Corfu Days 5 & 6

Saturday was a lazier day. We had breakfast at 8:30 then we grabbed some stuff and walked to Canal D’Amour which is next to where we are staying. There was beautiful views and we could see Albania in the distance. Scarlett and I got in the little public swimming pool. We then walked along the cliff top and had a drink at a beach front restaurant. We walked further along and saw some spectacular views before heading back to Sidari town. We ate lunch at an English pirate restaurant. After lunch we went back to our rooms for a nap before heading down to the pool to swim. We stayed till gone 6. Then we went back to shower before heading to dinner at 7:30.

We ate then we went for drinks at Babylon Karaoke bar. Scarlett and I left 10. She fell over on our way home so I carried her to the apartment as her leg was bleeding. I cleaned her wound and put a plaster on. She doesn’t make a fuss ever. She wasn’t bothered it was bleeding or sore. She was fine.

She went to bed at 10:30 and I watched the finale of Iron Fist then mom and mark popped in for tea. I got into bed at 1am.

Today we got up at 8. Had breakfast at 8:30 then we got our stuff for our day trip to Palaiokastritsa and Bella Vista. We visited Mavromatis Distillery. Mom and mark bought some Kumquat liqueur. Next stop was Palaiokastritsa. Mom and Mark went on a boat to see the caves. Me and Scarlett went into the aquarium. I held a snake!

After the aquarium we wandered to see the boats coming in. Mom and Mark got off the boat. Scarlett got stung by a wasp. She was crying but more for it touching her as she dislikes them. Not the pain. She wasn’t even aware she’d been stung. We avoided talking about it then she’d not notice. We walked from bay 1 to bay 2 for lunch. I had grilled chicken fillet and chips. Scarlett had spaghetti Bolognese. We walked back to bay 1. Mom and Mark walked to the monastery. We had a wander through the shops. I got Brett a gift and Scarlett a “Corfu” t-shirt. We walked back to the bus and we travelled onwards to Bella Vista to see the breathtaking views of the entire bays below, sea and the mountain. Unfortunately for me, Scarlett had just fell asleep and obviously she couldn’t be left by herself on the bus. So I stayed with her whilst everyone went up to the third floor of the cafe on the the top of the mountain to see the views. Luckily technology allows us to snap pictures so it’s basically the same lol

We left Bella Vista and stopped at a market in Lakones. I bought some gorgeous body butters and hand cream. It was buy one get one free so overall I only spent €15. We arrived back and stopped at my apartment for tea. After they left we had a shower and got changed.

We had dinner at 7:30 then we went to Babylon karaoke bar again. Scarlett’s nappy was sopping wet but I realised I didn’t have a single nappy in my bag so I would have yo down my drink and we’d go. It was hanging so low on her that it was down by her knees so I took it off and told her to make sure her dress stayed down as she was now walking home commando. Luckily there was no breeze so she did a mini walk of shame. She loved it. When we got in she got a new nappy on and her pjammas. Then we FaceTimed Brett before putting her to bed at 11ish.

I watched a film called Like Father. I paused it when mom and Mark stopped for tea on their way home, like usual. It’s just finished. It was a good movie. I’m going to bed now, it’s 1:45am!!!

Last full day tomorrow. Just going to chill. Hit the town for souvenirs (them, not me, I’m skint) and go swimming maybe.



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