She’s on her way

Well Thursday I went to bingo with my Nan. I didn’t win anything. She won £5 lol

Friday I had my second round of monitoring and trace at the hospital. I had a little cry but the midwife said that’s normal to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen often so I guess I should be glad I’ve been “mostly fine” on the hormones front.

After the hospital, my grandad picked me up and we did some shopping. Walking around the shops, just for 30 minutes, was hard work on my pelvis. We met my Nan at Morrison’s so we could do some food shopping. I saw these gorgeous “born in 2016” outfits so I simply had to buy them lol

Friday evening I got my labour ball out and sat bouncing on it for 3 hours.

Today I had my first, and only, antenatal class scheduled. I woke up at 8am and felt the weirdest sensation. It was like I was weeing myself but I knew I wasn’t. I’d soaked my underwear but when I inspected, it wasn’t wee. I put a pad on and laid on my side for 30 minutes as you’re usually advised. More trickled when I stood so I replaced the pad and we set off for the class. During the class I felt the trickling sensation twice so I spoke to a midwife who said to change the pad, leave it on the sanitary bin and she’d have a look. She confirmed it was definitely my waters so she advised I phone the labour ward. I spoke to them. They said to come up in the next few hours. We stayed at the class till lunch then we left. We ate then went up the hospital. I got seen by triage quite quickly and after some monitoring, and a look at the pad I’d soaked, they said they want to keep me in and induce labour. Unfortunately the labour ward itself is majorly busy so they’ve admitted me to the antenatal ward until labour can take me.

I’m not sure if I’ve accepted what’s going to happen. I’m too calm for the fact that I’m going to be induced and could have my baby girl within the next 24 hours. My mom and I agreed she didn’t need to sit up here whilst I’m just waiting around so I sent her home. I’m sat watching Murdock Mysteries on my iPad atm whilst I’m on the monitor for baby’s heartbeat etc.

I can’t believe I moaned the other day it’ll never be my turn lol my mom is bringing up the labour bag when she comes back up which will be when I am transferred to labour ward. I’ll give her a call then…



Hump Day

Tuesday I had my midwife appointment. She did all the usual checks. Baby is still head down but I knew that from the scan the day before. She said there was no glucose in my wee sample this time. Good news as I had no intentions of re-doing the GTT. I told her about Friday and Monday. She said to attend the monitoring and see how it went. That was it.

My American friend (part of an American pregnancy group) spontaneously went into labour and had her little girl a few weeks early. She’s doing well but as she’s early they’re keeping her in. On my English pregnancy group so far 4 babies have been born. 1 was born a few weeks ago, another was born last week and 2 more this week. None of them were even due this month. It’s so crazy. I’m totally jealous because I actually AM due this month but I can’t see her ever making her appearance.

I feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever. I know I’m not. But I just hate this waiting around. I’m not very good when I can’t control something. It makes me anxious. I know I’m anxious at the moment because I noticed I’ve been chewing my lips. The inside of my bottom lip is sore and lumpy. I can’t help it. I’m just so worried about her movements again, as she keeps going quiet for hours on end, and I just hate the fact I can’t predict when she’ll be here.

Today I had my monitoring and trace appointment at 10:30am. My grandad picked me up at 10am. I got seen at 11am. I was finished by noon. Baby hadn’t moved much since I got up and only moved a little whilst on the monitor. It’s a different one in DAU. Instead of just letting a machine do its thing, you have a clicker you press when you feel a movement. I was monitored for 30 minutes and I only had cause to press it twice. That didn’t seem much but the midwife said the trace came out fine. I can only assume movement showed up that I couldn’t feel?

My grandad picked me up and I went to his house for lunch. I had picked up a cheese panini from the cafe at the hospital so I ate that when we arrived.

I have another monitoring and trace on Friday. I don’t have anything planned tomorrow but I may go to bingo in the evening with my Nan. She goes every Thursday.


Taken hostage

Saturday baby girl didn’t move until the late afternoon. I had started to get emotional and stressed about it but suddenly she started moving like crazy.

Sunday she seemed fine too so I thought that’s great. She’s getting back to herself I hope.

Today I phoned up the hospital to inquire about my growth scan as per the doctors instruction on Friday. The first lady I spoke to in Gynae & Antenatal was rude as anything. She said I would not have been told to call up, I would be receiving a letter. Twice I told her WHY that makes no sense given the fact I was in hospital as an emergency visit on Friday and that was what I was explicitly told. In the end she just forwarded my call to the ultrasound desk. The lady there was much friendlier. She said there was a note about me and she said she’d book me in today. So she did. For 1pm.

Mom and I went to nan’s for lunch then we set off to the hospital for the scan. We arrived 15 minutes early but when I went to reception to check in they told me they weren’t ready for the afternoon clinics so I was told to sit down and when they were ready they’d take my maternity book and check me in. At 1:15pm, half hour after we arrived, the lady said we could check in. So I gave my book in and sat back down. At 2pm I’d had enough waiting so I went up to reception to see just how “far behind” on the schedule they were and the receptionist said they were a little behind but I’d be called soon. As soon as I sat down I was called so in we went. The sonographer lady was like “you’re late, I’ve been waiting for you since 1”. I was gobsmacked. I replied that we had been here since 12:45 and the receptionist had told us we couldn’t check in till the clinic was ready but that we’d been checked in since 1:15. I couldn’t believe how rude she was.

She did the growth scan and said baby appears to be growing just fine so I was like that’s great. I got up to leave and she tells me I’m suppose to take my scan notes up to DAU to be assessed. I asked why? And explained that I hadn’t been to DAU, I had been in the labour ward on Friday. She said that’s where I need to go then. It was almost 2:30 by then. So I said to mom lets go up so we go up and the lady on the reception has no clue what’s going on. She phones around and speaks to a few people but still no one knows why I’ve been sent up there. She tells me to sit and wait whilst she figures it out. By the time it’s past 3pm she finally comes over and says that I’m required to have another round of monitoring and trace but it’ll be a while as they’re busy so I’m just to wait. I had had 4 hours sleep the night before, was starving and overall cranky. Mom had work at 6 so she needed to leave. So she left. I snuck down to the cafe for some food then I sat patiently waiting to be seen. I started reading my James Patterson book. At 5:30ish I was called in to be seen. They put the monitor on and left me for half hour. I read a bit more of my book. A midwife came in and took me off the monitor. She said the doctor wants to speak to me so when she’s free she’ll come in. So I sat and waited. At 7ish she finally came. She says she sees no reason for me to be induced (I see a reason) but would like to air on the side of caution so she has booked me in for 2 sessions of monitoring at the DAU. One is Wednesday and the other is Friday. She says if they both go well then they’ll leave me be. I’m so annoyed they aren’t taking it that seriously that I’ve had three reduced movement episodes. I was so tired and hungry again that I got my grandad to run me past McDonald’s on our way home, after he’d picked me up.

I got in, watched Emmerdale whilst eating then I got in the bath. At 9pm I watched Silent Witness and now I’m laid in bed ready to sleep.

I have my 38 week midwife check tomorrow as I was 38 weeks yesterday. I’m going to mention it all to her but I don’t expect her to have a different stance on it than the other midwives. They all seem to care less about reduce movements. They think us women are lying because as soon as the monitor is on the baby starts moving. It’s part of the reason I hate going up for it. I’ve had more episodes than the 3 I’ve actually gone up for. And the reason I didn’t go for them was because of the first time I ever went up, the midwife made me feel silly for going because I was only 27 weeks. So the next time it happened I just waited it out and prayed she was okay. Twice I had “slow movement days” before I went up at Christmas. Maybe I should mention these when I’m down the DAU next. That might make a difference. I’m just not comfy leaving her in when I feel like somethings not right. It’s getting me down to be honest, that I don’t feel like anyone is listening to me.

I’m off to sleep.


I really love hospitals…

… Not. Mom and I went into town today and I was having weird pains (kind of) the entire time. It was a mixture between lightning pains and the constant uncomfortable need to pee. I struggled to walk properly. I noticed after town and lunch that baby girl had not woken up. I had felt 1 whooshy movement since getting up. That’s not like her. She loves food, and it always (and I mean ALWAYS) makes her move. I decided to leave it until later on when I’d laid on my side for an hour and had cold water. With only 1 more movement in that time I thought “right, I’ll have some dinner and then I’ll call up the hospital”. So we ate and at 7ish I called them up. I explained the whole “reduced movements, 38 weeks pregnant today, bad pelvic pains all day and weird snot-like stuff whenever I wiped after a wee”. They said to come up for some monitoring. So we left home at 7:30ish. We put the labour bags in the car just in case.

They had me do a wee sample and then had me on the monitor for almost an hour. Her heart rate was really high for ages but eventually it dropped to a normal range of 140-145bpm. She moved a bit because they’d poked and prodded her but after they’d done the trace, her movements went back to basically non-existent even thou I was drinking cold water again. My pulse was a little high but my BP was okay.

The midwife who’d been dealing with me said she was happy with the monitoring but wanted the doctor to speak to me before I go because it’s my third trip up there for reduced movements. I said that’s fine. She said the doctor may want to discuss a possible early induction (from week 39) due to the reduction in movements. I was okay with that. So she left and we waited.

Another midwife came in and said that the doctor was busy so would we want to go home and come back for a scan in the week. I was like “not really, I’m not sure what a scan would achieve, I’d much rather speak to the doctor today whilst I’m here”. She said that’s fine if we want to wait. So we waited. She said though that the doctor isn’t likely to offer an induction as she doesn’t feel it’s necessary because I’m “still early” and my body will most likely suffer if labour is forced.

The doctor came. She gave me the options of:

  • Having an induction pessary, which she says most likely won’t work if my body isn’t ready yet.
  • Booking in for a scan on Monday, and just going home tonight and monitoring movements tomorrow and if they’re still not the “norm” then coming back up tomorrow.

I decided to go home and have the scan in the week. She did an internal examination. She says my cervix is still hard but is open enough for the tip of 1 finger. Which I saw in my notes says 1cm dilated. She gave me a sweep and afterwards I noticed more of the snot-like stuff.

Part of me wonders if I should’ve gone for the pessary but I just worry I’m forcing her out. The movements do worry me and I’d much prefer her to come out if she’s not happy than to keep her in for fear of her being born too soon. I mean I’m 38 weeks Sunday (tomorrow) but if you go by my growth scan I was 38 weeks yesterday (Friday) so I don’t think it’s that soon.

I hate all the waiting around. I just want to know she’s 100% okay and I want her here.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I’m in bed at the moment. I have some period-type pains and the bottom of bump aches so maybe the sweep has helped. Who knows.



Well I had my doctors appointment yesterday. He didn’t exactly explain why I had to take antibiotics. He just said that my urine had white cells in it indicating my body was trying to fight an infection and because I’m pregnant he didn’t want to wait for a resample. He said if he had waited for a resample the infection could’ve ended up getting much worse and inducing labour. I understand that. I do. But he couldn’t even tell me what type of infection and I had NO symptoms. Plus he also said the sample indicated a corruption in it, meaning it could have had a bit of dirt or dust in the urine sample pot. So in reality I may NOT HAVE HAD an infection. Infuriating much!

I am thinking of starting a countdown once I hit the 2 weeks left mark but I’m not sure which due date to go by. My “official” one of January 31st or the growth scan January 29th. Or what about my LMP EDD 27th January lol

I haven’t had any symptoms of impending labour. My pelvis aches and occasionally I get shooting pains but they’re tolerable. I’ve had a slight increase in discharge but I haven’t seen my mucus plug yet. I also haven’t had leaky boobs or any major change in them. They’re the same size as before being pregnant. My nipples ARE darker but that’s it. I really do hope I don’t go overdue. I don’t think I’d enjoy that much but I know she’ll come whenever she is ready. I just hope she hurries up and is ready soon. I just want to meet her. I want to see her face because at the moment I can’t picture her face. And until she’s here it’s still so surreal!!!

I’m going cinema on Thursday with my grandad. He wants to watch The Hateful Eight. It’s not usually my sort of film but he wants to see so I said I’d go with him. It’s over 3 hours long so there is a 15 minute intermission half way through lol we are going to catch the afternoon viewing as I don’t think neither of us want to be at the cinema for more than 3 hours so late at night.

I have to hand in my urine sample tomorrow for the resample. I also need to pick up my 2 nursing bras from mothercare. I ordered 3 headbands for baby girl online so I’m waiting for them to come. She’ll have 6 then. That’s plenty. I know she’s bound to have hardly any hair like I did when I was baby so the headband will make it obvious to strangers than she’s a girl!

I’m currently in bed, wide awake at 4:15am, watching Murdoch Mysteries. I quite like this show. It’s on so late though so I only catch it if I’ve slept too much in the day before and find myself wide awake the next night!!


37 weeks

I had my 36 week check on Thursday. Baby’s heartbeat is perfect. She’s still head down and is 3/5 engaged. That explains the pelvis pains I have been having on and off since before Christmas. My BP was a little low but it’s normal for me. My fundal height is measuring 38cm and they’re happy with her movements.

Thursday night I went to bingo with my Nan. I won £55 lol

Friday I spent most the day at my grandparents. I had dinner there and went home fairly late.

Yesterday mom and I popped into town after she finished work. We had some lunch and a wander round town.

Today I am 37 weeks!!!! I can’t believe I’ve reached “full term”. I can’t wait for her to get here. I’m happy if she comes anytime between now and my due date. I’d much rather NOT go over due but I know it could happen, I guess.

Having dinner at my grandparents today. The twins are here for dinner too. They’re so funny.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow as a follow up for my antibiotics. Hopefully the doctor will explain better why I had to take them.


Braxton Hicks

I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction yesterday. It was so strange. It wasn’t necessarily my first but it was certainly the first one I had noticed. I took a picture whilst it was happening and I look huge.  

I’m sure I wasn’t THAT big the other day lol

If I go by my growth scan from 32 weeks my EDD is 29th, not the 31st which means I am actually officially 34 weeks TODAY. However I still go by 31st so I’m 34 weeks on Sunday. Tbh it’s all sort of immaterial as my little lady will make her appearance when SHE damn well wants to lol I still believe she’ll be earlier than either of the due dates I have. I hope so. It gets the whole thing out of the way and we can just start our journey together.

I’ve been binge watching One Born Every Minute because I’m fascinated by all the different people, couples, births and hospitals. One episode I watched actually included a severely premature baby which sadly passed away after a few days. I’m so glad the show doesn’t just show you all the good bits. It’s good to honour those that don’t make it. And the little boys parents said the same thing. They said “he existed, for us, and even thou he wasn’t on earth very long he will always be their son no matter what”. I do believe a lot of subjects like that are taboo. And they shouldn’t be. These little lives should be celebrated. They matter. However short they were here, they matter.

Anyways, it was my sisters birthday on Thursday. She was 11. I hope she got the present and card I mailed her. I’m hoping to get down to my dads next week but I need to speak to him first. He only got back from Australia on Monday so I thought I’d give him time to settle in.

I’m currently in bed deciding whether to go to sleep or watch some TV. My eyes have been itchy today. No idea why as there is no pollen around nor any cats (allergies). Itchy itchy itchy lol