Another crazy week

Monday we got up and had breakfast. We went into town with mom. I was going to get Scarlett’s feet measured at Clarke’s but it was so busy. The kids haven’t gone back to school yet so it was a silly idea on my part to even attempt it. So we went to the card shop and then we had lunch. Scarlett had this big ass burger. It was as big as her head haha

Brett went home in the early evening and me and Scarlett chilled out. Got back in work/nursery mode.

Tuesday was busy. But a good day overall. I was tired though. I can’t seem to nod off because 1am atm!

Wednesday I left work at 12 to pick Scarlett up from nursery as everyone else was at a funeral. We walked around town then got a bus home. The gas safety check people came at 3pm. They’ve condemned my cooker. The mechanism that is suppose to turn the gas rings off (if the glass lid is shut) doesn’t work. So they’re going to have to repair or replace. I told my landlord and he’s got them booked in to look at it properly on Monday and hopefully it’ll be an easy fix. I’m doubtful. And I reckon it’ll end up being a replacement which means I could be without a cooker till next week. I went to moms as it was her turn to host our weekly natter with her friend. She cooked pizza for us adults and Scarlett had spaghetti carbonara. We went home at 8ish. Scarlett had a bath then went to bed in my bed. She said she doesn’t feel well and she’s got a cough so I let her.

Thursday I was back to work. I helped other regions with their gritting quotes as I’d done all mine. After work we stopped by mine so I could get changed and grab some food for me to cook at mom’s house. We left moms at 7:30 for home. We had a bath then Scarlett went to bed at 9. I did 2 loads of washing and caught up with some TV.

Friday I helped again at work as well as sorting my own regional stuff. The day felt slow but it sort of flew by. We got on the train at 6:15 which was good considering there was guard strikes this weekend. We got off the train at 7:30. Scarlett did my head in the entire journey. Usually she’s really good but she was just on one. She would not listen. I spent so much time telling her the same thing over and over. I lost my patience towards the end and when she rammed her finger in a gap by the train door I lost it, grabbed her arm away and told her I was going to sell her for a goat. She then proceeded to yell very loudly to the entire carriage that I hit her. So I told her loudly back that no I did not and I had simply removed her finger from the train door before it got snapped off. God I wanted to die there and then. When we got off I practically threw her at Brett’s mom and sauntered off. She didn’t cheer up until we got back and ate (even though she’d had dinner at nursery). She didn’t have a bath because it was quite late and I just couldn’t be assed. One day would hurt her. So she got into bed at 10. She played up a bit but eventually she settled. We ended up going to bed before midnight. I was tired.

Today she woke me up at 7. I wasn’t ready to get up and I really struggled. But up we got. We watched peter rabbit and I did breakfast. At 9 she got back in her bed and watched Frozen on the iPad. I got back into bed and dozed for ages.

His mom popped her head in at half 10 and asked if Scarlett wanted to go shopping. So she dressed her and off they went. I got up and got dressed. Brett watched some UFC then made lunch when they got back. I went into the bedroom to put my phone on charge at 3 and I fell asleep. I don’t do that often. Weird. I woke up at 6:30 then we had dinner at 7. I bathed Scarlett at 8. Brett had fell asleep. Scarlett spent an hour upstairs with her uncle Scott. He brought her down at 9 and I put her bed.

I tried to wake Brett up at half 10ish but he just made incoherent sounds so I left him. I’ll just crawl in next to him when I’m ready to go to sleep in a bit. What a waste of an evening together but it’s fine. I watched TV with his mom and dad.

Going home tomorrow and my grocery shopping will be delivered in the evening. I went with Sainsbury’s this time as Asda kept sending me stuff that was only a few days away from the expiry date. I had to chuck so much away because it had actually gone off. Dates are guidelines I know. But I had bananas and some fruit going manky after a few days. What a waste!


Ps. We go to Corfu in 24 days! It’ll be 3 weeks on Tuesday!!!!!