Riverdale is back!!!

Saturday we went to ballet class then we had breakfast. We decided to stop in my Nan’s to annoy her and my grandad as they’ve been away for 2 weeks. We missed them. We ended up staying for dinner. I had a quiet day overall.

Sunday we went up the old folks home to visit my Gran. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She was happy to see us, which was nice. We had Sunday roast at nans. There was a lot of us as my uncle had his 3 girls there as well.

Monday at work I had so much to do. Thankfully my KAM pushed our weekly conference call back. It’s usually Monday’s at 3 but I just wasn’t ready. I was still playing catch up on emails and quotes. It was driving me loopy. It felt like a never ending battle. One I was losing hopelessly.

Tuesday wasn’t much better. I got my new loot crate box. That was good. I got a new bag. It’s brilliant. Mom came round after she dropped us home so I could sort her new iPhone and iPad out. It took a few hours for everything because the new iOS updates took forever on the iPad. But now it’s all up and running.

Wednesday I had my conference call. I did ok. But I still felt unprepared and I’ve had to go away and look into things that I weren’t sure about on our open job list. I had a quiet evening. Brett was working away. We chatted a bit. I watched some black lightning. I’m loving this show. But I think I’ve almost finished series 1 and it’s the only series so far. Balls!

Today I was tired. Scarlett was tired. She actively did not want to get up. She pulled the duvet over her head and tried to go back to sleep. Our server went down the minute we got to work. And didn’t come back up till 11am. Then it went back down at 3ish. I had no access to our main system until half 4ish. Plus my emails wouldn’t send. It was just a long draining day. I was really hungry from like 4ish. I got in the car and just felt so sick because I was hungry. That happens a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s a big deal or just a phase or something. It’s driving me loopy though. Because I also can never figure out what my brain thinks I can stomach. So I’ll get a few mouthfuls into something and not want it. Weird!

I’ve just finished watching season 1 of Black Lightning. I’ve bookmarked other shoes to binge but guess what is back for season 3 – Riverdale. I’m super excited. I text my friend (who watches it too) so she’s aware it’s back on Netflix!

Tomorrow is Friday. We’ve got a team meeting. Uh oh. I also have a call phone with my KAM about some quotes outstanding. Fun times!



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