Birthday in T-minus 1 day

Today (Friday) I woke up at 7:30. Got dress. Woke Scarlett up. Dressed her. We brushed our teeth then I did her breakfast then my Nan picked us up.

  • I dropped Scarlett at nursery for the first time in ages. Then we went to town. My cousin and I had breakfast. Then at 9 we went to the hair salon as I wanted a haircut. I got seen straight away. I had 1-2 inches removed. And it was thinned out then layered. Perfect! We wandered the shops then we got the bus back to my nans house. I walked to my moms from there and helped her sort her dining room out.
  • We left at 3 to go to my nans. We had a late lunch and a cup of tea then we hit Morrison’s for groceries. We swung by the nursery to pickup Scarlett then we went home.
  • Scarlett wanted to watch Moana instead of Frozen for a change so we watched that then I ran a bath. I had planned to just wash off the excess hair from myself and have a proper shower later. I changed my mind and was mid shampoo when I went to grab the conditioner and this big fucking spider was lurking behind. I swear my heart fell out my arsehole. I practically climbed over Scarlett to get out. She then started hyperventilating because she realised why I’d got out. I quickly wrapped a towel round myself and grabbed her out.
  • We dried and got dressed. We watched emmerdale and she helped me put my letters on my light box (which I’d finally picked up from moms house). We had a snack. She brushed my hair and gave me a massage (which is her just rubbing my back).
  • I put mine and Brett’s dinner on at 9ish. He got to mine just before half 9. Scatlett was pleased to see him but even more pleased he’d brought her new frozen dvd with him lol he put her to bed then we ate dinner. We had a nice couple of hours and now we’re in bed. He’s flat out snoring and I’m laid here looking at the clock. It’s 11:55. It’ll be midnight soon and officially be my birthday! Although I wasn’t born till 05:03!
  • 27 tomorrow. 27. Tomorrow. Wtf! Time flies when you’re having fun…
  • TTFN x
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