Poo, everywhere!

Tuesday started off normal. I was ok. Scarlett was ok, albeit a little whingy. She was armed with knickers again and off she went.

The headache I’ve had for 4 days reached its peak at 10am. Which was awesome because I also went to the toilet and discovered, yet again, I’m bleeding. You’d think with my periods the way they are, if they’re periods at all, that I’d be more prepared. But I’d recently sorted my bag out. And I must’ve removed my lady things so I had zilch. I’d already decided my headache was too much so I asked to leave at 12 lunch and not return till the next day. When I spoke to my nan she informs me that Scarlett has been sent home from Nursery with diarrhoea. Apparently she was wearing knickers and shit all down both legs, into her socks and everything. They threw her socks out. I asked if they could’ve thrown her out too? Apparently not lol also there is a bug making the rounds they reckon. So she’s on a ban for 48 hours as per the nursery’s policy. So I’m stuck at home with her for 2 days. Awesome. I won’t get paid for that time off and I’ve only been in my current role 3/4 weeks so it’s not ideal. But what am I suppose to do? So I text my manager and explained everything. She said that’s fine and I said I’d most likely see her Friday.

I’m suppose to be having my coil removed Thursday but due to the unforeseen bleeding I’ve had to cancel it today.

Wednesday (today) we got up at 8:30. We had breakfast then she asked to watch Ana. So I put Frozen on and we enjoyed a lovely mummy and Scarlett morning. For lunch we went to my nans house. She can run about there, get fresh air etc. We stayed all afternoon. She had a nap at 2:30 and woke up just before 4. She did a few dirty poos but mostly she was okay. We left at half 5 and went to my moms. We don’t go often even tho we live in the same road. I’m allergic to cats and Scarlett runs riot and the house was never baby-proofed when we actually lived there. Now is no different lol

We left at 7:30 and we had a quick bath. Then we caught up with Emmerdale. My dinner was ready by the time we’d started watching the second Corrie. I was tidying up dinner stuff and I shit my pants. Luckily it wasn’t a lot. So I can assume I may be affected slightly by the germs she brought home. I feel ok now. I thought I’d get away with no shitting myself this year but thinking about it,

I’m pretty sure when I had Australian Flu in January I crapped myself then too. I had all sorts of symptoms back then. The flu like ones, shivery, temperature, aches and then the cold ones like blocked nose, sore throat, chesty cough, bad headache then I was sick and had diarrhoea. I eventually was diagnosed with a chest infection as well. So I didn’t start the year great lol

So tomorrow we’re going to watch Moana and chill. Mom’s gonna run us to ASDA to pick up my jeans in the afternoon. I managed to rip my only pair of jeans. From the front belt loop right through to the back one. It’s not worth sewing as the jeans were only £8 new about 3 years ago.

My birthday is in 17 days. That’s coming quick. Not sure I’m mentally prepared for it lol