My name is Kayleigh Robyn Nash [people sometimes call me Kay]

I was born on Sunday, 18th August 1991 at 5:03am at Frimley Park Hospital.

I have been 5 ft 1 since I was about 12. I weigh *too much* for my height but I am working on this lol

I dye my hair red every few months but I am naturally very dark brown haired. Which suits me fine as I love my sparkly blue eyes.

I have 6 tattoos overall. I have both ears pierced, as well as the top of my left ear and my belly button. I had my nose and tongue pierced in the past.

I have 4 siblings. All younger. I have 3 half-brothers and 1 half-sister.

I have 1 daughter called Scarlett [in case you missed that on my blog lol]

My Favourites:

Book – Harry Potter [obviously]

Colour – Green [dark green]

Movie – Man Up

Celebrity – Tom Hardy [obviously]

Place – Wherever my daughter is

Food – Homemade Steak Pie

Dessert – Profiteroles

Alcoholic Drink – Magners

Day of the Week – Friday [weekend!!!!]

Number – 13

Month – October [Halloween]

City – New York [Want to go for my 30th]

Country – Canada [want to visit one day]

Animal – Dog

Time of the Day – Lunch [obviously]

Smell – Fresh Laundry

TV Channel – SkyLiving [all the good shows are on there]

Song at the Moment – Your Song by Rita Ora

Friend – Nicola and Tasha 

My Worst:

Place to be – Anywhere without netflix

Time of the Day – 6pm [nothing on tele]

Day of the Week – Thursday [so close to the weekend but not quite]

Song/Music Genre – Techno

Animal – Spider

Drink – Cherry Coke

Food – Fish

Have You Ever:

Been so drunk that you can’t remember – Yes, a few times!

Cheated – Yes. Biggest mistake I ever made.

Been cheated on – Unfortunately yes

Been in love – Yes

Been on TV – No, just my dancing DVD

Stolen anything – Just the penny sweets in the grocery stores as a kid lol

Been on stage – Yeah [ex-dancer]

Passed out – Don’t think so

Had surgery – Yes, three times

Broken the law intentionally – Yeah, underage drinking

Had a friend pass away – Yes

Been lied to – Yeah

Been dumped – Once or twice

Do You:

Do drugs – No way!

Get drunk – Not often

Dance – Not much, use to

Party – Not really my thing

Sing – All the time

Play an instrument – No

Get along with your parents – Most of the time, still live with my Mom

Think you are attractive – I am alright lol

Swear – Way too much

Smoke – Nope

Get motion sickness – Yeah, only in cars though

Wear contacts/glasses – Just glasses when on reading/working

Get good marks – Scraped by

Watch cartoon – Yeah sometimes

Drink milk – Yes

Write poems/stories – No

Take medicines – No

Go to therapy – No

Have a pet – Not anymore

Are you allergic to something – Yeah

Play any online RPG – No

Get online [skype] – Not really

Google a lot – Yes, google is my BFF lol

Have fights – No

Read magazines – Occasionally

How many hours do you sleep – About 5/6

How often do you go to the hairdressers – About 3 times a year


Time you cried – Not that long ago

Movie you watched – Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

Person you talked on the phone – My fiancé

Cigarette – When I was 13

Song played – Blinded by your grace part 2 – Stormzy

Thing you ate – Chips

Last time you had a bubble bath – Monday

Time you got drunk – A few months ago

Time you read a book – 2 weeks ago

Email you got – Junk mostly

Person you got in a fight with – My fiancé

Last person you hugged – My baby girl

Time you kissed someone – Yesterday

Time you met someone new – New friends maybe

Time you went for a date – Going on a date next weekend

Do you believe in:

God – No

Religions – No

Aliens – No

Ghosts – Yes

Afterlife – Yes

Yourself – Yeah, I am determined when I want to be

Astrology – Not so much

Karma – A bit

Magic – Definitely

In a man:

Hair – Any but do tend to go for dark hair more

Eyes – Any but blue are sexy

Hobbies – Any

Style of clothing – Normal, no emos

Kiss on first date – Yes

Love at first sight – Lol probably not


Who do you want to slap – Idiots lol

Who do you want to kill – Idiots lol

Your dream – can’t tell you that

Do you want to get married – Well Brett asked me and I said yes, so yeah. Maybe in 2020.

Love – Yes

I want to be … The best mother i can be

All you need is … Your family, friends and determination

Identify yourself with 3 words – OCD, stubborn and hard work lol

What is your worst characteristic – I’m not very sociable. Most my age want to go out, and get drunk and they hate being home on a weekend. I love being home and chillaxing.

What are your fears – That I will die before I’ve had chance to see my daughter grow up 

What is your weakness – Chinese lol

Favourite quote? “one begins to twists facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts..” – Sherlock Holmes

Shoes you wore last time – Work shoes

What is your aim for this year – Save up to move out and enjoy my second Christmas as a mother

Last updated: May 14th, 2018






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