Well Croup sucks balls

Monday signalled the start of Emmerdale’s exciting storyline. I love it. Scarlett went to bed and we caught up on tele. Mom was home as she wasn’t working.

Tuesday morning Scarlett was really grumpy and she was coughing, her nose was running. I suspected she was coming down with her first cold of the year. She went off to nursery and I went to work. The finale of Doctor Foster was on. I watched it alone as mom was at work. It ended really weirdly. Scarlett woke up coughing and crying at 11pm. She didn’t settle until almost 1am.

Wednesday when I woke her up for nursery/work at 7:15 she was feverish, coughing and crying. I made the decision to keep her off nursery due to the fever [the nursery wouldn’t have taken her anyway]. I phoned work and then the nursery. I gave her some calpol, a bottle and some breakfast. She didn’t eat much. I managed to get her a doctor’s appointment. We set off at 9:15 for our 9:30am appointment. The doctor said it was viral, her throat looked sore and she still had a fever of 38.3 even after having calpol. She said if symptoms worsen or breathing changes, bring her back or ring 111. We went to my nan’s house as she lives near the doctor’s. We had a cup of tea then I put her down for a nap. When she woke up I gave her lunch but she wasn’t overly keen on eating. We had dinner then mom dropped me at Gravity Force for my team’s pre-arranged bounce date for Amelia’s birthday/leaving do. We jumped, it was tiring but a laugh. I got stuck in the foam pit. I jumped in and it took me 5 minutes to climb back out. I think I expelled more energy trying to get out than I did jumping lol I got home at 7:15. My mom said Scarlett had cried all the way home in the car, whinged from when they got home, to bath time to bed time. She was still feverish so she had given her some calpol and nurofen before bed. Scarlett woke up crying and coughing about 3 times before the final time at 11ish. She woke up and she could not breathe. She was really distressed. I phoned 111 for advice and they told me to take her to the hospital. So at 11:45 we got in a taxi to the hospital. We arrived at the ED and were told to go to the children’s ED waiting room. She was seen by triage within’ half hour. They said it seemed like a bad case of croup. She was given some medication to ease her symptoms then we were sent back to the waiting room, to await a doctor. We were called to a bed on the ED ward. They want to observe her and make sure the medication has worked. So we sat for 2 hours on a hospital bed. They said I could take some toys/books from the waiting room for her to play/read with. So I grabbed 2 books. We read, we watched teletubbies on my iPhone and I just kept giving her water to get fluids down her. At 3am they said she was much better and they were happy with her progress so they released us. My mom came from work to pick us up and drop us home then she went back to work. She said she would call nursery and work tomorrow if I send her the numbers. So I did that, I got Scarlett a bottle, some calpol and nurofen then I put her to bed. I climbed into bed at 4am. We slept until 9:30am.

Thursday we got up at 9:30am. She had a nappy change, a bottle and some meds. We played for a bit but she was still really tired so I took her back to bed at 10:30. We slept until half 12. I made us lunch. She ate more than the day before. We decided to get some fresh air so at 3ish we went to my Nan’s for a cup of tea. We left and headed home. Scarlett had dinner, bath, meds, bottle and bed. She was asleep by 7. She was still tired from our impromptu hospital visit. I caught up with Bitten on Netflix. Mom went to her boyfriend’s. She came back later. Scarlett woke up at 11 again, just as I was going to bed. She asked to sleep with me in my bed so I let her. She’s sick, I’m not going to say No lol

Friday she woke up at 5am. I put her in her own bed and she went to straight back to sleep. I laid for ages. I must’ve dozed off because my alarm went off at 7. I got myself sorted, finished packing for Brett’s house and then I got her up. She did not want to get up. But she did. I made her a bottle and gave her some meds then Mom dropped me at work.

I am on lunch watching Lucifer atm. Got an interview upstairs in HR at 2:30. They will either like me or they won’t. We’ll see.



Goodbye Notgrove

Tuesday mom had to get he AA out to the car as the screw we noticed the day before, had caused the tyre to deflate overnight. The AA guy said he’d repair it enough for us to drive to the garage in the next village. So that’s what we did. We went to Bourton-on-the-water and the garage were really good. They fitted us in within 20 minutes and we just stuck the bill on my credit card. Once we finished we then headed to Cotswold Farm Park. We spend the afternoon there. We headed back to the pod as it was close by. We let Scarlett nap and then at 5ish we headed back to Cheltenham for dinner. We settled on pizza express. Scarlett ate quite a lot and she had a chocolate brownie for dessert (no cream, obviously).

Wednesday we settled on Sudeley castle. We were up and out by 10am. It was nice grounds and the castle was beautiful but so old. There was Tudor history which surprised me. I love Henry VIII so I was pleasantly surprised. I knew Katherine Parr’s tomb was in the church on the castle site but never expected to read stuff about Henry and they had extra information for his other wives too. We had a cup of tea in the castle cafe then we headed off. We had planned to do birdland after lunch but Scarlett was so grotty with teething we gave it a miss and went back to the pod so she could nap. When she was up we headed to Cheltenham for dinner. We went to the Wetherspoons this time. We all had hotdogs and then pudding.

Thursday, our last full day. We decided we didn’t fancy walking around in the rain at birdland so we went to Cheltenham for a wander around the shops. We had lunch. Then we went back to the pod. Scarlett had a nap then we decided what to have for dinner. We decided on harvester again as we had such a good meal on Monday. So we did that. We had dessert after. Once we ate we left to go to the pod. We packed whilst we had the tele on. The pod had a smartTV so what we were doing was watching everything on playback such as the itv player or bbc player. We watched emmerdale and coronation street. I spent over an hour convincing Scarlett to go to sleep. She just fights it lol eventually she gave in and I laid next to her. I fell asleep quite early I think.

Friday (today) we got up early. Packed everything in the car. Mom had a shower. Scarlett had a sink bath then I got her dressed. We had planned to grab breakfast out then go to Birdland. So that’s what we did. We had a McDonald’s breakfast then headed to Birdland. It was dry and out of the shade it was warm. We stayed for nearly 3 hours as there was lots to see and went through the Jurassic journey trail. Scarlett got tired and put herself back in the stroller towards the end. We stopped in the cafe for a cup of tea then we set off. We are currently travelling home. Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. I love Scarlett but I don’t like co-sleeping with a toddler. She’s like a wriggling worm. She prefers sleeping alone too, that’s why she played up at bedtime every night. But it is what it is.


Terrorised by a spider

Monday was alright. I was tired though. I always am. It’s a struggle going back to work after a weekend.

Tuesday we had people coming into our office to measure up. I mean how disrespectful. We are being moved (though this is unofficial and I’ve not had any type of forewarning) so these builder type guys have been in to check sizes as someone somewhere in my company want to knock down some walls and change shit around. At the moment my team sit in a little office, separate from the main office as we are in a different room (inside the main office) and we love it. I cannot work in the main office. I use to before maternity. And I struggled. It’s too noisy and distracting. My brain doesn’t work as quick as it use to and I won’t survive out there so as soon as we do get a confirmed date if movement, I shall hand my notice in. Simple as that.

Today I was shattered because Scarlett woke up really upset at 2am and again at 6am (though 6 isn’t as bad usually as my alarm is set for 6:30). I was falling asleep at my desk by 12. I should’ve utilised my lunch hour at 1pm and napped lol

We have another motherfucking spider trying to seek residence. They always do it when I’m alone. It’s like they can sense it. It just strolled across my living room floor like it owns the place. I tried to throw a heavy book at it but it darted out of sigh (worst thing ever). Then it came back and hid underneath one of Scarlett’s toys. I kept my eye on the toy whilst I watched tele, deciding to deal with it after. I went to move the toy so I could stamp on the spider (trying to be brace and shit) and the bastard had somehow snuck off when I wasn’t eyeing. So I scooped my crap up and legged it to bed. So here I am now, in bed, pretending I’m not a wuss. Nah jokes, I’m legit a wuss when it comes to spiders.

Only 2 more work days to go then we are on holiday lol can’t wait. I’ve never been Glamping.


Mom’s turn

Saturday I couldn’t wait for Brett to go home. He started a row on my birthday night [although technically it was early hours Saturday]. He pissed me off so I stormed up to bed at like 3am. A while later he came up when I was half asleep and then said I was snoring and annoying him. I didn’t care. I was only breathing FFS so he went downstairs and slept on my brother’s bed. I got up to give Scarlett a bottle at 8ish and then I put her back to bed as she had had a late night. Then I climbed back into bed. I heard her wake again later on but I just ignored her as I knew someone else would get her out and sort her. And I was right. So apparently I only get a lay-in when I force it. I got up later on and he tried to talk to me. I didn’t want to talk to him. I wanted him to fuck off home. He tried to talk to me discreetly in front of everyone but he just wound me up, and something he said led me to put my ring on the table and say “well go then, I am done”. Then I shoved him away from me as he had been all up in my face. I walked upstairs and away from him. He followed me and kept getting in my face and I said I didn’t want him to do that. He just kept on and on. told me he was sorry for what he said previously, and can we just forget about it and move on? I don’t think so. I think it will be the same argument in 3 months, it is always the same thing. He wore me down eventually and said to put my ring back on. He said as long as we love each other, that is all we need. I disbelieve that. You need more than that to keep a relationship going and at the moment I am fed up of the BS. Nonetheless I stuck my ring back on, hugged him and went downstairs. He went home. I took Scarlett out for a mummy-daughter date. We ended up in Frankie & Benny’s again. That burger I had the night before was so delicious. She had mini hot dogs this time. After dinner we had 1 game of bowling. She hasn’t quite got the hang and is too young to sit still nicely whilst I have my go so I had to carry her = I was knackered!

After dinner we headed back towards home. We stopped at my Nan’s for a cup of tea and ended up staying there for the evening. My Nan dropped us home and I put Scarlett straight to bed, no bath lol

Sunday we had dinner at my Nan’s, like usual. 3 of my many cousins were there. My uncle’s 3 daughters. Scarlett is a fair bit younger than them so she didn’t really play with them and one of them kept trying to pick her up and crowd her. I had to tell her to give her space. We went home later and I put Scarlett to bed then had a shower before having some supper.

Monday was my first day back at work. I felt so tired and it really took a lot mentally. I ended up rowing with Brett, again. I can’t even remember what it was over. Oh wait yes I do, because I made a comment about how shit my birthday actually was. And then it was about this weekend when the fight between Mayweather and McGregor is on. I was already coming to his for the weekend as it is a bank holiday, and I never had issue with him wanting to watch the fight. But not if he goes to his pals as the fight doesn’t start till 5/6am and if he is up all night he would sleep all day at his pals and we wouldn’t see him till night time. What am I meant to do all day at his? So I said we wouldn’t come this weekend and it set him off even more.

Tuesday morning I woke up to a text from my mom saying she was in hospital and I would need to ask my Grandad to take me to work. I asked if she was ok? She said she had bleed really badly at work so her coworker phoned an ambulance who took her to hospital at 6:45am. I text my Nan and told her what happened and what I needed. She didn’t reply so I called her, phone was off. I called her house phone and she answered. She said she would pick Scarlett up as usual and Grandad would pick me up. So he did and I went to work.

What happened was, 3 weeks ago she had a procedure called a Colposcopy to have a look at her cervix and laser some bad cells off. This was after a routine smear had come back as abnormal. It went well and her bleeding afterwards was fairly normal.

Mom called me just before 10 and said they were considering discharging her. She said I was the only person with a key and she didn’t think Grandad would want to go through her bedroom looking for clothes so would I be able to leave work, get him to run me home and then up the hospital. Everything she had worn to the hospital was covered in blood. I said of course and hung up. I called my grandad asking him to come get me. He turned up at 10ish, we drove home and I picked up some bits then he dropped me at the hospital. I found her bed. She was in the same trauma bay [M6] that I had been in the times I were in A&E during pregnancy. Weird. She looked a bit white/pale but she was alright. She said the doctor claims she had stopped bleeding. She got off the bed to go and change her pad and clothes. When she hobbled past me I saw she was wearing a hospital grade sanitary pad with mesh knickers. It looked like a giant nappy. I couldn’t help but laugh. She got dressed and we headed out. She was advised to rest and take it easy and not be alone for 12-24 hours in case the bleeding got worse again. I bought her a cup of tea whilst we waited for Grandad to pick us up.

We got home and she desperately wanted food, sleep and a shower. She was starving, had not slept having worked a night shift and had not eaten since the middle of the night. She decided to have a shower once my Nan had finished work and grabbed her some more maternity-like sanitary towels. She dropped Scarlett off at 12:30ish. She was asleep so I put her straight in her cot and then aided mom in her shower. My nan stayed too [in case mom went dizzy I think]. She had massive blood clots and it was just running down her leg, going everywhere. She was really upset. She was stood in the bath crying. She said “how am I suppose to get dressed? It’s just going to go everywhere”. I told her to just stay still and I would get her clothes and she can dress in the bath. She laughed. Then chastised me for making her laugh as it caused more blood to leak. I called 111 for advice and they said they’d send a referral to our GP surgery so she can have an emergency appointment. I phoned them at 1:45 and they said the doctor would call back within 30 minutes. She didn’t call for 2 and a half hours. By that time my mom’s meds had kicked in and her bleeding was substantially much less so she said to the doctor she wouldn’t take an appointment and would go up A&E if the bleeding got worse again.

So she had a lay down and then at 5ish we decided what to have for dinner. She hadn’t eaten since her night shift so she welcomed that. We had dinner, I bathed Scarlett and put her to bed then Mom and I just relaxed. She went up to relax in bed at about 9ish. I finished watching season 4 of The Originals then I had a shower and got into bed.

I hope she feels better tomorrow.


26 candles

Ironically I didn’t actually get a cake for my birthday this year. But that just sums up how my day went. Brett pissed me off because the only thing I asked for for my birthday was a lay-in. And did I get one? No! We had said we’d spend the day together and my mom would babysit. We didn’t go out until half 2. We went bowling. We had two games. He thrashed me on both. Then we played in the arcade. We played air hockey and it was really fun. I love that game.

We got a bus to the garage then my mom picked us up and we went home. I put Scarlett down for a nap. When she woke up I did my makeup and got dressed then we headed out at 7ish. We went to Frankie and Benny’s for a meal. My dinner was delicious. Scarlett ate well but Brett gave her some coke so she was a tad hyper. It took her ages to calm down. We stopped at my nan’s on our way home for a cuppa. We put Scarlett to bed and then we finished watching the second Sherlock Holmes. Now me and Brett are just toasting my birthday with our Asti and chatting.


4 sleeps until Italy

Monday. I hate Monday’s. It’s not Monday’s fault. I just can’t seem to get my “work head” on straight until Tuesday rolls in. However that said, I did get up and eat breakfast and dress before Scarlett woke so I consider this a success as sometimes I have to sort her before I can do anything. And doing anything with her trailing behind me is harder and takes double the time, hence why we are late sometimes. Nonetheless, I was at work on time. I had an okay day. After work mom picked me up so we could go last minute holiday shopping. We went to ASDA because it is bigger and has a better choice of toiletries and holiday bits. Usually we go to Morrison’s. I got some nappies and all her baby milk. We picked up a pizza and garlic bread for dinner. I also got some bite cream and antihistamines. These bites are driving me insane!!!!

After shopping we went home and Mom bathed Scarlett whilst I put the dinner on. When she was done I made her a bottle and put her to bed whilst it cooked. We ate our dinner watching Emmerdale, then Corrie [mom wanted to]. After Corrie she went upstairs because I was watching Salem and she won’t watch it [wimp].

Only 4 sleeps until Italy. How mad is that? This time next week we will be in Rome. I managed to wrangle a half day for Thursday. I asked and was lucky to be granted it. I mean, don’t ask don’t get. It will help tremendously as I need to pop to the bank to transfer some funds from my other saving account into my main. I can’t do it on the app as I don’t have internet banking for that saving account and it’s not linked to my current account lol I think I have £250/300 in there. I won’t take it all. I’ll leave some for a rainy day.


1 week to go till Italy

Can’t believe it is only 1 weeks till we jet off to Italy. 7 days. 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited?

It is Brett’s brother’s birthday today. I sent a card in the week, from Scarlett. Even though we are going there tonight. Just felt less hassle because at least I know he already has it.

We went for dinner last night. I had buttermilk fried chicken. I love it!!!!!! It was good catching up with my brother. He has expressed interests in wanting to move back home. I don’t think this is a good idea. He will just end up just as unhappy here as he clearly is at his Dad’s. But it’s not my choice apparently. My mom says he can move back if he gets a job back home, before moving. So yeah.

We got home at 7:30. I bathed Scarlett then put her to bed. We watched Emmerdale then I decided to get in to bed. I had a headache. I think I switched my phone off at 10:30.

Today I woke at 6am desperate for a pee. I never wake up usually lol I got up at 7. Mom dressed Scarlett whilst I looked for leftover items to pack for Brett’s house. We headed out at 7:30. Today Scarlett wasn’t being dropped at nursery by my Nan. My mom said she would do it, so she came for the ride to my work with me. I gave her a kiss before I headed into my office. She was waving at me lol

Just on lunch watching Salem now.