Months 19-24

So my little princess is now 2 years old. Here is her updates from 19 months up to 24 months. We’ve had a fab half year together. We’ve been on trips and done so many exciting things such as go to Italy and celebrated my birthday.

Month 19 [Aug 17]:

Scarlett went on her first aeroplane. She went on 3 overall. She did so well. She has visited Verona, Venice and Rome. She has tried tortellini and spaghetti. She also ate a few different pizzas. She has learned to say “Po and Dipsy” from the teletubbies. As well as Scott, Nat [for Nathaniel], nose, ears, arm, steady, go, night-night and love you”. She also strings two words together. So she’ll say “ta grandad” or “hiya mama”.


Month 20 [Sep 17]:

My gorgeous lady has come on in leaps with her words. She has started trying to speak sentences such as “Mama is she?” which her saying “where is mama?” She now pats the sofa next to her and says “here” when she wants you to sit next to her. She is still teething the bad molars. They’ve made her in a miserable little moo lately but once they’re through she’ll be back to her happy self, hopefully. She has finished her swimming lessons now until next year. She loved them!


Month 21 [Oct 17]:

My talkative little bird has grown. Trousers are a little short around the ankles. She is still so diddy though. Her teeth have NOT made a proper appearance yet. She has got more words on her list now. She has started to naturally use 2-word and 3-word sentences now. She had her ears pierced and so far has left them alone. Her favourite things at the moment are jumping, pulling her hairbands out and asking for food ALL THE TIME!


Month 22 [Nov 17]:

Some of her teeth have finally popped through. She started downstairs in the 2-4 years room at Nursery. She is loving it. She is back in the same group as her two little friends Gareth and Grace. Her speaking has come on a lot. I had her yearly review at Nursery and they said she is lovely, talkative and very cheeky. Her hair has grown significantly so she needs to have her first trim soon.


Month 23 [Dec 17]:

23 months. Almost 2 years old. Her words have come on so much. She tries her hardest to have a conversation with you. She had a lovely second Christmas. She still wasn’t overly fussed by it all but she did spend 24 days opening her Book Advent so she had lots of present unwrapping practise.


Month 24 [Jan 18]:

And just like that, baby is two! She sings, constantly. She argues. She kicks me when she’s having a meltdown. Usually she kicks because she is swinging her feet and I am “in the way”. She is beyond ridiculous and her reasons for having a tantrum are just so silly but to her they are the only thing that matter so I leave her be. And when she is done she comes over, says sorry and gives me a big cuddle and kiss. She asks where Daddy is, where Nanny is etc. She wants to see everything, touch everything. She always wants tea. No matter what time it is. She is my sassy little diva and I love her, even when she is doing my head in.



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