27 feels good

Today we woke up to Scarlett jumping on the bed. I had left her gate open so she could come in and surprise us. We heard her singing long before she ventured out of her room lol

Brett took her to have breakfast whilst I laid in bed. I could hear her asking to watch Frozen (big surprise lol)

She came in and handed me some birthday cards and a present. She had got me this lovely little perfume and hand cream set. It smelled lush! After presents (and a cup of tea) we watched Frozen together then I packed her a bag for Nanny’s house and a separate bag for my Dad’s house (she’s staying at his Sunday to Tuesday). We all got dressed then walked to my Nan’s for lunch.

My Nan gave me my birthday gift which was this lush Harry Potter messenger-type bag. It was brilliant. We ate lunch then Brett and I left.

We went into town. We checked into the hotel then we went to the shops. He bought me some makeup as I have none. We picked up some Asti for later then we stopped for a game of ping pong. There’s this new place in town that lets you play for free. We had a right laugh. I am absolutely shit at it. I was whacking it at the wall. I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of just tapping it lol

We went back to the hotel to chill and Brett finally gave me my present. He’d bought me a new engagement ring. When he proposed last year he’d let me pick a ring and I’d gone for this really simple (and cheap) one and he kind of hated that I’d forced him to only spend like £100 on an engagement ring. He’d always said he’d buy me a “proper” one. I always laughed and said yeah ok I’m not fussed, I like my ring. Well I do. I will always love it because it’s the first one he gave me. But OMG did the boy do good! See the below!!!!

He had a bath whilst I got my makeup on and did my hair. We left for dinner at 7:30. We went to Wetherspoons across the road. I had steak. The steak was ok but there was a lot of fat on it. Very chewy lol we had a pitcher of Woo Woo between us then at 9 we went to the cinema.

We watched The Equalizer 2. It’s a good movie. I do love Denzel in that type of role. Kicking ass lol

We came out the cinema at 11:30 and walked back to the hotel. Now we’re just chilling.

I’ve had a fab birthday. I’ve spent it with the people I love. I do miss Scarlett but she’s had a blast at nanny’s house. And tomorrow we’ll wake, shower, eat and go see her as we’re having Sunday roast at my nans house.

I think 27 will be the best year yet!



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