2017 wishes

I was going to write “resolutions” but we all know those motherfuckers are never kept. I want to do certain things this year, 2017. So here is what I wish/want or need from 2017.

I wish:

  • To go to the cinema more frequently. Once a month at least.
  • Make time for myself. Whether it is just half hour, half a day or the odd weekend here and there.
  • Put away a bit of money each month for Scarlett [£30] *Do this monthly*
  • Travel a bit. Within the UK. There are so many fascinating places and I want to see them all.
  • Read more.
  • Save up so I can find a little place of my own for me and Scarlett. *In progress*
  • Get Scarlett in to swimming lessons whilst she is young enough for it to be natural to her. *Booked this*
  • Go on 2 holidays. One with just Brett & Scarlett. Another with my mom too. *Booked these*
  • To try new foods. There is a lot out there and it probably all tastes rather yummy. *Did this in Italy*
  • Make the effort to see important friends a few times a year. It is amazing how great for the soul, laughter with friends is.


Last updated: 17th October, 2017


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