Hump day today


Woke up late. Alarm was meant to wake me at 6:30am. Nope. I switched it off apparently and rolled out of bed at 6:55am. Oops. It meant we didn’t have time to cook breakfast so we had to swing by McDonald’s for our usual. I made it to work on time though, so that is good. Scarlett is always so tired after her full day session at nursery on Mondays [and Fridays]. She went to bed at 7 and I caught up on NCIS. I am almost done with season 6. I have been watching them sequentially since season 2. I love it. I don’t know why I am obsessed lol I finished reading my book, Limitless. It is part of the “Girl in the box” series I was reading. The author created a follow series called “out of the box” so that is what I am reading now. I purchased the second book in the OOTB series so I will start that this week.


Scarlett was really grumpy when I got in from work. She had just a vest and shoes on. Apparently she had been out in my Nan’s garden all afternoon. She had done a nasty poo so I shoved her straight in the bath. Usually she goes up for a bath at 6. But made no sense to waste a clean nappy for 45 minutes. Might as well bath her straight away. So in she went. She was really snotty and she picked her nose and made it bleed. I gave her some dinner with a cup of tea [she loves her tea]. Then we watched some teletubbies. At 6:30 she was whinging for bed so she said goodbye to my mom, as she was leaving for work anyway. and I took her up to bed with a bottle. She drank it and I said goodnight and left her to it. She rolled around getting comfy, sat and played with her TedTed for a bit then she laid down and went to sleep. She is a funny little thing sometimes.

I had my dinner at 8ish and waited for my Amazon Prime Now delivery [we had run out of a few things and neither of us have chance to go near a shop in the week]. I watched more NCIS catch up and am now on season 7. My delivery came at almost 10pm. I watched the season finale of Shades of Blue then I got into bed. I couldn’t sleep though and ended up laying in bed until about 2am.


I am so damn tired. I heard Scarlett coughing in the night a few times. I did get up at 6:45 though. And I managed to dress myself and Scarlett, brush my teeth and cook sausages for breakfast before my mom got home at 7:10. So #winning

I booked an appointment at my doctors because I found a lump somewhere. It is probably a cyst but always worth getting it checked!

Wednesdays mean one thing: Pretty Little Liars. So that is what I am about to watch on my lunch break today. Only thing that has kept me going today lol so tired!



2 headaches

Monday 10th:

Considering it was a Monday I had a good day. I got lots done at work and didn’t feel as tired as I expected, after a busy weekend with Brett.

Tuesday 11th:

Came on when I woke up. Had been expecting it since Friday so not too bad, only a few days late. My tracking app gives averages based on previous data entered. So it’s always only going to be a guesstimate lol wish they’d come on time though.

Wednesday 12th:

Had a horrible headache. All damn day. Had no painkillers on me. My supply was empty so I had to tough it out. Eventually took some when I got home. Scarlett cries to go to bed ATM. It’s mad because usually kids want to stay up but she’s so tired she just wants to go to bed. She at 7 she’s down and I don’t hear a peep from her.

I was downstairs for a while watching some tele and doing chores. Headache came back with a vengeance (which worries me because that’s usually when a migraine hits) so I decided to go to bed. Turned my bedside lamp on and it made a massive bang and went off. I unplugged it and then got in to bed but then I noticed my alarm clock was flashing, my TV standby light was gone and my phone said No Wifi. So I had to call up our out of hours people for advice. Luckily it was a simple fix that I did myself over the phone. I was worried about the food in the fridge and freezer. It’ll go off quickly. Anyway, problem solved so I climbed into bed. Headache was still there but hopefully the tablets will kick in soon.


April is here!

Saturday 1st:

Scarlett gave me a lovely lay-in. She woke up at 8:30. She had breakfast at 10am and then went back down for a nap. She woke up a midday. We had some lunch then mom got up [she had worked the night before]. We went to my nan’s to pick her up as we were visiting my gran in the old folks home. Scarlett entertained us whilst we were there. She had a chocolate cake and played Giant Connect 4 with my mom. We dropped my nan back home then we picked up my new glasses. After we went food shopping. Scarlett was sat in the trolley touching EVERYTHING we loaded in lol we went home and had some dinner then I put Scarlett to bed.


Sunday 2nd:

She gave me ANOTHER lay-in. What even is this life? She woke up 8:30. Had a bottle. Refused her breakfast and then went back to bed [her request] at 9:30. She then slept until 12:30pm. We had lunch then at 2ish we took a wander over to the park. We took a small picnic [crisps, fruity yoghurt, water etc] and a blanket. We sat on the blanket with some toys for a little while then we packed up and she “walked” up and down the path. She walked so much. We headed back at 3ish and she wanted a bottle and then went back down for another 90 minutes. Not like her at all. She woke up at 5ish. Mom text to say they were on their way home and were going to go for dinner, did we want to come? Yes! But Scarlett got a bit hangry at 6ish so she finished the rest of her spicy tomato crisps to tide her over. My mom picked us up at 7 and we went for dinner with her and her boyfriend. We had a nice meal and Scarlett was in bed by 9ish. We watched Casualty then the new Mrs Brown’s boys TV show. I love it!


I am in bed. Can’t sleep. Have work tomorrow so I should get some shuteye!


Reading again

Friday 17th:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t celebrate it because we aren’t Irish lol Scarlett is inadvertently wearing green today though! We were going to Brett’s so after work my mom dropped us at the train station. Our left at 6pm. Scarlett fell asleep soon after and woke up the other end when Brett’s mom put her in the car for the ride to their house. She was still up when he got in from work. I bathed her and then at 9:30 she went to bed. We kind of had a row. Over something totally silly.

Saturday 18th:

I thought we were okay but it became clear, once he actually got his ass up, that it wasn’t “okay” and I almost went home. We did make up. His mom babysat so we could go for a meal, and the cinema, as previously planned. We watched Kong: Skull Island. We had a nice evening followed by some good clean fun (quiet-ish, we have to share his room with Scarlett whereas at home she has her own room). She did a poo in the bath when his mom bathed her haha kids!

Sunday 19th [today]:

I just felt like crap but nonetheless I was going to get up with her but when she woke Brett got up instead and I had a lovely lay-in. He put her down for a nap at 11ish and climbed in the bed with me. I was awake at this point, checking my phone and we spent 2 hours chatting and stuff. Quietly, but it was nice just cuddling up and relaxing.

Scarlett woke up at 1:30. I gave her a bottle, as she hadn’t had her lunch time bottle and then at 3pm dinner was ready (Sunday lunch). Brett had fell asleep so we left him and Scarlett sat up the table with us on her new portable seat. She loved it.


We got on the tram at 5:15 and got off at Wimbledon. She was fast asleep at this point so it was a chilled 25 minute wait till the train came to take us homewards. She woke up as I got off the train which was handy as she would’ve woke up when she was put in the car seat anyway. We got home and she was excited to see her Nanny. Managed to get her to bed at 8:30-9ish. I had a shower and washed my hair. Now I am in bed. Work tomorrow. I hate Monday’s. I can never get my butt up on a Monday!

Been reading again, finally. I am currently reading a book called Julia gets a life. It is quite good and I haven’t been able to put it down.


Everywhere I turn

Wednesday 15th:

Today we had a meeting with the guy we will be reporting to. He still hasn’t answered that many of our questions but he did say “as far as he knows we will remain in our current building and no one is losing their job”. So that is good news, providing that doesn’t change in a few months…

My mom worked the night so we had dinner and then she went off to work. I bathed Scarlett and then she did her “I don’t want to go to bed yet” thing so she played whilst I watched Emmerdale and did some washing. I took her up at 8ish. I then got in the bath and it was lovely to relax. Used one of my face masks lol

Thursday 16th:

The day felt long. I felt tired. I think donating 1 pint of my rare blood had finally caught up with me. Mom couldn’t be arsed to cook so we grabbed dinner on my way home from work. Scarlett had a happy meal. She had a cheese burger and chips, same as me (I had a quarter pounder). Mom was working again so she went off to work and I got Scarlett bathed and ready for bed. I didn’t even try to put her down for 7pm. I let her watch Emmerdale with me. She facetimed Brett and then I put her down at 8:30pm. I watched some tele and packed our stuff as we are going to Brett’s tomorrow.

I think I know approximately 15-20 people who are pregnant at the moment. Whether they are newly pregnant, midway through, about to drop or have literally JUST had their baby. And I just feel like everywhere I turn there is a pregnant person/new mom. All I hear is baby this, pregnancy that. I understand it is exciting, and people who are having their first it is super exciting. And I hate being such a grumpy cunt but I just don’t have the mental energy to fake interest. Don’t get me wrong, I do have people who I have a real interest in and want to hear things, so I go out of my way to ask. Like my friend was due March 14th so I’ve been following her pregnancy for 9 months and I am super excited for the baby to arrive safely, so I am actively interested and I speak to her every other day asking her how she is doing etc. But everyone just seems to be popping up at the same time announcing they are pregnant. And they are people who I have listened to whinging for over a year about how hard being a parent is, so I am wondering why the fuck they would want baby number 2. There is a select few ladies who I am happy for because I know they’ve been actively trying and it is brill news. But some I am just proper eye-rolling at and I can’t help myself. I think it stems from the fact that Brett and I had a near miss recently and it made me realise just how much I DO NOT WANT to be pregnant. I love Scarlett as she is and she is entering a new age group which means she will get more challenging, but also more independent. And I am super excited for that. The thought of having to experience that whilst pregnant/looking after a small baby just makes me want to vom lol but that is just me. I think it is also because of my situation. Me and Brett have yet to hit the 1 year mark. We don’t live together and that isn’t the plan for the near future. I doubt if we will move in together much before next year, mid next year possibly.

My aims for this year are to change jobs (at some point), move out (am already saving and have a plan in place) and enroll Scarlett in swimming lessons before she is 2.

I am just finishing up watching NCIS then I am going to bed.


Steak & BJ Day

Thursday 9th:

Finally booked an appointment to see the doctor. I had tried to make appointment over this particular issue months ago and the receptionist kept making me a telephone appointment but the doctor I spoke to said they cannot discuss that kind of thing over the phone lol

Friday 10th:

Scarlett has learned how to stack things, like her megablocks. The nursery posted a video on their Tapestry app for me to see. She is so clever. My little bobblehead!

Saturday 11th:

We went to my nan’s for lunch and ended up staying all day. Mom ran me to the shops when Scarlett was napping so I could grab some bits I needed for work. We had dinner with my grandparents. We went up the chip shop. Scarlett had fish and chips. She loves fish! She is gross lol I hate fish. We went home and she went to bed at about 9ish.

Brett went out for a meal with his family as it was his cousin’s 18th. After they finished eating and had a drink he got on the train. It ended up delayed and he didn’t arrive at my front door until 1:30am. We didn’t get in to bed until 3am. Well I got into bed at 3am. He came up at 4am, he woke me up climbing into bed lol

Sunday 12th:

After only a few hours sleep Scarlett got up. She had a bottle, played thne had breakfast. I brought her up to say hi to her “dad dad” and she was super excited. Put her down for a nap and crawled into bed. She slept for 2 hours and then we all got up for the day. We had dinner at my nan’s and then Scarlett had a nap. We just chilled out then when she was awake we walked home.

She went to bed and we both had a shower then chilled with a film. Scarlett woke up when we were just headed to bed so he went and sorted her out. She was hungry so I made her a bottle and he fed her.

Monday 13th:

Woke up for work. Scarlett was awake so I woke Brett up and dumped her on his lap so I could get ready for work. He had her all day and they had a really good day until she almost swallowed a 5p and that scared him, obviously. Then he didn’t shut the stair gate properly and had to rush downstairs mid-poo before she hurt herself. So he was a tad stressed when I got back from donating blood. I left work at 4pm for my donation session appointment at 4:30. I was done and dusted by 5:30 so we got home at 6pm. I cooked us dinner. We had pizza with cheesy garlic flatbread. We dropped him to train station then went to my nan’s for a cuppa tea. Scarlett went to bed at 9, again lol

Tuesday 14th (today):

So today is officially “Men’s Valentine’s Day”. Brett was not here so he couldn’t reap the benefits. Although he would’ve probably not liked me cooking steak as I am a rubbish cook lol

I left work at 4pm for my 4:30pm doctor’s appointment. I arrived at 4:15pm and used the machine to check in then I sat down. By 5pm I had lost the will to live so I went to reception and asked if my doctor was running behind. After sharing my details the receptionist informed me that my appointment had been cancelled. Apparently I had been left a voicemail last week, which I had not returned. Which basically was her way of insinuating this was my fault. I knew the surgery had not left me a voicemail regarding a cancellation but nonetheless I asked when the voicemail was supposedly left. She said it was March 7th. Absolutely bullshit. I didn’t make the appointment until March 9th so it is impossible to receive a cancellation over something that wasn’t even booked yet. I explained all this and the attitude I got was ridiculous so I just re-scheduled the appointment for next week and left otherwise I would’ve ended up being rude.

Scarlett didn’t want to go to bed at 7pm so I let her sit with me whilst I watched Emmerdale then she played for a bit and eventually she was ready to sleep at 8:30. Naughty little minx!

I am just catching up on some tele. Mom is out. She will be back later.


The tiredness is real

I had a whole year off from having a monthly visit from the PMS bitch that is mother nature and I damn well enjoyed it. My periods returned in April last year, 3 months postpartum. They were massively sporadic to start with, to the point that I actually thought I was pregnant again, even though I knew the chance was SO SLIM because we had been beyond careful. But anyway, I wasn’t, thank god and they returned to normal by fall.

Problem I have is, I have always been a heavy bleeder and when it comes to my week “on”, I feel exponentially exhausted. Which is ridiculous because I have a baby at home and I am not “that tired” normally and I am her sole care giver. But yes, when “on” I feel like I need to nap for a week.

It has made my week so exhausting and hard work. I have also had “bad headaches” all week. Thankfully NOT migraines. I am usually prone to a menstrual migraine, or two. Haven’t had too many of them in the last year. I had 2 in October (around about the time my hormones started settling back in to “yay I am not pregnant anymore” mode) and one in December and then one last month (January).

This week I have STRUGGLED to stay awake at work yet when I am at home after work I feel “fine”. I must just plough through the tiredness.

I am glad I am off tomorrow. Spa day!

It’s February. Like how? New months creep up like that. This time last year Scarlett was 8 days old. I miss her squishy newborn days but I do love watching her explore, learn and grow. She’s so fascinating to watch. She plays quite happily on her own with her toys and I love watching her.

It was my cousins birthday yesterday and my godson’s birthday today. I have too much planned for February and not enough time, or money lol the daughter of my BMF (best mom friend) is 1 next weekend so I’m going to theirs for a sleepover on the Friday and then to her party on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. The girls will have such fun together. She’s almost walking, whereas Scarlett still has a bit to go. She took two steps the other day but it’s not a common occurrence at the moment and she still refuses to let go off whatever she’s holding.

This weekend we are going to a birthday party for another baby who’s turning 1. It’s in Stratford so it’s not too close to us but it’s not too bad. Funnily enough, I met this baby and his mama in Stratford last year when they were all so tiny.

I’m on lunch ATM. I love that I am many things. A mother. A full time worker. A blogger. A girlfriend. A lover.