Corfu Days 3 & 4

Thursday (yesterday) was a lot warmer. We ate breakfast then we went back to our apartment. Scarlett was still tired so I tried to put her back to sleep for a couple of hours. She wouldn’t give in so we got dressed and wandered. We went to a park that’s on the beach then we met up with my mom and Mark in a bar called The Internet Bar. We’d been sat in the garden having a drink.

We had lunch at 1:30ish. We ate at Fagin’s pub. It was delicious but we were swamped in flies and wasps. Flies are less of an issue. They’re annoying but don’t terrify me. Wasps do. Also, allergic. So double annoyance for me.

After lunch we went swimming. Scarlett didn’t really get in properly. She dipped her toes. In her defence, the water is not heated and is freezing. But after a while you become acclimatised to it. We tried to sunbathe. I tried reading my book. But Scarlett kept being chaotic. She kept walking from one sun lounger to another. We stayed 90 minutes then I got fed up. We went to our apartment to get changed. She had a quick nap then I woke her for dinner. We ate. I had more chicken. I do love chicken lol

I bathed her then she watched TV on my iPad whilst I quickly showered. Once she was asleep I watched TV. Mom and Mark popped in for tea on their way back to their hotel. I went to bed about 2am.

Friday we had breakfast at 8:30 then we sorted a bag to take with us for the day. We had booked to do the Durrells Tour. We met the coach at 10 and we had a fab day looking at locations that were used during the filming of the series on ITV.

We walked a lot. Saw lots of different views. We actually stood on the beach outside the walled area where their house is. The big square old house they move into in Corfu. We took pictures of us there. That’s as close as you can get as they’re filming season 4 apparently! We heard tidbits about the show and the actors and the history from the tour guide Demetrius. We had lunch at Verde Blu. A cafe/restaurant on the beach front at Barbati. You literally sat on the waters edge. We arrived back to our apartment at half 5ish. We relaxed (after all the walking) then had dinner at 7:30.

As we had a slow day planned for tomorrow we decided to go for drinks with mom and Mark. So we walked to Babylon Karaoke Bar and had 2 drinks during happy hour. Scarlett and I left at 10:30 to go back to our apartment. We FaceTimed Brett then I put Scarlett to bed. I watched some Iron Fist then mom and Mark popped in for a cup of tea on their way back to their hotel.

I’m now laid in bed relaxing. I hope it’s a bit warmer tomorrow so we can swim and get our bodies a little lol



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