The Originals are back!

Sunday Brett got up with Scarlett and let me have a lay in. I got up at 10:30. We chilled. His mom cooked dinner. We ate then we got on the train home at 5pm. Scarlett was a little moo again. Until we got on the second train then she was fine. When we waited at Clapham we had 20 minutes. So we got to our platform and waited in the inside waiting area. We sat on a row of 4 seats then there were 4 more. I sat on the end of our row and she sat on the end of the next row [next to me]. A lady and her grown-up daughter came and sat down on the row Scarlett was on. Scarlett is obsessed with hair but she knows not to touch people’s hair. However she saw the girls long hair and tried to reach out. I told her not to do that and to come away. The lady said “oh no she’s fine”. I replied that she’s not fine, she shouldn’t be doing that and by saying it’s fine you’re teaching her that she can do that. I am trying to teach her not to approach strangers and touch their hair. I was quite polite but firm. Made it clear I do not wish her to speak to strangers.

Scarlett came back and sat my side. 5 minutes pass and she wanders back to the seat next to them and the lady goes “so how old are you?” At this point I was annoyed. I had just politely told her I don’t want Scarlett talking to strangers and assumed she would’ve understood that meant her. So I said “Scarlett come here please. I have told you not to speak to people you don’t know”. Then to the lady I looked up and said “I did think it would be obvious I expected you not to engage with her. All you will do is undermine what I am trying to teach her. Please stop talking to her”. She sort of glared at me, got up and they both walked off. I prayed we wouldn’t end up on the same train next to each other!

I don’t feel my comments were unwarranted. I had said very politely but quite firmly that she shouldn’t be talking to the lady so why she felt the need to carry on talking to her is beyond me! Pre-baby even I knew not to engage with children. I use to get on the bus and there was always a toddler or small child smiling at me, or trying to catch my eye. Whilst I know I am not a serial killer or weirdo, I appreciate that their parents do not know this. And I have never approached someone’s child because I know it’s inappropriate to do so. I remember an old lady talking to my godson on the bus once. He was about 18 months old so he wasn’t speaking properly at this point. And she kept trying to catch his eye and a few times he smiled at her. Eventually she got fed up [she must’ve been waiting for him to say Hello] and she said “does he not talk?” I said “Not to strange ladies, no”. What I failed to tell her was that he may have looked like a 2.5/3 year old, he was a big lad, he was in fact only 18 months. But I am glad he didn’t engage. Children are suppose to be taught that there are specific types of strangers you can run to in an emergency but old Fanny Anne from the bus stop isn’t the one!

We got home at half 6. Nan picked us up. We jumped in the bath thinking we had at least half hour before my shopping delivery slot 7:30-8:30. The bugger only turned up early. I was butt naked lol I grabbed a towel, hopped out the bath and answered the door. Luckily it was only a few bags so I quickly shoved the fridge/freezer stuff away and jumped back in the bath.

Monday I didn’t want to get up. But I did. And I do enjoy work. It’s a nice break after answering 1000 questions about Elsa and Anna. And Olaf. All weekend! Went to my mom’s after work to cook dinner as my cooker is fixable (the guy came to look at it) but he didn’t have the right part so they’ve had to order it.

Tuesday was much of the same. I’ve been binge watching season 5 of The Originals. It’s only 13 episodes and it’s the final season. I can’t cope!

Wednesday we ate at mom’s again. Scarlett was chasing the cat around, again. She loves Neo lol

Today (Thursday) we woke up at 7. I did us some breakfast and made my lunch. I got to work super early. I start at 8:30. I got in at 8:06 and usually there’s someone in. But not today. Not a soul till about 8:15. Eerie!

Work was good. Got lots done. Had a laugh with the girls in my team. Was so hungry all day. And I was on a 1pm lunch. But I managed to watch another episode of The Originals. After work we went to mom’s again. The part arrived in the mail and my landlord said the guy will come fix my cooker tomorrow evening, about 5ish. So hopefully I’ll be able to cook at home.

Emmerdale is getting good. The shit has hit the fan about crazy killer Lachlan and he’s in custody. It seems Rebecca may be alive and he’s trying to trade her location for belle. Not sure if they police will go for it.

We watched the 7pm episode of emmerdale at mom’s then we walked home like we’ve been doing all week. Scarlett had a bath then we watched the second episode at 8. She went to bed just after 9 but she was still awake till quarter to 10.

I’ve finished The Originals. It’s 12:36am!!!! There are just no words. They killed off some many people. They made it a big sacrifice. Heartfelt. Emotional. I’ve been watching it since the beginning and I originally saw the characters bloom on The Vampire Diaries. I also read the book series 10 years ago (which is totally different by the way). Both series are now finished. TVD finished last year. I don’t know what to watch now. I have stuff bookmarked on Netflix.

Maybe I should pick up another book. I finished that DI Dixon one in a few days. God I love that series.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have promised Scarlett we can have a movie night. So after bath we’ll grab the duvet for the sofa and watch a film with snacks. It’ll probably be Frozen lol