Months 7-12

So my little princess is now a whole year old. Here is her updates from 7 months up to a year. We’ve had a fab year together. We’ve been on holidays, trips and done so many exciting things such as the aquarium and photo shoots.

Month 7:

She learned to crawl a few weeks ago. She stands up at the furniture and is getting much more stronger. I can’t believe she learned to crawl so young. She is super active!!!


Month 8:

So my little sassy pants is 8 months old. I don’t know where the time has gone but I can honestly say we’ve had a blast. She is cheeky and nosy and noisy. She’s such a clever, active little girl and I’m so glad she’s mine. She has been crawling for almost 2 months, walking the furniture for 6 weeks or so and says mam, dad and Nan. She can wave (she’s very particular about WHO she waves to) and clapping is getting there. She’s back to eating and loving nursery even though it knackers her out. I love my little jellybean so much, and I can’t wait for more of our first adventures together!


Month 9:

Big news. Scarlett is celebrating her 9 month milestone and she has met her biological father, Harry. After all this time we are finally in touch again and he met her a few days before she turned 9 months. Better late than never.

This little sassy pants is so strong. She stands at the coffee table with just 1 hand. She often holds on to things with one hand, and the table with her other. She is VERY giggly, happy and shouts for your attention. Her newest trick is actually “crying mom” when I leave or she’s mad.


Month 10:

So her hair IS growing. Slowly. No teeth yet. Teething a little and kept me up on and off for a fortnight. She has stood unaided a few times but isn’t near walking. She is too comfy scaling the furniture. She starts her new nursery routine in December. She is going from 5 half days to 2 full days and 3 half days.


Month 11:

We have a tooth! We bloody have a tooth! It popped through just after Christmas. I could not believe it. I went to put some bonjela on as she had been chewing her hands for a few days and figured something was bothering her. I ran my finger along her bottom gums and there it was. She has learned to say Nanny and Daddy whereas before it was “nan” and “dad”. She also babbles constantly. And I am pretty sure she says “eh Nanny?” as if to ask where she is. She says it a lot. She recognizes people and if I say “where is …?” she looks at the person I am asking about. Clever little bean.


Month 12 (1 whole year):

So far she isn’t walking. I cannot believe she is a year old already. It feels like only yesterday that I was in theatre having her yanked out during my emergency c-section. She has started taking steps recently and standing unaided. I am so proud of her. She says mama, dada, nana, uh-oh, woo-woo (woof for the dog) and no (sometimes). She knows where her nose is. She can point, clap and when you say “ta” she gives you whatever is in her hand.