Corfu Days 5 & 6

Saturday was a lazier day. We had breakfast at 8:30 then we grabbed some stuff and walked to Canal D’Amour which is next to where we are staying. There was beautiful views and we could see Albania in the distance. Scarlett and I got in the little public swimming pool. We then walked along the cliff top and had a drink at a beach front restaurant. We walked further along and saw some spectacular views before heading back to Sidari town. We ate lunch at an English pirate restaurant. After lunch we went back to our rooms for a nap before heading down to the pool to swim. We stayed till gone 6. Then we went back to shower before heading to dinner at 7:30.

We ate then we went for drinks at Babylon Karaoke bar. Scarlett and I left 10. She fell over on our way home so I carried her to the apartment as her leg was bleeding. I cleaned her wound and put a plaster on. She doesn’t make a fuss ever. She wasn’t bothered it was bleeding or sore. She was fine.

She went to bed at 10:30 and I watched the finale of Iron Fist then mom and mark popped in for tea. I got into bed at 1am.

Today we got up at 8. Had breakfast at 8:30 then we got our stuff for our day trip to Palaiokastritsa and Bella Vista. We visited Mavromatis Distillery. Mom and mark bought some Kumquat liqueur. Next stop was Palaiokastritsa. Mom and Mark went on a boat to see the caves. Me and Scarlett went into the aquarium. I held a snake!

After the aquarium we wandered to see the boats coming in. Mom and Mark got off the boat. Scarlett got stung by a wasp. She was crying but more for it touching her as she dislikes them. Not the pain. She wasn’t even aware she’d been stung. We avoided talking about it then she’d not notice. We walked from bay 1 to bay 2 for lunch. I had grilled chicken fillet and chips. Scarlett had spaghetti Bolognese. We walked back to bay 1. Mom and Mark walked to the monastery. We had a wander through the shops. I got Brett a gift and Scarlett a “Corfu” t-shirt. We walked back to the bus and we travelled onwards to Bella Vista to see the breathtaking views of the entire bays below, sea and the mountain. Unfortunately for me, Scarlett had just fell asleep and obviously she couldn’t be left by herself on the bus. So I stayed with her whilst everyone went up to the third floor of the cafe on the the top of the mountain to see the views. Luckily technology allows us to snap pictures so it’s basically the same lol

We left Bella Vista and stopped at a market in Lakones. I bought some gorgeous body butters and hand cream. It was buy one get one free so overall I only spent €15. We arrived back and stopped at my apartment for tea. After they left we had a shower and got changed.

We had dinner at 7:30 then we went to Babylon karaoke bar again. Scarlett’s nappy was sopping wet but I realised I didn’t have a single nappy in my bag so I would have yo down my drink and we’d go. It was hanging so low on her that it was down by her knees so I took it off and told her to make sure her dress stayed down as she was now walking home commando. Luckily there was no breeze so she did a mini walk of shame. She loved it. When we got in she got a new nappy on and her pjammas. Then we FaceTimed Brett before putting her to bed at 11ish.

I watched a film called Like Father. I paused it when mom and Mark stopped for tea on their way home, like usual. It’s just finished. It was a good movie. I’m going to bed now, it’s 1:45am!!!

Last full day tomorrow. Just going to chill. Hit the town for souvenirs (them, not me, I’m skint) and go swimming maybe.



Corfu Days 3 & 4

Thursday (yesterday) was a lot warmer. We ate breakfast then we went back to our apartment. Scarlett was still tired so I tried to put her back to sleep for a couple of hours. She wouldn’t give in so we got dressed and wandered. We went to a park that’s on the beach then we met up with my mom and Mark in a bar called The Internet Bar. We’d been sat in the garden having a drink.

We had lunch at 1:30ish. We ate at Fagin’s pub. It was delicious but we were swamped in flies and wasps. Flies are less of an issue. They’re annoying but don’t terrify me. Wasps do. Also, allergic. So double annoyance for me.

After lunch we went swimming. Scarlett didn’t really get in properly. She dipped her toes. In her defence, the water is not heated and is freezing. But after a while you become acclimatised to it. We tried to sunbathe. I tried reading my book. But Scarlett kept being chaotic. She kept walking from one sun lounger to another. We stayed 90 minutes then I got fed up. We went to our apartment to get changed. She had a quick nap then I woke her for dinner. We ate. I had more chicken. I do love chicken lol

I bathed her then she watched TV on my iPad whilst I quickly showered. Once she was asleep I watched TV. Mom and Mark popped in for tea on their way back to their hotel. I went to bed about 2am.

Friday we had breakfast at 8:30 then we sorted a bag to take with us for the day. We had booked to do the Durrells Tour. We met the coach at 10 and we had a fab day looking at locations that were used during the filming of the series on ITV.

We walked a lot. Saw lots of different views. We actually stood on the beach outside the walled area where their house is. The big square old house they move into in Corfu. We took pictures of us there. That’s as close as you can get as they’re filming season 4 apparently! We heard tidbits about the show and the actors and the history from the tour guide Demetrius. We had lunch at Verde Blu. A cafe/restaurant on the beach front at Barbati. You literally sat on the waters edge. We arrived back to our apartment at half 5ish. We relaxed (after all the walking) then had dinner at 7:30.

As we had a slow day planned for tomorrow we decided to go for drinks with mom and Mark. So we walked to Babylon Karaoke Bar and had 2 drinks during happy hour. Scarlett and I left at 10:30 to go back to our apartment. We FaceTimed Brett then I put Scarlett to bed. I watched some Iron Fist then mom and Mark popped in for a cup of tea on their way back to their hotel.

I’m now laid in bed relaxing. I hope it’s a bit warmer tomorrow so we can swim and get our bodies a little lol


Corfu Days 1 & 2

Monday I got up and sent Scarlett to nursery. I cleaned my bathroom, my kitchen, hoovered my front room and then had a shower. At 11:30 the nurse came to do my medical for my life insurance. You’ll be pleased to know I’m overweight but I’m not diabetic. I’m also a non-smoker and don’t drink alcohol regularly. Also ANTI-drugs. So I’m good!

After the nurse left mom picked me up so we could pop to ASDA to pick up some stuff I ordered then we had lunch with my brother. I went back to theirs. Had a cup of tea then at 3:30 we went to the nursery for Scarlett’s parent consultation. Basically she’s on par and above with everything except potty training. Which is fine. As she’s not 3 yet so she’s got lots of time to do it. They only worry when they’re 4 and not ready.

We waited for her to eat her dinner then we took her home. We spent our evening chilling. She helped me eat my dinner then I put her to bed. When she was in bed I packed and watched TV. It got to midnight and I realised I probably wouldn’t sleep now as I’d have to set an alarm for 2 as mom was picking us up at 2:15 to drive to the airport.

Tuesday I woke Scarlett up at 2am to dress her. She was unamused at being woken and swiftly fell back asleep full clothed whilst I got dressed and brushed my teeth. Mom and Mark turned up at 2:15. We loaded our stuff then off we set for Gatwick airport.

We arrived at 3:30am to our park and ride. We checked the car in. Unloaded our stuff and got on the shuttle to the terminal. We checked our bags then we went through passport control. Scarlett’s rucksack got held up as they had to re-scan it. Apparently her nappy cream is over 100ml and classed as a liquid so it had to be binned. Luckily it was a cheap one so no biggie. We left to find breakfast and find out which gate our flight was leaving from. My mom and Mark had bacon sandwiches and tea. Scarlett had a strawberry milkshake and toast. I had a hotdog and a Pepsi lol

We saw our gate number so we stopped for a wee then we proceeded towards it. We stopped at WHSmith for water on the journey. We arrived at gate 572 and boarded shortly before 6. We left the airport at 6:15 and arrived in Corfu at 10:55am. Scarlett did fine on the flight for the first hour. She watched TV then some of a film. But then she finally crashed due to tiredness but wouldn’t sleep. Eventually mom took her (once we were properly airborne and could remove seatbelts) and she settled. I dozed. We got our luggage and then found our transfer minibus. OMG the journey was fucking awful. It was up and down hills, around jerk corners and most the roads were winded. I felt sick as a dog the whole journey. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of a lovely lunch lol

We arrived 90 minutes later at about 1ish. We went to check in. Turned out our apartment is not next to the hotel. It’s down the road, across a main road and sandwiched between a medical centre and a pharmacy. That annoyed me to start with. Also, our apartment was on the top floor, with a balcony that Scarlett could easily climb over.

We dumped our stuff in our respective rooms and then went to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch I took Scarlett back for a nap. She wouldn’t sleep even tho she was shattered. She asked to go swimming so we grabbed our swim gear and walked over to the hotel as that’s where the pool is. We swam, we sunbathed and I lounged. Mom and Mark met us at half 5. They walked down the road to find a cafe for us to have tea whilst Scarlett and I got changed from swimming.

I stepped out of my sandals and felt something sharp in my heel. I looked as best as I could and there was something there. I couldn’t get it out as I had no nails to grip it. So I text mom to come and help. I quickly manoeuvred myself out of my wet swimsuit and into some clothes. Mom managed to pull it out. It was a bit of glass. I was furious. If that had been Scarlett’s foot I’d have kicked off big time. When we went for dinner after we’d been for tea, I told reception about the glass and the guy tried to accuse me of smashing a glass. I told him he was incorrect and my room needs re-sweeping as it clearly had not been swept properly. He said he’d get the cleaners to do it whilst we ate. I also asked if we could move into a hotel room as I was unhappy that they’d stuck me and a 2 year old so high up in an apartment. He said if she falls it’s my fault. What a fucking knob! I had the right hump.

We ate dinner then we went back to our apartment. I bathed Scarlett and she watched some TV whilst I showered. She went to sleep about 9ish. She was so tired, bless her. Mark had to come and rescue me from a wasp that had flown in the gaps in the outside shutter. I swiftly shut them entirely and the balcony door. I hate bugs!!!

I was still awake till about half 1-2ish. By the time I fell asleep I’d been awake 42/43 hours.

Today we woke just before 8. We threw some slouch clothes on and met mom and Mark for breakfast. Scarlett and I had toast. And a cup of tea.

After breakfast we went back to get dressed. It was a little chilly due to the wind and forecasting rain so I put my 3/4 jeans back on with a blouse. Scarlett chose a navy blue dress with flowers on and her glitter shoes. I made her wear a cardigan. We walked down the road to the shops in Sidari. We stopped in a few tat shops. I got Brett a few souvenirs and myself a magnet (I love collecting them from all over the world). We had tea in a cafe near the beach. Then we walked back towards our hotel. We decided we’d have lunch at half 1 so we chilled in mom’s hotel room for a bit. We ate in a different restaurant. I had a cheese toastie and chips. Scarlett had sausage and chips. Mom and Mark had the same as me except they opted for cheese and ham. It wasn’t half bad.

After lunch we headed back to our separate rooms. Scarlett and I had a nap about half 3 till half 5ish. We FaceTimed Brett at 6. We walked to the hotel to meet Mom then we had dinner at 7ish. I had chicken and chips with a slice of buttered bread. Scarlett had chicken, chips, carrots, sweet corn and cucumber. And some bread lol she also had a slice of chocolate cake with cream for pudding. After dinner we decided to get a drink at one of the bars. So we went to Chanpion Bar. Scarlett felt so special because I let her have some sprite. I had a WKD blue. After we had finished relaxing in there we wandered to Babylon where they had karaoke going on. We stayed till 10:15. I had a woo woo cocktail and Scarlett did some colouring. We walked back to our apartment. Mom and Mark carried on and tried a few other places. They headed back at midnight. They stopped in my room on the way back, for tea. They left at half 12. I FaceTimed Brett at 1am as it was only 11pm in England. We spoke for a bit then he said he was going to bed. I watched Emmerdale then I climbed into bed at quarter to 2.

We’ve booked some guided tours. One is around all the locations used in the TV show The Durrells. That’s on Friday. The other is the east side of the island. That is for Sunday. It should be good.

I’m off to sleep now.

Day 1 was long and tiring. Day 2 was much better even though I rained all day, was windy AF and chilly.


Corfu in 48 hours

Wednesday I didn’t go to work in the end. I woke up like this and it was too bad for work. I slept all day then I couldn’t sleep that night.

Thursday when I got to work at 8 I had been awake since 3pm Wednesday. That’s 19 hours. By the time I finished work I had been up 26.5 hours. You’d think that I would be knackered when I got home but I wasn’t and even though I climbed into bed at 9 I was still awake till 11pm. I was awake for 32 hours when I fell asleep lol

Friday I spent the whole day tying up all the stuff I had outstanding. At 5:30 I put my out of office and left the office. We ended up having dinner at mom’s. Mom and Mark walked us home. There was a massive spider in my bedroom when I got in so I called them back lol I put her to bed. I watched some TV then went to bed myself.

Saturday we were up at 8 for ballet. She got so excited to be wearing her little outfit. Afterwards we went into town for a late breakfast. Mom picked up my euros then we went to Nan’s for a cuppa. We left and went home. I put her down for a nap and fell asleep myself. We woke up at 4ish. I put a film on (tangled) then cooked dinner. She had a bath whilst I sorted some washing out then we chilled before bed. I put her down at 9:15 but she got up about 8 times before I managed to get her asleep. I watched some TV then I got into bed about midnight. She woke up coughing a few times and snuggled in with me. I hate when she’s not well!

Sunday (today) she woke me up at 7. I made her lay in bed with me (whilst I ignored her and dozed) until 8 lol we got up and had some toast. We watched some TV and then we got dressed. Mom took us into town so I could pick up some last minute bits for the holiday. Then we went to my mom’s as she was cooking Sunday lunch. We watched Moana and then ate at about 3:30. Scarlett had a nap at 4ish. She woke up at 6ish. We stayed for tea then walked home.

She had a bath then we sorted out some washing together. She watched Peter Rabbit and at 9:30 she went to bed.

I’ve just finished sorting some more washing and I watched the finale episode of The Bodyguard. It was brilliant. Very much an edge of your seat moment.

I’ve FaceTimed Brett and now I’m in bed. I’m excited about our holiday. Tomorrow I need to tidy my flat and pack. I have my medical for my life insurance and then Scarlett’s nursery parent consultation. They have them yearly. She’s been going for 2 years now, bless her!


3 spiders too many

Wednesday we went to mom’s after work for the usual tea and natter. We went home later.

I put Scarlett to bed at 9:30 and watched some TV. I went to the toilet at 10:15. I thought she was asleep. She sidled out of the bedroom covered in sudocream. Again. I made her stand in the bathroom whilst I inspected the bedroom. It was on the duvet, the sheet and her dolls were caked in it.

I cleaned her off and sent her back to bed. Then I set about trying to get this cream off the bastard dolls. I ended up giving both Anna and Elsa’s hair a shampoo. The baby doll was actually easier to clean because it had no hair. So that got wiped down and the outfit was put in the wash basket lol Elsa and Anna had a hair wash then I put them on the towel rail over the radiator. Their clothes I cleaned then hung on the radiator. Bloody child!

Thursday me and my friend discussed an article she’d seen that said a lot of parents don’t read a bedtime story to their children and one of the reasons behind it were because kids were allowed to lay in bed with a device such as an iPad. I said that whilst I do read to Scarlett, it’s not every night. It’s most nights. Depends on the kind of evening we’ve had. But that said, we don’t do iPads at bed. We don’t do iPads in general except for travelling. I’m not surprised by the stats on it. Especially for families with 2 working parents and more than 1 child. People just often don’t have time.

Friday was a long day. Had lots to do. My mom and her friend Wendy popped in my work with Scarlett 10 minutes before I finished. Wendy worked there for 5 months before so they all knew her so she wanted to say Hi. She told me not to say so I didn’t.

We went back to moms after work instead in of home. Mom dropped us home at 7:30 when she left to go to Mark’s house. When we got in there was a huge spider behind my bedroom door. I psyched myself and eventually managed to kill it with a shoe. Then I grabbed kitchen roll and scraped it off the carpet. Scarlett had a bath then we settled down so I could eat my dinner. After we ate a spider ran out from the TV unit and under the sofa. I asked my brother if he’d come round and get it when he finished work. He said yes. I couldn’t deal with two of the bastards, not the big ones. But it ran out and stopped on the floor by the sofa when Scarlett had gone to bed. So I whacked it with the fly swatter. Then as I left to get kitchen roll to clean it up, another spider (smaller than the other 2) ran past me so I stamped on it and ended up cleaning that too. 3 fucking spiders in the space of a few hours. My Fitbit said my heart rate went up to 126. Not surprising. I legit felt sick. I reall cannot deal with spiders. But someone I did!

Brett arrived at like half 11. Very late. He’s usually here by 9ish. We got straight into bed, had a catch-up and were eventually asleep by half 1.

Saturday we got up at 8 for ballet class. Well I woke up before 8 and Scarlett came in the bedroom. Brett took half hour to get up which made us late leaving. We got to ballet and Scarlett went in. I paid her term fees and picked up her costume and ballet shoes. When she was finished she tried the shoes on. They fitted fine so we paid for the stuff and left.

We got a bus to the high street then walked up to get a bus into town. Brett and some drugged up old man had an argument. The man started it by jabbing his scabby finger in Brett’s face because Brett had dared to talk to the man’s dog as he walked by. The man proceeded to follow us on to the bus and sit in the seats opposite us. He then carried on shouting at Brett then at me when I asked him to wind his neck in because there were children present. Eventually he settled down. But he kept swaying in his seat and chatting absolute bollocks aimed at us. He got off and we got off at a different stop. I was so angry at the whole situation I burst into tears. I had a go at Brett (even though it wasn’t his fault) because I just felt so uncomfortable and stressed by it. I mean who wants someone like that shouting at you and being aggressive. Especially big in front of your toddler. I’m so thankful she was looking out the window and chatting about what she saw (praying she didn’t see or hear any of the incident).

We had some food in town then I bought a few winter clothes for Scarlett then we got a bus to my nans house for tea. We stayed till dinner time then we went home. We ate then Brett bathed Scarlett whilst I washed up. Nan ran us up Morrison’s for grocery’s at 8ish. Then we put Scarlett to bed at 9 and watched a film. We watched Finale Score. It wasn’t that bad. We went to bed at midnight.

Sunday we laid in till 10:45. I got up and had a quick shower. I got out and did Scarlett some breakfast. Brett had a shower whilst me and Scarlett laid on my bed and sang frozen songs lol we went to my nans at 1ish for dinner. We stayed for tea then Nan dropped him at the train station. I waited for mom to come for her dinner then I got a lift home with her.

Monday I woke up and my right eye was sore AF. I suffer year-long hayfever as I’m allergic to grass, which is there all year round lol but I manage it (usually) by taking antihistamines every day. But today they weren’t working. My eye was so bad by the time I got home from work. I had a long day. I was so busy and played catch up all day. We’ve got people out sick and others have left so we’re all covering extra shit.

Tuesday (today) my eye was still bad but it felt better. But at home it’s got significantly worse. I don’t wanna miss work so I’ll go in tomorrow even though ideally I need to be away from a computer for 24 hours to allow my eye to heal.

This time next week we’ll be in Corfu. How exciting!!! I’ve started digging out our summer stuff from the laundry basket so I can pack. Scarlett’s going to have such a brill time. Sun, sea, sand and swimming lol

I’ve been catching up with Killing Eve and now I’m in bed! With my little person next to me (she’s got a cold so she’s sleeping in with me atm)


TGI Fridays was mad busy

Friday the guy did fix my cooker. Decided to have dinner at mom’s anyway. So I gave Scarlett a bath then at half 6 we walked down the road so we could settle in and watch Emmerdale. Scarlett sat in the armchair with Frozen on the iPad. She didn’t move lol we had chicken in pitas then Scarlett and I headed home.

Saturday we got up at 8 for ballet. She had fun. Afterwards we went for a late breakfast then we went shopping. We stopped at Nan’s for lunch. We headed home at 4 as we were going out for dinner with my work friends at 7:30. Scatlett had a nap whilst I washed my hair and did my make up. We got in the car at 6:45. We were early. We arrived at TGI Fridays at 7:15. My manager was already there. It’s her birthday we are celebrating. We waited for the others to arrive then we went in to be seated. Our table wasn’t ready or something so we went to the bar. One of my work colleagues bought a round of drinks. Scarlett sat at the bar on a barstool. She looked so funny sat there with her drink (lemonade, just to clarify). Eventually our table was ready. So we sat down, ordered our food then more drinks. There was a rowdy hen party next to us and they kept making Scarlett look round. She was not overly impressed with their noise lol we had a lovely evening. Scarlett was really well behaved and everyone interacted with her which was great. She took a liking to two of my work peeps because they played with her a lot. And she was chasing a balloon around and bopping it across the table lol we got the bill just before 10. Someone kindly offered to pay my share even though I was quite capable. I kindly accepted. However I don’t usually let people pay for me. I’ve always paid my way so it felt a bit weird. Even Brett doesn’t often get away with paying for me lol I don’t mind going halves but I hate when I don’t/am not allowed to contribute. Feels weird.

Anyways we got a lift to the station and just made the 10:15 train home. My Nan picked us up from the station and dropped us home.

Sunday we had a great lay in. We woke up at 9. We had breakfast then we watched Moana. I had a headache. It was driving me loopy. At 12 we climbed into bed to read books and just relax. We left for my Nan’s house at 1ish. We had dinner at half 2. We stayed for a cup of tea and the others had pudding. Scarlett included, obviously. We headed home at 4ish and my Sainsbury’s delivery showed up an hour early.

We had supper and watched Tinkerbell and the legend of the neverbeast. Mom popped in for a few hours. We had a cup of tea and she finished watching the movie with us. Scarlett had a bath, mom dressed her whilst I had a quick shower then she headed home and Scarlett went to bed.

Monday I got up but I felt like shit. My nose was blocked, my throat was sore and I had a headache still. I was half tempted to stay at home because Scarlett said she didn’t feel well either. But up we got and off we went. Work was fine, caught up on some stuff. Was so ready to finish when 5:30 hit. I cooked myself dinner and Scarlett stole some of my chips lol what she doesn’t realise is that I always cook extra so she’s not actually stealing anything, they’re kind of her chips anyways.

Today I felt really hyper in the morning. Had our weekly conference call, instead of Monday. That took up an hour of my day. Then I spent the rest of it busy but not focused. My hay fever was playing up even tho I take my meds every day!

Was checking my gas and electricity bill as I had given readings last week. They’re changing my direct debt payment from £47 to £78. That is a £31 difference. Last month it said I was “in credit” but now it says I’m “in debt”. How? In one month? I didn’t even use my cooker for 9 days. And I’m at work all day. So I only use my electricity or gas in the evenings or weekends. And in August I was at Brett’s one weekend, another we stayed in a hotel. So I don’t understand. I contacted them and they said they cannot reduce it back to what it was. I said I cannot afford to pay that much. There’s only me and a toddler living here. I had the right hump!

Scatlett and I had dinner when we got in. We ate at 6:30 then watched half of Emmerdale then she had a bath. We watched the second half then she went to bed at 9. I’m in bed myself. My eyes are sore and I’m quite tired. My throat is better now but I still have a headache #moaningbitch #moaningmyrtle


Ps. Today I got home contents insurance sorted and life insurance. If I crock it, scatlett gets £50K but I need to write a will to say where she’ll be living. God adulting is hard!

The Originals are back!

Sunday Brett got up with Scarlett and let me have a lay in. I got up at 10:30. We chilled. His mom cooked dinner. We ate then we got on the train home at 5pm. Scarlett was a little moo again. Until we got on the second train then she was fine. When we waited at Clapham we had 20 minutes. So we got to our platform and waited in the inside waiting area. We sat on a row of 4 seats then there were 4 more. I sat on the end of our row and she sat on the end of the next row [next to me]. A lady and her grown-up daughter came and sat down on the row Scarlett was on. Scarlett is obsessed with hair but she knows not to touch people’s hair. However she saw the girls long hair and tried to reach out. I told her not to do that and to come away. The lady said “oh no she’s fine”. I replied that she’s not fine, she shouldn’t be doing that and by saying it’s fine you’re teaching her that she can do that. I am trying to teach her not to approach strangers and touch their hair. I was quite polite but firm. Made it clear I do not wish her to speak to strangers.

Scarlett came back and sat my side. 5 minutes pass and she wanders back to the seat next to them and the lady goes “so how old are you?” At this point I was annoyed. I had just politely told her I don’t want Scarlett talking to strangers and assumed she would’ve understood that meant her. So I said “Scarlett come here please. I have told you not to speak to people you don’t know”. Then to the lady I looked up and said “I did think it would be obvious I expected you not to engage with her. All you will do is undermine what I am trying to teach her. Please stop talking to her”. She sort of glared at me, got up and they both walked off. I prayed we wouldn’t end up on the same train next to each other!

I don’t feel my comments were unwarranted. I had said very politely but quite firmly that she shouldn’t be talking to the lady so why she felt the need to carry on talking to her is beyond me! Pre-baby even I knew not to engage with children. I use to get on the bus and there was always a toddler or small child smiling at me, or trying to catch my eye. Whilst I know I am not a serial killer or weirdo, I appreciate that their parents do not know this. And I have never approached someone’s child because I know it’s inappropriate to do so. I remember an old lady talking to my godson on the bus once. He was about 18 months old so he wasn’t speaking properly at this point. And she kept trying to catch his eye and a few times he smiled at her. Eventually she got fed up [she must’ve been waiting for him to say Hello] and she said “does he not talk?” I said “Not to strange ladies, no”. What I failed to tell her was that he may have looked like a 2.5/3 year old, he was a big lad, he was in fact only 18 months. But I am glad he didn’t engage. Children are suppose to be taught that there are specific types of strangers you can run to in an emergency but old Fanny Anne from the bus stop isn’t the one!

We got home at half 6. Nan picked us up. We jumped in the bath thinking we had at least half hour before my shopping delivery slot 7:30-8:30. The bugger only turned up early. I was butt naked lol I grabbed a towel, hopped out the bath and answered the door. Luckily it was only a few bags so I quickly shoved the fridge/freezer stuff away and jumped back in the bath.

Monday I didn’t want to get up. But I did. And I do enjoy work. It’s a nice break after answering 1000 questions about Elsa and Anna. And Olaf. All weekend! Went to my mom’s after work to cook dinner as my cooker is fixable (the guy came to look at it) but he didn’t have the right part so they’ve had to order it.

Tuesday was much of the same. I’ve been binge watching season 5 of The Originals. It’s only 13 episodes and it’s the final season. I can’t cope!

Wednesday we ate at mom’s again. Scarlett was chasing the cat around, again. She loves Neo lol

Today (Thursday) we woke up at 7. I did us some breakfast and made my lunch. I got to work super early. I start at 8:30. I got in at 8:06 and usually there’s someone in. But not today. Not a soul till about 8:15. Eerie!

Work was good. Got lots done. Had a laugh with the girls in my team. Was so hungry all day. And I was on a 1pm lunch. But I managed to watch another episode of The Originals. After work we went to mom’s again. The part arrived in the mail and my landlord said the guy will come fix my cooker tomorrow evening, about 5ish. So hopefully I’ll be able to cook at home.

Emmerdale is getting good. The shit has hit the fan about crazy killer Lachlan and he’s in custody. It seems Rebecca may be alive and he’s trying to trade her location for belle. Not sure if they police will go for it.

We watched the 7pm episode of emmerdale at mom’s then we walked home like we’ve been doing all week. Scarlett had a bath then we watched the second episode at 8. She went to bed just after 9 but she was still awake till quarter to 10.

I’ve finished The Originals. It’s 12:36am!!!! There are just no words. They killed off some many people. They made it a big sacrifice. Heartfelt. Emotional. I’ve been watching it since the beginning and I originally saw the characters bloom on The Vampire Diaries. I also read the book series 10 years ago (which is totally different by the way). Both series are now finished. TVD finished last year. I don’t know what to watch now. I have stuff bookmarked on Netflix.

Maybe I should pick up another book. I finished that DI Dixon one in a few days. God I love that series.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have promised Scarlett we can have a movie night. So after bath we’ll grab the duvet for the sofa and watch a film with snacks. It’ll probably be Frozen lol