A very quiet weekend

Friday I went to work. I did lots of things I’d never done before. I was praised for doing so well in such a short space of time and that made me feel good. It rained on/off all day but I don’t mind the rain. We left work late as we had a last minute meeting at 5:15.

Scarlett wanted to watch a film in bed. Frozen. Obviously. So I put it on my iPad and she watched it whilst I ate my dinner. When it got late I turned it off and she went to bed.

Saturday she woke up at 9:15. We ate breakfast. We had cereal. She then picked up both bowls, and spoons and asked me if I was finished. I said yes baby. So she took both bowls and spoons out into the kitchen and put them in the sink (she throws them, which is why I mostly own plastic lol). She’s so helpful!!

We walked round to my nans house for lunch. We ate then my grandad ran me up the shops so I could buy groceries. Nan lent me some money for it as money has been tight the last couple of months. I got stung with 2 payments of council tax in July as they failed to collect in June as the direct debt had an issue even though I set it properly. So they took two lots in July then we were away so it’s just been hard getting back to normal.

After shopping we stayed at nans for dinner. Scarlett and my cousin T went upstairs to watch a film. When I went up to get her for dinner they were both laid on the bed asleep. I left them to it and woke Scarlett up about half hour later. She did eat her dinner then we got dropped at my moms. We had a cup of tea and terrorised my moms boyfriend. Scarlett loves him. She doesn’t leave him alone lol

She went to bed at 10ish. I went to check on her about 10 minutes later and she’d got the tub of sudocrem and it was just everywhere (see pic). She was not having a bath at that time so I used her vest to wipe it off as best I could then I just wiped her bedding and told her to go to sleep. She’s a nightmare lol but I love her anyway!

Sunday we didn’t wake till gone 10. I’m really very lucky. I’ve never been one of them parents who’s kid has them up at the crack of dawn. I bathed her quickly to get rid of the residue from the sudocrem. We had breakfast on the go as mom was picking us up. We went to visit my Nan in the old folks home. First time I’ve seen her since she broke her hip at the end of June. I saw her in hospital and she looked awful. But today she looked better. More herself. As much of herself she can be with her dementia being what it is. She asked me why I was so fat. I said it because I eat all my dinner, and everyone else’s. She laughed. Good job I’m not sensitive about my weight lol

We left just after 12 as she was due to have lunch soon. We went to nans for dinner. We at 2ish then at 3ish I put Scarlett down for a nap. She slept till gone 5! When she woke she helped grandad feed Marley then she had her piece of Victoria sponge cake. We’d had ours. It was lovely. I’m not a massive fan of cake but I did enjoy it. Nan made it.

We got dropped home at 6:15. Scarlett had already had a bath so I put her in her bed with frozen (she asked) then I had a lovely soak in the bath. I had put washing on and it had finished when I got out so I must’ve been in there about an hour and 50 minutes. It was lush. I don’t get to bath like that often.

When I was dressed Scarlett came and sat with me. Frozen was finished by then. She said she was hungry so we had a sandwich then I put her to bed at 9. I watched some TV and now I’m in bed.

My eyes have been playing up a lot today. They’re itchy and gunky. I hate hay fever. I hate dust. I hate the lack of control I have over this!

It’s my birthday on Saturday. I’m going to be 27. I don’t feel 27. When I think of 27 I think of grown ups who have high powered jobs, drive expensive cars and have 3 holidays a year. Not me. I feel 18 lol which is weird because I have my own place, with a child and I work full time. So I should feel grown up…

Will get my haircut Friday as a birthday treat. It needs it. I haven’t had my haircut since Christmas I think.



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