25 weeks

The week was alright except I was shattered. Thursday I had my 25 week check up with my midwife. She did my BP, checked my urine and checked my tummy. She says baby is head down at the moment. That will explain why I’ve felt kicks high up, rather than in my groin like before. She has booked me in for my Glucose Tolerance Test on October 27th. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that.  

I will have bloods drawn afterwards then see my midwife 2 days later to see how whether I have gestational diabetes or not. Hopefully not.

I went to my Nan’s on Friday after work. I ate dinner with her, my grandad and my aunt as she was there with 3 of her kids. Frank wanted to come home with me, as usual. I didn’t think mom would agree he could stay as we’d just had them here for 5 days, so I didn’t ask her. But she said Saturday that he could so my aunt brought him over and he stayed with me until this evening. We had Sunday roast with my grandparents and just chilled for the day really.

I am so glad to be in bed as I am off to Tamworth tomorrow for work. That’ll be a long trip. 3 hour train journey on 3 separate trains. I can see me falling asleep on the way home lol

I am 25 weeks today. I have 15 left to go. I am thinking of bringing my maternity leave start date forward by a fortnight. I currently leave on December 18th but I’m thinking of changing it to December 4th.



Payday again

We had schnitzels for dinner this week. It was a lovely treat as Mom hasn’t done them for so long.

Wednesday some shit kicked off at home and I felt so drained when I got into bed and Thursday I woke up with my head feeling like it was on fire so I called in sick. I felt better after some extra sleep and I had some food when I woke. I needed some fresh air so I went to my Nan’s for a quick cuppa and to drop off two tops she had said she would try to fix BebeCarfor me. I got them and they’re too big but I took the labels off so I can’t return them. She reckons she could stitch them up to make them less baggy around my arms. Mom and I got some catalogues from BabyGear in Camberley because my aunt has told me she wants to buy me a pram. She told me to have a look around at what I want and the prices etc and then she’ll sort it out. I really want a BebeCar. There is a grey and white one that I liked. It comes with a car seat, pram carry cot top and a stroller seat. As you can see in the picture, it is grey and white with a chrome chassis and white wheels. I am so excited to be pushing my baby around in the pram. It gets more real every time I think about next year.

I am babysitting Frank this weekend. I have booked us to go to the Sealife Centre in London. It looks fun and I think he’ll love it. Not sure whether to take the stroller with us or not. Will decide tomorrow.

Weekend is here. I finished work half hour ago. My grandad picked me up. I am starving so I need to find out what my mom is doing for dinner as she is working tonight at 9pm.

I have my first midwife’s appointment on Monday. I am very excited about it. I have some questions I need to ask her so I have wrote them down or else I will likely forget.


Sunday’s are boring

Saturday I went into town then to my Nan’s as Frankie was dropped there because I was looking after him Saturday and today. We spent most the day at my Nan’s then at dinner time we went to the Harvester with my mom and her boyfriend as it was his birthday on Friday and my mom wanted to treat him. He invited us along. Frank ate SO much the little piggy. He was asleep by 8-8:30 and I went to sleep at midnight. I was shattered but I had had pepsi with my dinner so the caffeine kept me up.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast then we walked to the bus stop so we could go swimming in town. We went swimming and Frank is much more confident with jumping and splashing around. After swimming we went back into town to grab a new bottle. The silly monkey dropped his between the railings of the bridge near my house and it plunged into the water below. No way in hell was I jumping down into the manky water to retrieve his bottle. I would rather just buy a new one. So I did.

We got the bus to my Nan’s as we were having Sunday dinner there. After we ate dinner and I spilled most of my gravy down my WHITE JEANS I walked Frank back home to grab his things for when he was being picked up and I got changed. When we got back we all got in the car and went to visit my Gran at the old folks home. We took her on a walk around the home’s garden and then we settled in the patio area near the pond for tea, and some yum yums. After we visited my Gran we came back to my Nan’s. We had pudding as we didn’t have it straight after dinner earlier and not long after we got back Frankie was picked up. I walked myself home and soon as I got in I put a load of washing on then jumped in the bath.

I am in bed now and I am shattered so I am going to get some sleep as I have work again tomorrow.


Star Wars Day

Today is Star Wars Day as in “May the Force be with you”.
Well May has approached us. Quite quickly I might add. I asked to have one of the twins for the weekend so on Friday after work Frank was dropped off. They seem to have grown a little more each time I see them. Not in huge noticeable ways, just subtle things like a new couple of words that have been learned or a skill they already have seemingly to be “honed”. Such as using a knife and fork better etc. I love it but it scarily reminds me how time goes so quick. I remember when they were born and they were little skinned rabbits with no meat on them whatsover.
So Friday I laid in bed with frankie for a while but he was being silly and not going to sleep even though he was shattered as Friday is a nursery day. So I had a brainwave and decided to Skype myself from my iPad to my iPhone then I could leave him “unattended” in my room whilst I did some stuff downstairs, but could watch and hear him via the video call of Skype. It worked a treat. He was fast sleep within 10 minutes of me leaving the room. I had some food them mom dropped me at the cinema as I already had a movie booked in, my brothers girlfriend kept an ear out for Frank whilst mom dropped me off but once she came back mom took over. Not that I expected him to wake up, and he didn’t. I watched the film Unfriended. The storyline for it was crap but the acting was fine so I can’t fault the actors and actresses. My bro was finished work so we both got a lift home from our grandad at 11.

Saturday Frank woke up at 6:45. We had breakfast and got ready to go cinema. We got the bus to town so I could do some shopping before the cinema. We decided against the stroller today and poor Frank walked EVERYWHERE!!! He did really well but half way through the movie he had a hissy fit over nothing I could figure out. After the movie we popped into my brothers work next door to say Hi then we went on the bus homeward bound. We ended up at our Nana’s house. We had some lunch then we joined them on their weekly visit to see my great-gran at the old folks home. We prepared well by bringing Frankie some crayons and a colouring book. Whilst we were there he found an old typewriter and my nan showed him how it works so he happily sat and  tapped away at the “keys” lol

After we left we went back to Nans and Frank fell asleep in the car. I left him to sleep for 45 minutes then I braved it and woke him up. He was okay and he sat on my lap watching some TV then finally we had dinner. I went up the chippy with my grandad and then we ate when we got back. Frank ate more than I thought he might. We walked home and Frank took himself upstairs so I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he went “yeah” so after a quick bath we were in bed. It was gone 8:30pm by now so I’m not surprised he was tired. He didn’t last long, he was out like a light. I laid next to him reading my book which I’ve finished now.

Sunday (yesterday) we didn’t wake up till 8:45am. That’s a personal record for Frank. We had some breakfast then chilled on the sofa with some Curious George before nan picked him up to take him home. He left at 11 and I spent the day relatively bored. I caught up on my TV shows (vampire diaries, Grimm and criminal minds) then I was bored so I painted my nails. I painted my nails god damnit lol then I had some food and got into bed. I had a late-ish night because I was messaging some peeps but it’s a bank holiday today so it didn’t matter that much if I was up late.

Woke up today at 10ish. I had originally planned to go into town and do some shopping but I decided I can do that at the weekend. Instead I got up and walked to my Nans. I had forgotten she’d gone out today. I didn’t stay long. I just charged my phone up and then got the bus to town, grabbed some lunch and then got the bus to the cinema. I am watching Far From The Madding Crowd. I am currently sat in my cinema seat with my slushie and the trailers are rolling which I’ve seen already because I only went to the cinema on Friday. But I suppose I should go.


Easter Friday 2015 

Well I had very decent lay in today. I woke up about half 10. I had some breakfast and then mom and I went to town so I could do some shopping. After we’d had a wander around the town we made our way to the cinema. We were early so we picked up the tickets then had a hotdog, which comes with a drink. I got a slushie because I haven’t had one of those in a long time. I’d forgotten how great they tasted. We got our seats and watched the movie. Before it started there was a short feature called Frozen Fever which was funny. It had been filmed especially for this movie.

After the cinema we went to nans for a cuppa tea and at 6 Frankie was dropped off. I said I’d have him as he’s no trouble when he’s on his own so we had some dinner and then I bathed him and got him in bed. We watched half an hour of Sofia the First then I switched it off. When he was asleep I crept downstairs. My mom was watching a film but it soon finished so she went up to bed. I took total advantage of the tv being free and I caught up on Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I am literally just on my way up to bed now as the last episode has just finished.

Not sure what we have planned tomorrow. Mom is working till 2:30 so she’s busy in the morning. I may take Frank swimming. We haven’t been in a while. I guess I’ll see how we feel tomorrow.



Well my weekend was pretty busy but it was a good one. Saturday we got up and had breakast. We chilled with some Curious George then Frank had a bath, got dressed and when I was showered (super quick) and dressed we were ready to go. We had to get a bus into town but first I had to drop off something at Nan’s house so we stopped in there. She asked him if he was going on a train today and he shouted, clear as day “I not”. It was quite funny as she wasn’t even sure he had said it because it was THAT clear. We left for the bus and once in town we hurried about doing what needed to be done before finally getting on the train. I had to pick up a book from the library that I had reserved online. It is called “Me & You” by Claudia Carroll. My current read is by her too and I am thoroughly enjoying it. After the library I had to pop to Specsavers to pick up my new glasses then finally we could get on the train. At the station we bumped into Frankie’s sister who was getting a train inton London with her Dad and Granny for the day. Frank and I were one side of the track, they were the other and he kept shouting “TT” (that’s what he calls her) and she was laughing because she could hear him from the other side. We got on and my Dad picked us up from the other end, 45 minutes later. Frank sat on a Frozen booster seat as my siblings are way too old for a baby seat so he didn’t have one. It was better than nothing and Frank was really well behaved, he didn’t try to undo the seatbelt or anything. The doors are child-locked so he wouldn’t have gone anywhere anyway.
We got to my Dad’s and Frank was a little shy, which wasn’t a huge surprise as he doesn’t really take to anyone except a select few humans, like myself. However it soon became clear that for some unknown reason he had taken a shine to my Dad. We had planned for lunch and my Dad said there is a pub down the road, in a walkable distance, so we set off. Luckily I had had the good forethought to bring the stroller with me so Frank didn’t have to do the walk, I pushed him along. It was raining but only a little. Once at the pub we got a table, found Frankie a high chair and we ordered our lunch. Whilst waiting for it, my dad and siblings took Frankie for a run around outside and whilst they were doing that my Step-momma and I had a catchup. Lunch came and we ate then we walked back to my Dad’s. Frank followed my Dad around all afternoon like a lost puppy, it was kind of cute. And also gave me a chance to relax as he wasn’t constantly calling me, climbing on me or clinging to me. We got a train at 5ish and we stopped off at Nan’s on our way home. He had fell asleep on the train for 2 minutes so I figured he would be hungry now, then he could have a bath at home then go to bed. Nan was dishing up a dinner so I asked her to do him a little plateful. He ate more than I thought he would because he ate most his lunch. But he ate. We left and after a bath we were in bed. I fell asleep not too long after he did so well before 9:30 lol good job really seeing as the clocks went forward an hour that night.

Sunday Frankie woke up at 7:50 but in theory it was, and felt like, 6:50am lol we got up and had breakfast, the usual routine, and off we went. We got a bus to the next town so we could go to the cinema. For the most part Frank did really well, for his young age, during his very first cinema experience. Right at the optimum moment when something was happening on screen he yelled “Oh no!” And everyone turned to look whilst laughing. I was bright red but luckily it was pitch black lol he watched the entire film which was over an hour then he got back in the stroller so we could go shopping before heading back home. We popped into Morrison’s so I could grab some stuff for work but I also picked up some flowers as it was my Nan’s birthday yesterday. Once we got home we chilled out and I changed Frankie’s nappy as he needed it changed. Then we got in the car with my mom and grandparents as we were off for dinner. My Nan’s birthday meal. We had a nice meal and Frank was mostly well-behaved although a bit shouty lol we went back to my Nan’s after dinner for a cuppa tea and he had a play then at about 4 he was dropped home. I went home and chilled out with some more once upon a time.

Considering the hour loss I didn’t feel tired so last night I found I couldn’t drop off even though I had turned my iPad off at 11:30 and my iPhone shortly after it. This morning when I woke up for work at 6:20 it felt like 5:20 lol I don’t think my brain or body has accepted the time zone change, yet.

WordPress notified today that I set up my blog exactly 2 years ago today. Yay for me, I’ve stuck out blogging for 2 whole years. Happy Blog-O-Versary to me lol I am proud that I managed it because sometime I can be a bit of a quitter or just downright fickle!

Start work soon so I got to go. This will be a long day, I can tell lol


Pay Day Friday

I haven’t “checked in” since last weekend. Sunday Mom cooked a roast dinner. It was her first one in ages. She’s usually working on a Sunday or out gallavanting with her boyfriend lol so it was nice to have a nice homemade lunch together.

Monday I was off sick. I had been fighting a banging headache ALL weekend and by Monday morning it was a full blown migraine so I called in sick and stayed in bed trying to shift the pain. Tuesday I felt a bit better so I went to work. It felt like the day dragged on and on because I wasn’t feeling 100% and Wednesday I ended up off again because I just couldn’t shake this “crappy” feeling I had. I felt much better Thursday though and I went back to work. After work Mom picked me up and the 4 of us (mom, bro and his girlfriend) went out for dinner at the Harvester. I ate way too much and couldn’t finish my pudding. That is a cardinal sin in my eyes lol I had a shower when I got home and tucked myself up in bed with more episodes of Once Upon a Time. I have been catching up on season 3 as the entire series, so far, is on Netflix. This is also really great, it being on Netflix, because our TiVo box has Netflix built-in so whenever the TV downstairs is free I can watch it on there as opposed to my little iPad. Which I do love, my iPad I mean, it just makes a nice change watching it on a 42″ TV lol

Today is finally Friday, and most importantly, it is PAYDAY Friday. Although being an adult, a grown up, means my wages don’t last long. I have bills coming out for various things throughout the month but firstly my rent to my momma goes out on the dot first thing. I don’t mind. I prefer it going out then I know what is left. I have to accommodate for travel, any pre-planned events requiring money and birthday’s etc. Speaking of, I need to grab my Nan some flowers for her birthday on Sunday. I think I’ll do that when Frankie and I have been to the cinema on Sunday. It is his first time at movies. We are booked to see Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. I only paid £2 for the whole booking so if he doesn’t sit still or wants to leave then I won’t feel like it has been a waste of money. I reckon that he will be fine as long as he has a drink and some munchies.

So that is Sunday morning sorted. In the afternoon us 2, and mom, is taking my Nan and Grandad for dinner for my Nan’s birthday. Before all that, Frankie and I are going down on the train tomorrow (Saturday) to visit my Dad, Lotti and the kids. So that will be a fun day. Not sure what they have planned but it’ll be a nice Easter treat for them regardless.

So that is my weekend all set. The clocks go forward this weekend, in the early hours of Sunday. That is not good because we lose an hour lol however next week is a bank holiday on the Friday so we only have a 4 day work week and the following week I am off for thay whole of it as the Monday is a bank holiday anyway so I booked off the following 4 days.

Today is dragging on at work. It is half 10, I have been at work since 7:50am. I am just so not feeling it today. But needs must so back to it.