Baby’s First New Year’s Eve

We got the train back yesterday. Had to do a detour via Epsom. But it was okay because Epsom is a direct train from Brett’s house. Then a short train ride from there to Clapham then the usual direct 35 minute train to Farnborough. My mom picked us up from the station at 5pm. We put Scarlett to bed and watched a film then another one before going to bed.

Today we decided we wouldn’t go to a hotel for New Year’s Eve. We wanted to stay home and celebrate the New Year together. So we had a chilled day. We got Scarlett bathed and ready for bed. She had a bottle then she went to bed. We watched a film and I had a few drinks. We are just waiting for midnight so we can watch the London fireworks display on tele before watching another film.


25 today!

It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday. It’s my fucking birthday!!!!!!!

So yeah I’m 25 haha I gave Scarlett the birthday card she got me, so she could “give it” to me. Gosh she’s so adorable I could squish her!

We got up, I fed her some bottle. She plays with it lol so we got dressed and we left for the train. We literally made the train with 30 seconds to spare!

35 minutes later and we were in Waterloo station and speed walking to meet Nicola and Matilda. We met and decided to walk to one of the restaurants on the road leading to the London Eye. So we grabbed a drink in All Bar One whilst Matilda had her bottle. I had a good long hold of her and she decided to vom on my shirt lol I was like thanks for that missy. After a nappy change we made our way over to the London Eye. After faffing in the queue, and me realising I had to queue elsewhere to pick up my ticket as I had inadvertently not selected “e-ticket”, we finally got in one of the pods. The babies were absolutely brilliant. We could not fault them at all. We took lots of pictures, let them sit and stand etc before we finally departed to find some food.

We walked back to the place we were before but ended up next door in the Slug & Lettuce. The girls were napping so we ordered a drink and had a good old natter then we ordered some food. We both went for a chicken burger. It wasn’t half bad. It was chargrilled. The girls woke up when we were eating (fancy that). Scarlett had her bottle then I finished eating and got her out. We took some more pictures then at 3:45 we decided to make a move towards the station as neither of us fancied travelling in rush hour (5-7pm). We walked to the station and I walked them both to the lift down to the underground. Scarlett was asleep by then but Matilda was awake so I said goodbye then I hugged Nicola and off she went.

Our train was scheduled for 4:49pm and it was 4:20pm by then so I found the platform and got on the train as it was waiting there already. I got a seat this time as I ran and sat in the disabled carriage (more room). We got off the train the other end at 5:15pm, jumped on a bus at 5:45 and were home just after 6pm. Scarlett was knackered but she was super excited to see her nanny and uncle Jordy.

She had some of her last feed then she had a bath. We shared. Then mom got her out and dressed her whilst I washed my hair. She drank the rest of her bottle and was in bed asleep by 9pm. She’s such a good little human!!!

We had a fab day. I am so thankful to Nicola for coming with me because she’s scared of friggin heights (and for those that don’t know, the London Eye is sky high). So it must be love for her to do that lol #TrueLoveWins #BestiesFo’LifeMotherfucker ;)

I am 25. I have a beautiful daughter, a sexy man (who I wouldn’t change even when he’s being an ass) and a lovely family (mostly). What more could I want? Alcohol, that’s what I  want. So glad I’m having a party on Saturday. Love a reason to get dressed up and natter with peeps I haven’t seen in a long time. Looking forward to it. Plus I can show off both my daughter (not everyone has met her) and my boyfriend (being single for 4 years previous made me realise I missed having someone to share things with, I’m so glad I met Brett).

I’m in bed trying to watch the new Batman V Superman movie but I just can’t seem to get in to it! Oh dear!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Well today is Valentine’s Day. Or as I like to call it, “singles day”. This is my third Valentine’s Day as a single girl. I don’t mind. What I do mind is when a guy agrees to take me out for dinner then stands me up. Yes, that is correct ladies and gentlemen, I got stood up. For a date. On Valentine’s Day.
I haven’t heard a word from him since bedtime on last night (Friday). I just think his behaviour is plain rude. If he wasn’t bloody interested then just say so but don’t agree to do something then not do it. It winds me up.

Mom felt bad so she took me up the shops so I could get some alcohol lol later I was hungry because I obviously got stood up for a dinner date so my lovely Nan drove me up the Chinese. She also paid for it too. So I ended up with alcohol, Chinese and lots of tv. Overall my night wasn’t that bad.

I’m currently watching the film Hercules (the new one with the rock in it) in bed.


I love a woo woo ;)

Last night was my mom and her friend Zoe’s leaving “do”. It started with drinks at a pub then on to dinner at a place called Mimosa. It serves a sorts of Asian cuisine. Before we’d even left ours mom and I had had a drink. I had a vodka and coke whereas she had a JD and coke. Then at the pub I had 2 vodka redbulls and everyone else had a couple of drinkies. At 8 we walked across the road to Mimosa and sat down. We ordered pitchers of cocktail but the waiter didn’t understand what we was telling him and TWICE they bought out cocktails in cocktail glasses. Eventually he figured out wtf we were asking for and we had 6 jugs between 6 of us. We ordered 2 Woo Woo’s and 2 Sex on the beach’s. I didn’t like the Sex on the beach that much. It was too fruity for my liking. I loved the Woo Woo. It was basically just cranberry (with alcohol shoved in for the hell of it). Dinner was lush, I had duck and a lot of satay chicken. I was stuffed after only 2 plates.

We had a good night and I met some of my mom’s friends that I hadn’t met properly yet. There was lots of laughs and giggles.
We paid the bill and walked out the restaurant for our lift home. I didn’t go to bed till about 3am even though we’d been home since midnight lol it was the redbull I think.

I am going out tonight. Hopefully. I’m meeting someone in London for some drinks. We’ve never met before and more mysteriously, I have NO IDEA WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. He’s seen a few photos of me on the profile we met on but I’ve never actually seen him. We’ve chatted on the phone so obviously I am as sure as I can be that he’s really only 26 and a male lol but that’s all I do know. He told me he’s 6 ft 3 (I think) with dark short hair and he said “I’m not fat but I’m not skinny either” lol whatever the fuck that means. But anyways, I’m going for it. What is life without a little risk?

So atm I am laid on my bed having not been home long. We had a cheeky McDonald’s breakfast this morning. Breakfast of champions lol then we stopped in my Nan’s for a cuppa tea. I just need to chill out, catch up on some tv and paint my toenails. They’re bare at the mo and I can’t stand bare toes. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Then at half 3ish I’ll have a shower and wash my hair. Gives it 3 hours to dry (my hair I mean) so I can straighten it before I go out. Makeup can be sorted just before I leave for the train station.

Wish me luck. It’s a total blind date on my part lol


It’s my birthday…

Wow I’m 23! I can’t believe I’m a whole year older. It’s a shame I couldn’t spend it with my Marine but I did get a message from him which I thought was cute. I miss him a lot. I doubt he misses me and that’s okay, I mean, he’s in America now so why would he miss me?

I finally saw #37. For only the second time since we met over 2 months ago. He’s fitter than I remember. And much more tanned and hairy ;) He stayed about an hour. After he left me and my bros girlfriend had some dinner and I caught up on some TiVo.

I am really not looking forward to work tomorrow. Mostly because I think I’ve drank too much and I’m bound to have a headache tomorrow. And it’s late, so I’ll have had less sleepy too. Oops!

I’m off to bed. I spent the day without my momma or my marine, but I’ll survive. I don’t have a choice and there is always next year, right?


I fear my finger may drop off

Well the twins went to bed Friday night at 9ish. They slept through their usual wake up of 6am. Frankie pants woke up at 8am and Freddie woke up at 9:30am. After we had breakfast, and I bathed and dressed them, we got the bus to town so I could go to the post office. I treated them to a Peppa Pig picture book each to celebrate National Twin Day. After we got the bus to our Nan’s and spent the entire day there. We had dinner then at 8 my mom picked us up. I got them bathed and dressed for bed. They both were asleep 9.

Frankie woke up Sunday at 7 and Fred woke up at 8 so not too bad. We had some breakfast and got dressed then we watched some Peppa Pig lol at lunch time we left ours and made our way to the next town, via two buses, to have lunch at the Harvester. The first bus is the local one around my area and the double stroller fits fine. Whilst waiting for the second one, I noticed Fred was wet so I quickly changed him. He wasn’t pleased but he needed doing. The second one, which is actually larger, the stroller can’t fit because there is a stupid 2 inch step on the side of the walkway so I had to lift the stroller over it. Thankfully a lady helped me. We finally got off at our destination and went to the place. We got a table and the waitress places two high chairs at the table and I piled both of them in a seat and strapped them in. We ordered drinks, then some dinner. They were both hungry so I got two bowls of salad for them. They tucked straight in which was good. Taking them both out by yourself is hard work but it is manageable. It’s hard when one has wet and you need to change him. I couldn’t leave one unattended, OBVIOUSLY, I made a bold move to leave my bag on my chair with my coat on it and take them BOTH to the loo for a nappy change. Once they were firmly back in their chairs I checked my purse. Nothing missing so I guess sometimes the risk is worth it lol
After we ate our main meals I paid and we left. We got the bus back to mine. I was exhausted by the time we got back. They were due to be picked up between 6:30-7:30 so we just chilled out with some Peppa Pig. They were clearly tired as they both just sat with me on the sofa, watching tv. They hardly ever do that. Well Frankie does sometimes and Freddie does sometimes but never together. Bless.
After they left I had a nice refreshing shower and got into bed. My eye had been gunking and itching all day. By my shower it was crusted shut. Sexy I’m sure lol

Monday was a shit day. My eye was red and itchy all day. The evening seemed to make it worse and I was asleep in bed by half 9. No joke. I just felt so exhausted, emotionally, physically, mentally!

Yesterday I went to work with a swollen bloodshot eye. By time I’d been there an hour I wished I hadn’t gotten out of bed. It was the worst day I’ve had there so far. I was so stressed I felt like bursting in to tears a few times. And I hardly ever cry. Like ever. So that says something.
But anyway a Chinese and a huge bottle of Smirn off fixed that problem and I went to sleep relatively happy.

Today work was a lot better. I felt I understood much more about things.

Spoke to Marine Guy in passing. He was just asking if I’ve been behaving. He was hoping I’d say No so he can ask what I’ve been up to. Sadly I’ve been good since last week so I have no new stories for him lol

My finger is infected. Referring to the post title. I cut it on the side of the nail last week and it keeps being bashed about as you use your hands the most every day. It’s now red/purple, swollen, hot to touch and was secreting yellow stuff before it crusted over. I fear it may drop off ;)

Anyways I’ve just watched a new episode of True Blood and gotten into bed so I’m gonna get some sleep now.


The “Real” Christmas Eve

Wow, the 24th has actually arrived. My, my, hasn’t this year gone rather quickly? I think the 4 months after my birthday in August have flown by. It probably helped that I have been so busy with classes and assignments, babysitting, the odd party – including my own, that I never really had time to notice how quick December was approaching.

People online keep posing the same question: what do you want or expect from 2014? The truth is I have no idea. Of course I expect to finish college in June/July but apart from that, and getting into a university, there isn’t anything in particular that I could say I want. I mean, yes, there are a minute select few things that I voice in my head now and then but they are unattainable to me, personally, so it’s hardly worth wasting energy thinking about them. That’s how I ended up on AD meds in 2009, thinking too much about these things basically drove me crazy!!
I do have, what I call, a “to do list” which is pretty much your bog standard “bucket list”. And yes, in an ideal world I’d love to create a plan each year from now, planning which things I want to “tick off”, how and when. But I cannot do that at this time in my life. Unfortunately. That’s just how it is.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. It sucks a bit being an adult, in a house with 2 other adults. None of us believe in Santa and have no children so no need to make an effort for it. It makes Christmas quite boring to be honest.
Saying that, we are spending it with my uncle and his wife and their 5 daughters. Last year they spent the day just with themselves as we all had other plans and my uncle said it was “a little bit too quiet” for him. He’s use to a big family so it was a little empty for him just him and his little family. So tomorrow it’ll be me, my mom, my brother and my grandparents. Us 3, in my household, are going to open some fizzy and do a little Christmas Eve gift exchange tonight as we dot really want to lug all our gifts to my uncles house tomorrow, just to open them and then bring them back. Seems a bit pointless so we’ll open them tonight. I guess it makes today special in someways.

The twins went home at 4ish. Frankie has been doing steps, more and more, without encouragement. Firstly he was doing it if I plonked him down on his feet and stepped back with my arms open but now he randomly stands up, looks around and then toddles a bit lol he’s done 12 steps and that’s the most he’s done at my house. It’s a lot for a little guy. Fred is so funny, he’s got absolutely no spacial awareness and he puts his nose right on yours then grins this huge ear-to-ear grin and if you move your head he moves with you. I tried to turn my head and he put his hand on my cheek to make me face him again. Such a weird child. Frankie kept doing something similar but instead of staring at me with a creepy grin he kept leaning in for a kiss (which means him with his mouth wide going “mm”), another weird child? Haha I love them. This Christmas is their second but obviously they don’t remember last years (being 10 days old) so it’ll be exciting for them to have lots of boxes and wrapping paper to play with haha

Anyways, mom is home from work now so time for bubbles and gifts.

Merry Christmas Eve y’all. Have a good one and stay safe.