Mom is home!

Tuesday 16th:

Today is my mom’s birthday. She is in Cyprus so we haven’t celebrated it with her. I sent her a “Happy Birthday” message and posted pics of Scarlett holding her birthday card that said “to nanny”, so that will have to do for now.

I had a half day today as I had a job interview scheduled for 3pm and Scarlett had the dentist at 5pm. So I left work at 12. Had lunch at my nan’s house. Chilled for a bit. Scarlett woke up before I left for my interview so I kissed her goodbye and off I went. It seemed to go okay. I got back to my nan’s for dinner and then we went to the dentist. She was really good.

Wednesday 17th:

I had lunch with my friend Rachel. She used to work with me at Mitie but she left on Monday. As I was off sick Monday I missed her farewell. Her and 2 other friends went for lunch, without me! So we agreed us 2 would meet. So we did. But the place nearby that we picked was unexpectedly closed so we ended up in McDonald’s. It was nice seeing her and chatting. We only ever use to have lunch together every other week as her lunch times alternated. One week she was on 12-1 and the other she was 1-2. I was always 1-2. She dropped me back to the office when we were done.

Thursday 18th:

I had my coil fitting appointment scheduled in for 08:50. I felt so dizzy and sick because my head was bad again so I called in sick. My manager said to mention it to my doc so I did. She did my BP and said it was low, so not a cause for concern. She reckoned it was most likely down to my hayfever stuffing my head up. So I had my coil fitted. People lie. Every female I spoke to about the subject said it was a “mild discomfort”, similar to a smear. I have had a smear. This was NOTHING like that, I tell ya! Honestly, the pain from a c-section hurt less than having this tiny device fitted! Also, they had to try twice as the first one they tried, popped back out due to “a narrow passage” [don’t even ask] so after two attempts, it is in! Success! We really do not want a baby in the foreseeable. I think this thing will most likely remain where it is for at least 3 years, but we shall see, I could change my mind in 18 months [not likely though]. I went back home after it was fitted because blood, and pain. I laid on the sofa for a while. At 3ish I walked to my nan’s and ended up staying for my dinner then me and Scarlett walked home.

She was so unhappy and she had so many nasty poos. She did 2 before Nursery, 2 at Nursery and my Nan had changed 1 before I arrived at 3. She then did 1 more not long after I got there, and then before bath time she had done 1 more. And then she got in the bath and did 1 in the bath. She was traumatised because I had to use the shower to hose her, and the bath, down. She screamed like I was murdering her. I fully expected my neighbours to pop by and check she was ok lol she had her bottle and went straight to bed. No fuss. I was really concerned about her, 8 poos is excessive. I am hoping it is just teething, not a bellyache/bug. I will check her a few times before I go to bed just in case she has pooed and not woke up. I don’t want her to get a sore butt.

Friday 19th:

Today I woke up late so didn’t have chance to eat breakfast. My mom got back from Cyprus in the night. She flew in at midnight but didn’t get home until gone 2 I think. She heard us get up so she came down to say Hi. Scarlett was more interested in watching Teletubbies. The usual lol my grandad picked us up, we swung by McDonald’s so I could grab breakfast then he dropped me at work. I had my first subway experience today. Note to myself for the future: make sure the steak doesn’t have peppers and onions in it. Spent 10 minutes digging through to pick them all out. So gross lol

We are due to go to Brett’s later. Aiming to get the 6pm train. I hope Scarlett isn’t as grumpy tonight as she was yesterday because it makes the journey much more stressful than it already is.



Omg today has been one of them mad days where I kind of wished I hadn’t woke up lol

Firstly I phoned my dentist for an emergency appointment because the pain in my tooth has gotten so bad. They got me one for 10:15am. I called my grandad and asked if he’d mind running me up there for it. He said no problem. I walked to his house for 10. I got there and said do you need me to put the car seat in for you? He replies he doesn’t know where it is! Turns out it’s still in my nan’s car from last Friday. Epic fail. Had to phone up the dentist and explain my predicament. They didn’t have any other appointments for today so they said phone up Monday morning and they’ll give me another emergency one.

So I had rushed around for nothing. Scarlett was asleep so I left her be. At 11 we got the bus to town. I popped in to wilkinsons for a drink and then we waited for the bus to my work. I made her bottle up but she was too distracted by people at work to drink it lol

Today I actually sat down with my manager (she was holding Scarlett who surprisingly didn’t cry) as she wanted to know when I was coming back etc. I told her my return date is 5th September. She said with the 8 bank holidays added on (that have occurred since I’ve been off) that’ll have me back on September 15th. I’m away till 16th so she said with 2 days holidays that brings me back on Monday 19th (which is what I had already worked out) but then she surprised me when I said could I use any holiday to add on the end and she said yes why don’t you take 2 weeks holiday (I have 5 weeks to take before year end) and have your start date for October but as you’ll be on payroll from the 5th you’ll have a month of your own wages. Use the month to get Scarlett use to nursery etc and get yourself back in the working head space etc. She wants me to come in one day in the two weeks before in back in October to see what’s going on, talk about what I expect and what she expects etc. As much as I didn’t want to come back to that job, for the foreseeable I may stick with it because it’s best the devil you know. I’ve worked that I can put Scarlett in nursery 8-12. My Nan can pick her up. She’ll have her till mom finishes, either 1:30 or 2:30 then when I finish at 5, mom will pick me up from work and I’ll take over. I earn just under £20K so I’ll get half my childcare costs paid for me so that’ll help. So pleased I worked it out. Been screwing it over in my head for months now and getting anxious about it. Just need to find a nursery I like now lol

Mom picked us up from my work at 1:30 and we went to town for a quick bite then she dropped me at the cinema. I watched the Legend of Tarzan, finally. I loved it. I love Alexander Skarsgård. He use to be my cover banner on here but now it’s Scarlett.

I created a facebook page for my blog because I’ve been approached by a company who want me to write a few articles a week on their platform for them and I figured I should have my own space, for my personal blog. Check it here and click like:

After the cinema I got the bus home then I fed Scarlett her dinner, bathed her then we ate our dinner before I gave her her last bottle for the night. At 9pm I put her down in her cot and she fell asleep within’ 20 minutes. I’m so proud of my little toothless baldie lol

Not much planned tomorrow or Sunday. Wish I could see Brett but I don’t think he’s down until next weekend, maybe the one after. Not sure. We haven’t discussed it. He’s working more now so it’s all dependent on that now.

I’m in bed watching a film on E4 and enjoying a cider. I’m hoping it’ll take an edge of the toothache I’m experiencing. I’m usually so good with pain but this is just grating on my soul. I’d rather have another c-section than toothache. That’s how bad it is!!!!

Father’s Day 2016

Tuesday we went to Monkey world. It was fun. The weather was mostly okay. It got really windy in places. We took lots of photos and saw a lot of different monkeys. We stopped in the outdoor café for lunch. We had a drink and a hotdog. The hotdogs were huge. We had a great day. When we got back I fed Scarlett then bathed her.

Monkey World

Momentos for Scarlett’s memory box

On baby duty so I could play bingo

Bingo started at 6 so I left her with Brett so mom, me and Nan could play bingo whilst my grandad had a drink with us. After bingo was done we went back to the caravan and we had dinner. Nan had done a steak pie so we had that with new potatoes.

Wednesday we hopped on a bus into Weymouth seaside town centre. We went up the Jurassic Tower to see the 360 degree view of the coast and the sea. It was brilliant. After the tower we walked to a Wetherspoons for lunch. I had a hotdog and chips. After lunch we took a slow walk down the coast to Sealife. We wandered around Sealife looking at all the creatures. We had our pictures taken and Brett and I both went on a water ride. Not the best idea as it wasn’t that warm but we did it anyway.

Up the Jurassic Tower

Sealife Centre

Our Sealife pictures

We didn’t go to the club house that night. I had a nice hot shower instead and chilled.
Thursday we decided to take Scarlett swimming. Just Brett and I. It was the first time he had been with us. After swimming we had some lunch then in the mid-afternoon we took a stroll to Cowleaze Cove nearby to see the beach, look at the shops and then come back for dinner. It started raining so we quickly left but I got soaked. Scarlett was okay. She was toasty and dry in her pram under the rain cover lol

We had fish and chips for dinner. Well I didn’t. I had saveloy and chips. Mom had fish for a change. She usually wouldn’t because she’s not a fan of fish but she fancied some so her and Nan shared some cod.

Friday I got up with Scarlett. I gave her a 5oz bottle. She wolfed that down. I fed myself then I gave her some breakfast to tide her over on the journey home. We left at 10am. We stopped about an hour from home for some lunch and I fed her again then we set off for home again. It was great to finally be home again. Brett stayed over as he planned to go home Saturday.

Saturday I got up with Scarlett at 7am. Fed her 5oz then she had a 2 hour nap so I joined her then she had her porridge for breakfast. I took her downstairs and she played on her play mat whilst I ate my breakfast and watched some tele. Brett came down at 12. I offered him lunch at 1. He said no so I made myself some. He spent the afternoon with her and we watched back-to-back episodes of Monkey Life. My mom dropped him at the train station at 5ish. We then had some dinner and afterwards she dropped me at my nan’s as she was going out herself. I stayed there for the evening. I fed her dinner then bathed Scarlett in my nan’s sink for the first time. She quite enjoyed it. Then I gave her her last bottle for the night and she had a little snooze.

My two loves

Today is Father’s Day. Brett may not be Scarlett’s “real” dad but he deserves the title regardless. He’s the one who loves and protects her. She looks up to him. She loves him. In her heart he is her dad. I’m thankful he accepted her as his own and I love him more because of it. I can’t wait to see him with any children of our own, if we are blessed to have any. But until then, he and her are my family and that’s enough.

Want to shoutout to MY dad. We may not see each other as often as we’d like but I appreciate that when I need him, he’s always there. And now he’s there for Scarlett too.

Today we had a lazy morning. Then we got dressed and went to my nan’s for Sunday dinner. She had babysat the twins last night (which I knew because I had been at hers last night) so they were there. We all had dinner. Including my aunt and her 3 other kids plus my mom and brother.

Scarlett hasn’t had half as much milk today whereas yesterday she had 21oz plus breakfast and dinner food. She totally varies which is really annoying lol

I’m thinking I might pop in to town tomorrow with her. Have a mama and daughter lunch date. We need to return our library books so that’s as good excuse as any.

She was in her own bed tonight like usual, from 8:30 but at 11:30 (so like 15 minutes ago) she woke up crying. I think it’s her teeth. She had real tears so she’s in my bed now. I do love co-sleeping with my princess but she’s going to go in her own room next month as I think I disturb her sleep when I’m in my room at night watching tele. I watched the new version of The Fantastic Four tonight. It’s not bad I guess.

Scarlett is 21 weeks tomorrow and 5 months officially on Saturday (25th).


20 weeks

Today (Tuesday) I was suppose to have some “me time” and go to an advanced screening of Mother’s Day but the cinema had a water leak and electrical problem so it was shut. I didn’t find out till I got there lol my “me time” ended up me putting Scarlett to bed.

Wednesday was my little brother’s 13th birthday. Can’t believe he is w teenager now.

I had my dental consultation. They’re putting me on the waiting list to have the wisdom tooth removed. I’m not overly keen about it because the leaflet I got made it sound horrendous but it has to go, it’s impacted and causes lots of pain.

She’s started rolling very consistently now. She rolled from back to front and then after some tummy time she effectively rolled back on to her back. Can’t leave her unattended now lol 
Brett and I had a row last night (Thursday) over Scarlett’s biological dad. I had sent Brett a screenshot of the message I had sent him a few weeks ago that had been read but not replied to. Meaning he’s seen my facebook messages and probably snooped through my facebook but has still chosen not to get in contact and potentially meet his daughter. It set Brett off because he just hates her dad (even though he’s never met him) and hates the fact that no matter how much he tries to be, he’s never be her “actual dad”. But he is her dad. He’s been there since early on, and he’ll continue to be there (hopefully) for the rest of her life. She’ll only ever know him as her dad and until she’s old enough to understand, she’ll not know any different. When she learns to speak she’ll be calling him daddy and he’ll teach her things. And when she we give her a sibling, he’ll raise them both as his and they’ll never need know the difference. Because at the end of the day he loves her. She loves him. I love them both. Simple! (If only)
Anyways, we made up this morning and I went to Morrison’s to get some last minute bits for the holiday. He said he would get the train down tomorrow.

Saturday we didn’t do a lot today. I tidied up stuff, did some last minute washing then I finished packing our stuff for the holiday. Brett got the train down at 9ish. It was good to see him.
Today (Sunday) Brett and I had dinner at my nan’s house then we went back to mine. We sorted Scarlett out and I had her bathed and ready for bed by 7:30pm. I said to Brett about showering together. In some weird way it would be, or was meant to be, just some simple alone time. We ended up sitting in the bath together talking and laughing for ages. It was oddly romantic. Then we somehow managed to have sex in the bath before standing up to shower and wash our hair (mostly mine as his is very short) before getting out. Mom was watching Scarlett. Which consists of her laying on my moms bed watching tele till she falls asleep haha
This morning (Monday) mom woke us up with a McDonald’s breakfast then after I had fed Scarlett and was dressed we got all out stuff ready and in the car. We drove to my nan’s house and once everything was loaded properly, we left. We stopped for lunch about 45 minutes away from our destination. We had McDonald’s lol it was easier than trying to find a nice pub/restaurant lol

Her first time in a caravan

We arrived at 4ish. We unloaded then we put Scarlett in the pram and took a wander down to the beach to see what’s about. It started to rain so we grabbed some chips and walked back to the caravan. Once Scarlett was in bed we relaxed. Brett watched a film and I laid in our bed playing on my iPad. My signal is crap but I make do. Everyone else went to bed. We managed to have great but quiet sex before rolling over and going to sleep.

Scarlett is 20 weeks today. 20 WEEKS!!! I can’t believe that. Feels like only yesterday I had my emergency scan at 7 weeks (which was actually June 9th, 2015)

Tomorrow we are headed to Monkey World. I can’t wait. I love it.


4 months

My bub was 4 months yesterday. Wow time flies when you’re having fun.

She is consistently having a jar of food a day. I give her half at lunch and half at dinner. So far she likes carrot and potato, mixed vegetables and anything with banana in it. She isn’t keen on apple and blueberry.

Yesterday was also the day that I first found out I was pregnant. A year ago I peed on a stick and my life changed. Them two faint lines. I just couldn’t believe it. I had to go out the next day and buy a better test. Which was positive, again.

Monday we didn’t get up to a lot. I watched a film called “Trainwreck” and tbh it was like watching my life on-screen lol I will have to make Brett watch it!

Tuesday we went to my nan’s house and had dinner. She did a roast chicken.

Wednesday afternoon we popped over to my aunt’s house. Her car is broke so she hasn’t been over to visit for ages and she really wanted to see Scarlett again. The twins came home from school whilst we were there and Frank wanted to hold Scarlett. After we left we went home and chilled. I watched a film called “Two Night Stand”. It was pretty good. Very funny.

Today we had a lazy morning. Then after lunch mom picked us up and we went to Next to pick up something I had ordered for Scarlett. Jelly shoes!!!!!! They are for our holiday but I wanted to try them on her now.

IMG_8782After we finished at Next (and I had wandered around the kids section) we stopped by a lady’s house to pick up a second-hand bumbo for £5. I bought it from a buy and sell app I have. I have bought a few things off there now. I got her cot mobile from there a few weeks ago.

We got on holiday in 18 days. Basically 2 weeks on Monday. I can’t wait. It is Scarlett’s first holiday. We are going to Weymouth. So it isn’t an abroad holiday. I will take her abroad either October/November or I will take her February, after her birthday.

I am just trying to fix an issue with my online account with Vodafone. Wish me luck!


Baby’s first designer outfit

Well Tuesday we went and did minigolf. It was very windy but surprisingly there were lots of wasps flying around. After we finished playing we stopped in the cafe at the minigolf place for some lunch and I had a pizza which was pepperoni and a chocolate milkshake. We went back to the caravan site and got our bits together to go swimming at the site clubhouse. We had a good hour or two at the pool then we got out and went back to our caravan. We chilled out and then we had some dinner. I think that was the night we had Chinese from a place on their little High Street in the town. It wasn’t bad. Curry sauce was a little yucky.

Wednesday we had decided to go to Portsmouth to go up the Spinnaker tower as well as do some shopping at Gunwharf Quays. I got a little bit carried away when we get the shopping because I bought the baby some Nike trainers, a Ralph Lauren top and onesie and an outfit from Gap. Mum bought the baby a pair of Nike trainers as well. We did shopping before we went up the Spinnaker tower and we put our items in the boots of the cars so we didn’t have to carry them up the tower. After we had been up the tower we stopped for lunch as I was starving because all I do nowadays is eat.

When we got back my mom’s boyfriend’s son said he wanted to go swimming but my mom and I didn’t fancy it. She hadn’t felt well all day and I myself had had a banging headache since we got there on Monday. I think we both ended up having a sleep whilst they were swimming and my mom’s boyfriends daughter sat in the front room watching TV as she didn’t want to swim either.

Thursday we decided we would have a look round Chichester towncentre. Mom and I had been there before three years ago when we stayed at Chichester Lakeside Park. I bought myself two tops from HMV. I bought myself three books from a store and I got some maternity jeans from Mothercare because they were on sale and I know I’ll need them soon enough.

Friday we came home early because my mom thought my brother wanted us back. Turns out he didn’t and I was a bit annoyed that I kind of wasted a day off. I spent my afternoon with my grandad who was out of hospital and had been since Tuesday.

Today we went to East wittering to visit my aunt who is staying there for the week with the kids. We had lunch at their house and then we went down to the beach. We were there a couple of hours before the tide went out and the sand was able to be walked on. After the beach we came back and I gave my feet wash as they were all sandy. We got sorted and walk down to the boulevard to get some dinner. Dinner was lovely and after we’d had a cup of tea back at the house we decided to make the journey home. When we was leaving I said to Frankie that we are going and he shouted “and me?” He then flung his arms around my neck which was very cute but I told him he can’t stay because I am back working on Monday.

When we arrived at my house I bid farewell to my grandparents, picked up my stuff and go out the car. I had only walked a few steps before suddenly I was sick on the path. I walked a few more steps and was sick again. My mom cleaned it up for me whilst I had a shower. I don’t know why I was sick but it could be sunstroke perhaps or motion sickness. I’m in bed now and I feel okay except my stomach burns a little. Acid reflux?

I am 14 weeks tomorrow. It’s official, I’ve definitely hit the Second trimester but I’ll be honest I feel worse now than I did three weeks ago. How is it possible that I wee more now and feel more nauseous. I thought the second trimester was meant to be the better of the three?


Pay Day

Well Saturday Grandad phoned up saying he couldn’t take me shopping because he has been throwing up and diarrhoea etc. So I said that is okay and my Mom took me later on instead. My nan phoned us up in the afternoon asking what the non-emergency number was so I told her “111”. She said all my grandad has done all day was sleep which isn’t like him. I told her to explain to them about him only have 1 working kidney, which is a transplanted one. She phoned back saying they had given him an out-of-hours appointment for 5:50pm so my mom ran them to the hospital. They ended up sending him to A&E so they can get him admitted to a ward. His BP was low but his heart rate was high. They were concerned. My nan had been with him and hadn’t eaten dinner, she was starving, so Mom and I ran to their house to grab him some overnight stuff then we got her some dinner and drove to the hospital. He was finally moved from A&E to a ward at midnight and we left soon after.

My aunt come to my Nan’s house on Sunday. On her own, no kids. She wanted to visit her dad so at 4ish we got in the car and drove up the hospital. Me, my nan, my mom and my aunt. He seemed a lot better, much more alert and perky. He was sat in the chair. This time we brought him up some newspapers and his motorbike book. That should keep him entertained till he is released.

I hit 13 weeks yesterday. Finally out of the first trimester. I am glad about that :)

We packed our stuff up, mom and I, for our holiday. In the morning we got up and went to town. I had things I had to post so we had breakfast together first then I did what I needed to do.
We left our house at 11ish and we drove down to Selsey following my mom’s boyfriend. The caravan is huge. I have a twin room to myself so I shoved all my stuff on the other bed as it is going to be unused. We decided to have a fish and chips dinner from the chippy on site. I chose a chicken burger as I don’t like fish. It wasn’t bad. Mom and I decided we would go up the club house the first night but the other 3 didn’t want to go so we went down by ourselves. We didn’t make it to the club, we stopped in the pub for a drink (non-alcoholic for me, obviously) then we came back. I think we are going Crazy Golf tomorrow then swimming. I do like going swimming.