TV Box All Set-Up

Monday we woke up at 8:30am. I slept great. So did Scarlett. We had some breakfast and watched the rest of Open Season, the movie from the other day. My mom’s friend said her and her partner would come round at 11 to sort out my TV box. I put Scarlett down for a nap just before she got there, with her partner. He sorted it whilst I made tea. So now I have a working TV box. I can record stuff and pause TV if needed. I thanked them, paid for the cable and they left. I set all my programmes up to record, logged into Netflix and NowTV then Scarlett woke up. She woke up at almost 2. We walked round my Nan’s house to let her dog out, as she’s out all day and it’s not fair on the dog being cooped up [not that she cares, she sleeps all day]. We stayed for 2 hours.

Scarlett is beyond clever. She was eating a yoghurt [which she had asked nicely for] and she asked for another. I said she could have 1 but she had to throw the old one in the bin then go into the fridge and get a new 1. She threw it away then went and got a new 1. When she was done she said she was finished so I said she had to throw that away too. I never mentioned the spoon, I forgot. When she came back I asked her where her spoon was. I expected her to have thrown it in the bin. She said it was on the side. I went into the kitchen and as she said, it was sat on the side. I literally could feel my heart bursting with proud. This tiny little person is growing up. I remember waiting for my emergency scan when I was 7 weeks, finding out I was 10 days behind than I thought, and barely seeing a speck on the screen. And now looking at her, where has that time gone? I am excited to see the person she will become. Already she amazes me. She is beyond cheeky, very bossy, chatty and caring. She is also stroppy and strong-willed. She shares whatever she has. She likes to sit near you and play, asking you to join in sometimes but is happy to play by herself, immersing herself in her own little world with her dolls. She pretends to feed them. I caught her using her changing mat to “change” the baby doll’s nappy lol

We walked back home at 5pm. I cooked us some dinner for 6pm then I put her in the bath. She wanted me to bath with her but I fancy having a bath by myself for a change. By the time she was ready for bed my mom had turned up. She said she’d pop in for a cup of tea before heading to work at 9ish. So she came and I made tea. Scarlett had her milk then she went off to bed at 7:30. We watched TV and chatted. She headed off at 9. I put another episode of Altered Carbon on, then another before switching over to watch my recorded episode of Blindspot from 10pm. At about 11:30 I got into bed.

Today I woke up at 6:45 when my alarm went off. I woke up to loads of notifications. I got myself dressed, sorted my bag for work and Scarlett’s nursery bag. I went in and dressed her. We brushed our teeth then I put teletubbies on for her then I made our breakfast. We ate together then I made my lunch. My Nan turned up at 7:30. She put her coat and shoes on. I put my own on then I left for work at 7:45.

Today has dragged a little. It usually does during the school holidays as a lot of staff book time off to spend with their kids. So there’s less emails, meaning less work. I prefer busy days.

I don’t know why people trust me to rent a flat, pay my bills and keep my child alive when I can’t even eat a chocolate yoghurt without getting it all over myself. I was eating my lunch and my yoghurt went down my blouse AND my hoodie. FFS lol



Happy Easter & April Fools Day

Thursday I had a half day at work. So I left just after 12 and headed home. My tumble dryer had been delivered and I was waiting for the repair guy to come look at my dodgy bathroom tap. He turned up at 12:30. He fixed the tap and said he’d have to come back another time to install a pump for the shower as it’s gravity fed and the water has no “push”, hence why the shower has no water coming out.

I waited all afternoon for the talktalk internet guy to come out and install everything. He didn’t show. At 6:15 I went on the online chat to ask why he wasn’t here and they told me that engineers don’t come to your property. Apparently they set it up online from some exchange thing and then you self install the box. Right ok. That’s a load of shit because the emails I got and the 3 phone calls I received “to check I was still okay for the engineer to visit my property” made no inference to no one actually coming. As a matter of fact, the wording used made it seem crystal clear that they were coming to my flat to install. So you can imagine I was furious!

So I set up my internet (WiFi) but the internet/phone line is in the Hall way whereas my talktalk TV box is next to the TV and you can’t run the TV box without being connected via the Ethernet cable to the WiFi. So I asked my mom’s friend to pop round to look. Her and her partner said I’d need a 30 meter cable to bring the WiFi and landline back into the front room so I can plug the TV box into the router to use the internet. Otherwise I can’t use my talktalk box and it’s useless having it. So they ordered 1 for me and said they’ll come sort it over the weekend.

Friday we got up and had breakfast. I put her down for a nap. My dad was visiting. He turned up. Once Scarlett was up we went out for lunch. It was a good meal and after we ate we went to my nans for a cuppa. My dad left after he drank his tea. We stayed at my Nan’s till 9 then my grandad dropped us home.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast. We had a bath then we curled up and watched a film on Netflix. My mom and her boyfriend came round for a cuppa just as I cooked lunch. Scarlett and I had chicken and chips then we went to my nan’s. We came home later and I cooked us some tea. We had pizza and garlic bread.

I’ve been watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. It’s mad weird but I kind of like it.

Today we got up at 8:30. We got dressed then headed out the door to wait for the bus. We got to town and had breakfast. Scarlett sat in a proper chair rather than a high chair and she looked so grown up.

We ate then we got our tickets at the cinema for Peter Rabbit the movie. She did so incredibly well. She sat for 55 minutes then I let her wander up and down the stairs next to our seats. She did so well though, I’m beyond proud. She’s only just 2, bless her!

After the cinema we got the bus home and I put her down for a nap. I watched an episode of Altered Carbon but I was tired (no idea why) so I turned it off when it was done and climbed into bed at 2. I expected Scarlett to wake up soon but I must’ve fell asleep quickly as I woke up at 4 because I could hear her singing. I went into see her and she’d tipped her water all over her cot. Her sheet, duvet and pillow was soaking. So I stuck it all on the radiator and re-dressed her as her clothes were soaked too.

We watched some teletubbies and I asked my mom if she wanted to go out for dinner. She said yeah so she picked us up at 5:30 and we went to the harvester. We ate and had a good time just us 3. Again, Scarlett was so good.

We got home at almost 8. I bathed her and did her milk. She went to bed at 8:45. She went to sleep quite quickly. I caught up on the last episode of The Disappearance and now I’m going to watch Altered Carbon.

Day off tomorrow. Going to spend it at home. Will probably watch a film together and play with her toys. She likes this Farmyard Bingo game someone bought her for her birthday. We match the pictures and she tells me what the animals are in each one.

I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t do an Easter Egg hunt, didn’t buy any bunny decorations or make any sort of big deal about it. This is mostly in part because I don’t wish to be a hypocrite. I’m not religious and it’s suppose to be a religious thing. People have forgotten that it’s not about chocolate. I’ve never been in to easter and I don’t want Scarlett in the habit of searching dirt once a year for candy from a strange creature. Hardly kosher lol



So I totally forgot to blog for a while! Here’s what has been happening.

Thursday 13th:

Had work and then at 5pm I was free for 10 days!!!

Friday 14th (Easter Friday):

Bank holidays rule! Scarlett had me up at usual time. Sorted her then we played. She had a nap then once she was up we got on the train to Brett’s house. Scarlett went to bed at 9ish I think.

Saturday 15th:

We didn’t get up to much. Weather wasn’t overly great so stayed in. We got ready for the party (Brett’s friend’s 21st) and off we went. I had a fairly decent night. Finally met some of his peeps. Hopefully didn’t show myself up, even though I puked a few times before getting the uber home lol

Sunday 16th (Easter Sunday):

I was hanging out my asshole when I woke up with Scarlett at 8am. She wanted to run about and I just wanted to die BUT I did get up. I gave her a bottle. Dragged her to the toilet so I could puke a bit more. She gave me this judgmental stare. 15 months old and that sort of attitude! #MyKidRules

At 10am Brett’s mom said did I want her to take Scarlett with her to visit some family for a few hours? Yes please lol so off they went. I climbed back into bed. After 2 hours I felt right as rain. Was starving and dinner wasn’t due til 3ish so I had a bit of toast and some more water. I felt much better. Dinner was lovely. Brett had surfaced at that point. Lazy fucker. Next time he says a word about being up early with Scarlett I’ll remind him of the time I got up with a hangover to deal with her, when he was very incapable of doing so!

Monday 17th (Easter Monday):

We got up today and I packed our stuff. Brett said he was going to the tattooist in Epsom to book in his ink. So we tagged along. We had some lunch then we came home. Chilled for a bit then we jumped on a train home. Think we got back at about 6ish. I bathed Scarlett and put her to bed.

Tuesday 18th:

Scarlett had Nursery and I had a lay in. Technically I didn’t. I still got up with her at 7ish but after I’d fed her, dressed her and shipped her off to Nursery, I climbed back in bed lol my nan picked her up at 12:30 like normal. I went round to pick her up a bit later. I had a doctors appointment at 3:50pm. We ended up having dinner with my nan then we came home. She went to bed at 7:30 like normal but at midnight, just as I was settling for bed, she woke up and was up for the next 2 hours. I think I didn’t get to sleep until 3am.

Wednesday 19th:

Woke up to a lovely swollen hayfever eye. Not surprising I was tired though, after being up till 3am. Sent her off to Nursery as I had stuff to do. Had to tidy my room and hoover the upstairs. Plus do some washing. Clean the dishes. Just random crap really.

Today (20th):

Today I was due to meet my bestie in London for a playdate but she couldn’t make it due to a fire at Euston station and some other incident going on. Shame but it what it is! So me and Scarlett stayed home all morning so she could nap after playing with me. After she woke up we grabbed our coats and walked to my nan’s house. We had lunch and played a bit then she had a short nap. We stayed for dinner then we walked home.

I put her to bed at 7:30. She was tired but spent about 20 minutes rolling around her cot talking to herself. I love listening to her.

I watched Emmerdale then I packed Scarlett’s stuff for her overnight stay at my nan’s tomorrow. Brett’s birthday is tomorrow. He is going to be 25. I’m taking him away for the night. It’ll be good fun. My nan is babysitting :)

Just watching Chicago Justice catch up and waiting for Brett to arrive.


2 headaches

Monday 10th:

Considering it was a Monday I had a good day. I got lots done at work and didn’t feel as tired as I expected, after a busy weekend with Brett.

Tuesday 11th:

Came on when I woke up. Had been expecting it since Friday so not too bad, only a few days late. My tracking app gives averages based on previous data entered. So it’s always only going to be a guesstimate lol wish they’d come on time though.

Wednesday 12th:

Had a horrible headache. All damn day. Had no painkillers on me. My supply was empty so I had to tough it out. Eventually took some when I got home. Scarlett cries to go to bed ATM. It’s mad because usually kids want to stay up but she’s so tired she just wants to go to bed. She at 7 she’s down and I don’t hear a peep from her.

I was downstairs for a while watching some tele and doing chores. Headache came back with a vengeance (which worries me because that’s usually when a migraine hits) so I decided to go to bed. Turned my bedside lamp on and it made a massive bang and went off. I unplugged it and then got in to bed but then I noticed my alarm clock was flashing, my TV standby light was gone and my phone said No Wifi. So I had to call up our out of hours people for advice. Luckily it was a simple fix that I did myself over the phone. I was worried about the food in the fridge and freezer. It’ll go off quickly. Anyway, problem solved so I climbed into bed. Headache was still there but hopefully the tablets will kick in soon.


Off to grandad’s house

Sunday morning we got up at nan’s. I fed Scarlett then dressed her. I got myself dressed and we went downstairs. Nan was cooking dinner and we ate at 1:30ish. It was delicious.

Monday was a bank holiday and Nan was away most the day seeing my uncle so I popped in to check on the dog. As I tend to do a lot lately. Mom and I popped into town and ended up having lunch. She filled her car up and then we came home.

Tuesday I had the dentist again. I had to have a small filling. Such a hard core bitch I had it without the lidocaine injection haha I hate that stuff, I feel like I’m dribbling the few times I’ve had it so I always decline now. Fillings are nasty without numbing stuff but they’re tolerable. Bit like child birth I guess.

Mom was off Tuesday night for a change so we got in her bed, with Scarlett, and watched Blindspot. This was after I had had a bath while she watched Scarlett. After that finished we watched Insidious 3. I saw it last year at the cinema when I was pregnant but mom never saw it. At this point Scarlett was flat out for the rest of the night but she kept jumping a little because mom kept jumping and making noises (squeals) lol

When it finished we got into our bed and went to sleep.

Today we visited my dad for the day. Mom and I had a cheeky McDonald’s breakfast before she dropped us at the station. We got the train there at 10:15. At 12:30 we went to a lovely quaint pub for lunch. I had cheesy garlic bread and chunky chips. It was delicious. My dad fed Scarlett a feed and so did my stepmom. We got the train back home at 6:15 and my Nan picked us up the other end and dropped us home. My dad got me an Easter egg and Scarlett got some 3-6m outfits. She’s so spoiled. They’ll do great when we go on holiday.

I watched Emmerdale when I got in whilst feeding her then she did a massive poop so I stripped her naked and ran her a bath. She had her bath and then we both were ready for bed. I did an update on my iPad then I put a film on. I watched Man Up. Another film I saw last year while pregnant lol

Scarlett has been fast asleep since 9:30pm and I’m shattered so I’m going to join her.

I’m hoping to finally get her weighed again tomorrow, if we get up in time for the baby clinic between 9:30 and 11. We’ll see but she needs weighing.


Wisdom teeth

Turned out that guy I mentioned in my previous post is a tad crazy. He was suppose to come over on Thursday. I told my mom (as we talk about everything) and I mentioned someone was coming over. She was going to work for 9pm so she wouldn’t meet him, I can understand no one wants to meet someone’s parents the first time they meet. However my brother was going to be home, with his friend. So from a safety point of view, I had covered my bases. Anyway, he didn’t get in touch to ask for my address and without it, he’s fucked. I was talking to my mom and she said what’s his name? So I said what it was. She asked where he’s from? So I said. She went “do you have a picture? So I showed the one on his online profile. She told me that she’s adamant she met him 6 months ago for a coffee nearby and he was very strange. She said he had a bandage on his hand and claimed he’d had an operation a few days before. It started bleeding so she said to follow her back to the house and she’d get a plaster. So she went inside, shutting the door behind her (clever girl) and when she came back out he was gone. She text him asking him why he’d left? And he replied saying he had to leave because the voices in his head were telling him to kill!!! So me and my mother have awesome taste in men.

When he finally got in touch the next day I asked him about it (didn’t mention she was my mom, I said a friend told me), he acted like he had no clue. Said he never met anyone last year, and certainly hasn’t had an operation on his hand. My mom is pretty adamant it’s the same guy. And I don’t disbelieve her. So I won’t be meeting him. What a bloody weirdo!!

So I’m officially creeped out enough that I don’t ever want to date again. Not that I had planned to meet him as a date. I said just as friends.

Friday I had the dentist. I hate my dentist. She keeps finding “decay” in my teeth. I’ve never had many issues with my teeth but since she took over as my dentist a year ago, she’s given me two fillings and told me I need to do this and do that. She’s a nightmare. On the upside, she’s re-referred me for my wisdom teeth to be removed. As you may remember the first referral ended in yhe consultant writing a letter to her basically saying she’s an idiot for referring a pregnant woman for surgery Lol so hopefully I’ll get a letter about that in the next month. I’m not looking forward to the surgery bedside I’m well aware how awful it is after but I need that tooth out.

I actually have had a wisdom tooth headache (plus ear and jaw ache) for 2 days now. Awesome!

My Nan babysat for my aunt Friday night. They were dropped off early whilst my Nan was still at work so I said I’d go to her house and give my grandad a hand. God they were naughty. When it was bedtime later on after dinner I had to physically drag Frankie out from under the dining room table. He’s a right little shit when he wants to be.

Saturday Scarlett woke up at 8am. After her feed we went back to bed. Woke up at 12:15. Fed her, got her dressed then myself then I put her on the pram whilst I tackled the washing up before we left for my nan’s house.

Tonight she has been really fussy. She cried for an hour because she had bellyache. In the end my mom took her and she finally burped and fell asleep. I hate when she’s upset and I can’t really do anything about it. She’s alright though and will sleep now till the morning.

We are having Sunday roast at nan’s tomorrow. She’s doing lamb but I don’t like it so I’m having pie with my roast potatoes lol I had planned to maybe go cinema but it’s not fair on mom for me to ask her to babysit when she’s been at work till 1:30pm. It’s a Sunday. She should be able to chill and relax.

Sometimes I feel like I burdened my mom by having a baby. Like, I never gave her a choice in the matter when I decided to keep the baby. And maybe she was right, maybe I should’ve moved out when I was pregnant. I worry that I’m a drain on her because there’s two of us to feed now and being on maternity is a major issue because I’m not bringing home any where near the same as I was before. I hate being so skint but it’s not my fault. It’s just how maternity pay is.

Reggie met Scarlett today properly. And he asked if he could hold her so I let him. He was talking to her and she was smiling. It was a really nice moment because it’s Reggie. He’s literally the child who taught me to love and want children. He’s my ReggieRoo.

Scarlett has her jabs on Monday and it’s the anniversary of my uncles death so we’ll be visiting the cemetery at some point. It’ll be Scarlett’s first time visiting. Not that she’ll remember it of course. He’s been gone 14 years!!!

Wednesday I’m getting the train to Stratford to meet some of my pregnancy buddies for lunch. It’ll be nice to meet them as we’ve been in touch for 10 months or more. Plus we can snap a nice photo of us all with our babies lol

It’s Easter next weekend. It’ll be Scarlett’s first but she won’t remember any of it, just like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day. So I only got her a pair of bunny ears. I didn’t go all out. I can go all out next year as she’ll be a year old then. I’ll make an effort for Halloween though as she’ll be 9 months old and they do such adorable outfits lol

I’m in bed wide awake as usual and she’s flat out. Think I’ll play my game a bit then get some sleep.


Easter Monday 2015

Well Frankie and I went swimming on Saturday. I knew the baby pool wasn’t open until after lunch so we had a lazy morning with netflix and playing games. We got sorted and got the bus to town. This time I made sure I had the stroller but when we were in town, I let him out for a run around a few times. We went to the library to send back one of my rentals as well as both of his. He picked up two new ones. One is a book about a farm with the various animals and instruments and vegetables, you find around farms, labelled clearly for parents to help toddlers sound out. Frankie found the “nacknacks” (ducks), and the “woof woof” (dogs) and the “peas” (growing in the field) That one is self explanatory lol

After swimming we wandered around town so I could get some birthday cards then we got the bus home. We chilled out with our new books and then had some dinner. Frank took ages to go to sleep and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything else so I stayed in bed long after he nodded off and just continued reading my Peachville High series. I am loving it, I am on the third one now.

Sunday we were having roast dinner at home as mom was only working till midday and nan was out all day. For the whole morning it was just Frankie and I. By gone 11am we were getting cabin fever so I said let’s grab some shoes and a coat and go out for a walk. Once we were finally ready to go, we left mine and walked over the park. I brought along the Peppa Pig bubbles I had bought in town. Frankie ran around the park chasing them when I blew them for him. He fell over a few times and was caked in mud. By time it hit almost 12:30 I said to Frank it was time to go. He wasn’t happy but he slowly followed me. We stopped at a huge tree and I lifted him up onto the lower branch so he could sit there. I took a photo then he jumped into my arms to get down. He thought that was the funniest thing. We got in and straight away I took his muddy shoes, socks and trousers off. We settled back on the sofa and mom came home just as we relaxed. I gave her as much a hand as I could with sorting the dinner, without Frankie following me and getting in our way lol we did some coloring, Frank and me, before dinner and then we ate. After dinner we decided to pop in and see nan as none of us had really seen her and Frankie kept calling for Grandad. So we got our stuff together and went round. It was great because Frank needed to run off some energy which he did by playing in the garden.

He was picked up at about 5:30 and I nipped home to grab some stuff then his dad dropped me in Farnham to a mates house. A guy I have been talking to for months asked me to come over Friday but I said Sunday instead. I got to his and we watched a film, a comedy (#56). He looks much better in person than his pictures etc. He’s a good kisser and we had a good night. I stayed over as it seemed easier but I got the feeling he had regretted saying that I could. I may have read him wrong but he seemed like he wanted me gone as soon as we’d had our fun. Which isn’t an issue. I have felt like that once or twice before but I’d rather he had said if that was the case because I wouldn’t have stayed, I’d have found a way home.

Anyway, he’s hot and seems like a great guy so even if I don’t see him again, I can look back on our night as a good memory. We woke up at 9ish today. I got picked up at 10 and when I got home I jumped straight in the bath so I could relax and read my book. Mom got home at 12:30 and was going back out within an hour so she rushed about getting showered and changed. I had booked the cinema for myself today for 4:45 so I figured I’d go see my Nan then I’d get the bus to the cinema, leave myself an hour to grab a bite to eat then go see the movie. I got to my nans and she informs me that she’s sick with a bug. Lovely. No surprises where she got it from as my uncles children are all sick and my nan saw them on Saturday. Why he let people visit when he knew the kids were sick is beyond me especially as my grandad is classed as a vulnerable person. He’s a donor kidney recipient and anyone who knows about transplant patients, know they have to take Anti-Rejection tablets which basically means he has no immune system and is susceptible to most things. Yet somehow this time he is not sick, my nan is.

So yeah she’s not well. I popped round the shop to get her some bits then at 3 I got on the bus to the cinema. My bro was on break at 3:30 so we grabbed a sneaky harvester together. Just us two. Then when it hit almost 4:45 he went back into his work and I wandered to the cinema. I decided I wanted a slushie so I got a large blue one. The film I watched was The Duff. It was pretty hilarious and definitely worth buying on DVD when it comes out later this year. Overall, good day and good night.

So I got the bus back from the cinema but in town the buses stop running round my local area after 7 on bank holidays and Sunday’s. So my mom picked me up from the bus station. I am now currently in bed with my iPad on watching Grimm. Will catchup with these few episodes then it’s back to my Peachville High series.

It is my cousins birthday today. She is 11. I bought her The sims 3 and an expansion pack plus a disc full of extra content.

I never did write up a second Fun Fact. My first Fun Fact is in a post titled I was recognised but I never actually continued after that. So I’ve sorted it so that all my fun facts, appearing in posts, will be logged under the Fun Fact category tag so if anyone wanted to see all the Fun Facts they could have a whole list of the posts just by clicking that category heading. Awesome right?