Drunk girls on planes

Monday was our last full day in Corfu. We walked along the beach. We walked from one end of Sidari to the other. I captured some pretty nice pictures of the sea views. We had a drink in a bar and then we wandered along the shops. Mom and Mark did some present scoping. They wanted an idea of what the shops had to offer so they could go shopping the day we leave as we had such a long wait so we had time to kill. We had lunch at this kebab place. It was delicious. I had the shits when we were out and I felt so crappy when we got back to the apartment. I felt better after we napped then we had dinner. We went to Babylon again and then left at 10ish. I packed our stuff when Scarlett went to bed. I managed to shove all our crap back in my suitcase. To be honest, I didn’t buy much to take home. I got some creams and a few small gifts for Brett.

Tuesday we had breakfast between 8:30 and 9ish. We came back to our room to finish putting stuff in the hand luggage and doing a last minute sweep to check we hadn’t left anything then we walked to reception to check out. We left our suitcase in an alcove like everyone else had and then we went gift shopping. Well the others did. I’m skint so I just looked. We had lunch then I took Scarlett back to the hotel as the receptionist had said we could use the lobby to charge our phones and the sofas for letting Scarlett nap. It was a lovely idea and I did successfully keep my phone charged up. But Scarlett did not nap. She ran around like a lunatic on drugs. We kept jumping on the sofa and climbing on things. I was tired and fed up of waiting for our 7:25pm transfer pick up. We had a cup of tea when mom and Mark got back from shopping. Then at 7ish we got our suitcases and waited outside. It was clear skies but a little breeze so it was nice to sit outside. We waited till almost 8 for the bus to arrive. It was 25 minutes late. We boarded and off we went. Scarlett fell asleep within minutes and an hour later we arrived at Corfu airport. We managed to get through baggage check-in and passport control with time to spare to grab a snack. So we had banquettes and Scarlett had chips (her request). Eventually our flight was flagged as boarding so we queued at the gate.

We had to queue on the walkway after they checked your passports. We were waiting for the shuttle bus to plane. There was 2 girls in front of us. They were drunk. It was quite obvious from the way they were chatting absolute bollocks, they were swaying, singing very loudly along to whatever they had in their shared earphones and they actually had a massive bottle of barcardi in a handbag. One girl kept getting it out the swig more. They were very irritating and mom and I exchange a look of “people do not be sitting near us”. Whilst we were waiting to get on the bus, the girl swung her handbag and the bottle fell out and smashed on the floor. Covering the entire walkway in broken glass. Now, if that had been me (not that I’d get drunk before flying) then I’d have looked around and asked if everyone behind or in front were ok. I’d also be looking for airline staff to explain what’s happened so they know it needs clearing up. No these two absolute idiots proceeded to giggle at what happened then one dragged their hand luggage over the glass, flicking it everywhere (my toddler standing at the kind of level where it would’ve caused damage) and just walked down to the bus.

I was beyond furious. So when we passed a member of staff I explained (as best I could #languagebarrier) that a bottle had been smashed and I pointed at who had done it. From the small response I got, the impression I got was that they’d had their eye on them already. But I felt better knowing the glass would now be sorted. I felt I had a duty of care to other passengers to let them know.

So we boarded. The girls were sat opposite but further down by a few rows. Turns out the staff aren’t happy to let them fly as they are drunk. They put it to the pilot. He says No. So they inform them they need to leave. They start arguing and saying they don’t wanna go. They try to convince the entire plane why they should be able to fly. They then start being verbally abusive to the staff and eventually they leave. No idea what happened to them after that but I believe the police had been on their way.

Did you know that it’s illegal to be drunk on an airplane? I didn’t know. I knew it was a bad idea and definitely frowned upon. Did not know it’s a law! That’s good though, because everyone knows not to get smashed.

We eventually took off at 11:10 which is half hour late. But we were just happy to be taking off.

We touched down at 12:15ish. Scarlett had slept for the last hour. I managed to finish my book. We got through passport control and baggage collection. We caught the bus to the car and we’re in the car ready to go home by 1:30. We got home at half 3. I was asleep by 4ish. Scarlett had fell asleep in the car so she’d been asleep 2 hours. She didn’t even wake when I took her shoes off and changed her nappy.

Wednesday I woke up at 8ish to a knock of my front door. I had totally forgot the guy was coming to install my smart meter. I let him in then I sorted some washing out. Scarlett didn’t wake till gone 10. I did her some breakfast (not that we had much in) then our food shopping delivery arrived at 11:30. Mom picked us up at 2 as she needed to go shopping so we tagged along. Scarlett and I had lunch then we went back to mom’s. Her friend usually comes round on Wednesdays but she couldn’t make it in the end. We stayed till 7 then went home. I felt crappy. I had the shits and just wanted to go to bed. She had dinner and a bath. We de-liced our hair once more then I put her to bed at 8:30. I had some cereal for my dinner as I couldn’t stomach anything else then I climbed into bed.

Thursday I woke up and was sick. I also had diarrhoea again. I just felt so shit. So I called in sick at work, sent Scarlett off to nursery then curled up on my sofa and rode out the shitty feeling.

Mom dropped Scarlett back to me at 1ish. I put her down for a nap at 2 and watched a film. I watched the newest Insidious. It was good. I tried waking her at half 4. She didn’t wanna get up so I left her. She woke up at 5ish by herself and was happier. I did her some dinner then she had a bath. She watched some TV whilst I cooked my dinner then we watched Emmerdale together. I put her to bed at 9ish but she took ages to settle. I caught her elbow deep in 1 of my new body butter creams I’d brought back from Corfu. I was furious. She eventually went to sleep.

I watched a new series called Black Lightning. The guy in it is from a series I watched before called Hart of Dixie. He’s fab. Love him. I climbed into bed at 11.

Today is Friday. Yay! Work has been a case of catching up on the emails I have and trying to figure out where someone has got with them. The guy who covered me isn’t in so I can’t ask him. So it’s a guessing game and a lot researching on our shared drive. Fun times! But it’s a relaxing day for someone who’s had a busy week and feels like shit. I was sick this morning when I brushed my teeth. But I figured I need to go into work otherwise I won’t have been in for 2 weeks. I do feel like shit though.

Glad it’s the weekend tomorrow. Not got much planned. Scarlett has ballet tomorrow and we’ll probably see my grandparents as they’re back from Spain now.



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