Months 1-6

So Scarlett has reached 6 months. So much has changed from when she first arrived pink faced and cone-headed. Here are her monthly updates from month 1 up to 6.

Month 1:

1 month already. We are already in a decent routine of feeding every 4 hours. She is so great at night. She will feed at 8pm, midnight, 4am and then again at 8am. I am loving this life we have. I think I am still on the “newborn high” that you get. My c-section scar is healing nicely.

1 month (11)

Month 2:

2 months. Where has it gone? We got her first smile when she was 6 weeks. She also started sleeping all night at 6 weeks. She is just a joy to be around. We visited some friends in London, and went into my work place for the second time. I love showing her off, she is just gorgeous!!!

2 months (5)

Month 3:

3 months. She tries to sit up when you hold her hands. She rolled once but hasn’t done it again. She has started to show signs of teething. She giggles. A lot. She dislikes her hands touched. She pulls them away if you try to hold them. She hates being laid down unless she is sleepy. She likes to be upright so she can nose around. She gets her nosiness from her nanny.

3 months (3)

Month 4:

She is 4 months. Wow time flies when you’re having fun. She is consistently having a jar of food a day. I give her half at lunch and half at dinner. So far she likes carrot and potato, mixed vegetables and anything with banana in it. She isn’t keen on apple and blueberry.

**25th May 2016: It has been a whole year since I first found out I was pregnant. A year ago I peed on a stick and my life changed. Them two faint lines. I just couldn’t believe it. I had to go out the next day and buy a better test. Which was positive, again.


Month 5:

Exactly 5 months ago I was in recovery after a traumatic 2 days of labour followed by an emergency caesarian. It was hard getting her here and my pregnancy was very turbulent with hospital stays but it was totally worth it. She is such a good girl. She’s cheeky and so smiley. She rolls like a pro now. Squawks and shouts. Her teeth have been bothering her for a while but she doesn’t let it get her down. She loves her monkey teddy from Monkey World. She started giggling a few weeks ago and I love it. Sitting up has almost been achieved.


Month 6:

My gorgeous little princess is 6 months old but also 26 weeks. This makes her EXACTLY half a year. Half a year she’s been here. How!?!?! It’s mad. She is sitting up better but still not a pro. She tries to crawl. She grabs everything. Has an obsession with necklaces. She looks like she’s teething some days because of the drooling and biting her finger but no teeth yet. She’s still in 3-6m clothes (some are still big round the middle) and still in size 3 nappies. She shouts a lot and if you ignore her she has perfected her fake cough lol


6 months have flown by. She really is a joy. I love her so much. She is so clever and cheeky.

Next up, is her 7 month update up to a year.