Baby is home

Tuesday I woke up fine. I actually slept okay. Surprisingly. I think my mini meltdown the day before helped me relax. I still missed her, obviously, but I was almost at peace with her being away from me. Work was busy. I love it and hate it. Love it because the day flies by. Hate it because it boggles my brain a lot. I tidied my lounge, hoovered up the flat and did 2 loads of washing after stripping our beds. We had fresh bedding on. It was lush!

Wednesday was the day she was coming home. I had a busy day at work then I practically skipped home. Mom stayed for a cuppa. Secretly I think she wanted to see Scarlett. She arrived at 7ish. Brett’s parents had a cup of tea and Brett fell asleep on Scarlett’s bed. She found that highly amusing, bless her. After they left I did Scarlett’s bath and cooked my dinner. She didn’t go to sleep till 9:30.

Thursday (today) I got up at 7:30. But later than usual. Woke Scarlett up. She didn’t want to get up. She was very upset. That’s my bad for the 9:30 bedtime. She’ll be fine. We got dressed then brushed our teeth. I was doing her breakfast when my Nan turned up at 7:45. I made my lunch then I left for work. I had a really busy day. I watched another episode of this new series, Bloodlines, that I’m watching. It’s got 3 seasons on Netflix so I’ve got some watching to do. I’m trying to read again. I haven’t picked up my book in over a month. I like the story I’m reading. I just haven’t had chance to sit and read. My goal is still 30 books this year and I’m on book 16 I think so that’s good.

It’s my birthday in 9 days !!!!!!! Brett is taking me away for the night for drinks, food and bowling or cinema. We’re not going far and Scarlett will be at my nans’s I think. I’m going to get my haircut next Friday as I’m off work. So I’ll have the opportunity to actually go and do it. I can’t believe I’m going to be 27. I don’t feel 27. Like I still feel like I’m only 20/21. I don’t feel like I’m nearly 30. I mean yes I have my own place now and that’s quite grown up, paying proper bills and rent. Making sure my fridge is stocked and making sure I put my bins out each week. But I still feel like a teenager lol although, that said, I don’t want to go and get smashed on the weekends. So perhaps I’m normal for my age.

27 here I come!!