TGI Fridays was mad busy

Friday the guy did fix my cooker. Decided to have dinner at mom’s anyway. So I gave Scarlett a bath then at half 6 we walked down the road so we could settle in and watch Emmerdale. Scarlett sat in the armchair with Frozen on the iPad. She didn’t move lol we had chicken in pitas then Scarlett and I headed home.

Saturday we got up at 8 for ballet. She had fun. Afterwards we went for a late breakfast then we went shopping. We stopped at Nan’s for lunch. We headed home at 4 as we were going out for dinner with my work friends at 7:30. Scatlett had a nap whilst I washed my hair and did my make up. We got in the car at 6:45. We were early. We arrived at TGI Fridays at 7:15. My manager was already there. It’s her birthday we are celebrating. We waited for the others to arrive then we went in to be seated. Our table wasn’t ready or something so we went to the bar. One of my work colleagues bought a round of drinks. Scarlett sat at the bar on a barstool. She looked so funny sat there with her drink (lemonade, just to clarify). Eventually our table was ready. So we sat down, ordered our food then more drinks. There was a rowdy hen party next to us and they kept making Scarlett look round. She was not overly impressed with their noise lol we had a lovely evening. Scarlett was really well behaved and everyone interacted with her which was great. She took a liking to two of my work peeps because they played with her a lot. And she was chasing a balloon around and bopping it across the table lol we got the bill just before 10. Someone kindly offered to pay my share even though I was quite capable. I kindly accepted. However I don’t usually let people pay for me. I’ve always paid my way so it felt a bit weird. Even Brett doesn’t often get away with paying for me lol I don’t mind going halves but I hate when I don’t/am not allowed to contribute. Feels weird.

Anyways we got a lift to the station and just made the 10:15 train home. My Nan picked us up from the station and dropped us home.

Sunday we had a great lay in. We woke up at 9. We had breakfast then we watched Moana. I had a headache. It was driving me loopy. At 12 we climbed into bed to read books and just relax. We left for my Nan’s house at 1ish. We had dinner at half 2. We stayed for a cup of tea and the others had pudding. Scarlett included, obviously. We headed home at 4ish and my Sainsbury’s delivery showed up an hour early.

We had supper and watched Tinkerbell and the legend of the neverbeast. Mom popped in for a few hours. We had a cup of tea and she finished watching the movie with us. Scarlett had a bath, mom dressed her whilst I had a quick shower then she headed home and Scarlett went to bed.

Monday I got up but I felt like shit. My nose was blocked, my throat was sore and I had a headache still. I was half tempted to stay at home because Scarlett said she didn’t feel well either. But up we got and off we went. Work was fine, caught up on some stuff. Was so ready to finish when 5:30 hit. I cooked myself dinner and Scarlett stole some of my chips lol what she doesn’t realise is that I always cook extra so she’s not actually stealing anything, they’re kind of her chips anyways.

Today I felt really hyper in the morning. Had our weekly conference call, instead of Monday. That took up an hour of my day. Then I spent the rest of it busy but not focused. My hay fever was playing up even tho I take my meds every day!

Was checking my gas and electricity bill as I had given readings last week. They’re changing my direct debt payment from £47 to £78. That is a £31 difference. Last month it said I was “in credit” but now it says I’m “in debt”. How? In one month? I didn’t even use my cooker for 9 days. And I’m at work all day. So I only use my electricity or gas in the evenings or weekends. And in August I was at Brett’s one weekend, another we stayed in a hotel. So I don’t understand. I contacted them and they said they cannot reduce it back to what it was. I said I cannot afford to pay that much. There’s only me and a toddler living here. I had the right hump!

Scatlett and I had dinner when we got in. We ate at 6:30 then watched half of Emmerdale then she had a bath. We watched the second half then she went to bed at 9. I’m in bed myself. My eyes are sore and I’m quite tired. My throat is better now but I still have a headache #moaningbitch #moaningmyrtle


Ps. Today I got home contents insurance sorted and life insurance. If I crock it, scatlett gets £50K but I need to write a will to say where she’ll be living. God adulting is hard!


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