Friday is here

My week has been so rubbish. Monday I went to Tamworth. Took us ages to get home because the second train, from Birmingham to Reading, was really late and jam packed so we decided to catch the next one.

Tuesday I felt so tired all day.

Wednesday I felt sick and nauseous all day so I left work at 12. I figured if I got home and got into bed I’d feel better. I fell asleep, woke up at dinner time then after I ate a little something I got back in bed.

Thursday I still didn’t feel right so I phoned in sick and stayed in bed most the day. I had doctors at 4pm so I ventured out for that. My doctor agreed that moving my maternity start forward was best for my mental wellbeing and that’s all that matters. It’s been confirmed my ML start date is December 4th which means it’s exactly 6 weeks today.

I am so glad it’s Friday. I was really tired today. I seem to get tired a lot nowadays. No surprise really I guess?

I still can’t feel the baby’s kicks from the outside. A coworker tried today but they’re just not visible on the outside either. It’s crazy because I can feel them very well, and very frequent. I can’t wait till they’re a bit more obvious to others.

My uncles wife dropped off the Moses Basket she’s giving me. It’s now safely tucked in the baby’s room. Another item I can check off my baby list. I have to buy the cot mattress this month, and the bedding but beyond that, nothing else is too urgent as a lot that is left on the list now are “tidbits”. Like a cot mobile, a nightlight, a wardrobe shelf organiser, canvas storage boxes, baby monitor, swaddle blankets, hooded bath towel etc. All sorts of random but non expensive items. I have a list on Argos that I’m slowly working through.

I have sent the evites out for my baby shower. It is on December 12th. Within the first few minutes of sending it I had 3 declines. No surprises there. I just hope enough people turn up so I don’t look like a Larry No Mates lol

I’m off to the cinema tomorrow to watch The Last Witch Hunter. It looked good on the trailer.



First purchase for baby

I bought my first ever purchase for the baby yesterday. I had been looking online at all things baby from furniture to bathing to toys. I had no intentions of purchasing anything as I’m only just hitting 10 weeks so it’s still “early” but I came across a 3 piece furniture set that was on sale. It was originally £500 but it was down to £280. Unfortunately the deal runs out on July 17th and I don’t get paid till the 27th. I don’t have the whole amount available so I just put it down as unfortunate timing. I showed it to everyone and said how I liked it. My moms partner asked me how much I liked it? I said “if I had the money I’d buy it now, even though it’s early” so he agreed to pay for it on his credit card and I’ll pay him back when I get paid. It was very thoughtful of him. So we ordered it and it’ll arrive on July 23rd. I’m excited because it’s the first thing I’ve bought for the baby. Once I’ve had my 12 week scan I can go and buy a few bits here and there. Once I find out the gender I can go buy more bits.

I don’t know why I want a boy but I just do. It’s probably because I’ve only ever really looked after little boys so I’m used to them. I have a name picked out for both genders. For a boy I like Henry Jason and for a girl I like Scarlett Rose.

I’ve felt a bit hormonal this evening. I went to bingo with my Nan as I can’t stand being a home at the moment. All it seems to bring is stress and annoyance. When I got home I just came over all sad and started crying. I was thinking about how my child won’t have a father figure because his/her father doesn’t want to know. But also I just realised that the reason you’re meant to go through pregnancy in a couple is because when the woman is feeling down, feeling sick or whatever, the guy is meant to help cheer her up and help her feel better. I don’t have that. You could argue that I have family but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that they are able to support me emotionally. Which is what I need. And I get the feeling that me being pregnant is now a burden because the initial novelty has worn off.


Next destination stop

I think I have found where I wish to visit next on my new found interest in travelling. I think the travel bug hit me when I realised how easy and cheap it is to jet off somewhere in Europe and the second my passport came through the mail I felt excited.I am really excited about Italy. I have always wanted to go. I love looking at other countries cultures and seeing their ways of life. For my next trip, still in Europe, I was thinking of Belgium. Particularly the little city of Bruges. I want to stay there and then visit Brussels but it doesn’t seem that easy. Unlike Italy, you can’t seem to fly inter-country and the train routes don’t appear to match up. Perhaps I am better off booking a hotel IN Brussels. I don’t know. I definitely want to visit Belgium regardless.

I also want to just book a random weekend getaway. Doesn’t matter where but will probably be Europe. Anyone have an ideas feel free to comment below…


Things happen in threes

Well it appears that losing my expensive pandora bracelet wasn’t the only thing that was due to come to pass. I used some of the goodies we got from the spa and my face went red and came up all bumpy. I’d say I may be allergic. Then yesterday we had finished dinner at my Nan’s house and I was helping my grandad wash up in exchange for a lift to the cinema. The phone rang and my nan answered. It was her sister-in-law who told her that my great-gran had had a fall at her care home and was waiting for an ambulance as they suspect she has broken her hip. This happened at the care home she lives at and obviously a carer found her and called an ambulance. My nan doesn’t drive far from home so she asked my Mom to pick her up and take her up the hospital but she had to wait for the green light from the care home as they said it wasn’t 100% that my gran would be taken to hospital. It all depended on what the paramedics agreed on when they had gotten to her and assessed her. As if they won’t take her in as a precaution because of her age and the fact she fell. What actually happened turned out to be fair more than just a fall. Apparently another resident bumped in to her and she hit her shoulder against a wall and she slid down it (like in a movie). When she got the hospital they did x-ray’s and confirmed that YES she does have a broken hip (more like shattered) but also a broken collarbone. They need to operate but they couldn’t do it last night so they put a nerve blocker for the hip so at least she won’t feel pain and they gave her morphin for the collarbone. My nan said she was asleep when they left.

I phoned up the hospital this morning to ask the nurse how she was today. She said that she was “okay but very tearful” but someone from the family was sat with her whilst she waits for surgery. I suspect she is tearful because in truth she doesn’t fully understand what is going on. I phoned my nan this afternoon and she told me they may not do the surgery today but it does need doing however they are concerned because of her age and the risks etc. I guess we will know more tomorrow. Mom and I aimed to go see her tonight but others are going so we’ll leave it till tomorrow.


Dinner with the girls

Well they aren’t MY girls LOL They are my Momma’s friends from her old work place. I get on with them though, so she invited me for dinner with them. They meet up every 2 months or so. I have been for dinner with them before and I even took Reggie along with me on one occasion. He fell asleep at the table but he was only about 3 or 4. My brother’s girlfriend came to dinner also. We both had drinks, as we don’t drive. I basically had a Vodka Redbull, which was labelled on the menu as a “Red Eyed Monster”. Chels had something similiar but not a vodka mix.

I ordered steak and chips for my main. My steak came out and it was very gristly so I didn’t eat it. It was a good job we had ordered garlic bread. I also ended up having a dessert because I was starving lol

It was great having a laugh, and it is always nice going for dinner and we had a nice time. We got home quite late as we decided, the three of us, to stop off at the shops so I could hit the ATM. I owed the food lady at work and I had promised I’d settle my debt. So I hit the machine but I also went in the store and ended up buying a pair of black sparkly shoes! And some alcohol lol

I am finally in bed now :)


Happy 11th Birthday Little Bro

It is my brother Dyl’s birthday today. He is 11. Time goes by so quick. He starts senior school in just a few months!!!
I feel old. I was only just turning 12 when he was born. And now in about 9 weeks or so I’ll be 23. People aren’t lying when they say it starts to fly past after 21!!!!

I forgot to say in my last post. The guy I went to the Chinese with. I know why I wasn’t sure about jumping his bones that night. Turns out he’s “sort of” seeing someone. He failed to mention that when we went out for dinner. Would he have said anything if I had tried it on or would he just have kept his mouth shut so he could have sex with me and then mention it later down the line. It proper annoyed me because he just assumed I wasn’t interested. But that’s no excuse, he could’ve asked me what I was thinking etc…

Anyways, we had the funeral on Thursday. I had the doctors beforehand as my throat is seriously worse and I’ve started coughing, my ears and nose are blocked up! But doctor says it’s not tonsillitis just something viral. I was crying in the crematorium as soon as the coffin was walked passed is. We all were. It was such a lovely service and my aunt’s son-in-law stood up and said some really lovely words, that at times made us all chuckle a little.
After the crematorium we went to the cricket club next door for a drink. I cracked open a cider. Probably wasn’t the best idea as I hadn’t eaten and was taking painkillers for my throat lol
I spent the day just chilling out at home after we left the cricket club.

Friday I was back in work. Nothing too eventful happened except two sales persons at work have left. Of their own volition. Apparently. There’s a new guy who just started Monday but he’s not learned anywhere near enough to actually help out bless him. He’s hot though. Well he’s my type that’s for sure haha

Saturday morning I worked 8 till 1. After I left work I went to town to exchange a top I bought in the week as it didn’t fit. After that I went to my Nan’s for a bit and my aunt turned up with the twins and their sister. My grandad ran me up the chippy for my dinner then dropped me home. I watched two movies. First one I watched was the new Carrie remake. It was interesting. I then watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recuit. It was very good. I started watching it but before it finished I turned it off and went to sleep.
I watched the rest of it this morning. I woke up at half 9 lol when it was done I had breakfast then watched I, Frankenstein. It’s interesting. I also caught up on TiVo from Friday.
My bro and his gf went to work at lunch time-ish so been in the house by myself since then. Haven’t done much. Listened to music, sang along and just chilled out really. Moms in soon. I haven’t eaten since lunch but I’m not cooking anything now, I cba lol

Back to work tomorrow. Hope my eye has cleared up by then. It’s horribly sore and sticky because of my hayfever today…

I’m going to the cinema this week, to see the new x-men. I’m going with “Mr. I’m seeing someone”. We are only friends after all haha

I’m off before my tipsy-ness brings out bad things to moan about haha


Boxing again

My uncle had another boxing match tonight. It is part of a battle called Maximum Battle. He was originally down to be fight number 6 which is at the end of the second half, BEFORE the second break. However due to a boxer (who was fight number 3) cracking his opponent in the jaw before their match had kicked off, he got himself instantly disqualified and the event co-ordinators decided to bring fight 8 forward, but not before having the first 15 minute break. Which made my uncles fight 7th and scheduled after the second 15 minute break lol suffice it to say, my grandad and I were a bit eager to get to my uncles fight.
It was a good one. He did so well, we are so proud of him. It was deemed a TIE between the two of them but personally we think he should’ve won. He held his own much better than his opponent. My voice is a little crackly from shouting and screaming. At one point I actually screamed “Go on, f*cking smack him” haha I love it, the adrenaline was going, tried taking some photos but my hands were shaking soo much!!!

So yeah we had a good evening. After his fight, and he had changed, we took his bag and went home as he was off out with his missus for the night.

I think I drank too much redbull at the boxing because I’m still wide awake lol I think I may even watch the sunrise. Which is perfect because that is my #FMSphotoaday challenge word for yesterday, so that would get it out the way.

I’m a little sleepy now so will snap a pic then get some kip.