Corfu, here we come

Saturday we had a lay in. Scarlett woke up at 8ish. I took her down and we had breakfast. We watched Gnomeo and Juliet then I put her up for a nap. Whilst she was asleep I read more of my book. I literally cannot put it down. I was on book number 4. when she woke up we got dressed and went to my Nan’s for some lunch. After we ate, we left her there to play so we could go shopping. I picked up a new TV for my new place. 32 inch HD Smart TV. It was only £210. Bargain! Then we did some food shopping. We got Scarlett a water bottle that is the same as mine, just a different colour as she is always drinking out of mine. And my throat has been sore for like 8 weeks so it’s not ideal for her to share my drinks, germs. We dropped our shopping home then we walked back to my nan’s. Scarlett had some dinner there then we headed home. I bathed her and put her to bed. We had our dinner. We had these pizzas from Sainbury’s that were “Pizza Express” ones. And some doughballs. Lush!

Sunday she woke up at 8am again. We watched Curious George the movie whilst eating breakfast. I put her up for a nap again and then climbed into bed to read my book. I finished book 4 and started reading book 5. We walked to my Nan’s for Sunday roast. We stayed there till the early evening then we headed home. Scarlett was tired when we got in so she was bit whingy. We got in the car and drove to Fleet to pick up the coffee. It’s just as the pictures showed. No scratches etc. I tried calling Brett before she went to bed but I hadn’t heard from him since Saturday night. He had been at a house party with his pals and I assumed he was asleep at his friends. But usually he pops up, hungover, by like 3/4pm. This was 7pm I tried calling him. My Whatsapp messages were only coming up with 1 tick. Which meant his phone was either off or had no signal. I was annoying because he would be pissed at me if I ignored him for 24 hours. So I put Scarlett to bed then chilled out. Finished doing my washing. I read my book in bed then went to bed.

Monday I woke up with my throat being worse than it had been in days. Awesome. It was snowing. It didn’t really settle but it was snowing on/off all day.

Still no word from Brett. Which I found unusual so I messaged his mom later on and asked if he had come home. She said no and she said she was sending his Dad round after work to see if he was at his pals house. Turned out he was. So he came home when I had finished work then he called to say Hi. He is such a knob. Fancy going AWOL for 2 days then being all “hey”. If I had done that to him, he’d have gone mental at me.

He spoke to Scarlett on FaceTime and she wasn’t even bothered. She just carried on playing. I put her to bed at 7ish then we ate dinner. Mom had cooked whilst I made tea. We watched TV then she went to work. I watched new Criminal Minds and Blindspot then I read some more of my book in bed before I went to sleep.

Today I didn’t wanna get up. It was so cold. Must’ve been minus 3 when we got up. Scarlett’s GroEgg in her room was blue meaning it was too cold. Yet when I pulled her from under her duvet she was toasty warm. She had toast and I had porridge then we went out separate ways.

Sunday we had sat with my mom’s boyfriend and looked at holidays. My nan is in Spain in September and as she does the nursery run, plus has Scarlett 3 afternoons a week, I had to book the time off. Or mom had to. Either way, one of us had to. So we agreed to both book 2 weeks off and we’d go away. So we settled on the Alkion Hotel in Corfu [check it out]. It worked out as £276 per person but that is if we split it 4 ways to include Scarlett. Mom said to just split it between us 3 adults so it’s £368 per person for 7 nights, half board. I am very excited now we’ve actually booked. We paid the deposit then the next instalment is due the end of next month.

Corfu here we come! Only 210 days to go LOL


P.S. Only 24 days till MOVING DAY!!!!


Red Nose Day 2017

Monday 20th:

My brother came home to visit. He had missed us, but mostly Scarlett. Obvs! We caught her walking about on camera. She was just wandering back and forth the lounge.

Tuesday 21st:

Today it has been 15 years since my uncle Jay died. People lie. Time doesn’t heal shit. You just learn to accept they are gone. 15 years on and it still hits us like a tonne of bricks.

I had my rescheduled Doctor’s appointment today. I didn’t get in to work until 9:45 so I have to make that time up the rest of the week #annoying

Wednesday 22nd:

My brother had said he was going back home to his Dad’s today but he decided not to. It annoyed me a little because I had expected him not to be there when I got in from work. I had looked forward to having the house to myself once my mom had gone to work but I didn’t. I couldn’t wander round naked or whatever lol I have loved having that freedom.

Thursday 23rd:

My brother went home today. Work was long. Can’t wait for the weekend. My grandad got a call from his doctor this evening saying one of his blood test levels was abnormal so he needed to go up A&E. They’ve kept him in.

Friday 24th [today]:

Today is Red Nose Day. Scarlett wore her RND top I got her from TK Maxx ages ago. I tried to find something red to wear but don’t actually have anything red lol my nan was on her own so I asked her what she was doing for dinner. She said she wasn’t alone as her brother was coming over, like he usually does on Friday nights. So that was ok. I finished my book, finally lol Scarlett has been in a bed a while. I am catching up with Iron Fist. I am loving this show. It crosses over with Daredevil, which I have already watched 2 seasons of. Waiting on season 3.


End of June


We went out for dinner. My brother, my grandparents, Scarlett and myself. We went to the harvester. We had a nice meal. I went back to my nan’s after for a few hours then I went home.


Scarlett was 22 weeks. It’s mad to think that I had a scan when I was 22 weeks pregnant and now she’s 22 weeks old. She has officially started laughing now so we did the usual milestone sticker. She’s so cheeky sometimes. We went in to town with my mom then we had dinner at my nan’s. She did a cheeky roast haha


I had to wait in for a parcel. It was nice being lazy with Scarlett. We stayed “in bed” until 2pm but obviously we was up early-ish. The parcel didn’t arrive until 2:30pm. I don’t think we went anywhere afterwards because it was raining. Hard.


We desperately needed some food so mom and I went to Morrison’s for some groceries. We stopped for lunch first as we were both starving. Scarlett sat in the high chair (that they provide) with us. She looked so grown up. I had to exchanged 2 packs of size 2 nappies for size 3. Girl is growing lol

I got her a few toys from Amazon. She got a 4 piece music set. It’s got things to shake etc. And I got her a toy “phone”. It plays music. She chews it lol stops her from trying to chew my iPhone.

Thursday (today):

We were going to go to rhyme time at 2:15pm but it was rubbish outside and I got half way to my nan’s (bus is near there) and decided to give it a miss. I didn’t face jumping on the bus and that. I’ve had a on/off headache for 4 days so figured we’d chill. So went to nan’s. I ate lunch. Scarlett was fine but she started getting really fussy and she screamed a lot whilst I was on the phone to a friend. Which I never do as I have hardly any friends so chatting on the phone was a big deal and I love the friend I spoke to. We get on great. Her daughter is gorgeous. She’s just over 2 weeks younger than Scarlett. I can’t wait to meet up with them again. Will be more fun now they’re older. We met when they were so young. Scarlett was 8 weeks old, so my friends baby must’ve been 6 weeks old. Mad!

It’s July tomorrow. What the actual fuck? Where has this year gone. They weren’t lying when they said the first year of a babies life goes so quickly. It really does!

It’s my birthday in 48 days (so just under 7 weeks).

I’m having an operation to remove one of my wisdom teeth on July 22nd. I’m not looking forward to it. Not many things worry or scary me. Having an emergency caesarian after 2 days of induced labour was traumatic at the time but not scary. I’d rather go through that again than go under and have this tooth out but the pain I’ve had with it over the years – it has to go!

We are off to Brett’s tomorrow evening. I can’t wait. I miss him. I’ve been feeling a bit down over the fact that I’ve got to go back to work in 9 weeks and I just have no idea how I’m meant to work full time and pay out for full time childcare. It’s just not possible. I need a cuddle from my man. Which is rare. Because I don’t cuddle. But I need one!

Scarlett is in bed asleep. Has been since 9ish. I had a bath and then caught up with today’s episode of The Magicians.

I’m off to sleep. If I can. Can’t seem to nod off early lately.


2016 is here

Well 2016 is here. We spent New Year’s Eve at my grandparents house. She always lays on a spread and alcohol. Obviously I didn’t have a drink. I had planned to. I was going to have a fizzy wine but I’m on antibiotics for an infection so I can’t risk it. The antibiotics are for an infection but I’ve no idea what it is. The doctor phoned me Tuesday night and said my urine sample came back positive for an infection and I needed antibiotics. They left a prescription for me at the surgery. I wasn’t very impressed with the call I received. The doctor didn’t introduce himself, he just said he was calling from the name of my surgery. He didn’t tell me what the infection could be, he just said I needed antibiotics and I don’t like taking any medication unless I’m 100% what it is for. So when I picked it up on Wednesday I asked the receptionist what was written on my notes about it.

So I’ve been taking the antibiotics and next week I have to go back to see the doctor for a follow up. I guess they’ll redo the urine sample.

Anyway, I didn’t do that much in the lead up to New Year’s Eve. I popped into town and hit the mothercare sale. I also had my haircut :) it needed doing.

We got home New Year’s Eve (although technically it was New Year’s Day) at half 12. It was cold out at that time of night.

I didn’t manage to finish my Book Challenge for 2015. I set the challenge target to 40 and only managed 28.

I’m setting my 2016 goal to 30. I may actually make it this time, even with a newborn baby to look after.

I can’t believe I only have as much as 30 days to go and as less as 26. Either way it’s just a month to go. I’m in my 36th week. I’ve got constant pelvis pains nowadays. I pee, a lot. One of my boobs has started to hurt whereas it hadn’t hurt since my first trimester. I really am in the home stretch now!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2016 brings you everything you hope, and more.


Like a scene from Carrie!

I re-booked to see Child 44 for Monday. It started at 5:30 and I finish at 5 so I asked Mom if she’d pick me and drop me as the bus wouldn’t get me there on time. She agreed. The traffic wasn’t too mental so we grabbed a quick bite on the way. I took mine into the cinema with me as it fitted in my bag lol
The film wasn’t bad and you can’t beat Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman. Both with their Russian accents. I did enjoy the story even though my memories of learning British history is shaky at best. I vaguely remember stuff about the World Wars, and names of important (not always for good reasons) figures. They mention General Stalin a lot and once or twice Hitler was made reference to. Overall I am glad I watched it.

Again I saw the trailer for the new Avengers movie. It is out in 3 days so I have booked my ticket. The first few times I tried to book all the seats were almost booked up for each performance. Eventually I settled for 12:45 on Saturday. We have a wedding on Saturday. Mom and I are invited to the reception party, my grandparents and Aunt are invited to the actual wedding. The lady getting married is an old family friend of both my Nan and my aunt. My nan knows her parents and my aunt knew her from our dance school. I also knew her from there too. I’m not sure what to wear to the party but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I intend to go shopping before I go to the cinema so I can have a wander around.

On Monday Mr. HP asked if I was free so I said that I would be after the cinema so if he wanted to pick me up then he could, then we could hang. He said he didn’t know where the cinema was so I said that if I wasn’t getting a lift home then it would be gone 8:30 before I got back so he said then it would have be another night. I was right, I didn’t get back home till gone 9. Definitely too late to hang out.

Yesterday I asked him if he was free and he said he was but then later on he turned around and said his lips were swollen because he’s has an allergic reaction to something so he doesn’t fancy coming over looking so hideous. This will sound paranoid but I think he made that up. I think he’s still mad at me for stitching him up last week when we were going to meet. I just didn’t feel like entertaining and I knew I’d be shit company.

Well he can’t hang out now if suddenly decides he wants to because I woke up in a pool of my own blood this morning. As my friend Simon said when I was telling him, “it was like a scene out of Carrie”. It truly was. My periods are always so whacky. They rarely show up on time and often I have to just guess when it may be and prepare for it. Usually I’m carrying around ladies things or wearing them long before it ever shows. Not this time. It showed up in the night and painted the town red hours before I woke up. It would explain why I’ve felt a little drained the last few days. I had thought it was from getting drunk on Friday but now I believe it wasn’t.

Anyway, moving on. Friday is payday. Yippee. Got to love a payday.

Also, I’ve been reading a new book from a series. It was in an email of kindle recommendations that I receive weekly from Amazon. It was 99p and so far I am engrossed. Mostly because I cannot fathom who the murderer is. I thought it was the headmaster but now I’m not so sure. It certainly isn’t the bloke they’ve got in custody as it is far too obvious. It’s called “Raven Black” by Ann Cleeves.

I can’t wait to get home and have a shower. I feel so dirty because of it being that time of the month and I feel like I desperately need a shower even thou I only had one last night.


Little Street

Well yesterday mom and I went shopping because I needed new jeans and underwear. I definitely needed new jeans because my old pairs were getting old and raggedy. I literally had to throw an old pair of jeans out yesterday because they had holes in them. So when mom got in from work we went shopping and I managed to find a new pair of jeans as well as 2 new bras, a new top and a pair of flats. My new jeans are a pastel green but they are very nice and the flats are navy blue which match the top I bought which has navy blue stripes on it. I got the twins a pair of shorts each and a little cute top to wear out tomorrow. After shopping we decided to go to nan’s and I text my aunt to make sure she knew where to drop the twins off. They were dropped off and we let them play for a bit then we went home. We sorted them some dinner and I bathed them got them into bed. They took ages to go to sleep which was a nightmare. This was because they had been allowed to sleep for 40 minutes before being dropped off.

Today they woke up at about 7-ish and we had some breakfast, well they did. Mom was picking up breakfast for us adults at 10-ish but I asked her to pick up a hash brown each for the twins. Because I’d asked her that I decided when they’d been bathed that I would leave them in their clean babygrow rather than dress them fully as they’re bound to get messy whilst eating. After we ate I dressed them and we set off for the park. I was wearing my new top, jeans and shoes. They had a good hours run about at the park and when it hit lunchtime we got in the car and headed for nan’s. I took off their T-shirts when they ate their lunch because they’re messy boys. We stayed at nan’s for a while as we were hoping they’d have a good run in the garden after their lunch and we had our Little Street play session booked for 3:30. So at 3ish we left for Little Street. It seemed really overcrowded. There were too many people and the place was so hot it made me feel dizzy. The twins had great fun playing on all the pretend things like the construction site with sit-on diggers and the fire truck you could sit in and pretend to drive. There was a doctors office with a computer and a phone. There was a café with fake food and a microwave and till. Frank quite enjoyed pretending to make me a cup of tea with the plastic kettle and saucers. We stayed just over an hour then we headed back to nan’s for dinner as she’d cooked a roast chicken. The twins were shattered so as soon as we got home and they’d chilled for a bit I got them in the bath and into bed. They didn’t take long to nod off. They were asleep before 7. Soon as it was safe for me to extricate myself from laying between them with them laying on an arm each, I jumped in the shower. Mom went to work and I sat in her room watching TV on my iPad as my bro was downstairs watching football. I’ve literally just come in the bedroom to go sleep. Rather than try to squeeze myself in the bed with them, I’m laid the other end of it with my feet on the outside so Frank doesn’t roll out. Much more space for my top half to spread out without two toddlers squishing me.

I finished my Peachville High book. I love the series and I will purchase the remaining books after I finish the library loan I have to read, Me & You by Claudia Carroll.

Tomorrow is grandad Reg’s funeral then afterwards hopefully the twins will be picked up. We don’t have much planned. Will probably just go to nan’s so they can play in the garden.


Easter Monday 2015

Well Frankie and I went swimming on Saturday. I knew the baby pool wasn’t open until after lunch so we had a lazy morning with netflix and playing games. We got sorted and got the bus to town. This time I made sure I had the stroller but when we were in town, I let him out for a run around a few times. We went to the library to send back one of my rentals as well as both of his. He picked up two new ones. One is a book about a farm with the various animals and instruments and vegetables, you find around farms, labelled clearly for parents to help toddlers sound out. Frankie found the “nacknacks” (ducks), and the “woof woof” (dogs) and the “peas” (growing in the field) That one is self explanatory lol

After swimming we wandered around town so I could get some birthday cards then we got the bus home. We chilled out with our new books and then had some dinner. Frank took ages to go to sleep and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything else so I stayed in bed long after he nodded off and just continued reading my Peachville High series. I am loving it, I am on the third one now.

Sunday we were having roast dinner at home as mom was only working till midday and nan was out all day. For the whole morning it was just Frankie and I. By gone 11am we were getting cabin fever so I said let’s grab some shoes and a coat and go out for a walk. Once we were finally ready to go, we left mine and walked over the park. I brought along the Peppa Pig bubbles I had bought in town. Frankie ran around the park chasing them when I blew them for him. He fell over a few times and was caked in mud. By time it hit almost 12:30 I said to Frank it was time to go. He wasn’t happy but he slowly followed me. We stopped at a huge tree and I lifted him up onto the lower branch so he could sit there. I took a photo then he jumped into my arms to get down. He thought that was the funniest thing. We got in and straight away I took his muddy shoes, socks and trousers off. We settled back on the sofa and mom came home just as we relaxed. I gave her as much a hand as I could with sorting the dinner, without Frankie following me and getting in our way lol we did some coloring, Frank and me, before dinner and then we ate. After dinner we decided to pop in and see nan as none of us had really seen her and Frankie kept calling for Grandad. So we got our stuff together and went round. It was great because Frank needed to run off some energy which he did by playing in the garden.

He was picked up at about 5:30 and I nipped home to grab some stuff then his dad dropped me in Farnham to a mates house. A guy I have been talking to for months asked me to come over Friday but I said Sunday instead. I got to his and we watched a film, a comedy (#56). He looks much better in person than his pictures etc. He’s a good kisser and we had a good night. I stayed over as it seemed easier but I got the feeling he had regretted saying that I could. I may have read him wrong but he seemed like he wanted me gone as soon as we’d had our fun. Which isn’t an issue. I have felt like that once or twice before but I’d rather he had said if that was the case because I wouldn’t have stayed, I’d have found a way home.

Anyway, he’s hot and seems like a great guy so even if I don’t see him again, I can look back on our night as a good memory. We woke up at 9ish today. I got picked up at 10 and when I got home I jumped straight in the bath so I could relax and read my book. Mom got home at 12:30 and was going back out within an hour so she rushed about getting showered and changed. I had booked the cinema for myself today for 4:45 so I figured I’d go see my Nan then I’d get the bus to the cinema, leave myself an hour to grab a bite to eat then go see the movie. I got to my nans and she informs me that she’s sick with a bug. Lovely. No surprises where she got it from as my uncles children are all sick and my nan saw them on Saturday. Why he let people visit when he knew the kids were sick is beyond me especially as my grandad is classed as a vulnerable person. He’s a donor kidney recipient and anyone who knows about transplant patients, know they have to take Anti-Rejection tablets which basically means he has no immune system and is susceptible to most things. Yet somehow this time he is not sick, my nan is.

So yeah she’s not well. I popped round the shop to get her some bits then at 3 I got on the bus to the cinema. My bro was on break at 3:30 so we grabbed a sneaky harvester together. Just us two. Then when it hit almost 4:45 he went back into his work and I wandered to the cinema. I decided I wanted a slushie so I got a large blue one. The film I watched was The Duff. It was pretty hilarious and definitely worth buying on DVD when it comes out later this year. Overall, good day and good night.

So I got the bus back from the cinema but in town the buses stop running round my local area after 7 on bank holidays and Sunday’s. So my mom picked me up from the bus station. I am now currently in bed with my iPad on watching Grimm. Will catchup with these few episodes then it’s back to my Peachville High series.

It is my cousins birthday today. She is 11. I bought her The sims 3 and an expansion pack plus a disc full of extra content.

I never did write up a second Fun Fact. My first Fun Fact is in a post titled I was recognised but I never actually continued after that. So I’ve sorted it so that all my fun facts, appearing in posts, will be logged under the Fun Fact category tag so if anyone wanted to see all the Fun Facts they could have a whole list of the posts just by clicking that category heading. Awesome right?