3 spiders too many

Wednesday we went to mom’s after work for the usual tea and natter. We went home later.

I put Scarlett to bed at 9:30 and watched some TV. I went to the toilet at 10:15. I thought she was asleep. She sidled out of the bedroom covered in sudocream. Again. I made her stand in the bathroom whilst I inspected the bedroom. It was on the duvet, the sheet and her dolls were caked in it.

I cleaned her off and sent her back to bed. Then I set about trying to get this cream off the bastard dolls. I ended up giving both Anna and Elsa’s hair a shampoo. The baby doll was actually easier to clean because it had no hair. So that got wiped down and the outfit was put in the wash basket lol Elsa and Anna had a hair wash then I put them on the towel rail over the radiator. Their clothes I cleaned then hung on the radiator. Bloody child!

Thursday me and my friend discussed an article she’d seen that said a lot of parents don’t read a bedtime story to their children and one of the reasons behind it were because kids were allowed to lay in bed with a device such as an iPad. I said that whilst I do read to Scarlett, it’s not every night. It’s most nights. Depends on the kind of evening we’ve had. But that said, we don’t do iPads at bed. We don’t do iPads in general except for travelling. I’m not surprised by the stats on it. Especially for families with 2 working parents and more than 1 child. People just often don’t have time.

Friday was a long day. Had lots to do. My mom and her friend Wendy popped in my work with Scarlett 10 minutes before I finished. Wendy worked there for 5 months before so they all knew her so she wanted to say Hi. She told me not to say so I didn’t.

We went back to moms after work instead in of home. Mom dropped us home at 7:30 when she left to go to Mark’s house. When we got in there was a huge spider behind my bedroom door. I psyched myself and eventually managed to kill it with a shoe. Then I grabbed kitchen roll and scraped it off the carpet. Scarlett had a bath then we settled down so I could eat my dinner. After we ate a spider ran out from the TV unit and under the sofa. I asked my brother if he’d come round and get it when he finished work. He said yes. I couldn’t deal with two of the bastards, not the big ones. But it ran out and stopped on the floor by the sofa when Scarlett had gone to bed. So I whacked it with the fly swatter. Then as I left to get kitchen roll to clean it up, another spider (smaller than the other 2) ran past me so I stamped on it and ended up cleaning that too. 3 fucking spiders in the space of a few hours. My Fitbit said my heart rate went up to 126. Not surprising. I legit felt sick. I reall cannot deal with spiders. But someone I did!

Brett arrived at like half 11. Very late. He’s usually here by 9ish. We got straight into bed, had a catch-up and were eventually asleep by half 1.

Saturday we got up at 8 for ballet class. Well I woke up before 8 and Scarlett came in the bedroom. Brett took half hour to get up which made us late leaving. We got to ballet and Scarlett went in. I paid her term fees and picked up her costume and ballet shoes. When she was finished she tried the shoes on. They fitted fine so we paid for the stuff and left.

We got a bus to the high street then walked up to get a bus into town. Brett and some drugged up old man had an argument. The man started it by jabbing his scabby finger in Brett’s face because Brett had dared to talk to the man’s dog as he walked by. The man proceeded to follow us on to the bus and sit in the seats opposite us. He then carried on shouting at Brett then at me when I asked him to wind his neck in because there were children present. Eventually he settled down. But he kept swaying in his seat and chatting absolute bollocks aimed at us. He got off and we got off at a different stop. I was so angry at the whole situation I burst into tears. I had a go at Brett (even though it wasn’t his fault) because I just felt so uncomfortable and stressed by it. I mean who wants someone like that shouting at you and being aggressive. Especially big in front of your toddler. I’m so thankful she was looking out the window and chatting about what she saw (praying she didn’t see or hear any of the incident).

We had some food in town then I bought a few winter clothes for Scarlett then we got a bus to my nans house for tea. We stayed till dinner time then we went home. We ate then Brett bathed Scarlett whilst I washed up. Nan ran us up Morrison’s for grocery’s at 8ish. Then we put Scarlett to bed at 9 and watched a film. We watched Finale Score. It wasn’t that bad. We went to bed at midnight.

Sunday we laid in till 10:45. I got up and had a quick shower. I got out and did Scarlett some breakfast. Brett had a shower whilst me and Scarlett laid on my bed and sang frozen songs lol we went to my nans at 1ish for dinner. We stayed for tea then Nan dropped him at the train station. I waited for mom to come for her dinner then I got a lift home with her.

Monday I woke up and my right eye was sore AF. I suffer year-long hayfever as I’m allergic to grass, which is there all year round lol but I manage it (usually) by taking antihistamines every day. But today they weren’t working. My eye was so bad by the time I got home from work. I had a long day. I was so busy and played catch up all day. We’ve got people out sick and others have left so we’re all covering extra shit.

Tuesday (today) my eye was still bad but it felt better. But at home it’s got significantly worse. I don’t wanna miss work so I’ll go in tomorrow even though ideally I need to be away from a computer for 24 hours to allow my eye to heal.

This time next week we’ll be in Corfu. How exciting!!! I’ve started digging out our summer stuff from the laundry basket so I can pack. Scarlett’s going to have such a brill time. Sun, sea, sand and swimming lol

I’ve been catching up with Killing Eve and now I’m in bed! With my little person next to me (she’s got a cold so she’s sleeping in with me atm)



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