Fun Fact #3

I like creating lists. I create them about all sorts of things. If I am going on holiday I will write down a “to pack” list, a “to do” list and anything in between however did I mention I will do that MONTHS before I even jet off? Yes, I do it way beforehand. I like writing lists for everything. Whether it is just a bullet-point list, a proper Microsoft Word document with titles, subtitles and everything else included. Or perhaps just the simple iPhone “reminders” app. I do lists whenever I am stressed. They help me stay focused on things.



Fun Fact #2

I keep all my cinema tickets. Ever since I was a kid. They’re in date order with the oldest ticket date at the back and the newest at the front. They’re inside a novelty sock I found on holiday and that sock is inside my memory box in my room. I don’t know why I keep the cinema tickets or why they’re in date order. Just what I’ve always done.