Corfu Days 1 & 2

Monday I got up and sent Scarlett to nursery. I cleaned my bathroom, my kitchen, hoovered my front room and then had a shower. At 11:30 the nurse came to do my medical for my life insurance. You’ll be pleased to know I’m overweight but I’m not diabetic. I’m also a non-smoker and don’t drink alcohol regularly. Also ANTI-drugs. So I’m good!

After the nurse left mom picked me up so we could pop to ASDA to pick up some stuff I ordered then we had lunch with my brother. I went back to theirs. Had a cup of tea then at 3:30 we went to the nursery for Scarlett’s parent consultation. Basically she’s on par and above with everything except potty training. Which is fine. As she’s not 3 yet so she’s got lots of time to do it. They only worry when they’re 4 and not ready.

We waited for her to eat her dinner then we took her home. We spent our evening chilling. She helped me eat my dinner then I put her to bed. When she was in bed I packed and watched TV. It got to midnight and I realised I probably wouldn’t sleep now as I’d have to set an alarm for 2 as mom was picking us up at 2:15 to drive to the airport.

Tuesday I woke Scarlett up at 2am to dress her. She was unamused at being woken and swiftly fell back asleep full clothed whilst I got dressed and brushed my teeth. Mom and Mark turned up at 2:15. We loaded our stuff then off we set for Gatwick airport.

We arrived at 3:30am to our park and ride. We checked the car in. Unloaded our stuff and got on the shuttle to the terminal. We checked our bags then we went through passport control. Scarlett’s rucksack got held up as they had to re-scan it. Apparently her nappy cream is over 100ml and classed as a liquid so it had to be binned. Luckily it was a cheap one so no biggie. We left to find breakfast and find out which gate our flight was leaving from. My mom and Mark had bacon sandwiches and tea. Scarlett had a strawberry milkshake and toast. I had a hotdog and a Pepsi lol

We saw our gate number so we stopped for a wee then we proceeded towards it. We stopped at WHSmith for water on the journey. We arrived at gate 572 and boarded shortly before 6. We left the airport at 6:15 and arrived in Corfu at 10:55am. Scarlett did fine on the flight for the first hour. She watched TV then some of a film. But then she finally crashed due to tiredness but wouldn’t sleep. Eventually mom took her (once we were properly airborne and could remove seatbelts) and she settled. I dozed. We got our luggage and then found our transfer minibus. OMG the journey was fucking awful. It was up and down hills, around jerk corners and most the roads were winded. I felt sick as a dog the whole journey. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of a lovely lunch lol

We arrived 90 minutes later at about 1ish. We went to check in. Turned out our apartment is not next to the hotel. It’s down the road, across a main road and sandwiched between a medical centre and a pharmacy. That annoyed me to start with. Also, our apartment was on the top floor, with a balcony that Scarlett could easily climb over.

We dumped our stuff in our respective rooms and then went to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch I took Scarlett back for a nap. She wouldn’t sleep even tho she was shattered. She asked to go swimming so we grabbed our swim gear and walked over to the hotel as that’s where the pool is. We swam, we sunbathed and I lounged. Mom and Mark met us at half 5. They walked down the road to find a cafe for us to have tea whilst Scarlett and I got changed from swimming.

I stepped out of my sandals and felt something sharp in my heel. I looked as best as I could and there was something there. I couldn’t get it out as I had no nails to grip it. So I text mom to come and help. I quickly manoeuvred myself out of my wet swimsuit and into some clothes. Mom managed to pull it out. It was a bit of glass. I was furious. If that had been Scarlett’s foot I’d have kicked off big time. When we went for dinner after we’d been for tea, I told reception about the glass and the guy tried to accuse me of smashing a glass. I told him he was incorrect and my room needs re-sweeping as it clearly had not been swept properly. He said he’d get the cleaners to do it whilst we ate. I also asked if we could move into a hotel room as I was unhappy that they’d stuck me and a 2 year old so high up in an apartment. He said if she falls it’s my fault. What a fucking knob! I had the right hump.

We ate dinner then we went back to our apartment. I bathed Scarlett and she watched some TV whilst I showered. She went to sleep about 9ish. She was so tired, bless her. Mark had to come and rescue me from a wasp that had flown in the gaps in the outside shutter. I swiftly shut them entirely and the balcony door. I hate bugs!!!

I was still awake till about half 1-2ish. By the time I fell asleep I’d been awake 42/43 hours.

Today we woke just before 8. We threw some slouch clothes on and met mom and Mark for breakfast. Scarlett and I had toast. And a cup of tea.

After breakfast we went back to get dressed. It was a little chilly due to the wind and forecasting rain so I put my 3/4 jeans back on with a blouse. Scarlett chose a navy blue dress with flowers on and her glitter shoes. I made her wear a cardigan. We walked down the road to the shops in Sidari. We stopped in a few tat shops. I got Brett a few souvenirs and myself a magnet (I love collecting them from all over the world). We had tea in a cafe near the beach. Then we walked back towards our hotel. We decided we’d have lunch at half 1 so we chilled in mom’s hotel room for a bit. We ate in a different restaurant. I had a cheese toastie and chips. Scarlett had sausage and chips. Mom and Mark had the same as me except they opted for cheese and ham. It wasn’t half bad.

After lunch we headed back to our separate rooms. Scarlett and I had a nap about half 3 till half 5ish. We FaceTimed Brett at 6. We walked to the hotel to meet Mom then we had dinner at 7ish. I had chicken and chips with a slice of buttered bread. Scarlett had chicken, chips, carrots, sweet corn and cucumber. And some bread lol she also had a slice of chocolate cake with cream for pudding. After dinner we decided to get a drink at one of the bars. So we went to Chanpion Bar. Scarlett felt so special because I let her have some sprite. I had a WKD blue. After we had finished relaxing in there we wandered to Babylon where they had karaoke going on. We stayed till 10:15. I had a woo woo cocktail and Scarlett did some colouring. We walked back to our apartment. Mom and Mark carried on and tried a few other places. They headed back at midnight. They stopped in my room on the way back, for tea. They left at half 12. I FaceTimed Brett at 1am as it was only 11pm in England. We spoke for a bit then he said he was going to bed. I watched Emmerdale then I climbed into bed at quarter to 2.

We’ve booked some guided tours. One is around all the locations used in the TV show The Durrells. That’s on Friday. The other is the east side of the island. That is for Sunday. It should be good.

I’m off to sleep now.

Day 1 was long and tiring. Day 2 was much better even though I rained all day, was windy AF and chilly.



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