Hump day already

I woke up in agony at 3am. I had really bad stomachache and I ended up rushing to the loo with diarrhoea. I went back to bed and then Scarlett woke up at 6ish. Gave her a bottle and put her back down. I finally crawled out of bed at 7ish. I felt like crap but I decided to go to work so I did. I got in just before 8 and was heading back home by 10ish. My manager was nice and dropped me home. I curled up on the sofa and pretty much remained there all day. I felt bad mom-guilt that I was home [when usually I’d be at work] but I wasn’t spending my time with Scarlett. But I was sick. She was better off at nursery. So Mom and I popped past Morrison’s to grab some much needed groceries as we had literally NOTHING at home then we picked her up. She looked so confused when I walked in to pick her up. I rarely get her. Even the nursery staff were like “Hey stranger…” We went home and did our usual routine then she went to bed. Mom went off to work at 7:30pm. I still felt crappy and I decided that if I still felt dodgy in the morning then I would phone in sick.

I did still feel crappy so I called in sick. Scarlett had me up at 5am, then again at 6am – I gave her a bottle. Then I left her and woke her up just after 7am. My nan picked her up just before 8. She waved bye and they left. Mom and I had breakfast then she went up to sleep, having worked the night before. I caught up on some tele then later I felt like I needed to be productive so I tidied Scarlett’s room and washed up the dirty dishes. Then I headed to my Nan’s as Scarlett does a half day on Tuesdays so she was there from 12:30. I put her down for a nap when I got there and a bit later my nan woke her up by accident so she was very grumpy. I tried to put her back down but she wouldn’t so we just sat and played. Then we had dinner then headed home.

Today is hump day. I went into work and caught up on the emails I got whilst off, and finished the task I started on Monday. My brother is up visiting so we met for lunch with my mom and Scarlett. We went to the Harvester. Scarlett just had salad and garlic bread as the little fatpants had already had her lunch! After we ate my mom dropped me back at work.

My brother stayed at home for a bit after I finished work but my mom dropped him at the train station at 6ish. Scarlett didn’t settle for bed very easily even though she had asked to go to bed. I had to go up and cuddle her 3 times. The last time I went up she laid in my arms like a baby. She hasn’t done that for a very long time. It was very soothing for my soul to just rock her whilst taking in her baby smell. She eventually settled and Mom and I had dinner before watching Emmerdale. Then mom started doing some of her tasks for her NVQ whilst I caught up with NCIS.

I have just got into bed. Work tomorrow. Was suppose to have a job interview but having looked at where the actual office is based, and bus times, I don’t think I can get to work on time if I got the job so no point in attending the interview, so I cancelled.


Long week back


So Scarlett had me up really early. Think it was 5:30 when she woke up. I went back to sleep and then overslept. We ended up having to grab a McDonald’s Breakfast. Which is fine because that is our Monday tradition anyway. When I got to work my team had put some “congratulations” banners on my desk as well as lots of confetti. I was finding the damn stuff hours later lol


Scarlett was super grumpy when we got home at 5:30pm. I think being away for a week from nursery has her feeling exhausted on her first day back. Plus she does a full day on Mondays so she was there 8am till 4:30pm. That is very long. Hopefully she is less grumpy tomorrow.


I woke up with a banging headache. I took some paracetamol and went to work. It dulled but it reared back twice as hard in the afternoon. I took some Ibuprofen in a last ditch attempt to get it to fuck the hell off. It did the trick, temporarily. I went to bed really early. According to my Fitbit I was asleep by 10:30pm.


I woke up 7am and I felt sick as a dog. I kept heaving and retching. The last time I had felt like that was when I was pregnant. It was awful. I know I am not pregnant, btw. I have the coil remember lol I just meant to explain that I do not feel “off” very often. Although Friday I did feel “off”. However I do believe that was from all the travelling we’d done whilst away. I get travel sickness [well motion sickness] but it doesn’t always happen until I stand still, so to speak. Like a delayed reaction. Anyways, I felt like shit so I called in sick, sent Scarlett off to nursery and then climbed into bed. Now I didn’t want to sleep all day because I knew I wouldn’t sleep the night, so I laid and “rested” whilst watching back-to-back NCIS, obvs! I did nod off, around 1:30pm and then woke up at 2:30pm [according to Sir Fitbit lol]. At 3ish we went to my Nan’s for dinner and to pick up Scarlett. I got her into the bath and in bed before 7pm. This week she has whinged to go to bed before 7 so I let her. She is obviously tired so why force her to stay up. We have to be up at 6:30 in the morning so her sleeping earlier means she’ll be up in time in the AM. I had a shower and then watched some tele before heading to bed myself. I couldn’t sleep and didn’t drop off till about 1:30am!!!!!!!!

Thursday [today]:

My alarm was set for 7am. Should’ve known that Scarlett wouldn’t allow me to lay in on a rare day that I actually can. She woke at 6am. I brought her into my bed for a cuddle then we went downstairs to watch some cartoons whilst she drank her bottle. Then we got dressed. I cooked mine and mom’s breakfast and she came in from work just as I dished up. My nan picked Scarlett up at 7:50. Scarlett didn’t want to go. She cried and held her arms out for me to take her. Broke my heart. She’s never done that before. In the 10 months she has been at nursery. I wanted to just grab her and stay at home. But I can’t. So I let her go. We finished eating then my mother took me to the doctors. Today I had the luxury of being frisked in my Hoo-Hah by a doctor for the sole purpose of checking my coil has stayed where it should and is doing what it should do. Apparently it IS fine and all is well. I got to work for 9am.

A friend announced her pregnancy today. She is due in January 2018. Her daughter was due Feb and came 5 weeks early. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a full term baby especially as she says she will work until the first week of January, which is fair play but given her daughter’s speedy entrance, I would’ve opted to finish at Christmas, just in case lol

I am hoping Scarlett is in a better mood today and doesn’t hold a grudge about this morning. I have just got in the car so I will find out when we get home.


FriYAY finally

Monday 26th:

So I didn’t get to sleep until 4am. Awesome. Shouldn’t have had that energy drink. I had to get up for work at 6:30am. Tired doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel.

Tuesday 27th:

I had my long awaited doctor’s appointment today. Conclusion: unhelpful. I asked for more migraine tablets, as the last load I got was just before being pregnant and then when I first had her I didn’t have migraines again so I never went back for more. But my hormones must’ve gone up and down to settle because I have started having them again. But she refused to prescribe my usual Naproxen. Said to try Ibuprofen. Asked about any hayfever relief as OTC hasn’t worked. She basically said to keep trying OTC and see what works for me. I explained that I had had an allergic reaction to some eyedrops I had tried before, and she said she would prescribe me some to try. Was like getting blood from a stone. I decided to dye my hair after work today for the holiday. I love having fresh hair. I managed to not ruin the bathroom with hair dye.

Wednesday 28th:

Mom has worked every night this week so far. I don’t mind being alone but it does get boring after a few days lol

Omg Pretty Little Liars ended today. I watched the 90 minute episode. In peace. Phone off, cider in my hand and my full attention. I now understand why people are disappointed by how it ended. There is so many unanswered questions.

Thursday 29th:

There is this guy at my work that I have banter with. It has got to a point where he is trying to embarrass me so he asked me very loudly in front of coworkers if I fancy him. Which of course made me go beetroot red and exclaim that of course I don’t. But now everyone thinks I do. And every time I had to walk by his area other coworkers made a point of telling him so he could look up and wave. I was walking past to go to the loo and he was coming out of his desk, but I didn’t see and almost walked in to him. He said really loudly “Did you want a cuddle?” How embarrassing. I have been thinking of things to try and get a reaction from him but he just isn’t embarrassed. He left his laptop open and unattended. His pal sent me an email [admittedly I did think it was from him at first]. It said “do you fancy me?” I replied with “how chilidish. PS. you’ll never know”. He replied saying it wasn’t him to sent that so I said “awww getting your pal to ask, how cute”. But he isn’t even phased by crap. Need to step up my game.

Friday 30th:

Today is FriYay finally. Been waiting for this all week. I am on annual leave next week for the entire week. It is much needed. Been so stressed out and I just need a break to relax. Not that you can relax much with a toddler in tow. We are going to St. Leonard’s near Hastings. I am really excited for our first holiday as a family, just us 3.

It is my uncle’s birthday today. He is 30. Old sod haha

I turn 26 in about 7 weeks and that makes me a little anxious lol getting closer to 30 and I have hardly achieved much so far, except for being a mother – best thing ever! But I still live with my mother, I have a job that I have been trying to leave for another, better one and so far, nothing. I had another interview last week and I heard back this week. I didn’t get the job. The lady went into very minute detail of why I am such a fucking loser. Awesome!

Just on lunch atm.


Bank holiday weekend FTW

Monday 24th:

Wasn’t as bad a day as I expected. I mean, yeah, I was totally not mentally prepared to go back to work after 10 days off. But I did. And I lived. And so did everyone else. So a win!

Mom and I are fine. We just left it as a middle of the night tiff.

Tuesday 25th:

My brother came to visit today so my mom picked me up for lunch. We had a little lunch date (and a catch up). Scarlett came too. Was good getting out the office. Much needed fresh air and convo!

Wednesday 26th:

I had lunch with my work team. We went to a pub down the road. I had a steak and cheese wrap. It was delicious. It came with fries and a drink for £8. That’s really old IMO. I saw the trailer for Kingsman 2. It looked brilliant so I’ll definitely be going to see that. 

Thursday 27th:

Had my 1-to-1 monthly meeting at work. Nothing special. Just chatting and filling out a form. I ordered some bits from GAP for Scarlett for our holiday to Italy. It’ll be warm when we go so she needed some new dresses. Most of her dresses don’t fit her now. They’re 9-12 months some of them, and she’s grown in height so they’re like t-shirts now lol

I tidied up when Scarlett was in bed. Hoovered then washed up. Did 2 loads of washing. Made myself a snack. Took sausages out of the freezer for breakfast Friday and then got in to bed.

Friday 28th:

I had a super busy day. I had this task to do. It was massive and took me all day, and I’m not even finished yet. Will finish it Tuesday, hopefully! Mom met me for lunch. We grabbed food then I picked up Scarlett’s new Clarks shoes. I got her the pink version of the white ones she already has.

Someone told me I looked pregnant. So I guess I’ll have to start dieting if it’s got to that point lol tbf I know I’ve put on about 10 lbs in the last 7 months. Ever since I went back to work. That can’t be a coincidence surely!

Tonight Scarlett had a bath and went to bed by 7ish. Mom and I watched emmerdale then when her boyfriend arrived, we had dinner. They watched some tele downstairs. I came up to watch Riverdale in bed. I’m knackered. It’s been a long week so I may go to sleep soon.

We are going to Godstone Farm tomorrow. It looks really fun. There’s a lot of stuff designed for her age and now she’s walking it’ll be so much better for her to explore. I’m excited lol can you tell?


Hump Day

Saturday 4th:

We spent the day with my grandparents as I hadn’t seen them much in the week. My throat was so sore I was struggling to swallow fluids so I phoned 111 and spoke to an out of hours doctor. Apparently they are so magical that they can diagnose problems over the phone. Problems that normal GPs require seeing you face-to-face for. Imagine that! So it is “viral” but to call my GP if I don’t feel better in the week. I took Scarlett to get measured for her first shoes at Clarks. I got her a pair of pre-walkers. She is a 3F. She was so funny standing in her shoes because she kept trying to flick them off lol


Sunday 5th:

My nan was out for the day so me and Scarlett stayed home. I let her have a good nap then we wandered to town. Mostly because we needed fresh air but I had also planned to take her to soft play. We ate lunch then walked to the play thing. It was packed so I turned right back round and went home.

Monday 6th:

My eye swelled up over night. It had been itchy and sore the night before but usually a good nights sleep helps it calm down. Not this time. So I phoned in sick at work and made an emergency doctors appointment. It took me an hour to get through. Firstly it took about 15-20 attempts to get through then I was on the holding loop (with shitty music) for 10 minutes. It got to the point where it says how many people were in front of me and there was only 2 then it cut me off. So I had to do it all again and it took 30 attempts to get through and I was on hold for another 15 minutes. When I finally did get through and explained my issue, they told me I would get a phone call back. I explained that I had already had a telephone appointment with 111 and that the issue needs to be “seen”. The receptionist was rather rude and said that it was procedure. Weird because that has never happened to me before so I guess it must be a really new procedure! So the doc called and said she didn’t understand why they didn’t make me a proper appointment and she made me one there and then. I went back to bed for a couple of hours and then walked to my appointment. Saw the doc and she said it all looks viral but to come back in a week if nothing has gotten better, or if it gets worse.

Scarlett was at nursery a whole day so I figured I could grab something to eat at my nan’s before heading home. And she lives next to the surgery so I walked to hers for some lunch. Me and my mom picked her up later.

Tuesday 7th:

My eye was still really bad and it was swollen when I woke up at 5am. I woke up early because it was hurting and I had a bad headache. I called in sick again and just tried to keep my eye clean and lubricated. It helped because I felt much better later.

Wednesday 8th (today):

Well I went to work today. Had a back-to-work interview. Wasn’t necessary in my eyes because I was only off for 2 days but anyway. Also got moaned at about “using my phone too much”. Yeah, because I am the only person to touch my phone. Irony is that my phone didn’t even have signal most of the week before as I had run out of data and I turned my 4G off so I couldn’t go over my limit and get charged. So I wasn’t even connected to anything except texts or calls – which I get very few. But whatever.

After my meeting, we had another one that had been scheduled to my calendar whilst I was off. Turns out that someone somewhere has decided my team is to no longer work as part of the water department but to be merged with the main company’s maximo team. Where this leaves us, I have no clue. The guy we will be going to “come under” is based in Whiteley, an hour or so away. We had so many questions for the guy but he had no answers for us today. I am not sure how I feel about it. But as a non-driver I won’t be travelling to Whiteley every day. I struggle to get to our office for 8am now, no way can I make it to Whiteley for 8am.

Just in bed. So tired. It has been a long week and it is only Hump Day.


First full week

Wednesday (1st):

Scarlett had beef chilli for dinner and she loved it. She made a mahoosive mess though and it reminded me of why I didn’t do Baby Led Weaning lol

She had me up at 3am. She screamed for half hour. I tried everything. In the end I decided maybe she was hungry. 5oz bottle made and drained within’ a few minutes. She then went back to sleep. HUH! She never wakes for a bottle. Must be a growth spurt.

Thursday (2nd):

World Book Day. The nursery joined in but I couldn’t find the costume I wanted her to wear, in her size. Typically BWD is done at schools so everything was aged 4+. I was hoping to send her in as Harry Potter, well Hermione. But in the end she wore an outfit wit the Gruffalo on it instead. Good compromise lol

She had me up at 5am last night instead of 3am. Same thing happened. In the end I made her a 6oz bottle, drained it and went back to sleep. Lucky for her. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I laid in bed from about 5:45:am, turned my alarm off when it went off at 6:30am and then finally “got up” when mom popped her head in at 7am lol

Friday (3rd):

Running on low energy today. Thankfully I have my trusty 500ml monster drink in my drawer lol mom met me for lunch at 1pm. We went into town for food and a wander.

My brother is moving in with his dad and step-mom tomorrow so we went out for dinner after work to say Bye. He is only moving about an hour away but we’ve all lived together so long so we felt we needed to do this. So we did. We went to the Harvester he used to work at.

We had a good meal and Scarlett ate so much. After we finished we went home. On the drive home some absolute knobhead tried to undertake my moms car on the dual carriage way. She was in the right hand lane, there was a car in the left hand lane, slightly ahead of her. Some twat came speeding up behind her, crossed into the left lane and proceeded to try some James Bond type shit of squeezing in the tiny gap between my moms front bumper and the other cars back bumper. My mom had to hit her brakes whilst going 70mph (the speed limit, just FYI) and the dickhead weaved in front of her and sped off. I was furious. It is bad enough that he would’ve hit us but to hit Scarlett’s side, I was angry as fuck!

Not got much planned this weekend. A relaxing one. Hopefully.


Pancake Day 2017

Tuesday (21st):

Brett went home at midday. He walked to the station and got the train home. Mom and me had Scarlett walking between us 

Thursday (23rd):

Something fell from the ceiling as I walked through the door to where we eat lunch at work. It was super close to hitting me on the head. I had to phone up a “near miss” hotline we use and they had me answering lots of mad questions. It was due to Storm Doris. The wind was so bad it can caused indoor ceiling panels to come loose!

Friday (24th):

I had to book this day as annual leave because my mom was away and couldn’t pick me or Scarlett up at 5pm. She dropped Scarlett at nursery then picked her up at lunch time. Usually she does a full day but I said as I was off I would have her at home after lunch.

We got on the train at 4pm and arrived at the train station near Brett’s house at 5pm. He was working but he had finished and we made it back to his house at the same time. His mom had picked us up from the station. She went out and bought a car seat so I don’t have to lug one with me every time we visit. That was so nice of her. I had planned to get one delivered and paid for by myself. 

She was all over his mom. She wouldn’t leave her alone. It was really cute. I would say “where is nan nan?” and she would look for her!

Saturday (25th):

Scarlett is officially 13 months now. Mad to think she is over a year now. His mom offered to babysit for the evening so we could go do something. We settled on going for food and cinema. So Brett bathed her at 6:30 and got her ready for bed. I got her bottle sorted and she had that. When I tried to put her to bed she didn’t wanna go, so she stayed up for a bit. His mom dropped us at the cinema. Scarlett stayed at home with Brett’s brother. She really likes him. He is good with her. We had some food then watched 50 shades darker. Brett’s choice. I have seen it but he hasn’t and he wanted to. He saw the first and said it “wasn’t bad”.

We had a decent evening and she was flat out asleep when we went back home later on.

Sunday (26th):

Scarlett woke up at 5am. Needed a cuddle then back down. She woke up again at 8am. We had a lovely roast chicken dinner and then chilled for a bit. We got on the train at 6ish and were home by 7. My mom picked us up from the station. Scarlett went to bed at about 9ish I think. Usually she is down by 7 but she was too excited to be home so I let her be before tea, bath and bottle before bed.

Monday 27th (yesterday):

Back to work today. I hate coming back when I have had a long-ish weekend lol it is always a shock to my delicate system. It is payday though so I paid all my bills.

Tuesday 28th:

Pancake day. I am so not fussed by it. I don’t like pancakes. Scarlett had some at nursery apparently and she liked them. Big surprise there LOL joke, that kid eats everything.

I have been getting into this new show on Netflix called Riverdale. It is super creepy and weird. Right up my street. There is also a new series of Broadchurch now too.

I can’t believe it is March tomorrow. Where has the last 2 months gone?