A very crazy week

Sunday we woke up at 9:30. Decided to skip breakfast. Brett and I got dressed then hopped on a bus to my Nan’s house. Scarlett gave no shits about the fact we’d been away from her (typical kids). We had a nice dinner then at 2:30 my dad picked her up and took her. Brett and I went home for a few hours. Then he packed his stuff and he went back home. I did some washing then I watched some TV.

Monday I went to work. I had a busy day catching up on stuff. I try to keep my inbox down but sometimes I come in to lots of emails. It was weird without Scarlett when I got in but I was alright this time. I had my dinner, had a shower and started reading my book again. Haven’t picked it up in 2 months!!!

Tuesday I had work like usual. Scarlett was dropped to my nans at lunch time. Mom picked me up like usual and Scarlett was in the back in her car seat. Asleep. I didn’t get a hello mama till we got home.

Wednesday I had a headache. Which got worse as the day went on but I soldiered on. It was my turn to host our Wednesday natter with my mom and her friend.

Thursday I woke up with a banging headache. I felt nauseous. I text my manager to say I was unwell and then once Scarlett had left for nursery I crawled back in bed. I slept till 1pm. Then I dozed till 3pm. Which isn’t like me. I went with my mom to pick Scarlett up from my nans as I needed the fresh air.

Friday I went to work. And it all kicked off. I missed a lot as it happened the day before. But it leaked into Friday. Ended up in a meeting for an hour for those involved to try and resolve the tensions. Was bare awkward for those of us who weren’t involved. We had a party in the afternoon with nibbles and fizzy drinks. It was nice. We left at 4. Mom and I picked Scarlett up then we went home.

Scarlett and I had a bath then we braved the rain and walked to moms for a few hours. We left at 9 and Brett got to mine not long after we did. He put Scarlett to bed then we had dinner. We watched a film then climbed into bed.

Saturday we woke up at 7:30. Scarlett got in the bed with us. Brett did their breakfast whilst I went grocery shopping. At 2ish we walked to my nans house to let the dog out as my grandparents were out all day. We stayed a few hours. I fed her some dinner at 5ish. Then we left at 6. I cooked us steak pie for dinner then Scarlett had a bath. She went to bed at 9ish.

We watched some prison break then we got into bed. We ended up chatting till almost 2. It was the best!

Today we didn’t wake till almost 10. What a great lay-in. Scarlett watched some Frozen in bed after she had her breakfast. I had a shower whilst they watched TV. Mom and her boyfriend came round for a cuppa then we all headed to my nans for Sunday dinner. We had a good day. We headed home at 6. Scarlett and Brett had a bath whilst I sorted out the washing in my bedroom and put it away. We had some supper but I noticed my toilet flusher wasn’t working again. So Brett tried to sort it out. In the end I asked my mom and Mark to pop in. Mark managed to put it all back together. Thankfully. They left and Scarlett went to bed.

Brett and I are watching prison break. It’s nice to have an extra day together. He didn’t have to rush home today. We get to spend another night and most of tomorrow!!!


Ps. We got to Corfu in 30 days! It was paid off today. So now it’s just spending money and packing to do lol


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