Snufflebabe (Vicks vapour rub for babies). So I tried both of them whilst we were away.

Monday afternoon we set off for our holiday. We stopped at a McDonald’s service station for lunch.We arrived at 5ish, got our keys and took our stuff from the car to the chalet.

Scarlett was 33 weeks. Suffering her first proper experience of being unwell. She handled it graciously but it was hard going. Especially as we were away on holiday for the week. We had a fairly good week away. We were in Brean near Burnham-on-sea.

Tuesday we caught the bus (in the rain) to Burnham town centre. We had a wander, then grabbed a hot drink whilst I fed Scarlett. Then we did some more wandering. I went into a seaside shop for some typical holiday presents. We had a lovely meal at the Wetherspoons next to the bus stop before catching the bus back to the site.

Wednesday we drove to Wookey Hole. I had Scarlett in her baby carrier as you couldn’t take strollers in the caves (make sense). She thoroughly enjoyed it even though it dropped to 16 degrees in some of the caves. At one point we had to wear a hard hat. I put one on her so she was covered, same as me. She was so well behaved and she was nosing around, bless her. We drove through Cheddar Gorge on the way home. I was disappointed, not a single piece of cheese in sight!! **Mom didn’t find that joke funny, btw.

Thursday we caught the bus to Weston-super-mare town centre. We went down the beach front. I let Scarlett sit on the sand for the first time. She was crawling on it and then it touched her hands so she had to eat it. I immediately cleaned her up then I took her in the baby change to wash her down and re-dress her. She didn’t like that because she was cold by then lol

Friday we drove home. It was nice to be home. We had a decent holiday but I so wish she wasn’t sick. Overall it wasn’t bad. We made some memories, bought some touristy bits for her memory box so that is good.

Weekend was quiet. I smashed my phone screen. I was devastated. In all the years I have had an iPhone I have never smashed my screen like that. I have never done it. I have scratched my screen and that was bad enough. I could felt the cracked lines whenever I used it so I borrowed some money and got it fixed. I’ll pay it back when I get paid in 10 days,

Week 34 (September 19th onward):

Monday Scarlett had her first proper day at nursery today. She had such a good day and she ate so much better than she does at home, typical.

Tuesday my mom built Scarlett’s wooden personalised toybox. Scarlett “helped” by trying to climb in it, as you do lol

Wednesday I popped in to my office to say Hi and look at what kind of stuff my new role (same workplace, same team, different role) will entail. Looks mostly database oriented. That is fine, I mostly do database stuff anyway.

Thursday I enjoyed my baby-free morning and started sorting out her room. It is full of too-small clothes.

Friday I went shopping with my nan (I think) and then Brett came down that night for the weekend.

Saturday we took Scarlett to the soft play centre at the Leisure centre. She loves it. Brett was chasing her around and throwing balls at me from the ball pit lol he’s such a big kid.

Sunday (25th) So my little sassy pants is 8 months old. I don’t know where the time has gone but I can honestly say we’ve had a blast. She is cheeky and nosy and noisy. She’s such a clever, active little girl and I’m so glad she’s mine. She has been crawling for 2 months, walking the furniture for 6 weeks or so and says mam, dad and Nan. She can wave (she’s very particular about WHO she waves to) and clapping is getting there. She’s back eating and loving nursery even though it knackers her out. I love my little jellybean so much, and I can’t wait for more of our first adventures together!


I can’t believe she is 8 months. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

That is the end of the update for weeks 32, 33 and 34. Plus her 8th month update.

I feel so cheeky for not checking in sooner. Also it makes it harder to sit down and write when I cannot remember EVERY SINGLE THING!!