Corfu in 48 hours

Wednesday I didn’t go to work in the end. I woke up like this and it was too bad for work. I slept all day then I couldn’t sleep that night.

Thursday when I got to work at 8 I had been awake since 3pm Wednesday. That’s 19 hours. By the time I finished work I had been up 26.5 hours. You’d think that I would be knackered when I got home but I wasn’t and even though I climbed into bed at 9 I was still awake till 11pm. I was awake for 32 hours when I fell asleep lol

Friday I spent the whole day tying up all the stuff I had outstanding. At 5:30 I put my out of office and left the office. We ended up having dinner at mom’s. Mom and Mark walked us home. There was a massive spider in my bedroom when I got in so I called them back lol I put her to bed. I watched some TV then went to bed myself.

Saturday we were up at 8 for ballet. She got so excited to be wearing her little outfit. Afterwards we went into town for a late breakfast. Mom picked up my euros then we went to Nan’s for a cuppa. We left and went home. I put her down for a nap and fell asleep myself. We woke up at 4ish. I put a film on (tangled) then cooked dinner. She had a bath whilst I sorted some washing out then we chilled before bed. I put her down at 9:15 but she got up about 8 times before I managed to get her asleep. I watched some TV then I got into bed about midnight. She woke up coughing a few times and snuggled in with me. I hate when she’s not well!

Sunday (today) she woke me up at 7. I made her lay in bed with me (whilst I ignored her and dozed) until 8 lol we got up and had some toast. We watched some TV and then we got dressed. Mom took us into town so I could pick up some last minute bits for the holiday. Then we went to my mom’s as she was cooking Sunday lunch. We watched Moana and then ate at about 3:30. Scarlett had a nap at 4ish. She woke up at 6ish. We stayed for tea then walked home.

She had a bath then we sorted out some washing together. She watched Peter Rabbit and at 9:30 she went to bed.

I’ve just finished sorting some more washing and I watched the finale episode of The Bodyguard. It was brilliant. Very much an edge of your seat moment.

I’ve FaceTimed Brett and now I’m in bed. I’m excited about our holiday. Tomorrow I need to tidy my flat and pack. I have my medical for my life insurance and then Scarlett’s nursery parent consultation. They have them yearly. She’s been going for 2 years now, bless her!



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