Emotional AF

Friday we got up and got ready then we headed out. I went to work. I worked till 12 then I grabbed my laptop and left. My grandad took me food shopping then dropped me home. I packed my shopping away, ate my lunch then loaded my laptop up to work. I worked till 4:30 then we were told we could log off early as it’s Friday. Scarlett got dropped Home just after 5. We decided we’d go to nan’s so I bathed her then nan picked us up. Nan said I could eat with her so we grabbed KFC. Brett got off the train at 9ish so we went to pick him up then we went home. He entertained Scarlett whilst I cooked him dinner then she went to bed.

We watched an episode of Prison Break season 3 then got into bed ourselves.

Saturday morning I got up with Scarlett at 7:30. Did her breakfast then we watched half a film (Stork) then I put her down for a nap at 10. I fell back asleep. My alarm woke me up at noon. I got everyone else up. We got ready for Scarlett’s Nursery friends birthday party. We left for the party. Scarlett had fun jumping in the soft play and riding the wobble cars. We left at 3 with a party bag and a slice of cake. We went home and finished watching Stork. It was a good movie. Brett had a bath then at 5:45 we left mine to drop Scarlett at my nans. She got a bit sad when we tried to leave. She rarely does that. I hate when her little bottom lip trembles. We managed to escape when she was distracted. We got to wetherspoons at 6:45 and managed to order, eat and leave by 7:20. Impressive lol

We got to the cinema at 7:30. Mom and her boyfriend met us there. We watched Mamma Mia 2. I never cry at stuff. Ever. But I did have tears. No one told me it was going to be sad.

We left the cinema at 9:45 and picked Scarlett up on the way. She didn’t go to sleep till almost 11. We were shattered ourselves so we went to bed at half 11.

Sunday Brett said I kept him up most the night snoring. I told him he should’ve woken me up. I’d have slept on the sofa. No biggie. Instead he’d had 3 hours sleep. It had rained all night. Finally!!

We had to be at the cinema for 10. Picked us up at 10ish. We got a drink and sat in our seats. We watched Hotel Transylvania 3. Scarlett did well but she was tired herself and didn’t wanna sit still.

After cinema we got the bus back to my nan’s as she was cooking dinner. We put Scarlett down for a nap. We ate then when she woke she ate. She didn’t eat much. Brett walked home by himself to grab his stuff then he walked back so Nan could run him to the train station. We tagged along for a lift home. We got in and had a bath then we chilled. Scarlett went to bed at 8:45. I got in bed earlier than usual. I’ve had a headache for a few days that won’t go away!

Today I woke up and I didn’t want to go to work. I wanted to lay in bed. But I got up. I woke up Scarlett. Today was the day we were going to give POTTY TRAINING a go. So I put knickers on her. Stuffed her back with loads of spare stuff. Made her breakfast then loaded her in the car, on a towel. And we dropped her at my Nan’s. Mom dropped me at work. I came in to shitloads of emails. I felt this weird anxious overwhelmed sick feeling all day. I felt like crying. I never cry. But I did cry when I got back in the car to go home at 5:30. My mom was like WTF is the matter? I was like I don’t even know, I just feel shitty today. So random.

Potty training is not going great but it’s only day 1. So let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I put her straight in the bath then we watched Emmerdale. I did myself some porridge for dinner. I didn’t fancy anything else. Mom popped in for a cuppa before work. I plaited her hair for her. Scarlett went to bed at 9. I watched some TV but now I’m in bed. My headache is still here and I still feel shitty.

It’s my birthday in less than 3 weeks. I feel weird about it. Normally I’d be doing my blog countdown. It’s what I’ve always done. But I just haven’t this year. Weird!

Anyways I’m off to sleep. I’m shattered. Mentally I think.



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