My heart breaks for Manchester

Friday 19th:

We got to Brett’s at 6:45. Surprisingly Scarlett hadn’t napped on the journey. She was very tired but she perked up when we arrived. We had dinner and then she had a bath then went to bed. Brett was grumpy because he is trying to quit smoking and the withdrawal is obviously too much for him.

Saturday 20th:

Brett got up with us quite early (though I suspect it was under sufferance on his part). We had breakfast then I dressed Scarlett and we went out. We went to visit Brett’s cousins. When we got back home we had some lunch then Scarlett had a nap. We decided to go to the cinema later so we had our dinner and Brett sorted out Scarlett for her bath before we left. We watched “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2”. It was brilliant. I am glad we went. Scarlett was very well behaved for his mom and went to bed at about 9ish. We got back at 10:45 and there was a film on tele. I was shattered [off energy drinks still] so I climbed into bed. I must’ve nodded off as Brett woke me up climbing into bed at 1:30am.

Sunday 21st:

Scarlett woke up at 5:30am. I gave her a bottle and put her back down for a nap. Once she was up again at 8 I got her some toast with fruit for breakfast. She ate it all then I dressed her. Once she was dressed I tackled the task of getting Brett up at a reasonable time. We went out at 10:30. We walked to his foster brother’s football tournament about 20 minutes down the road. I hadn’t prepared for sunny weather because, England. So Scarlett had no sun hat or shorts etc. I kept her in the shade but I got massively sunburnt. That’ll teach me lol we had pizza when the tournament was done then we got the train home. We were home by about 7ish. Scarlett had bath, bottle and bed. I chilled and caught up with tele.

Monday 22nd:

Back to work today. Was 8 minutes late because just as we were leaving at 7:30, Scarlett did an explosive poo through her tights and vest so I had to sort her out, undress, clean and then re-dress her in new clothes. Nightmare. So we were late leaving for work. I met Mom for lunch so we could do some food shopping. We had chicken for lunch. She dropped me back for 2pm. She picked me up at 5:10pm [made up my late 8 minutes]. Scarlett was bathed when we got in. I had my dinner and she stole one of my chicken fillets, little moo. I put her up to bed at 6:45 as she was getting grumpy but she wouldn’t go down. Her room was saying it was 26 degrees. Too hot. So I put her fan on and the room cooled. She was asleep by about 8ish. Mom and I watched tele together. We tried to share a bottle of rosé but I hate wine so I only drank half my glass [shocking I know]. I went to bed about 11ish.

Tuesday 23rd:

I woke up this morning to messages from American pals asking me if I was okay? Apparently some vile scumbags decided to bomb Manchester Arena last night after Ariana Grande’s concert. My pals were concerned as they have no clue how close or far I live to Manchester, and they’d seen the news reports [being hours behind the UK]. I assured them I was fine, so was Scarlett. Then I switched BBC on and looked at the news reports over what happened. My heart hurts for my country. For all the innocent people. For the teenagers/children who went to the concert not expecting anything more than just a fun night. The reports say that there are 22 confirmed dead and almost 60 people injured. I am in disbelief but at the same time it is almost “oh there has been a bombing incident, again”. It is scary that these events do not shock or surprise me anymore. Either I am numb to some of the BS in the world or I am just desensitised. However on the other hand I feel like bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. I have a child. This is her world. This is where she will grow up [if she is lucky]. How do I protect her from these things when they happen randomly? Like who knew that attending that concert may be the last thing they do? No one! I have a friend who lives nearby-ish. I am thankful she has a toddler same as me, was home and away from it. I can’t imagine what people must be going through today, those who have lost someone, those who’s friends/family are injured and those few who have missing people. My heart goes to them.


I am on lunch and I am trying to block it all out by binging on Netflix with my headphones on.


Baby’s First New Year’s Eve

We got the train back yesterday. Had to do a detour via Epsom. But it was okay because Epsom is a direct train from Brett’s house. Then a short train ride from there to Clapham then the usual direct 35 minute train to Farnborough. My mom picked us up from the station at 5pm. We put Scarlett to bed and watched a film then another one before going to bed.

Today we decided we wouldn’t go to a hotel for New Year’s Eve. We wanted to stay home and celebrate the New Year together. So we had a chilled day. We got Scarlett bathed and ready for bed. She had a bottle then she went to bed. We watched a film and I had a few drinks. We are just waiting for midnight so we can watch the London fireworks display on tele before watching another film.


Furniture Came

Mom and I decided to watch Magic Mike yesterday as it is no longer showing after today. We are glad we watched it as it was a good film. The baby furniture I ordered from Argos was delivered this morning. At the moment it is blocking our downstairs hallway because it can’t go in the baby’s room until space has been sorted for it. The room needs sorting soon so I can get the wardrobe and chest of drawers up because I want to be able to put baby clothes in there once I have bought them. So far I have only only bought a few vests, baby grows, a hat, scratch mitts and gloves. I intend to buy more bits, now and then, so I can build up a little wardrobe of stuff for the baby. I know people will undoubtedly buy clothes when I have my baby shower but I want to buy my own bits too.

I took the day off work so I could wait for the furniture delivery. I also had dentist tonight. The lady said my gums are red and tender because I am pregnant but not to worry. She says as long as I clean my wisdom teeth properly, to ensure no bacteria gets under my gums, then I should be fine.

We are going on holiday on Monday. Which is also payday so that is great.


Back to work I go

Well Saturday I went into town for some new undies and I bought some slippers along with 2 new tops. After town I stopped at Nan’s for a cuppa then mom picked me up for dinner with her and her boyfriend. We went to the Harvester. I wasn’t overly hungry so I didn’t eat as much as I would have liked. At 8:30 mom and I went to the cinema to watch Spy. It was freaking hilarious. We got home late but luckily I don’t work Sunday’s so I had a nice lay in.

We had dinner at Nan’s yesterday then in the afternoon we went up the old folks place to see my gran. She’s getting more battier every time we see her. I think her dementia is getting worse :(

Today I was back at work. It wasn’t a totally bad day considering what a shit day I had Friday so that was good.

I am 7 weeks tomorrow. I wasn’t sure I would bother with the whole “weekly bump” picture mostly because I’m fat and I actually already look really pregnant lol but here goes my 7 weeks bump (a day early)


7 weeks

There you have it. My bump pic of me wearing my spongebobs pants (which are new btw).

Last night my brother and his girlfriend were shouting at each other at midnight so I told them to shut it. Then my brothers friends thought it was appropriate to make lots of noise at 1am whilst playing Xbox!

I am currently in bed just finishing watching a film called The Gunman on my iPad then I am off to bed.


Weekend is here

Well after a very long week filled with hospital appointments, emergency departments, ultrasounds and lots of crazy things, the weekend is finally here. I for one am very happy about that. I am just so damn tired. I was off sick yesterday due to a nasty ass migraine. As I can’t take anything stronger than paracetamol it wouldn’t shift. It woke me up at 5am and I couldn’t get to sleep (to sleep it off) for hours. I felt much better by 1pm so I grabbed some lunch. I rested the rest of the day. In the evening I caught up with Hannibal’s new season first episode. So far I am confused lol they haven’t said whether Will Graham is dead or not :|

I am going to the cinema tonight to watch Insidious: Chapter 3 and tomorrow I am watching Jurassic World. I might pop into my Nan’s on my way back as I haven’t really seen her since the weekend.

Lunch is over now so I gotta go.


A wedding and a house move

Well Friday didn’t end up being payday. Apparently we officially get paid every 27th of the month. I never noticed I could’ve sworn that payday was always the LAST Friday of the month. So payday is Monday this month. That is fine though as I am not totally boracic but I do seriously need to go shopping. I only have 1 decent pair of denim jeans. The other 2 pairs I have are a pink pair and a pastel green pair. They are fine but they aren’t universal as you can only wear certain colour tops with those colours.

So on Saturday morning Mom and I got up fairly early (8ish) to have our monthly “payday breakfast” where we go to McDonald’s for breakfast and I pay. We met her friend Emily there at 9ish. We had some food, some giggles and they both went up for a second coffee then Mom and I went into town. I picked up a pair of Denim Jeans, a redy-orange top and some underwear (boxers). I had the cinema booked for the new Avengers movie at 12:45 but we left town at 11:55 and I thought if I went at that time, I’d be really early so I went to my Nan’s for 20 minutes. Unfortuntely I ended up being half hour late for the cinema because the bus from town to the cinema was 20 minutes late and then took ages to get to my destination, as if it were on a very slow speed. Officially I only missed 15 minutes of the movie because usually films don’t start at their official start time. They often start about 15-20 minutes after the “start time” due to trailers, adverts and to give people enough time to arrive, get food/drink and get seated. So yeah I awkwardly arrived late and had to step over people to get to my seat but finally I was in. The movie was good and I will catch up with the bits I missed online another time. After the cinema I remembered we were going out that evening so on my way home I grabbed dinner as there wouldn’t be another opportunity.

By quarter to 7 mom and I were dressed and ready to go. I wore my new redy-orange top, with my new denim jeans and my comfy white wedges. I made a point of painting my toe-nails just so I could wear them as they’re open toed wedges. We got to the Wedding Reception at 7:30 but the disco wasn’t set up as the wedding guests were still eating dinner so we just sat around in the bar. At 9 the dancefloor was finally ready so we went in and saw my grandparents. My aunt had left as the kids were at home with her friend and she had a lot of packing to finish before she moves house tomorrow. Speaking of which, I looked after the twins all day today whilst my grandparents helps her move house. I haven’t seen the babies in a fortnight so it was nice to see them.
We left the reception at about half 10. We were giving my grandparents a lift home as they’d gotten a lift to the wedding with my aunt in the morning but obviously she had gone home now so Mom drove them back home.

Today I got up at 8:30 and made my way round my nan’s house. It was far easier to have the twins at nan’s for the day as they have the garden to play in and toys in the house to play with. We had a good day. They were less crazy energetic this time and we ran off some steam by going to the park. Which we actually walked to, the 3 of us, without a stroller or reigns. They simply held my hand (which I held tight) all the way until we reached the park gate then they were off playing. After the park we came back for some lunch. Then we watched a film, played silly games and then had some nibbles. Fred fell off the couch backwards and whacked his head on the coffee table. There was screams for a moment but after a cold and wet flannel to his sore head for a few minutes, plus some serious investigation on said head, he was fine. I told my nan on the phone to let his momma know to keep an eye but he was fine. That’ll teach him for jumping on nana’s couch!!!

Nan and grandad grabbed some food on the way home as it was quite late in the day but the twins had not long had their supper so they just had some chips. When their dad picked them up he gave me a lift home. I had a shower when I got in and now I’m in bed trying to sleep. I thought I’d quickly write this up before I forget.

I’m booked to see Woman in Gold at the cinema tomorrow evening at 8. I can’t wait for Age of Adaline to come out next month. Only a week or so to go :)


Like a scene from Carrie!

I re-booked to see Child 44 for Monday. It started at 5:30 and I finish at 5 so I asked Mom if she’d pick me and drop me as the bus wouldn’t get me there on time. She agreed. The traffic wasn’t too mental so we grabbed a quick bite on the way. I took mine into the cinema with me as it fitted in my bag lol
The film wasn’t bad and you can’t beat Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman. Both with their Russian accents. I did enjoy the story even though my memories of learning British history is shaky at best. I vaguely remember stuff about the World Wars, and names of important (not always for good reasons) figures. They mention General Stalin a lot and once or twice Hitler was made reference to. Overall I am glad I watched it.

Again I saw the trailer for the new Avengers movie. It is out in 3 days so I have booked my ticket. The first few times I tried to book all the seats were almost booked up for each performance. Eventually I settled for 12:45 on Saturday. We have a wedding on Saturday. Mom and I are invited to the reception party, my grandparents and Aunt are invited to the actual wedding. The lady getting married is an old family friend of both my Nan and my aunt. My nan knows her parents and my aunt knew her from our dance school. I also knew her from there too. I’m not sure what to wear to the party but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I intend to go shopping before I go to the cinema so I can have a wander around.

On Monday Mr. HP asked if I was free so I said that I would be after the cinema so if he wanted to pick me up then he could, then we could hang. He said he didn’t know where the cinema was so I said that if I wasn’t getting a lift home then it would be gone 8:30 before I got back so he said then it would have be another night. I was right, I didn’t get back home till gone 9. Definitely too late to hang out.

Yesterday I asked him if he was free and he said he was but then later on he turned around and said his lips were swollen because he’s has an allergic reaction to something so he doesn’t fancy coming over looking so hideous. This will sound paranoid but I think he made that up. I think he’s still mad at me for stitching him up last week when we were going to meet. I just didn’t feel like entertaining and I knew I’d be shit company.

Well he can’t hang out now if suddenly decides he wants to because I woke up in a pool of my own blood this morning. As my friend Simon said when I was telling him, “it was like a scene out of Carrie”. It truly was. My periods are always so whacky. They rarely show up on time and often I have to just guess when it may be and prepare for it. Usually I’m carrying around ladies things or wearing them long before it ever shows. Not this time. It showed up in the night and painted the town red hours before I woke up. It would explain why I’ve felt a little drained the last few days. I had thought it was from getting drunk on Friday but now I believe it wasn’t.

Anyway, moving on. Friday is payday. Yippee. Got to love a payday.

Also, I’ve been reading a new book from a series. It was in an email of kindle recommendations that I receive weekly from Amazon. It was 99p and so far I am engrossed. Mostly because I cannot fathom who the murderer is. I thought it was the headmaster but now I’m not so sure. It certainly isn’t the bloke they’ve got in custody as it is far too obvious. It’s called “Raven Black” by Ann Cleeves.

I can’t wait to get home and have a shower. I feel so dirty because of it being that time of the month and I feel like I desperately need a shower even thou I only had one last night.