Countdown continues: 2 days

Monday was busy. Scarlett is proper into frozen. She sat in her bed watching it on my iPad. She doesn’t have it on DVD otherwise I’d have let her watch it on her little TV (it has no aerial just a DVD player). She loved it. 2 hours she sits in bed with it. Then when it’s done she yells for me. If it’s before 8:30 I let her out to sit with me and we have a little snuggle. Read a book etc. She goes to bed at 9.

Tuesday was fine. Same routine as usual. I had a bad headache almost all day. No tablets in my drawer at work so had to suffer on. Scarlett is usually really good for me if I say I’ve got a bad head. But she was a nightmare. She kept doing things she wasn’t meant to. Jumping on the sofa. Running at me on the sofa. Twice she banging her head on mine. Which did not help. I yelled at her too much. We had a bath together. She went to bed after snuggles (headache had gone by then)

Wednesday (yesterday) was slow at work. I had stuff to do but the day just dragged along. I had lunch with my pal from my old office (next door). We had a natter. Was nice to do something different. Brett had to go up A&E because he cut his hand badly at work. So he had to get it seen to. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as it first looked and he didn’t need stitches.

We spend a couple of hours at moms as it’s Wednesday and her friend pops in for a chat. We take turns hosting. It was moms turn. Scarlett got a bit overexcited seeing Wendy, and moms cat. She didn’t go to sleep till almost 10!!!

Had to get my brother round at like 10ish. The spider fucked off before he got there so he opened my lounge cupboard and some big ass motherfucker of a spider was just in there casually. So he got rid of that. So now I’m on spider watch for the other one till it shows up again!

Today was much the same. Busy but slow. I couldn’t wait to put my out of office on and clock out at 5:30. I’m now off all weekend. I mean I don’t work weekends anyway. But I do work Fridays. But I’m off tomorrow. Yay!

I’m going to get my haircut. It needs it. Haven’t had it cut in 6 months or more. Then I’m going to go food shopping. I haven’t got much money but I need to buy stuff to tide me over till payday.

In 2 days I will be 27! 2 days. That went quick!!!



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