It snowed, for 5 minutes

So it snowed yesterday. For all over about 5 minutes. The ground was too wet for it to lay as the previous day it had rained on/off all day. I was a little sad it didn’t lay as it would’ve been BABY’S FIRST SNOW! Sadly, it didn’t lay so she wasn’t able to get in her snow suit and have a play lol

It is less than a fortnight until Scarlett’s First Birthday. She is having a tea party for it, on the Saturday after her birthday. I can’t believe how quickly that has gone.

This time last year I was 37 weeks pregnant and wondering what she was going to look like. What she would weigh. Would she arrive safely. How would I labour. Would it go okay? I genuinely had no clue, but one thing I did know, from the pit of my stomach, was that she would come early. And she did. I went into labour (water broke) 9 days before I was due, and she was born 6 days early.

She was 50 weeks on Monday. I forgot to say. We are so close to week 52. I will be the mother of an almost toddler. She learns so much every day. She can wave, clap and high five. She says mum, nanny, daddy, yeah, hiya and very sure she said No once lol

I have Specsavers tomorrow. I am long overdue an eye test! Brett may be down this weekend but not sure. If not, we’ll just have a chilled weekend. I need to catch up on sleep and start my second book of the year. I am only 3 pages in lol


2 weeks until her birthday!

I’ve been so damn tired this week. I knew having a busy weekend would kick me in the butt. Not just me either. Scarlett’s been shattered. She had her first accident at nursery. She was sent home with an incident report. She was reaching to stand at the table (like normal) and she slipped and bumped her head. She was tired. She gets clumsy when she’s tired.

I cannot believe that she’ll be a year old in 2 weeks. This time last year I was 37 weeks pregnant and fed up. I couldn’t wait to get her out. She kept “not moving” and I was forever up the hospital in the weeks leading up to her birth. When they say it goes quick, they aren’t joking. It’s gone faster since I’ve been back at work. The weeks go quicker because I’m busy in the week. Christmas sailed by. Next it’ll be Valentine’s Day then Easter then the summer. I worked it out earlier. She’ll go to school in September 2020. That’s literally just 3.5 years away. WTAF? I’ll be 29. Wow! Just wow!

I think I’ll just go cry in the corner lol

I am glad it’s Wednesday. That means half the week is gone. Just 2 more work days then I can finally have a chill weekend. Well as much chill as you can have with an ALMOST 1 YEAR OLD in the house lol


Christmas Eve 2016

Wow it’s only one more sleep till Christmas is here. There’s not a lot of Christmas spirit left in me.

Scarlett was sick at midday then she was sick again before bed at 7ish. She was starving at 9pm but I couldn’t risk giving her anything so I just gave her cooled boiled water. She drank 3oz then went to sleep. I wanted to keep her in my bed but her wouldn’t settle, she wanted her bed. Fair play to her.

I have left her door open, and mine. I am convinced she is going to be sick again and I wouldn’t hear her even though I have a baby monitor. It’s just not very loud.

I sorted her presents out to go under the tree. I tidied up the kitchen and I’ve climbed into bed myself to relax before the long day ahead of me. I’m pretty convinced she’s going to have me up, if not for sick, but for food as I know she’s bound to be hungry. We are in for a long day tomorrow!!!! Can’t believe my poor baby is unwell for Christmas. Her first Christmas. Bless her!


Christmas Eve “Eve” 2016

Well today Scarlett was sick in the morning. She’d been coughing in her sleep last night so I figure it was that, that she was a little phlegmy. I sent her to nursery and my Nan agreed if they called to pick her up, she’d go get her.

I went to work and my little team of 4 went to the pub for lunch. I had a delicious KFC-style chicken burger with chunky chips. I was so stuffed I could’ve been rolled back to the office haha

I picked Scarlett up from nursery for a change. The staff were like “oh hey, we haven’t seen you in ages”. Which sounds to me like “oh we forgot you’re her mom”… We picked her stuff up and left.

She made this handprint thing at nursery and I love it so much. It brought a little tear to my eye. Weird how somethings like pass me by without an emotion (and yet all my mom pals are banging on about how emosh they got) and then something like this I’m all teary lol

Her outfit for nursery today. I love her in red. She looks so damn cute!!!

We opened our Secret Santa present and Scarlett got this shape sorting train as you can see above. She loved it. She figured out the square shape but that’s about it lol she’s still clever though!

My Christmas card to Scarlett. She kept holding it so I’d like to think she loved it lol

Her Christmas card to her nanny. Couldn’t find a “nanny” one. They only had “Nanna”. They were both pleased with it haha

We have lots to do tomorrow. Need to go and get some food shopping plus last minute gifts. I’m in bed. I’m shattered. Been a long week!!!


3 days to go

3 days to go. Only one more day at work, tomorrow, then I am finished for Christmas.

Scarlett has nursery tomorrow. I have bought the staff a box of biscuits for Christmas.

Trying out her new chair. I bought her this for Christmas ages ago but only just put it together. She likes it haha


4 days to go

Well our new tree is up, decorated and I’m starting to feel more Christmassy.

Scarlett and I got Christmas cards from our pals in Manchester. Tasha and Kira. They were personalised and we love them!

Can’t believe how quick this year has gone but this week is going SO SLOWLY!


5 days to go

Well this time last year I was up the hospital at 34 weeks exactly for reduced movements monitoring. I was so worried about her. They gave me an internal and I was 1cm. I stayed 1cm for another month. Pelvis pains had set in and I was now waddling. Awesome lol

So the tree was picked up. I put it up after Scarlett went to bed. She was down by 7:30pm, my good girl. It has removal lights on it. They came with it. It looks good, just needs a few decorations (tinsel/baubles). And the presents can go under it then, which will make it look more Christmassy.

My dad dropped off our Christmas gifts yesterday. Forgot all about that. There is a few small ones for me and one big one for Scarlett. She is going to have lots to open on Christmas Day. Plus more after Christmas Day when we see other people.

I have had a lovely relaxing bath and am in bed now.