6 days till Italy

So we managed to get on the train at 5:15 yesterday and we arrived at 6:30. That's 45 minutes earlier than usual. We always have a takeaway on a Friday at Brett's so we had McDonald's and then Brett bathed Scarlett. Then I gave her a bottle and I put her to bed. We watched some of the World Althetics things on tv then I got into bed. Brett fell asleep at 11pm. I kept waking up because of various things and I had a shit nights sleep.
His dad came in this morning to wake him for work and Scarlett woke up at the same time. Was about 6:45. I changed her nappy then made her a bottle. Tried to get her to nap as she didn't go to bed until late last night but she wouldn't have it lol ended up playing blocks and watching teletubbies then we had breakfast then she finally went back down. I was going to join her but I resisted the urge.
When she woke up we went shopping with Brett's mom. Scarlett munched on some chocolate animal biscuits whilst we shopped. We headed home and I made us lunch. She played a little. By 2 she was ready for a nap but I put her down and she didn't go to sleep. By this time Brett was in from work. She played some more and then I put her back down at 3ish. She woke up at 4:30.
His mom cooked me and Scarlett dinner at 5:45 as Brett wasn't hungry. So we ate. She ate the same as me plus she had a yoghurt for pudding. She's so greedy for someone so tiny. After dinner I got ready to go cinema with Brett. He was asleep so he was woken up so we could go. He wasn't even in the mood to go as he's sick with a cold. I told him we didn't have to go. But he insisted. So we went. The movie was at 7:10. He got a hotdog before it started so we sat for 15 minutes outside the screens whilst he ate then we headed in. We watched Spider-Man homecoming. It wasn't too bad. There was a young kid next to me who kept kicking my damn leg every time she moved. It got me so annoyed because I cannot tell her to stop it because she's a child and I'm likely to get stabbed in london lol if she had been a grown ass woman I'd have said to her "are your legs too long that you can't keep them to your own damn side?" Although tbf I'm still likely to get stabbed lol was really grinding on me that she was doing it.
We got picked up at 10 and when we got back Scarlett was still up. His mom said she had her bath and was just happy playing. She started to flag a bit when we got home so Brett changed her nappy and I did her a bottle. She was flat out by 10:40.
I'm now laid in Brett's bed playing solitaire on my phone whilst he watches some film with his dad.
We're off home tomorrow. Back to reality but on the upside, I'm only working 4 days next week!!!
6 days left till Italy. Getting closer. Scary and exciting!!!


Reading again

Friday 17th:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t celebrate it because we aren’t Irish lol Scarlett is inadvertently wearing green today though! We were going to Brett’s so after work my mom dropped us at the train station. Our left at 6pm. Scarlett fell asleep soon after and woke up the other end when Brett’s mom put her in the car for the ride to their house. She was still up when he got in from work. I bathed her and then at 9:30 she went to bed. We kind of had a row. Over something totally silly.

Saturday 18th:

I thought we were okay but it became clear, once he actually got his ass up, that it wasn’t “okay” and I almost went home. We did make up. His mom babysat so we could go for a meal, and the cinema, as previously planned. We watched Kong: Skull Island. We had a nice evening followed by some good clean fun (quiet-ish, we have to share his room with Scarlett whereas at home she has her own room). She did a poo in the bath when his mom bathed her haha kids!

Sunday 19th [today]:

I just felt like crap but nonetheless I was going to get up with her but when she woke Brett got up instead and I had a lovely lay-in. He put her down for a nap at 11ish and climbed in the bed with me. I was awake at this point, checking my phone and we spent 2 hours chatting and stuff. Quietly, but it was nice just cuddling up and relaxing.

Scarlett woke up at 1:30. I gave her a bottle, as she hadn’t had her lunch time bottle and then at 3pm dinner was ready (Sunday lunch). Brett had fell asleep so we left him and Scarlett sat up the table with us on her new portable seat. She loved it.


We got on the tram at 5:15 and got off at Wimbledon. She was fast asleep at this point so it was a chilled 25 minute wait till the train came to take us homewards. She woke up as I got off the train which was handy as she would’ve woke up when she was put in the car seat anyway. We got home and she was excited to see her Nanny. Managed to get her to bed at 8:30-9ish. I had a shower and washed my hair. Now I am in bed. Work tomorrow. I hate Monday’s. I can never get my butt up on a Monday!

Been reading again, finally. I am currently reading a book called Julia gets a life. It is quite good and I haven’t been able to put it down.


Date time!

Monday night I couldn’t sleep. Probably due to the extra caffeine and the excitement at meeting my date Tuesday.

Scarlett and I got the bus to town in the morning and I enjoyed a lovely McDonald’s breakfast. We had a wander and popped into the tattoo parlour to see my brother. He’s had a tattoo for Scarlett done. It’s brilliant!!! I really want to get mine done soon.

When my “date” got to the train station he called me so I walked to meet him. My brother tagged along lol which was fine.

He was exactly how he is on the phone and video chat etc. We walked back into town from the station whilst chatting etc. I had eaten breakfast and was stuffed so we just wandered. We got the bus to my house and we just chilled. We put a film on whilst Scarlett had a nap. We both liked the film already and knew every word so it was like an unspoken competition who could say the most lines lol I bathed Scarlett at 7:30pm. She had her last feed at 8:30pm then I snuggled her till she was asleep. I put her in the Moses Basket for the night. We stuck a film on. We watched Knocked Up. We love that film it’s so funny. It’s not a great movie to fool around to though because there’s a lot of weird references to pregnancy and some are just not appropriate to sexy time lol we was up all night talking. We didn’t shut up and lay down properly till gone 3am. #58

We hadn’t planned for him I stay. It was last minute. He was going to get the train home at like 8:30pm but ended up staying. My mom said it was fine as long as I was fine with it. Of course I was. He’s a great guy.

Wednesday Scarlett woke up at 6:30am. I fed her then got her back to sleep after she laid just yabbering away for a bit. She went back in the Moses Basket. He had woke up by then. I said about going back to sleep as I was shattered but it didn’t happen… I never can sleep in the day. It’s too light. Scarlett woke back up at 9am so I dressed her then fed her again. We spent the day chilling at home. In the afternoon my mom said she was going to my nan’s house so I said I didn’t fancy it because I was knackered so she took Scarlett with her for an hour. I needed a nap for definite this time lol so I sorted out the washing for my mom then I got in bed. Only managed to “relax” not sleep because of the brightness of the daylight but it was better than nothing.

Mom came back with Scarlett and I had cuddles because I missed her. It was only about an hour but I missed her. She’s never gone out the house without me in her short 11 weeks. I sorted me and my date some dinner then at 7ish my mom dropped him at the station on her way out.

He messaged me when he was on the train and we both agreed we wanted to spend more time together. We just need to figure out when.

It’s his birthday next week. He’ll be 24. So I think I’ll grab him a card but nothing more so it’s not like too weird. If I got him something he would probably be thinking “oh my god she’s a bit keen we’ve only known each other a little bit and she’s buying me shit”. My birthday is in August. If we are still seeing each other then then he can buy me something small and it would be okay because we’d have known each other months by then lol

I bathed Scarlett and then fed her. She didn’t drink much. She doesn’t seem to drink a lot for her age and I do worry still. I may take her back to the baby clinic Friday and explain she’s drinking less now than she did before.

I’m shattered so I’m going to switch my phone off in a second and get some kip.


11 weeks

Holy mother of fucks, my girl is 11 weeks old today. I don’t know why that makes me so surprised. 11 weeks is no more special than any other week. I just feel like she’s no longer “new”. She’s almost 3 whole months. It’s crazy!

So today I met my long time friend Simon. We picked him up from the station as it was raining and I didn’t want to get Scarlett out in the rain. We went into town and had lunch. We had BurgerKing. It was nice meeting him finally and it was great just chatting. I fed Scarlett whilst we were still in BurgerKing. We wandered around for a bit then we went our separate ways.

I got the bus to nan’s house and spent a bit of time there before I ended up having dinner. We had steak pie and mash.

I am meeting a guy tomorrow that I’ve been chatting to on FaceTime and text and calls etc. He’s 23, from London and we get on so well. I hope we get on in real life as well as on the phone lol


Bingo pants

Thursday I did go bingo and I won £20. I also won a prize on the raffle. I won a bunch of breakfast food like bacon, eggs, sausages and beans. I don’t eat anything except sausage lol

Friday we had a McDonald’s breakfast as mom wasn’t working. She said she felt sick but figured she just needed to eat. So she did and then we did the food shop. She still felt sick after so she went to bed when we got home and I just chilled with Scarlett.

I have started speaking to a really nice normal guy this week. He’s a year younger but he doesn’t seem it. He’s got his head screwed on and he loves kids. All his friends have children and he says he does want to have a child sometime, before he’s 30. He lives in London but he’s getting the train to my town on Tuesday as he has got the week of work. We are going into the town so we’ll have lunch and a good old chat etc. I’m excited to meet him. We’ve been talking on the phone constantly and that’s not like me. I hate phone calls. We whatsapp all day and snapchat stupid pics lol I know I’m taking a bit of a risk as I’ll have Scarlett with me when we meet in town but it’s public and daylight. Plus my gut tells me he’s a good guy and it’s rarely wrong so I’m going with it. I fancy the pants off him so I’m nervous a bit about the whole thing. The whole dating scene is so crazy and exhausting. I’ll be happy when I’m no longer on it!!

Saturday I went to my nan’s in the afternoon. Ended up having dinner there. I had steak pie and wedges. I love it. I’m addicted to steak pie and ginger cake at the moment. It’s weird because I never had any cravings during pregnancy yet now all I want is those two things.

Sunday I had Sunday roast at my nan’s house. I had roast beef and it was delicious. I stayed there till 6ish then I walked home. Scarlett sat and watched some TV whilst I made an attempt to clear some stuff from my room that’s been sitting there annoying me for weeks. She lasted 10 minutes before she cried. She had pooped, so in her defence that’s fair enough to cry. I ran a bath and we climbed in. Usually when we bath share I’m on my own so I do it all awkwardly but by myself. Mom was still here, she hasn’t left for work, so she got her out and dressed her for bedwhilst I washed my hair etc and got ready for bed.

She had a feed and then she was out like a light. That was at about 8:30pm. I managed to take her upstairs at 9:30pm and put her in the Moses Basket without waking her and that’s where she’s been ever since. As much as I love co-sleeping, it’s healthier for her to sleep alone so I’m hoping she’ll just get on with it. She never had an issue sleeping in it before but I do worry that co-sleeping has changed that.

I’m meeting my friend Simon tomorrow in town. We’ve been friends for 4 years now. Should be a good day. I’m thinking lunch and a wander round the shops. He’ll hate that lol he’s male after all.

Scarlett is currently still in her basket fast asleep (at 2:50am) and I’m finally knackered so I’m going to call it a night.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Well today is Valentine’s Day. Or as I like to call it, “singles day”. This is my third Valentine’s Day as a single girl. I don’t mind. What I do mind is when a guy agrees to take me out for dinner then stands me up. Yes, that is correct ladies and gentlemen, I got stood up. For a date. On Valentine’s Day.
I haven’t heard a word from him since bedtime on last night (Friday). I just think his behaviour is plain rude. If he wasn’t bloody interested then just say so but don’t agree to do something then not do it. It winds me up.

Mom felt bad so she took me up the shops so I could get some alcohol lol later I was hungry because I obviously got stood up for a dinner date so my lovely Nan drove me up the Chinese. She also paid for it too. So I ended up with alcohol, Chinese and lots of tv. Overall my night wasn’t that bad.

I’m currently watching the film Hercules (the new one with the rock in it) in bed.


Friday the Thirteenth

Well today didn’t start off that great. I put the butter in the pantry and the marmite in the fridge. Then on my way to work I had a nosebleed. Clearly my “lucky penny” pandora charm isn’t feeling very lucky today lol

It is casual Friday’s at work and I was actually in on that fact this week lol last week I didn’t know so I’d turned up to work in my usual attire. What a loser! But not this week :)

That date I talked about the other day: not sure it’s on. I hadn’t heard from the guy for 2 days. Then he suddenly popped back up on whatsapp saying he was sorry he just hadn’t checked his messages. Which is fair enough. But I’m still dubious about whether we will actually go out tomorrow. I have a feeling he’ll stand me up. Apparently that means I’m a pessimist or I’m not trusting. It’s not that at all. I am just very intuitive and I get the feeling he’s not that interested. I don’t know why he’s even talking to me IF he isn’t interested. It’s not like anyone is forcing him to and it’s also not as if he’s getting any dirty photos or chats from me so logically he SHOULD be in to me but I just don’t think he is. I hate guys like that. Time wasters!
I guess I’ll found out tomorrow if he’s going to turn up.
If he doesn’t that’s fine. I can write him off as yet another douche lol there’s a lot of them in the world.

I’m so glad it’s Friday and work is done. I can enjoy a lovely lay in tomorrow before tidying my room up then having a nice hot shower before my “possible date” lol

Still no period. Which is fine but annoying. Wish it would show up and start then it can hurry up and finish lol impatient much? I’m so grouchy atm too.

I’m off to sleep soon. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve lol