Friday we got up. Grandad took us to town so I could run errands. Then we went to Morrison’s to meet Nan for the usual weekly shop. At 1:30pm my grandad packed the car up with groceries and drove home. We stayed so I could get Scarlett weighed. I was way off the mark in my previous post. I said she’d be 13 lb 4 oz. She was 12 lb 11 oz. She’s gained 11 ounces in 6 weeks.

Friday night I ended up having dinner with my Nan. I went home when my Nan went to work at 5 so I could feed and bath Scarlett. Then I got her in her pyjamas and at 7 my Nan picked us up on her way home. I had dinner then I fed Scarlett her bottle. She soon fell asleep and I laid her on the sofa. My Nan dropped us home at 10ish. She woke in the car briefly but I put her in the cot and she went straight back off.

Saturday we went into town with my brother. I had to pay my cheque in the bank for my tax rebate. I finally got it Friday. Then we went for lunch. After lunch I took Scarlett to soft play for the first time. She liked being able to play on the soft floor. She crawled. No joke. She crawled. Only two “steps” but she still did it. She amazes me. She’s come on so much in the last 3-4 weeks. It’s like she’s had a mental leap (which makes sense as the wonder weeks app told me she’d finished leap 5). After soft play we went to my nan’s and had dinner. Scarlett had her dinner at nan’s then Nan cooked ours. We had steak pie and mash. I bathed her and got her ready for bed then my grandad ran us home at 8:45pm. Scarlett was awake but she went straight down and was flat out by 9:15pm. She’s so good!

Today I fed Scarlett her morning bottle then I stripped my bedding and washed it. As my bed was uncovered we chilled in my moms room. She’s away. At 11am my Nan and grandad picked us and we visited my great-Nan at her home. We got back at quarter to one. I fed Scarlett then she had a nap. We had dinner then my Nan ran me up Argos so I could pick up the rucksack I had ordered then we chilled. I walked Scarlett home at 6ish. Fed her some dinner then I took her up for a bath. After she had her bath I passed her to mom so I could re-make my bed and pack our stuff for our busy 2 days away.

Trying chocolate mousse

Trying chocolate mousse

She pulled herself up to stand, from sitting, using my nan’s tshirt lol

I sorted her bottle out at 8:15pm. She drank it straight down and was flat out. I put her in the cot at 9pm and she’s been asleep since.

We are off to Watford tomorrow then we are getting a train to Birmingham and staying in a hotel so we can meet some friends Tuesday then we’ll make our way home. I’m very excited as we are meeting people we’ve never met before but have spoken to on our pregnancy buddy group for a year now. It’s a facebook group so we live video, have swapped our personal facebooks and we know each other very well. One girl I’m meeting Tuesday, her daughter was born 2 hours after Scarlett. So that’ll be nice, for the #birthdaybuddies to meet, finally.

I’m in bed watching tele and missing Brett. I only saw him 2 weeks ago but it feels longer.

Period is officially 25 days late now. Hormones are so out of whack. I have my first ever smear test on Wednesday. It’s a “welcome to being 25” haha



25 weeks

Wow it’s hot today. Feel like I might melt. We went into town with my mom and brother for lunch then my brother went off to have his haircut. Mom and I left and she dropped us at nan’s. I stayed there till almost 6 because Scarlett decided she didn’t want her bottle at 4:30, she wanted only 2oz of it and then a nap. She slept for 45 minutes.

When I got home I finally fed her the remainder of her bottle. Then she had a little play in her walker before whinging on and off for an hour. She fell asleep at 7:30 on me which made me super hot lol she woke up at 8 so we jumped in the bath together. We climbed into my bed for her final bottle but she just fussed and didn’t drink much. I managed to get her to calm down and in to her bed by 9:30pm. She soon nodded off because she was exhausted.

She is 25 weeks today!!! Her newest trick is trying to crawl. She goes up on her hands and knees then lurches herself forward towards whatever she wants to grab. It’s hilarious.

She’s just so happy and gorgeous. I still marvel over the fact that I made her and that she’s my daughter.

I’m up watching Scream series 2 now. It’s too hot to sleep!!!


Big girl bed


Had my pre-op assessment at 10:45am. Mom watched Scarlett for me. My grandad picked me up at 9:30am and we headed to the hospital. I got there at 10ish. I was mega early but after us getting stuck in traffic the last time we came here, and me almost being late, I didn’t want to chance it. Luckily they weren’t busy and I ended up being seen sooner. I got out at 11am and mom picked me up.

The breathable cot bumpers had come for Scarlett’s cot. As I had already cleared it out and put a fresh sheet on it, I decided she could try it out for the night. If she wasn’t ready I’d know pretty soon as she just wouldn’t settle.

So she had dinner at my nan’s house as we were there for dinner then I bathed her and got her ready for bed. We went home and I settled her for the night. She fell asleep so I laid her in her cot. She stirred twice. She only whinged slightly. No crying. I simply went in and packed her back and she settled just fine. This was at about 9pm and she slept just fine till 8am. I went in to say Hi when I heard she was awake and she was on her front. She gave me the biggest cheesiest grin I’ve ever seen.

She kept turning from each side just because she could lol

As you can see. She was pleased with herself.

Today (Sunday):

We had Sunday lunch at nan’s house. Stayed there until tea time so I fed Scarlett her lovely homemade roast dinner (minus roasted potatoes, hers are mashed, and minus a Yorkshire pud). She loved it. We went home, I bathed her and got her a bottle sorted then we watched the Euro final between Portugal and France. Portugal one in the last 30 minutes of extra time. Shame. I had rooted for France!

She’s in her big girl bed tonight again. Took longer to settle her to sleep as she was fighting it in my arms due to teething, 5 month leap and just pure baby stubbornness lol she went to bed at 10pm. I’ve checked her a few times and the first time she was up the other end of the cot on her front. I moved her down a bit.

I’m going to finish catching up with season 3 of The Originals.


23 weeks


We stayed in all day. We had a massively lazy day. I fed her and bathed the.  I got her in pyjamas then I ate my dinner before we set off for the train station. We were on the train by 7:05pm. It was sunny when we got off the train at Hackbridge but within a few minutes of walking it started hammering with rain. I ended up soaked from head to toe. Knickers and bra were wet. Awesome!


The weather was rubbish until about 4pm. The sun suddenly started shining so we got out in the garden for a few hours after being cooped up all day.

I suddenly came down with diarrhoea. I felt a bit dicky before we ate dinner then afterwards I felt all hot and like I was going to throw up. Luckily it had passed by the morning.


Brett’s mom did a lovely roast dinner. Roast chicken. Scarlett was napping when we sat down to eat. I’m glad because I like to eat my meals with 2 hands and most the time I eat with 1 hand so it made a nice change lol we were originally going home Sunday but we changed our minds. We played Fifa on his PS4 and we played UFC 2. I suck at both. But it was fun playing. Scarlett was sat between my legs at one point (she had been napping) but she kept grabbing my controller making me lose even more!

Today (Monday):

Scarlett didn’t wake up till 10am. Brett’s mom washed my clothes from Friday as I hadn’t planned on the extra day so I had ran out of clean underwear and trousers lol we had lunch, I fed Scarlett then collected all our crap up then we headed out. Brett walked us to the train station. I’m glad he did as some suspicious looking guy was harassing people for money. Apparently he was “homeless” but then I overheard him on the phone to someone saying “okay I’ll be home soon”. Homeless are you? Sure. That’s why you have a brand new phone is it. He had the newest iPhone from what I could see. I would’ve felt really intimidated if he had approached me whilst I was alone with Scarlett. Luckily he didn’t plus Brett was there anyway. We got on the train at 3:05pm and mom picked us up at the other end.

We got home. I sorted out stuff out and then fed her, bathed her and then I had dinner. Got her to sleep. Remembered just before bed that I hadn’t done her weekly picture so I snapped a quick one of her in her pyjamas lol

23 weeks day | she definitely laughs now. It’s distinguishable. She also fake coughs at you when you ignore her. I’m trying to get her up sit up better. It’s hilarious watching her try as she face-plants the bed a lot lol

I have no plans for the rest of the week except Thursday. We are doing rhyme time again. Weather is meant to be fairly warm. I ordered her a bath seat today which should come by Wednesday. She’s going to love it. 


19 weeks

Thursday: Scarlett’s doctors appointment was fine. The lump in her leg *should* go but I’m to keep an eye on it. The doctor examined her skin. She reckons she has a little bit of eczema so she prescribed her something to put in her bath water and some cream for afterwards. If it works she’ll put it on repeat prescription for her.

Brett went home Thursday evening. Early. As he was working Friday.

Friday: We got the train to my dads house as we were spending the day with him, my stepmom and the kids. We jumped in the car at lunch and drove to Portsmouth. It’s only 20-25 minutes from where he lives. We decided we’d eat but everywhere was full so we booked a table for 2 and decided to use our waiting time to go up the Spinnaker Tower. I went up there last year on holiday when I was 14 weeks pregnant. It was strange going up again but with an 18 week old baby.


I laid her on the glass floor and we walked across it. Heights don’t bother me.

After the tower we settled in for lunch. I had had a cold for a few days so my nose was blocked and I couldn’t taste anything. I ordered a Rodeo Chicken burger with cheese. It was delicious. The chicken was grilled and the bun was sesame and poppy seeds. It came with chips and I had ordered a side of garlic flat bread.

The boys wanted to go up the Spinnaker again so I had a wander around the shops. I went into GAP but I didn’t see anything I liked. My stepmom went in and she found a lovely pink romper so she bought Scarlett that. It is going in the suitcase for holiday.

My dad dropped us back at the train station at 7ish and we were off the train at 8. Mom hadn’t eaten and I had only had lunch so we grabbed a bite then went to my nan’s for a cuppa.

Saturday: We went to my nan’s and tried out some bubbles. She wasn’t quite sure about them as they kept popping before she had chance to study them. It wasn’t that warm so we tried out her new coat. I bought it ages ago and it had been in her wardrobe. It is waterproof and slightly lined so it will keep the wind and rain out. I think I will put it in her suitcase for holiday in case the weather is shitty.

Sunday: We had dinner at my nan’s house. It was a lot warmer so I took our new paddling pool round and set it up. I had bought a soft jigsaw mat so we put that underneath so it was soft for her to sit and lay in the pool. I filled up the pool and stripped to my undies. We sat in there together (well she laid in it) for ages. Afterwards we got out, I dried and dressed her then we went home.

Yesterday (Monday): I needed to pop to town and mom wanted to get her haircut so we drove in. She went off to the hairdressers and I walked round to get some Baby Sun Lotion for our holiday. Then I stopped by the nail bar and had my eyebrows done because they were bushy as fuck. I walked to meet mom and we ate lunch together. After lunch we stopped off at my nan’s. At 3ish we went in the paddling pool again. It was lovely sitting in there just relaxing. She was kicking away and giggling.

She was 19 weeks yesterday. She’s such a joy. She giggles and shouts. I sing to her a lot. She watches me intently. She also watches me eat which is very off putting. Weaning is a success. She has 1 jar a day at the moment. Usually split in to two. She has them at lunch and dinner time. Her favourite food so far is carrot. It’s a shame they’re orange and again EVERYTHING!!!

Tomorrow I have my dental referral with the consultant regarding my impacted wisdom tooth. I hope the surgery is soon. I want it out the way. Thursday we are popping in to work to say Hi. My friend’s birthday is that day so I’ve got a card for him. He’s 50!

We are up early tomorrow so I’m off to sleep. If I can. It’s so humid!


4 months

My bub was 4 months yesterday. Wow time flies when you’re having fun.

She is consistently having a jar of food a day. I give her half at lunch and half at dinner. So far she likes carrot and potato, mixed vegetables and anything with banana in it. She isn’t keen on apple and blueberry.

Yesterday was also the day that I first found out I was pregnant. A year ago I peed on a stick and my life changed. Them two faint lines. I just couldn’t believe it. I had to go out the next day and buy a better test. Which was positive, again.

Monday we didn’t get up to a lot. I watched a film called “Trainwreck” and tbh it was like watching my life on-screen lol I will have to make Brett watch it!

Tuesday we went to my nan’s house and had dinner. She did a roast chicken.

Wednesday afternoon we popped over to my aunt’s house. Her car is broke so she hasn’t been over to visit for ages and she really wanted to see Scarlett again. The twins came home from school whilst we were there and Frank wanted to hold Scarlett. After we left we went home and chilled. I watched a film called “Two Night Stand”. It was pretty good. Very funny.

Today we had a lazy morning. Then after lunch mom picked us up and we went to Next to pick up something I had ordered for Scarlett. Jelly shoes!!!!!! They are for our holiday but I wanted to try them on her now.

IMG_8782After we finished at Next (and I had wandered around the kids section) we stopped by a lady’s house to pick up a second-hand bumbo for £5. I bought it from a buy and sell app I have. I have bought a few things off there now. I got her cot mobile from there a few weeks ago.

We got on holiday in 18 days. Basically 2 weeks on Monday. I can’t wait. It is Scarlett’s first holiday. We are going to Weymouth. So it isn’t an abroad holiday. I will take her abroad either October/November or I will take her February, after her birthday.

I am just trying to fix an issue with my online account with Vodafone. Wish me luck!


3 months & 13 weeks

So Scarlett is 3 months old today (going by the “25th” of each month as a marker). She is also 13 weeks today.

We did our usual milestone stickers. 13 weeks she been here!!!

She can/is:

  • Teething – majorly sucks
  • Tries to sit up when you hold her hands
  • Roll but hasn’t done it since the beginning of the month
  • Giggle – she giggles a lot!

She hates/dislikes:

  • Her hands touched – she pulls them away if you touch them
  • Being laid down unless sleepy – she has to be upright and nosing around

She is going to be weighed this week. Finally. It’s been a long month ever since I changed her milk over. She refused point blank to drink it to start with so I had to slowly wean her over. Even slowly weaning caused obvious digestive issues. She had runny poos when she was getting more of the thinner milk but eventually it levelled out. She still only takes a maximum of 18oz in a day but hopefully she’ll have gained a decent amount. If not then I’m open to their suggestions because their last one clearly didn’t work lol

I go this weekend to pick up the rest of her Photoshoot we did at 12 weeks. Some of the photos were so cute I think I’ll have a hard time choosing which ones I like.

Don’t have a lot planned this week. Wednesday is payday so I’m going to pop into town and stock up on some bits for Scarlett. Such as milk, nappies etc so I don’t run out later in the month. Friday she’s getting weighed. Might get my haircut Friday too. Depends if they can fit me in before the weigh-in clinic. If not we’ll have to go afterwards. It desperately needs doing. Hasn’t been done since New Year’s Eve!