Months 13-18

So my little princess is now 18 months old. Here is her updates from 13 months up to 18 months. We’ve had a fab half year together. We’ve been on trips and done so many exciting things such as the farm, a Holiday and Harry Potter tour.

Month 13 [Feb 17]:

She is walking. Sporadically. But it is coming. She has 2 more teeth. Her hair has grown so much. We celebrated our bestie’s 1st birthday, Matilda. She had a fab party and we did a sleepover at her house the night before.


Month 14 [Mar 17]:

She got her first pair of Clarks. Actually she got 2 pairs. She is walking. It is official! She still topples but she is doing so well.

I can walk [5]IMG_2517

Month 15 [Apr 17]:

She got 3 more teeth. She now has 6 teeth. And does this cheesy grin when you say “cheese”. It is the cutest ever. She says “Ta” now, when you hand her something or she hands it to you. She shrugs her shoulders and puts her arms out when you say “where is it?”. She fetches all sorts of things. Climbs like a monkey. She can say “dirty”. She knows where her eyes are. She knows where “wiggly toes” are.


Month 16 [May 17]:

My darling little cherub has learned so much recently in the way of speaking. She can say bugger [my mother accidentally taught her that but it sounds like bubba thankfully]. She can say:

  • Ball
  • Gareth
  • Bugger
  • Yeah
  • Hair
  • No
  • Meow
  • Dog
  • Two
  • Ta-Ta
  • Cheese

She is very clever and tidies up when asked, puts things in the bin when asked and hands me her bottle/cup when she is thirsty. She asks to go for a bath or bed. She stands at the stair gate waiting for me.


Month 17 [Jun 17]:

I can’t believe she is nearly 1 and a half. Where has the time gone? She has 8 teeth now. Her hair has grown significantly since the beginning of the year. She has been dairy-free for 4 months now and her eczema has been so much better. Never thought I’d have a baby who is sensitive to milk as I drink so much of it. She still eats so well which I am proud of.


Month 18 [Jul 17]:

My darling princess has 13 teeth. She can say “Gareth” [her little boyfriend at nursery]. She can say “more”. She asks for things by pointing and making noises. She loves dancing. She has been having swimming lessons since June and she loves them. Her hair so long at the back but I don’t want to trim it until her hair is longer on top. I am so proud of her everyday and I have to stop myself squeezing her. She gives the best cuddles and squeezes you properly.