Baby’s First Christmas

So surprisingly Scarlett didn’t have me up in the night. I woke up about 4-5 times myself to check on her, because yanno, she’s sick. But she slept from 9pm till 7am this morning. 

I got up and risked making a bottle of milk for her. She drank the whole 5oz then we had an hours nap together in my bed all cuddled up. It was nice.

Then we went downstairs to watch some TV.

At about 8:45 she was whinging for breakfast so I did her some porridge. She wolfed that down then a small cup of tea. At 9:30 my my mom got up followed by my brother. I cleaned the porridge off Scarlett and dressed her then we sat down to open ours gifts. She wasn’t overly interested in helping. She was happy just playing with wrapping paper or any toys WE unwrapped and gave to her lol

She’s so clever. We only showed her twice what to do with the balls then she did it!

She was the best gift ever!!!

Nan and her two eldest grandchildren (aka the faves)

Me and my Nan. She’s the best one ever. Love her a lot. Me and Scarlett would be lost without everything she does for us!


Christmas kisses

We’ve had a fab day. We opened our presents at my nan’s house as soon as my grandad got back from picking my great-gran up from the old folks home. Then Scarlett had a nap whilst we ate dinner then she woke and had hers. She loves her nana’s dinners.

We stayed till quite late. We were watching stuff on my nan’s tele and we had no reason to rush home.

Scarlett had a bath when we got in. I jumped in with her quickly as I felt hot and sweaty. I dressed her in her elf onesie. Gave her a bottle then she decided she didn’t want to go to bed so she played for a bit. We FaceTimed Brett then I put her in bed at 9. I’m hoping she’ll sleep in till maybe 7:30-8 tomorrow. She needs the sleep.
I’m in bed watching Love Actually but I’m quite tired so I may end up falling asleep lol


Christmas Eve 2016

Wow it’s only one more sleep till Christmas is here. There’s not a lot of Christmas spirit left in me.

Scarlett was sick at midday then she was sick again before bed at 7ish. She was starving at 9pm but I couldn’t risk giving her anything so I just gave her cooled boiled water. She drank 3oz then went to sleep. I wanted to keep her in my bed but her wouldn’t settle, she wanted her bed. Fair play to her.

I have left her door open, and mine. I am convinced she is going to be sick again and I wouldn’t hear her even though I have a baby monitor. It’s just not very loud.

I sorted her presents out to go under the tree. I tidied up the kitchen and I’ve climbed into bed myself to relax before the long day ahead of me. I’m pretty convinced she’s going to have me up, if not for sick, but for food as I know she’s bound to be hungry. We are in for a long day tomorrow!!!! Can’t believe my poor baby is unwell for Christmas. Her first Christmas. Bless her!


5 days to go

Well this time last year I was up the hospital at 34 weeks exactly for reduced movements monitoring. I was so worried about her. They gave me an internal and I was 1cm. I stayed 1cm for another month. Pelvis pains had set in and I was now waddling. Awesome lol

So the tree was picked up. I put it up after Scarlett went to bed. She was down by 7:30pm, my good girl. It has removal lights on it. They came with it. It looks good, just needs a few decorations (tinsel/baubles). And the presents can go under it then, which will make it look more Christmassy.

My dad dropped off our Christmas gifts yesterday. Forgot all about that. There is a few small ones for me and one big one for Scarlett. She is going to have lots to open on Christmas Day. Plus more after Christmas Day when we see other people.

I have had a lovely relaxing bath and am in bed now.


6 days to go

Yep I am now doing a Christmas countdown…

So today I am fuming! The second, replacement, tree arrived and it is also broken. Half the built-in lights do not work. I am so angry with the company now. 2 broken trees. Really? FFS! So I emailed about the second faulty tree and hopefully they’ll sort it out. But what are we meant to do for a tree now?

We looked on Argos and found a 6 foot tree for £18. It was half price. So we reserved that. Mom is picking it up tomorrow.

I am just so damn angry. It is meant to be Scarlett’s first Christmas and we don’t even have a tree so the house could not look more UNfestive if it tried. I know she won’t remember, but I will. And if I hear that ONE.MORE.TIME I will scream.

Hopefully this new Argos tree will be better. I have had a shit day overall. I don’t even feel like Christmas is 6 days away. This time last year I was preparing for my last Christmas as a pre-parent person lol made how fast the year has gone.

She was 47 weeks today. Only 5 weeks left till she hits 52 and 1 years old. Mad!

Look what she did at nursery. It’s a lovely Christmas card for me. It’s brilliant. It’s my first ever. I love it!!!


1 week to go

Friday Scarlett was sent home from nursery. She wasn’t sick but she had had 2 loose nappies so they said 1 more and they’d send her home so my nan picked her up anyway. Normally she does a fully day on a Friday. She picked her up at 1ish I think. She missed her Christmas party as it was in the afternoon. I had put her in her Christmas dress especially and she had pooped all over the tights before she had even left my nan’s house in the morning. We opened our Christmas cards from my nan and grandad. She was just flinging hers about lol

Brett and I had a row. Again. We didn’t speak all night pretty much. We sort of made up on Saturday.

Saturday I wanted to get my haircut. Scarlett got up at 8am, had a bottle then breakfast then had an hours nap. Once she was up we got dressed and got the bus to town with my brother. We had lunch together then he watched her feed herself a bottle whilst I had my haircut then I took over, wandered around the shops for a bit then I got a bus to my mom’s works as they were having their Christmas party at 3pm and mom said I should come along. So we did. Scarlett had a ball. She ate lots and drank from her sippy cup like a big girl. She is growing up so quickly. It is madness!

Today we had dinner at my nan’s house. I offered to finish her wrapping for her. 16 grandchildren, 4 children and various other people. She started it Saturday night and I finished it Sunday. I went round at 10:30. Scarlett was asleep in the stroller so I wheeled her into the hall way. She slept for 2 hours. I was just finishing up when she woke so my nan made her a bottle and fed her. I finished, we played for a bit then we had dinner. Scarlett ate 3/4 of her dinner and 3/4 of her pudding. We stayed until my mom arrived after work to eat her dinner then we left. Scarlett didn’t go to bed till late because she is a cheeky moo. She just wanted to stay up and play so I let her.

We have had to re-order a tree as the one we bought in October is broken. I think it was broken when Yodel lobbed it over our back fence. I cannot prove that obviously, but it must’ve been then. I was waiting for a collection date for it, nothing came via email etc then Yodel left a slip through the mail Saturday saying they’d tried to collect? Ok. Going to have to re-arrange this tomorrow.