The day after Boxing Day

Boxing Day I popped into town with my Nan so I could pick up my new necklace. It is a little silver pendant with pink footprints on it. Of course for my baby girl.

We waited for mom to finish work then we picked her up from home so we could visit the cemeteries (my uncle, then my nan’s sister) then we proceeded up to my nan’s brothers house for Boxing Day. He always lays on a great spread of food and fun company. I think I ate too much or had too much fizzy because I had bellyache for the few hours we were there. I felt fine when I got home and had a glass of milk.

Today mom wasn’t working the day so she got me up at 10ish. We went into town then we grabbed some lunch. We went to my nan’s to let the dog out as my Nan was out all day again, this time to my uncle’s house. We left my nan’s and drove over to my aunts house as we hadn’t seen her or the kids over Christmas. We spent a few hours there. Frank was shooting the Christmas cards off the windowsill with his nerf gun. His aim was a bit off but he thought it was funny regardless.

We went back to my grandparents to let the dog out and feed her. She had decided to puke everywhere so we decided not to feed her in case she had an upset stomach. She went home and sorted some dinner then we watched the film Jupter Ascending. It was really good even if mom found it harder to keep up with plot lol

I’m not doing much tomorrow. I don’t have much planned for the rest of the week. I don’t want to go into town because I’ll just spend more money lol

35 weeks today. I have literally 35 days to go till my due date. That’s half scary, half exciting lol tbh I’m not actually scared. At all. I don’t fear labour but obviously I’m not naive enough that I think it won’t hurt. I am well aware it’ll hurt like a mofo! It’s just that my excitement far outweighs my fears as I’m so ready to meet her. I want to see what she looks like, whether she has lots or little hair. I hope she has my dark hair. I would think that she would because her father had dark hair and so do I. My pelvic pains are a constant fixture now. They dull slightly some days but there is always some kind of ache or pain down “there” now.



July is here

I had my first midwife’s appointment on Monday. My Mom picked me up from work at about half 12 as my appointment was 1pm. When we got to my doctor’s surgery it was closed for lunch. I was like WTF? So I knocked on the back window to the reception and asked a lady. She told me my appointment was half 1 not 1. Well thanks, the midwife definitely said 1pm when I spoke to her 3 weeks ago.

At half 1 the doors to the surgery were opened so we checked in and sat in the waiting room. My Mom decided she wanted to come in with me for the appointment so when they called me we both went in. They asked me lots of questions about myself, my family’s health history and various things. They checked my BP and did some bloods. They did my height and weight for my BMI. Because I am overweight they will make me do the glucose test later on. They gave me my maternity folder and notes. The appointment was quite long so I didn’t go back to work in the end. We stopped at my Nan’s for some food and a cup of tea as she lives near the doctors. I had chinese for dinner then watched TV. I was so tired but I didn’t want to go to bed too early incase I then woke up at 4am ready for the day lol so I caught up with a show we have been recording then I got into bed.

Yesterday work was long and the weather is so damn hot it made me very sleepy all day. I got sunburnt on my arm from standing at a uncovered bus stop for over 20 minutes waiting for the bus after work! I got home and I was hungry but I couldn’t figure out what I fancied so I settled for a chicken sandwich. I was so tired. I ended up watching Emmerdale at 7 then soon after I went up and got into bed. I played sims and flicked through Facebook but by 9 I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I laid down and I must’ve drifted off. I woke up for the first time ever to pee. Normally I just wake up at my alarm at 6:30 and then run to the loo for a wee but last night I woke up at 3am desperate to pee. I really am pregnant aren’t I?

Today is the 1st of July. I can’t believe how quick this year has sped past. My birthday is exactly 7 weeks away (well yesterday it was 7 weeks). Mom and I are having an evening spa date as I have booked the day off. I have my 12 weeks scan in 2 weeks. I am just waiting for the hospital letter. It should date my pregnancy with the same date as the early scan I had, give or take a few days on the EDD. I am so excited, I really can’t wait. I want to buy stuff but I don’t want to do it too early. Plus I am saving. I have set up a saving goal on one of my saving accounts. I’ve set the goal to February 2016, to have saved at least a grand. So far I have saved £100 so I am 12% on target. As long as I put in £150 each month between now and February I will be fine. At least I don’t have to worry about buying the pram/stroller as my aunt is buying that. So my money will be on things like a Breast Pump, the Cot, some clothes, any bathing stuff, maternity things etc.


We saw Penguins

Well I didn’t have Frank, I had Fred. Frank wasn’t well so he stayed home. He wasn’t happy about it and he isn’t talking to me now lol When their mom left to go home Fred wanted to go with her and Frank wanted to stay with me lol Bless him.

Friday he was dropped off at 6ish. Mom and I had eaten and so had he so I got him bathed and ready for bed then we went to Nan’s for a few hours. I didn’t realise his mom had stopped there on her way home. It was at Nan’s when Frank decided he wanted to come with me but he couldn’t so he wasn’t very happy.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast then I got Fred bathed and ready to go. We got a bus into town and I had to pop to Sainsburys for some wipes and juice as we had no wipes and we needed drinks so we didn’t have to buy any when out. We got a bus to the train station and when we boarded the train we managed to get a seat in the disabled (so therefore it was wider) part of the train and Fred was able to sit comfortably next to me in the stroller. We got to London and I tried to find the buggy park as advertised on the Sea Life website but turns out I read it wrong. It was just referring to the Luggage Park which doesn’t allow buggy’s to be left so we had to take it with us. We reached Sea Life at 12:30. We saw all sorts of fish, mammals and crustaceans. There was a huge shark tank that you walked over as well as walked under. We saw penguins and one kept swimming up to the window to show off.

We left the Aquarium at about half 2. I had thought about having lunch at the McDonald’s next door but it was jammed packed so we walked back to the train station and had Burgerking there instead. We only had a little something. Fred had some nuggets and I had a chicken royale. No meal as we already had a drink. He fell asleep on the train home. We got off the train and Mom picked us up. We went home and chilled out after a long hot humid day. Fred was still asleep when we got home. We decided we’d have dinner when he woke up. So we grabbed some food then he had a bath and we chilled on the sofa watching a film that was on TV. He fell asleep on my lap so Mom carried him up to bed for me as he is far too heavy for me to carry in my condition lol I soon joined him in bed as I was shattered.

Today we got up and had breakfast. We watched Rise of the Guardians. Afterwards I got Fred bathed then I had shower whilst Mom watched him then we went to Nan’s as we were having Sunday dinner there. My Grandad ran me up Morrison’s so I could get some food for work lunches. We had dinner then went up the old folks place to visit my Gran. She is so funny and she loved having Fred there.

We had supper as we didn’t get back to my Nan’s house till about 5:30pm. Fred was picked up a little while later and I went home to relax. My Grandad taugh Fred to say “you dirty rat” so they’ll have a surprise at Nursery tomorrow when he starts saying that!

I am 8 weeks on Tuesday. I have my first midwife’s appointment tomorrow at 1pm. I am really excited because it is making it seem so much more real. I can’t wait to have my first scan and actually see my little bubba properly. The emergency scan I had at 5 weeks was rubbish as you couldn’t really see much but this time I will be 10 weeks so it’ll be much more clearer, I hope.


I feel cheated

I feel like having my EDD pushed back almost a fortnight has robbed me of the last fortnight where I have known I am pregnant and have enjoyed getting past weeks 5 and 6. I have to do it all again. It seems unfair. It also means my pregnancy is now 2 weeks LONGER. I know that technically I didn’t actually “go through” weeks 5 and 6 but I thought I had because of the fact that when I took them 3 tests 2 weeks ago, I had believed I was 5 weeks pregnant then. The clearblue digital even said +3. I really hope though that it isn’t twins. I don’t think I could cope as a single parent with 2 babies. I mean, it IS doable but it would be hard hard work!?!?!

I don’t mean to moan. Seeing the heartbeat relieved me so much that I am genuinely so happy about my little sesame seed (that is how big it is atm according to my pregnancy app) but I feel a bit annoyed about my dates. My Last monthly Period was 7 weeks ago and that is how they date you normally. Ah well, just have to take it easy and hope my little sesame seed sticks between now and my next scan.


Week 6

So June has come upon us. I am 6 weeks now. I feel so tired and I reckon if I let myself I would easily have an after-work nap but I purposely keep myself busy so that instead of napping I just get an early night.

Monday I booked to see a film at the cinema. I went and saw Man Up. It is a very funny film and I am glad I watched it. Before the cinema I had a whole hour to eat so I decided to treat myself to a Harvester dinner. It was good having a proper dinner. £11 for a drink, starter and main is a good deal. My grandad picked me up from the cinema at 8:30 and I stopped in at my Nan’s on the way home to have a cuppa tea. My aunt was there with the twins and their big sister. Frank saw me come in the backdoor and ran round the table to come give me a big hug. He is such a softie pants. My aunt has asked if I will babysit him on Saturday and I said yes of course. He is no trouble and I was thinking if it is nice we can go over the field near mine which has a park attached to it. We could go swimming too as we haven’t been in a while. I just need to remember that I shouldn’t really pick him up too much as he is far too heavy for me right now.

IMG_5589I ordered a pregnancy diary/journal planner from Amazon and it came through the mail yesterday. I have had a look through it and written some stuff in. I think it is going to come in very handy as it has sections for each week from week 4 plus and it also has things like “to do list”, “to buy list” as well as a place for questions for your midwife. It has note space for any appointments per week and a section for the birth and then there is a section that includes the baby being born and the first few weeks afterwards. I am so glad I purchased it.

I have updated the sticky post that is labelled as a schedule of events so it reflects what is coming up for the remaining 6 months of this year.

I am really constipated at the moment which is expected as I know it is a very very common symptom however to go from really severe diarrhoea to being bunged up: not good. I need to drink some pure OJ as that helped me the one and only time before that I was constipated. Hopefully it will do the trick this time.


Back with a vengeance

Well I seemed to be back to normal Wednesday but by lunch time the diarrhoea had returned with a vengeance. I didn’t want to just go back home because that seemed like defeat so I stayed till the end of the day. After work my Mom said she was going out for dinner so I thought I would join her. Apart from barely eating much, and having to go loo every 20 minutes or so, it was a good time with the girls. When I got back home I got into bed but I was up and down to the loo constantly all night. By the time my alarm went of at 6am I was shattered. All I seemed to have done was run back and forth from my bed to the loo. I was in agony and I felt so sluggish, so wiped out. I phoned in sick and made an emergency doctor’s appoinment. He wasn’t exactly that helpful and he was still quite adament I had a bug. I know my body and it didn’t feel like that. So I decided to take Imodium. By the evening I hadn’t been to the loo for hours and I felt much better. I managed a piece of chicken for dinner and I felt a little less sluggish.

On Monday when I was first unwell my brother’s girlfriend asked me if I was having my period because we have lived together for 18 months so our cycles are synced now. She was having hers and she somehow sensed I wasn’t. I hadn’t really given it a thought that my period was “late” as it sometimes by a few days. She told me to do a test and I actually had a cheap line test that I had bought ages ago that was still in-date. So I took the test and it came back with a faint line. I was surprised. I mean, yes I had been seeing a guy on and off for a few months but I hadn’t actually expected this to happen. I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe the test. Like I said, it was a cheapie and the line was fairly faint. I told my brother’s girlfriend and she advised me to do another on Tuesday, so I did and it was a better one this time. This time the line was A LOT darker. I still wasn’t entirely sure so today I purchased a Clearblue Digital and I intend to test tomorrow or Saturday. Part of me thinks “OMFG I am defintely with child” but another part of me is screaming “shush woman, it’s not true until Clearblue has spoken” lol IF I am pregnant (wow I said it) then I will be due in January and according to my period tracking app, the due date is January 27th – that is my dad’s birthday!
We’ve just had dinner and I am wiped out so I am going to chill out and get an early night so I can get up for work tomorrow. I only have a half day as I booked it off as holiday for my stepmom’s birthday party tomorrow night. If the Clearblue comes back with Pregnant then I intend to tell my Dad when I see him as I would like to do it face-to-face and that may be the only time for a while that we will see each other. I wonder what he’ll say?


Next destination stop

I think I have found where I wish to visit next on my new found interest in travelling. I think the travel bug hit me when I realised how easy and cheap it is to jet off somewhere in Europe and the second my passport came through the mail I felt excited.I am really excited about Italy. I have always wanted to go. I love looking at other countries cultures and seeing their ways of life. For my next trip, still in Europe, I was thinking of Belgium. Particularly the little city of Bruges. I want to stay there and then visit Brussels but it doesn’t seem that easy. Unlike Italy, you can’t seem to fly inter-country and the train routes don’t appear to match up. Perhaps I am better off booking a hotel IN Brussels. I don’t know. I definitely want to visit Belgium regardless.

I also want to just book a random weekend getaway. Doesn’t matter where but will probably be Europe. Anyone have an ideas feel free to comment below…